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ENIGMA Version 4 Patch 1 by Kaelri ----------------------ABOUT Enigma is a featured "suite" for the Windows system monitoring tool, Rainmeter.

For more information, visit the official website at ( ----------------------CONTACT Blog Email Twitter Google+ ----------------------LICENSE & CREDITS This software has been released to you under a Creative Commons Attribution-Nonc ommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License ( 3.0/). Enigma contains work by the following people: Author Contributing Authors Kaelri Smurfier dragonmage @Kaelri Michael Engard

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Jeffrey Morley Jeffrey Morley

4 Patch 1 --------Date: 16 September, 2012 App: Rainmeter 2.4 Beta (r1626) - Facebook: fixed missing icon and wrong feed URL. - Google Calendar: removed 4-item limit. - Google Calendar: fixed displaying all-day events. - Google Calendar: fixed issue with daylight savings time shifting event times b y 1 hour. - CoreTemp: fixed all skins being labeled "1" instead of the actual core number. - Options: now adds "http://" to web URLs if no protocol is given. - Options: fixed being unable to set App4Path and App5Path. - Moon: fixed image names. - Network: fixed IP address clipping. - Reader: major script overhaul. Performance improvements, stronger format parsi ng. Fixes numerous issues. - Reader: fixed issue with mixed quote types in feeds. - System: Drive no longer ignores removable media. (Fixes occasional issue with USB drives.) - World: fixed issue with DaylightSavingTime setting being wrongly used. Enigma 4 -------Date: 7 August, 2012 App: Rainmeter 2.4 Beta (r1593) Sidebar and Taskbar: now update automatically to changes in work area. Calendar: added an option to change weekday labels. Run: allowed any search engine (as Search1, Search2, et al). [by Smurfier] Run: improved reliability for quotes in commands. [by Smurfier] System: added option to toggle between Floating or Percent graph scales. System: fixed problem with overlapping text.

4 Beta 2 -------Date: 26 July, 2012 App: Rainmeter 2.4 Beta (r1570) - Run: added user-editable pre-defined shortcuts, as well as built-in "search" a nd "web" shortcuts. [by Smurfier] - Options: missing variables caused user settings to be wrongfully discarded whe n reinstalling Enigma. - World: character encoding issue caused extra characters to appear. 4 Beta 1 -------Date: 25 July, 2012 App: Rainmeter 2.4 Beta (r1570)

- [Skins] Added Process: sorts Windows processes by CPU usage. - [Skins] Added Reader, Facebook and Remember the Milk for Taskbar. - [Skins] Added Run: a new variant of Search that lets you run Windows commands (as if from the Run dialog). - [Skins] Added Volume for Sidebar. - [Skins] Changed all: restored traditional "variants" behavior. Variants can on ce again be selected from the context menu by right-clicking. - [Skins] Changed all Taskbar: renamed "Textless" variants to "Icon Only." - [Skins] Changed all Taskbar: added group "EnigmaTaskbar". Also moved group def initions to stylesheet files. - [Skins] Changed Sidebar and Taskbar (Options): "spacing" option is now just "y es" or "no." If yes, the Taskbar makes space for the Sidebar (or vice versa). - [Skins] Changed Taskbar: "Triptych" variant is now chosen a Layout option. - [Skins] Changed Calendar: added feature to show events from XML files. Can be disabled in Options. [by Smurfier] - [Skins] Changed Gallery: added button to set current image as desktop wallpape r. - [Skins] Changed Gmail (Options): now automatically removed "" from i nput. - [Skins] Changed Launcher: now lights up to indicate when a program is already running. - [Skins] Changed Music: added support for JRiver Media Center & JRiver Media Ju kebox. - [Skins] Changed Music: added Repeat and Shuffle buttons. - [Skins] Changed Notes & Reader: greatly simplified the process of adding more tabs. The Reader and Notes templates supports up to 8 tabs out of the box; more can be added very easily. - [Skins] Changed Google Calendar Reader: switched to "full" calendar feed for m ore reliability. - [Skins] Changed Google Calendar Reader: added feature to automatically save ev ents to XML file, which can be displayed in Calendar (see above). [by Smurfier] - [Skins] Changed Google Calendar Reader (Options): now automatically replaces " /basic" with "/full" when saving Google Calendar feeds. - [Skins] Changed WeatherToday, WeatherTomorrow: replaced descriptions with date labels. - [Skins] Changed Weather (Options): added Weather Code Finder utility to search for your weather code from within Enigma. - [Skins] Changed World (Options): Daylight Savings Time offsets are now calcula ted automatically. - [Skins] Changed Options: changed version-check source to GitHub. - [Skins] Changed Options: stylesheets can now be selected by folder, instead of typed manually. - [Skins] Changed Options: default option values can now be restored individuall y, by right-clicking the option. - [Skins] Changed Options: when hovering over options, the cursor changes depend ing on the type of input. [by Smurfier] - [Skins] Fixed all: updated various code conventions for Rainmeter 2.3. - Renamed "Resources" folder to "@Resources". [by Smurfier] - Full path to Plugins no longer necessary. [by Smurfier] - Replaced all !PluginBangs with !CommandMeasures. [by Smurfier] - Removed LoadOrder settings. [by Smurfier] - [Skins] Fixed Music: PlayerType was not specified on main measure, resulting i n log error. - [Skins] Fixed Notes: skin was displaying the UTF-8 Byte Order Mark ( ). - [Skins] Removed Tray-Systems. - [Measures] Changed Notes, Path, Reader, Calendar, Weather: numerous fixed and improvements. [by Smurfier] - [Measures] Changed Weather: switched from location codes to WOEID. - [Measures] Changed Weather: moved logo to prevent stretching small skin varian

