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About Us

Globalisation the Vision


Travel Vibes enters the travel business with a vision of building and nurturing remarkable repute for itself and its cherished travel partners. TVI Extends To You : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Profound knowledge of the industry and its trends Focused professionals with a zeal to perform A wide array of services with proficient advisory on market penetration. Expertise in delivering highly targeted, creative and cost effective advertising campaigns for your travel, tourism or leisure organisation. The unique mettle of creating, sharing, innovating and implementing the finest ideas from concept to completion stage. A trusted and secure entity committed to ensure you your value for money. Unmatched business ethics and transparency of operations. Expertise in development of state of the art branding activity.

Encouraging Corporate Associations. TVI comes up with a platform of world class global marketing activities meant to suffice the cost cutting yet superlative service demands of its clients. The structure of our business model enables our clients to allocate more funds to their promotion budget rather than spending funds on having their own office space and team. By working with TVI you will keep your cost down and be provided with top of the range services. At TVI we do our topmost to ensure that your investment is given the best return possible. TVI offers to check its clients cost on : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Office Space Employed Manpower Technical Support Local Web Support Upscale Market Presence through the use of Physical, Electronic and Documented mode of communications 6. Media Buying, Booth Rental at Travel Exhibitions 7. Other Recurring Overheads

The TVI Methodology
TVI modus operandi is highly targeted and result oriented. We are proud to mention our particularity on successfully achieving the rules we have laid to ensure our clients find more than they look for. The TVI team works round the clock to add that extra element of Delight. We present to you a step-wise brief outline of how TVI goes about in achieving its objectives.


The TVI Belief :

1. Marketing is much more than just advertising 2. PR is more than just a mainstream media audience. 3. We are what we publish 4. We offer authenticity, not spin. 5. We go for participation, not propaganda. 6. We shift our thinking from mainstream marketing to the masses, to a strategy of reaching vast numbers of undeserved audiences. 7. We market not to win awards, but for making us win businesses for our clients.

The TVI Tactics :

1. Email Marketing : For Customer Retention 2. Online Advertising : Company Branding, Acquisition 3. Affiliate Marketing : Sales and Company Branding 4. Viral Marketing : Acquisitions and Branding 5. Web PR : Acquisition and Branding 6. Direct Marketing : Market Penetration 7. Word of Mouth Marketing : Branding and Expansion

The TVI Plan :

1. Identifying Ourselves and Our Market: The starting point of any business and marketing strategy is to know who you are. You refers to the organisation as a whole. This can, and should be re-addressed periodically. So we start by looking at what the business problems are right now, so as to develop a strategy which solves these problems. 2. Strategic Analysis of Critical Market Factors : with a concrete understanding of where the organisation is right now , we further analyse and systematically evaluate the organisations environmental and social objects and strategies so as to enable you to chart out a formidable sales and marketing plan aimed at accelerating your already growing business. 3. Setting up Of Marketing Objective : Marketing objectives are the desired outcomes of a marketing plan. This is a strategy, hence the focus is on long-term success. 4. Generating Strategies and Tactics for Achieving Market Objectives : Based on the analysis of the organisation and its objectives, the team considers tactics and strategies that will help to meet the TVI objectives. 5. Evaluation of Proposed Strategies 6. Implementation : We know what our clients want, and we have made a plan on how to get it. And we religiously go about it. 7. Tracking, Analysing and Optimising the resultant outcome to bring out the best results

Sales Representations
1. Client Brand Representation : TVI offers a dedicated sales staff for each of its representations which implies that the concerned professional puts all his efforts, focus and intelligence towards the assigned company. By this we ensure that the professional is perceived to be a representative of the brand he is working for, rather than as an employee of TVI. 2. Portfolio Representation : This concept allows us to introduce your product to wide horizon of predefined and targeted number of Travel Agencies, Corporates, MICE players and prospective customers. This will enable us to build up your association with a mix of other travel companies which are not so competitive in a sales representative portfolio. 3. Channel Expansion : Irrespective of whether a dedicated or a portfolio representation platform is applied, TVI can target a specific sales channel or an appropriate mix of it ranging from corporate sales, agency sales(national/ corporate/ leisure/speciality) to prospective consolidators, tour operators and MICE specialists. 4. Sales Plan Expansion : With TVI, each local sales and marketing plan is designed to merge with your global strategy and hence beautifully compliments your existing sales directives. Team TVI builds on these directives to capitalize on incremental sales and helps minimize market erosion, alongside firmly establishing your product by riding on our unique style, peculiar customer demands and the eccentricities of the local market. 5. Trade Relations Development : In virtually all the markets around the world, the decision to do business in a B2B environment depends solely on the strength of local relationships. Our contacts enable our clients to reach the decision makers of local suppliers, agents, operators and any other prospective service provider or buyer. 6. Telesales : Complementing our strategic selling and short term field sales campaigns, TVI increments and justifies its potential revenue from an agency by putting to work its well trained and highly professional telecallers who target agencies based on any criteria you choose, and get your message to them effectively and efficiently. Through our stringent monthly tele-calling schedule, we initiate point-to-point follow-up calls, product introduction with response tracking depending upon your needs. 7. Physical Sales : TVI initiates strategically planned field sales campaigns on a weekly basis to promote and help your product effectively penetrate the desired market. Ensuing dedicated focus on each of the specific segments of the target audience on a monthly basis ensures TVI in creating high standards of brand exposure and loyalty in the approached segment.


