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Panhellenic Post
Issue #10: April 2013 Quinnipiac Universitys Sorority Life Newsletter

International Badge Day: A Time to Remember Monday, March 4, 2013 Fellowship, leadership and a lifelong commitment to community service are the daily themes in the lives of sorority women from our college members to alumnae. On Monday, March 4, these women who number in the millions celebrated International Badge Day during National Womens History Month. On that day, all of us honored our separate and distinct Greek-letter affiliations by wearing our badges or letters. Its a day set aside to acknowledge successful women around the globe, whether they are U.S. senators or university freshmen working for humanitarian aid in far-away continents. The National Panhellenic Conference, one of the largest and oldest womens organizations in the world, is not alone in celebrating and acknowledging all that women do. Other groups, such as the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations and the National Multicultural Greek Council, celebrate in their own diverse ways to recognize women. Each group is distinct in its fraternal bonds, and each will celebrate in different ways. But all will be celebrating the diverse interests of women. On March 4, campuses and chapters across the globe joined to celebrate achievements in science, community, government, media, literature, art, sports, medicine and those female leaders who have had an impact on the development of self-respect and new opportunities for girls and young women everywhere. Each year there are still firsts for women; some are recognized, some are not. Lets pause to take a moment and reflect on all that we do in our deeds and words and recognize the milestones achieved. The Quinnipiac Panhellenic Community celebrated National Ritual Celebration Week from March 4th to March 8th. The first day of NRCW being International Badge day, which is when the women of the Panhellenic community at Quinnipiac displayed their badges over their hearts symbolizing their pride in their organizations. International Badge Day has been sponsored by the National Panhellenic Conference since 1997 and is a day where women around the world can show love for all of their different organizations through this small but still powerful gesture. Imagine what may happen during the next year as we continue to work together to break down barriers. Women rarely travel their paths alone. And we wont on this special day either.

You Are Always Wearing Your Letters

forever! As of now, the video that Savage and King produced has been seen over 3,000 times on YouTube and has gotten recognition from various fraternities and sororities around the country as well as T.J. Sullivan who called the video, a beautiful version of his original words.

The Executive Vice President of QU Panhellenic Shannon Savage with the help of Delta Tau Delta Aaron King worked to create the official version of Campus Speak founder TJ Sullivans You Are Always Wearing Your Letters. The meaning of YAAWYL is a simple one. As a new member says yes to their organization, they are always representing their organization in their actions. Sullivans message represents being apart of your organization not just the days you wear your letters on a t-shirt or the days that you go to chapter, but all day everyday. Savage and King filmed the video over a span of two days and included members of each fraternity and sorority at Quinnipiac. In addition, due to all of her hard work, Savage was able to introduce staff members willing to support the video and its message. When these staff members helped out, it truly showed that fraternity and sorority life is not just for four years, it is

Circle of Sisterhood: One World. One Sisterhood

The Circle of Sisterhood started because its founder, Ginny Carrol, realized that throughout the world there were girls that were not able to get an education and lived lives of poverty and oppression. Through Circle of Sisterhood, Carrol works hard to make sure that girls around the world are not faced with educational barriers. In order to fulfill her mission, Carrol chose sorority women because of their willingness to impact and change the world, regardless of affiliation. The Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Service, Christie Tasca, decided to enact the Circle of Sisterhood for our Panhellenic sisters after hearing Carrol talk at NGLA 2013. At every Panhellenic meeting since February the Panhellenic Council has decided to donate all the change for change money to COSH. Currently, the Panhellenic council has raised over $70.00 to help break the barriers for young girls across the country! On April 18th, the Panhellenic Council is having a book club that will be reading Half the Sky a book that helped start COSH. The Panhellenic community will be discussing the issues that arise in the book. The sign up for the book club is located in the Greek Suite!

Half the Sky Book discussion April 18th

Spotlight on the Panhellenic Council Scholarship Winners!