ts. - [Measures] Fixed Reader: now provides correct feed URL and number of items eve n when feeds are empty. - [Styles] Changed all: skins now set a new variable, "SkinMouseOver," when the mouse hovers over the skin. This is required by some measures, e.g. Switcher. - [Styles] Changed all: moved Format and Layout panels back to Enigma core folde rs. - [Styles] Changed all Sidebar: added "SidebarCommon" file, included by all Side bar-class skins (not including the Sidebar itself). - [Styles] Changed all Taskbar: Bar meters are now available for many Taskbar sk ins. - [Styles] Changed Enigma (all): added visible background image that appears on mouseover. Transparency can be adjusted in Options. - [Styles] Changed Enigma (all Taskbar): skins now expand and contract in order to fit their contents. Maximum and minimum widths can be set in Options. (Icon-R ight variants remain fixed-width in order to keep from moving around.) - [Styles] Changed Enigma (all Taskbar): added 5px margins to all variants. - [Styles] Changed Enigma (Music): progress bar now hidden (shown on mouseover) when Bottom Borders are disabled. - [Styles] Fixed Enigma (Music): album title on "Normal" variant was improperly clipped. - [Styles] Fixed Enigma (Music): added much nicer album background image for "Fu ll" variant. - [Addons] Added FindWOEID. [by Jeff Morley] - [Addons] Updated to RainRGB4. [by Jeff Morley] 3.1 --Date: 7 August 2011 App: Rainmeter 2.1 Beta (r895) - [Skins] Changed all: reversed global mouse actions. Now middle-click to refres h, and double-click to cycle variants. (Consideration for those with no middle m ouse buttons.) - [Skins] Changed all: renamed "StyleX" variable to "VariantN", to avoid confusi on between "styles" and "stylesheets". - [Skins] Changed Options: update checker now only appears in About panel. - [Skins] Changed Sidebar, Taskbar: moved Blur effect to stylesheet. - [Skins] Changed Calendar: both variants now use common Calendar script. - [Skins] Changed HDD: renamed to Drive, improved ejected drive detection. - [Skins] Changed PWR: renamed to Power. - [Skins] Changed System: added graphs for CPU cores #1 and #2. - [Skins] Changed Templates: revised metadata. - [Skins] Changed Volume: icon now shows current percentage (or muted state) in tooltip. - [Skins] Fixed Dock: missing quotes meant the skin couldn't launch multi-parame ter commands. - [Images] Added Sidebar.(B/W).jpg, Taskbar.(B/W).jpg: orientation-neutral backg round images. - [Measures] Changed Calendar: performs actions for "Month" or "Week" range base d on script parameter. - [Measures] Changed Calendar: added option to start on Mondays instead of Sunda ys (default). - [Styles] Changed Drive, Power: bar meters may alter with variant. - [Styles] Changed Music: added "full" variant. Art expands to full sidebar widt h, with mouseover controls, as per Gallery. - [Styles] Changed System, Network: both now use "Normal" and "Graph" variants. - [Styles] Changed Reader, Notes: first grabber X position now a function of #Nu mberOfFeeds# and #NumberOfNotes#, respectively. - [Variables] Added option to start on Mondays instead of Sundays (default).