Marketing Representation
1. Market Research Activities : TVI enables you to be aware of the prevailing temperament of its competitors and customers in the current market situation, as well as the ongoing trends and subsequent demand for services. Methods used by the team to achieve this include direct customer surveys, carefully applied business intelligence and trial marketing to estimate their reaction to a certain product or service offered. 2. Product Positioning : TVI helps you differentiate your business from your competitors and facilitate your customers in understanding why those differences matter to them. To achieve success, we translate client objectives into tangible local results through a solid understanding of market positioning techniques. 3. Direct Marketing : For highly targeted direct marketing for your travel, tourism or leisure organisation, we can advise you on digital versus traditional print campaigns and how to source the most suitable databases to create maximum impact. 4. Affinity Marketing : We can source high profile partners to help you access new audiences and attain leverage on complementary brands. 5. Innovation Advertising : TVI capitalises on the huge scope of innovation in advertising methods and with the help of a young and vibrant in-house expertise in doing so, it gives you an edge above the others by helping your products strike just the right chord with the prospective takers in the market. 6. Brand Management : TVI excels in developing a powerful brand image and integrating it into every element of your business. We help our clients position products or services across languages, cultures, demographics and customs ensuring brand integrity is never compromised and a consistent brand identity is maintained.


PR Support
1. Strategy Planning : Travel Vibes can formulate creative and impactful PR strategies to raise its clients profile and deliver key messages through appropriate channels. Across all public relations platforms, the TVI top management act as key communication ambassadors for our clients brand. We make sure your message is heard again and again. Social media will play a vital role in how we realize this objective. 2. Communication Planning : Activities include maintaining relationships with the local media, establishing a visible presence at trade shows, working closely with marketing partners such as tourist boards, the preparation and distribution of press releases, monitoring client and competitor news, producing editorials and PR event management. 3. Press Trips, Events & Releases : TVI can source relevant media and organise all the logistics of a press trip for you. From press conferences to media workshops, we can help deliver your message directly to the target media. Our in-house communication experts can write and distribute press releases and media updates for your travel, tourism or leisure business. 4. Consumer PR : TVI makes sure that its client stands out from the noise of the marketplace and captures the attention of its desired target market. Whether your goal is to shift public opinion, build brand loyalty, introduce a new product, overtake a competitor, go global, or go public; we will put together a consumer public relations strategy and the team that will help you reach your objectives.


Internet Marketing
1. E-Mail Marketing
E-Mail marketings main strength is that is takes advantage of a customers most prolific touch point with the internet their INBOX. We at TVI understand email marketing as a vital tool for customer relationship management. We use this permission based marketing method to effectively deliver one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) of our entire marketing activity. The team puts in all ingenuity, focus and dedication to maintain an upscale segmented database and consistently deliver useful and quality emails that will be read and not marked as spams. Expert e-marketers with us impressively use it as a tool in maximising the retention and value of our customers which ultimately leads to a greater profitability both for us & our dear partners.


PR has moved into a new and exciting era - it is now also online. We can advise you on web PR or we can take care of the whole process for you. Here at TVI we use WebPR to enhance brand awareness, exposure and SEO(search engine Optimisation) efforts using various online channels like article directories, press release sites, industry related sites, online newsrooms, blogs, forums and social media sites.

2. WebPR

Unlike traditional media advertising, online advertising can turn the potential customer into an actual customer right there and then. As consumers are increasingly spending more time online, and hours spent on the Internet start to eclipse hours spent watching TV, the medium becomes increasingly important to any advertiser. The team at TVI capitalises on this connected nature of the internet and enables you in building your online Brand Image, incrementing consumer demand, informing consumers of the advertisers ability to satisfy that demand while driving response and sales.

3. Online Advertising

Affiliate marketing today is a cardinal part of eMarketing realising its potential we go about setting up and launching a new affiliate campaign for you. Affiliate marketing helps grow your business, and grows with your business; hence we at TVI are imperative in planning and preparing for long-lasting success.

4. Affiliate Marketing

A high page ranking on the web is essential as well as integral: everyone wants to appear on page 1 or 2 on Google (only a handful of searchers ever look beyond this), but there are problems. With about 4 billion websites no one knows exactly how many and 10,0000 new ones appearing each day, the problem is immense. We make sure you are always on top. The TVI support team is only waiting for a GO-AHEAD from your part.

5. Search Engine Marketing

6. Online Copywriting

The number one most overlooked rule is that of copywriting, and this lack of emphasis is one of the top reasons of advertising falling flat. When it comes to the Internet, content is king! Online copywriting involves everything from the copy of a web site, to the content of an email and all things in between. From an 800 word WebPR article to three line PPC adverts, if its being read on a screen, its an online copy. Our team is adept in creating compelling advertising content for your product users as well as telling search engine spiders what your website is exactly all about.

7. Online Reputation Management (ORM)

On the web, reputation matters. Conversations are taking place all the time on the Internet, and it is crucial for companies to be aware of what is being said about them. Customers are now dictating the channels of communication, and companies that cannot engage with their consumers in this way stand to lose them. ORM is about using the tools of the Internet, the same tools that the customers are using, to monitor, analyse and ultimately influence this conversation. TVI takes you and your reputation right into the centre of social media and helps you gain an inherent understanding of how consumers perceive and interact with your brand, thus providing a platform for planning marketing campaigns.

Web Support
1. Enterprise, Dynamic and Static Web Site Development We undertake development of all kinds of web site varying in size, scope and complexity. From complete portals to e-com sites with Secured Socket Layers, we can develop everything and anything under the roof. Static web site with aesthetically pleasing designs using CSS and Flash is also our forte. Dynamic Data driven site are developed using the best development and security practices. 2. Web Site Design All of us do not require a full-fledged web application but instead want our web site to be an opening for our clients, both from within and outside the country, to our business. Our expert team analyzes the client requirements and content and lays down a design best suited using the latest tools and techniques. 3. Streaming Content Streaming Content is everywhere nowadays. From streaming videos, audios, radios, commentary, Televison channel broadcasts, it is used everywhere nowadays. It has also become a very powerful and successful way of doing business and making it popular. We provide clients with an easy and intuitive way of streaming their content from their web site. 4. Payment Gateways Just like streaming content, Payment Gateways are also everywhere. The very concept of accepting online payments then and their makes a huge impact on the business. No more DDs and waiting for payment verification and transfer, all done in a snap. We provide our clients with various options of setting up a payment gateway for their site and accept payments with their web site. 5. RSS Feeds Want to keep the world informed with the latest you have to offer to the business world? RSS is the way to go. RSS became an instant hit with the patrons of a site as it allowed them to stay updated on that topic without revisiting the site. The clients of the web site will get all your latest updates immediately after you publish them. We help our clients to set up RSS Feeds on their site.


Web Support
6. Website Overhauling. Just about everything in our lives worn out after some time. That is the time to either scrap it or rebuild it to meet the new requirements. The structure and content of the web site needs to be improvised as a company grows over a period of time. The old site maybe good, but its not good enough now because of the changes the company has undergone in the meantime. We propose our clients with website overhauling techniques which will change the structure and content of the site in minimum time and effort. No need to completely develop a new site from the scratch. 7. AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Do you need to update your site on a regular basis? Often it happens that the content for the web site generated by the company is huge or requires frequent updating and modification to the web site. We believe its best to let the experts handle the work they are best at. Using inexperienced manpower for this purpose can result in horrendous results at times like data deletion, unexpected results, security breaches etc., we provide our clients full peace of mind with AMC. Once we sign the deal, we entrust ourselves with the complete maintenance and management of the web site. 8. Application Localization If you want to target a particular segment of the market, it helps to know the local people, the local market and certainly the local language. Localization is a concept which allows the visitor of a web site to have a look at your web site in their own language. It helps because the visitor then would have a better grasp and will understand the finer details of your company better. 9. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) There are millions of web sites on the Internet. A search result can often leave the visitor puzzled. It is very important that a web site is developed keeping SEO techniques in mind. If you already have a web site, give us an opportunity to make your business grow bigger and better by making sure that all the prospective clients give your web site a look and your services a shot. We try and make sure that your web site is always listed on top search engines with keywords to your business. We also analyze if your current site is SEO friendly or not and make necessary changes so that it becomes so. SEO is one of the most important techniques today, for both the web site and the business to grow all around the globe 10. Platform Migration Still using ancient technqiues for web development or your site is on the brink of becoming a page in History? We provide platform migration techniques so that your site is get the much required boost provided by the latest technique so that both you and your clients can benefit out of it. Our expert development team uses the latest tools of the trade to give you the best in terms of time and quality.


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