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Think of a Project at your organization & write about it in 5-10 Lines. In my company, we had executed a 220/33KV substation project. As all other Projects, our project was also a time bound activity, with one time Scope & budgeted expenditure. Its an activity, having a start date & End date. This project was had all the phases like (a) Initiating (b) planning (c) Execution (d) Monitoring and Controlling and (e) Closing. As this is was a small project activity, our management decided to club this with the central project team. Here the substation project had Standards and Regulation. Standards are like IEEE, IS and CBIP whereas the regulations are regulated by State Electricity Boards, Central Grid Commission and CEIG. This project was headed by a Project manager, who had an experience of Civil and Electrical Execution. Some activities were subcontracted like civil activities and Erection activities. The Iron Triangle was also experienced, due to increase in the Scope of the project the execution time and the cost had gone up. Why is this task a project & not a part of regular Operations. This activity is project not a regular operation, because, the substation was constructed as a onetime activity, it is not our organizations regular business. This execution had a defined time frame. Particular star and end date. The main objet of this project is to enhance the electrical power supply at the site. Define the Start Date & the Tentative End date of a project. Every Activity is useful or concluding when it is being related to time. For every activity there would be a start date & End Date. Start Date is a date on which the project would be going to start & tentative end date refers to Tentative or Expected date for completion of project. To make it more realistic & feasible the parent project is divided in small activities having individual start & End date, keeping the project End date the same. Identify the traits of a project Manager for this particular project. To achieve or complete the project the manager plays a vital role. His leader ship creates enthusiasm or eager to complete the project. For Such projects the manager has to Technically knowledgeable to apply his knowledge & find the solutions earliest to problems. He should have team building capacity, time management, fund management, leadership Qualities. His Guidance or leadership qualities should be strong so that the team admires him & get the project done enthusiastically.