3.1 Beta 2 ---------Date: 31 July 2011 App: Rainmeter 2.1 Beta (r885) - Added Notes1, Notes2, Notes3: individual displays for user-chosen notepad file s. - Changed all skins: moved common measures into @include files, located in Resou rces\Modules (e.g., - Changed all skins: cleaned up tooltips, moved double-click refresh action to s tylesheet files. - Changed Stylesheets: moved clock face variables into main file. - Changed Options: added "RainFile" utility to select files and folders using pr oper Windows dialogs. - Changed Options: improved update checker function. - Changed Options: moved Format and Layout tabs to stylesheet folders. Style aut hors can now create custom options dialogs. - Changed Options: universal settings for switcher action interval and disabling . - Changed Calendar: added option to show leading zeroes for single-digit dates. - Changed Calendar: added Lua script by smurfier. - Changed Gallery: added option to change displayed image ratio, filename displa y. - Changed Gmail: added Lua-based parser mechanism. - Changed Music: moved mouseover actions to stylesheet. - Changed Notes: added Lua-based parser and switcher mechanism, retrieves title automatically from filename. - Changed Reader: now uses Lua universal feed parser script. Feed format does no t need to be specified by the user. - Changed Reader, Notes: restored backlit grabber images. - Changed System-HDD: opens drive in Explorer when clicked. - Changed Taskbar Clock, Taskbar Systems, Dock: fully divorced styles from Taskb arCommon. - Changed Weather: displays cardinal direction for wind speed, in addition to nu merical heading. - Changed Weather: cropped MoxaWeather icons for better integration with Enigma templates. - Fixed Stylesheets: added initial SkinWidthMultiplier value to c. - Fixed Options: some images did not obey #ColorImage# value. - Fixed Gcal Reader: now decodes HTML properly and substitutes out ASCII artifac ts. - Fixed Search: no longer ignores multi-word search terms. - Fixed Weather: borders cut off icon images with precipitation. - Removed Lightning Sunset, Wing Firefox themes: lack of demand. 3.1 Beta 1 ---------Date: 15 July 2011 App: Rainmeter 2.1 Beta (r863) - Added Second Taskbar. - Added System-CoreTemp: measures up to 4 CPU core temperatures. - Added Volume: increases, decreases and mutes system volume on left-, right- an d middle-click. - Changed all skins: added instructional tooltips. - Changed all Sidebar skins: added option to display top/bottom borders. - Changed Stylesheets: improved flexibility for third-party styles, eliminated d uplicate section names. - Changed Sidebars, Taskbars: LoadOrder=-1 (forces skins to background), formatt ing information moved to stylesheet files (, - Changed Resources: combined all into Options.ini in root config.

- Changed Options: format fully independent from stylesheet settings (to prevent third-party styles from breaking controls). - Changed Options: layout panel now displays actual desktop wallpaper. - Changed Options: added ability to restore defaults. - Changed all skins: replaced all instances of "!Rainmeter" with "!". - Changed Calendar: increased speed and other improvements, courtesy of smurfier . - Changed Gallery: added option to include subfolders, tooltip to display filena me; included BMP and PNG images; added control buttons on mouseover. - Changed Launcher: changed default applications. - Changed Location: added icon variants. - Changed Music: play/pause button now changes depending on player state. Cover art displays at full size when clicked. - Changed Network-IO: split into Upload and Download skins. - Changed Reader: increased speed and other improvements, courtesy of smurfier. - Changed Reader-Gmail: now always uses HTTPS when fetching mail. - Changed Recycler: added instructional tooltips, improved icon changer mechanis m. - Changed Search: names, addresses and icons configurable from Options. - Changed Sun: split into separate skins: Sunrise, Sunset. - Changed System-HDD: indicates when drive is ejected. - Changed WiFi: added icon variants. - Changed Weather: added "extended" sidebar variant with wind and atmospheric in formation. - Changed Weather-Extended: split into separate skins: WeatherCurrent, WeatherTo day, WeatherTomorrow. - Changed World: combined text and icon variants into single skin. - Fixed Options: was unable to set TaskbarHeight, colors. - Fixed Options: was unable to change 5th Launcher icon. - Fixed Options: was unable to change 1st Feed format type. - Fixed Options: typo in "3rd Notes Title." - Fixed Calendar: will now continue to function properly into the 22nd century a nd beyond. - Fixed Gallery: background height now conforms to image dimensions. - Fixed Music: artist line now hides on mouseover for both variants. - Fixed Music: taskbar icon failed to toggle pause. - Fixed Network: displayed incorrect LAN IP address on Windows Vista/7. - Fixed Network-IO: now auto-scales to appropriate units. - Fixed Rain: typo on broke skin in non-U.S. locations. - Fixed Reader: feed title was misaligned, improperly clipped. - Fixed Reader: repeated title link for certain feeds. - Fixed Reader: title link interfered with dragging. - Fixed Run Search: was unable to process command flags. - Fixed Sun: unnecessarily high Update rate caused delay in skin appearance. - Fixed Taskbar: was not responsive to TaskbarSpacing variable. - Fixed Weather-Extended: third icon was misaligned. 3.0 --Date: 6 June 2011 App: Rainmeter 2.1 Beta (r822) - Added online documentation: ( - Added "Enigma Light" stylesheet. - Added Gallery: rotating image slideshow. - Added Gcal Reader for Taskbar: shows next single event on primary calendar. - Added Search: text boxes search Google, Wikipedia or run commands (as per the "Run" dialog). - Changed all skins: resized images to improve appearance in Windows 7. - Changed Taskbar, Sidebar: added Aero blur effect (Windows 7 only). - Changed all Taskbar skins: skin width variable is now a multiplier (makes it e

