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Submitted By M.J.UMARANI 2nd year MBA Roll no: 119115

REGISTERNO: 910611631048

Under the Guidance of

Dr.K.G.Nalina M.B.A, M.PHIL, PH.D

OBJECTIVES To study about the customer satisfaction of Indus motors. To find out customer preference about Indus motors. To know about the service procedure Indus motors. To find out the satisfaction level of the customer after service in Indus motors.

FINDINGS From the analysis, 82% of the respondents are male and 18% of the respondents are female. Comparing male, female customers are very low.

From the analysis, 51% of the respondents are using Maruti swift and the vehicle is comfortable for the customers.

It has been inferred that 49% of the respondents are saying that the availability of spare parts are average. The reason is that, the spare parts are less comparing with other service centre. From the analysis, 42% of respondents are satisfied with the ability to fix the problem through the service centre From the analysis, 55% of respondents are partially satisfied with the service of Indus motors. The reason is, the centre is not delivering what the customer need and not doing service properly. From the study 42% of respondents feel the service centre is userfriendly in some situation.


Most of the customers are not satisfied with the delivery of the vehicle in the specified period so steps are to be taken to resolve this problem to satisfy the customers. The time taken for the repair of a vehicle is thought to be longer as for as the customers concern so relevant measures to be taken to repair the vehicle as soon as possible. The deep understanding of the customers problem would greatly help to resolve them which will indeed bring more customers.


On the whole, most of the customers are satisfied with the service rendered by Indus motors. Whereas some of the customers were not satisfied with the services rendered by the company. In detail, the customers are highly satisfied with the customer lounge, courtesy of service, availability of spare parts, responds to complaints quickly, ease of maintenance and charges, Service Quality. But there are some factors affecting the customer satisfaction, they are: charges for the services, delay in delivery of the vehicle after service (not as per the promised time), and shortage in spare parts. Even though there was some dissatisfaction, Indus motors Services is being preferred by most of the customers of Maruthi Suzuki Vehicles. Customers also feel its value to do service in the Indus motors Services. To conclude the overall satisfaction about Indus motors Services is very good.

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