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DOREEN VIRTUE, PH.D. a Uitod eregerall ivear TCs Oe ta ie ca ia An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels Ne ANGELS 101 ALSO BY DOREEN VIRTUE, PH.D. Books/Kits/Oracle Board DIVINE MAGIC ANGEL PHOTOS (available Sept. 2006) HOW TO GIVE AN ANGEL CARD R@ADING KIT ANGEL GUIDANCE BOARD GODDESSES & ANGELS ANGET, NUMBPRS (with Lennette Brown) CRYSTAL THERAPY (with Judith Lukomski) CONNECTING WITH YOUR ANGELS KI} {includes booklet, CD, journal, ete ) ANGEL MEDICINE THE CRYSTAL CHILDREN ARCHANGFILS & ASCENDED MASTERS EARTH ANGELS MESSAGES FROM YOUR ANGFLS ANGEL VISIONS id EATING IN THE LIGHT (with Becky Prelitz, MFT, R.D) THE CARE AND FEEDING OF INDIGO CHil DREN JIEALING WITH THE FAIRIES ANGEL VISIONS DIVINE PRESCRIPTIONS HEALING WITH THE ANGELS “FD CHANGE MY LIFE IF I HAD MORE TIME” DIVINE GUIDANCE CHAKRA CLEARING (available in tradepaper, and as a hardcover book-with-CD) ANGEL THERAPY THE LIGHTWORKER’S WAY CONSTANT CRAVING A-Z CONSTANT CRAVING THE YO-YO DIET SYNDROME LOSING YOUR POUNDS OF PAIN All of the above are available at your local bookstore, or may be ordered by visiting: Hay House USA:; Hay House Australia:; Hay House UK:; Hay House South Africa:; Hay House India: www Doreen’s Website: