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Faculty / Department Syllabus

Faculty of Management Studies & Research Ph.D. syllabus Area-wise Human Resource Management General Concepts of Human Resource Management; HR Planning, Recruitment & Selection, Remuneration etc.; Concept of HRD; System Development, Training, Appraisal System, Counselling, Intervention Strategies; Concepts of Industrial Relations; Models of IR, Trade Unions in India, Collective Bargaining Workers Participation in Management, Laws Government IR in India; Social Security and Labour Related Laws; Concepts of OD; Managing Change, Planned Change and OD; OD Interventions, Other Dimensions of OD. General Management Understand Management process, planning, organizing, directing and controlling; Strategy formulation and implementation; Environment of business; micro and macro elements having a bearing on business decisions; Key tools of Management science; Soft Skills in Management Business Communication and Human Behaviour; Understanding basic Business Laws and Ethics; Emerging issues in Management. Marketing Management Area Core concepts; philosophies, marketing environment; marketing mix; market segmentation; product positioning; dimensions of consumer behaviour; consumer buying decision process; Applications of consumer behaviour in different areas of marketing; concept of a product; product mix; branding decisions; new product development process; product life cycle strategies; Concept and strategies in pricing; Marketing in the Digital Age, CRM and database marketing; marketing channels and functions; marketing communication: concepts and elements of promotion mix; characteristics of organisational markets; Framework for Service Marketing; Marketing approaches to services; marketing strategy and marketing mix in services; the customer experience; Creating and delivering services; costing and pricing services; communicating and promoting services; improving services quality and productivity; building a customer oriented organisation; advertising strategies for services firms. Concept of Brands; Brand Management Process; Brand Equity; Advertising; Objectives and Goals; Advertising Creativity; Media Planning; Sales and Distribution Strategies; Selling Process and Sales Organization; Marketing Classical and Design; Physical Distribution Structure and Channel; Relating and Retail Marketing Strategy; Location Strategy in Retail; Merchanderize Management Finance Area Financial Statement Analysis; Indian Financial System; Financial Instruments; V arious types of Financial Institutions such as Mutual Funds / V enture Capital Investment Decisions, Working Capital Management; Financing Decisions; Dividend Decisions; Portfolio Theory; Asset Pricing Theories; Security Analysis: Portfolio Evaluation; Foreign Exchange Market; Currency Derivatives; Foreign Exchange Risk and Management; Global Financial Management. DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY, ALIGARH International Business Dimensions of International Business, external Influences on international business, international business theories, WTO structure and functions, regional trading arrangements, multilateral trade agreements, Intellectual property rights. Forces of globalization, cross cultural challenges and complications, Global organizational structures, Methods of Foreign Market entry, ethical and social responsibility of international business, strategies for managing global work force. Principles of international business law, major legal systems; INCOTERMS, Modes of International payments and settlements, International accounting and taxation practices, EXIM polity of India, Export and Import documentation. International procurement and sourcing strategies, International Logistics and supply chain management, special economic zones, International marketing decisions and strategies. International monetary system, IMF and its functions, Global Equity and debt

Dept. of Business Administration

Faculty / Department

markets, Netting, transfer pricing, Fore markets, risk management, Balance of payments and its adjustment, Parity conditions in the international markets, International project appraisal. Operations and Information Management Introduction to Operations Management; Facilities Planning; Inventory Planning and Control; Statistical Quality Control and TQM; Basics of Supply Chain Management; Performance Management; Technology and Innovation Management; Optimization Techniques and Modeling; Framework of E-Commerce; Concepts and Applications of Knowledge Management