asier for new stylesheets to incorporate). - Changed all Taskbar skins: "bar" format available for all variant styles. - Changed Music: now uses built-in NowPlaying plugin. Removed "APIs" folder. - Changed Notes: restored "<donotshow>" tag functionality. - Fixed Recycler: missing measure name. - Fixed Weather: removed unnecessary leading zeros, fixed bug with disappearing images. - Fixed World: bug involving DST offset. - Removed Twitter Reader: temporary recall until Rainmeter plugin is available. 2.8 Beta 2 ---------Date: 5 December 2010 App: Rainmeter 1.4 Beta (r642) - Changed all skins: double-click to refresh. - Changed Taskbar skins: reorganized into groups to make configs menu smaller an d cleaner. - Changed Enigma: now checks website for updates, provides one-click upgrade lin k. - Changed Configuration: renamed to Options, restored skin-based settings manage r, using InputText plugin. - Changed Music, Network, System, System-HDD, System-PWR: removed bar background meter, replaced with SolidColor key in bar proper. - Changed Reader-Gcal: added support for multiple calendars. - Changed Weather, World, Gmail: eliminated unnecessary calculations for determi ning image path. - Fixed Calendar: bug caused indicator meter to become misaligned. - Fixed Reader: bug stripped quotes from Atom feed regular expression. - Fixed Reader-Gcal: feed now works consistently, at the expense of some extra e vent data. - Updated Themes: changed Enigma default, removed Preview (too much work for peo ple who don't understand what Rainmeter is even for). 2.8 Beta 1 ---------Date: 26 November 2010 App: Rainmeter 1.4 Beta (r622) - Added "Stylesheet" variable. Meter styles can now be swapped out without affec ting skin functionality. - Added Facebook Reader. - Added Icon versions of all Launcher skins. - Added System-SWAP. - Changed all skins: added variables for Sidebar and Taskbar dimensions. Skins w ill automatically adjust. - Changed Sidebar, Taskbar: clicking no longer launches Home & Config skins. - Changed Calendar: skin code now makes sense. - Changed Launcher skins: added user variable for icon image. - Changed Music: single skin now serves any media player. - Changed Network-Address: split into Network-LAN and Network-WAN. - Changed Notes: added support for multiple pages & option to disable. - Changed Reader: same skin now processes both Atom and RSS. - Changed Remember the Milk: added support for multiple lists. - Changed System-PWR, System-HDD: replaced embedded image backgrounds with varia ble image meters. - Changed Weather: split Taskbar and Sidebar versions. - Fixed Network: new WAN server. - Fixed Reader-Twitter: now uses SuperTweet ( - Fixed System-Uptime: substitution string previous caused errors for times over 100 days. - Removed BigClock-Left, LittleClock, LittleClock-Left: primary skin now cycles

through all styles on middle-click. - Removed Taskbar-with-Panel: primary skin now cycles through all styles on midd le-click. - Removed all "Mini" skins, some "Icon" skins: primary skin now cycles through a ll styles on middle-click. - Removed Instructions.pdf - Removed Special Features: individual components available at (http://enigma.ka 2.7 --Date: 29 May 2010 App: Rainmeter 1.1 Special thanks to dragonmage, smurfier and other members of the Rainmeter commun ity, who maintained Enigma in my absence. - Changed Calendar: added dates from next and previous months. - Changed Music-Winamp: added images. - Changed World: new time zone provider, added manual offset variable for daylig ht savings. - Updated Instructions.pdf. 2.6.1 ----Date: 4 November 2009 App: Rainmeter 1.1 - Added Remember the Milk Reader. - Fixed Gmail-Reader: skin would be blank with - Fixed Music\Winamp (both Sidebar and Taskbar text, misnamed measure. - Changed Installer: now copies user variables - Changed Music album backing: replaced with a - Changed Weather: replaced "p" parameter with

only one new message. variants): eliminated overlapping from backup to new. higher-res version. "w".