McKenzie Abraham Major: IDD Year: Freshmen Hometown: Truro, MA Affiliation: Pi Beta Phi Nicole Dolan Major: Physical Therapy Year: Freshman Hometown: Berlin, CT Affiliation: Pi Beta Phi

Formal Season 2013

Scholars of the Month

Jackie Stimmel Phi Sigma Sigma

The nominator had this to say about Jackie:

Kristina Petrie Pi Beta Phi

The nominator had this to say about

Jackie is a Junior Physician Assistant major. She has the second highest GPA in Phi Sigma Sigma and received a 4.0 GPA for the 2012 fall semester. Recently at an event a sister fainted. When this happened, Jackie was one of the few first running over to help. She helped her sister by using the skills that she learned in her EMT classes. Jackie truly lives the values of Phi Sigma Sigma because she aims high with everything that she does!

Kristina is focused on her studies daily and extremely dedicated to her Nursing major. She has a passion for learning an admirable trait, especially in today's society. She has managed to stay on the Dean's List through all 3 semesters so far at Quinnipiac while also being involved in Pi Phi and other activities. She helps other Nursing Majors in subjects such as Bio and Anatomy and always works hard at school!

Scholar of The Month Nominations

Is there someone in a sorority who you believe deserves to be recognized for her academic excellence? If you know someone who you think should be the Scholar of the Month, e-mail Jenn Adler at by the 25th of every month, explaining why you think this Panhellenic sister deserves acknowledgment for doing so well academically! Two women will be chosen each month!

Sisters of the Month

Lauren Enea Pi Beta Phi
Cristina Attard VP of Member Education Kappa Delta

The nominator had this to say about Lauren:

The nominator had this to say about Cristina:

Lauren has an outstanding ability to excel in academics and her extra curriculars. Not only is she basically team captain for Pi Beta Phi's Greek Week team, but she is also Vice President for Programming on the Student Government Association. This could arguably be considered the most time consuming student-held position there is on campus, and Lauren handles it flawlessly. She has one of the highest GPA's in our chapter and always puts her best foot forward with everything that she does.

Cristina is an incredible sorority woman and contributor to the Quinnipiac community. Her experiences have made her an amazing VP of Member Education and founding sister of Kappa Delta. She has worked her hardest this month to educate the new members and inspire them to wear their letters with pride. Her love and support for the Panhellenic and Quinnipiac community is admirable and her constant positive attitude is infectious. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and is a friend anyone can count on.

Sister of The Month Nominations

Is there someone in a sorority who you believe deserves to be recognized for her hard work, time management, ambition and drive? Is she your sororitys president? Your roommate? Your best friend? Your big sister? If you know someone who you think should be the Sister of the Month, e-mail Leah Mark at by the 25th of every month, explaining why you think this Panhellenic sister deserves acknowledgment for all she does! Two women will be chosen each month!

10 Ways to Help

IFC Update
-IFC and QU Greek life will be starting a poster campaign aimed around Greeks who excel in everything they do. If you would like to nominate someone you can send Courtney McKenna an email or myself at

Out the Environment

1. Recycle everything you can starting from newspapers to glass to telephone books and ink cartridges 2. Add a low-flow faucet to your kitchen sink so this way you can reduce water flow by 50% 3. Stop using paper goods and instead use recyclable containers 4. Use latex paint instead of oil based paint. The oil based paint is actually highly toxic 5. Stop using plastic and paper shopping bags when you go to the grocery store. Instead for 99 cents you can buy reusable recyclable bags at stores like stop and shop 6. Be wary of how long your showers are. The more time you spend showering, the more gallons of water get wasted 7. Dont drive down to Mt. Carmel everyday, all that gas that you use in your car creates pollution that is bad for the environment 8. Turn off your computers at night because if you do, you can save up to 40 watts of battery a day 9. Hang dry clothing instead of putting in the dryer. 10. When you wash your clothes, switch you washer from hot to cold cycle to save the energy equivalent of 100,000 barrels of oil a day!

April Events
April 8th to 13th is Greek Week! April 13th: Phi Sig Katies Game Wiffle Ball Tournament at 12 April 14th: Alpha Chi Omegas Walk a Mile at 10 am April 16th to 18th: Chi Omega visits Quinnipiac April 18th: Panhellenic Goes Kelly Green April 18th: Half the Sky book club discussion April 21st: Kappa Alpha Thetas Kicks for Casa

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