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Understanding By Design Lesson Template

Teacher: Emily Bertagnolli___________ Grade Level: 11th and 12th ________ Course: AP Statistics_____ Lesson Topic: Introduction to Normal Distributions Day of Unit: 2______ Date: _10/25/2012__

Unit: Normal Probability Distributions Length of lesson: 40 minutes___

Stage 1 Desired Results Content Standard(s): Common Core State Standards for Mathematics S-ID.3. Interpret differences in shape, center, and spread in the context of the data sets, accounting for possible effects of extreme data points (outliers). S-ID.4. Use the mean and standard deviation of a data set to fit it to a normal distribution and to estimate population percentages. Recognize that there are data sets for which such a procedure is not appropriate. Use calculators, spreadsheets, and tables to estimate areas under the normal curve. Also aligned with the College Board AP Standards: III. Anticipating Patterns: Exploring random phenomena using probability and Simulation C. The normal distribution 1. Properties of the normal distribution 2. Using tables of the normal distribution 3. The normal distribution as a model for measurements

Understanding (s)/goals Essential Question(s): Students will understand: 1. What information can be concluded 1. Properties of the standard normal from the graphs of normal curves? distribution 2. How can statistics be used as a false 2. Mean and standard deviation in the representation? context of the normal curve 3. What type of data do normal 3. The difference between probability distributions display? density function and cumulative density function 4. How to interpret normal distribution graphs Student objectives (outcomes): Students will be able to: 1. Compute z-scores 2. Find the area under the standard normal curve 3. Use the standard normal table to find area under the standard normal curve 4. Use a calculator to compute the area under the standard normal curve 5. Convert areas under the normal standard curve into z-scores Stage 2 Assessment Evidence Performance Task(s): Other Evidence: 1. Z-score application worksheet 1. Answering in class questions 2. Graphing areas of the normal curve relating to the topic on the SmartBoard 2. Homework Stage 3 Learning Plan Learning Activities: 1. Student led Prayer. (1 min) 2. Begin Smartboard Prezi presentation of the standard normal distribution.(1 min) 3. Give students the definition of continuous probability distribution. (2 min) 4. Discuss the properties of the normal distribution.(4 min) 5. Demonstrate the formula that is used to calculate z-scores and its properties.(4 min) 6. Demonstrate an example of how to find the area under a normal curve when given the z-scores.(4 min) 7. Show the students how their calculators can be utilized when graphing normal distributions, finding area under the normal curve, and calculating z-scores. (4 min) 8. Pass out an application worksheet that relates the normal distribution to Cleveland Browns players statistics.(1 min) 9. The students complete the worksheet in groups. (9 min) 10. The class and I discuss the implications of the players statistics and the information that can be concluded. We also discuss how statistics can be skewed or improperly used to support ones case. (9 min) 11. Inform students of their homework due on the next day. (1 min)