2.6 --Date: 18 October 2009 App: Rainmeter 1.1 - Optimized for Rainmeter 1.1. - Added Launcher (1-5): individual launcher skins with Taskbar stylesheet. - Added MoxaWeather-3Days-Horizontal. - Added Music-Art. - Added Remember the Milk Reader. - Added Resources Links: these "skins" redirect to services like Instructions, S upport, etc. and then close themselves. - Added Special Feature: Launchy skin. - Changed Installer: removes old Enigma skins folder before copying new one. - Changed Configure: will protect existing user variables in future updates. - Changed Home: thumbnail, icons now clickable. - Changed Themes: new default and preview arrangements, fully relative positions . - Changed Instructions: revisions for RainBrowser, new Home skin, Resources link s. - Changed all skins: added Preview, Credits tags. - Changed Arcs: added metadata. - Changed Launcher: apps and paths can now be edited through RainConfigure. - Changed Sidebar, Taskbar: middle-click to open RainConfigure. - Changed MoxaWeather: removed unnecessary blank space. - Changed Music: no longer depends on Taskbar style. - Changed Notes: default text file is now UTF-8. - Fixed all skins: bug in middle-mouse refresh action.

- Fixed World: invalid substitution. 2.6 Beta 4 ------Date: 14 October 2009 App: Rainmeter 1.1 r261 - Added common variable inclusion: Variables.INC. - Added common module inclusion: StyleTaskbar.INC. - Added common module inclusion: StyleTaskbar-Mini.INC. - Added common module inclusion: StyleTaskbar-Mini2.INC. Can be added to "Mini" skins individually, or replace StyleTaskbar-Mini.INC. - Added Gcal-Reader. - Changed all skins: revised metadata format. - Changed all skins: changed over from AccuWeather to Yahoo! Weather. - Changed all skins: middle-click to switch variants. (Skins without variants wi ll just refresh.) - Changed Configure: new visual style by JSMorley. - Changed Enigma: replaced with miniature service-launching dock. - Changed Clock, World: added variable to change the analog clock face. - Changed MoxaWeather: decreased splash screen duration, matched location and si ze on 3days. - Changed MoxaWeather: removed Toggle. You can now switch between the one- and t hree-day variants by middle-clicking the skin. - Changed Network-Address, -IO: added global variable for max upload/download sp eeds. - Changed Notes: separated title and content by XML tags. - Changed Notes: decreased text size to match Readers and other sidebar skins. 2.6 Beta 3 ------Date: 8 September 2009 App: Rainmeter 1.1 r213 - Added Resources: all images and supporting files moved here, referenced from s kins by absolute paths. - Added Music-Winamp. - Changed all skins: added Metadata. - Changed all skins: added Meter Styles, updates comments format. - Changed Home: renamed to Enigma.ini. - Changed Instructions: new and expanded .PDF manual. - Changed Sidebars: added config variable to adjust taskbar clearance height. - Changed Sidebars, Taskbars: double-click to load Enigma.ini. - Changed Clock, World: no longer require separate images for analog clock hands . - Changed MoxaWeather-Toggle, -3Days: forecast now reads "Today" instead of curr ent weekday. - Changed MoxaWeather-Toggle: extended panel hidden by default. - Changed Music: player controls appear on mouseover. - Changed Network-WiFi: Added NetIn/NetOut bars. - Changed System Compact: added battery power to icon. 2.6 Beta 2 ------Date: 18 August 2009 App: Rainmeter 1.1 r181 - Changed all skins: invisible backing added to all applicable. - Changed Installer: properly identifies Program Files on 64-bit. - Changed Reader: tabbed list showing all four default feeds. - Changed Reader: optimized regular expressions. Performance significantly incre ased. - Changed Reader: links no longer hover blue.

- Fixed Music: wrapping and overlapping errors. 2.6 Beta 1 ------Date: 15 August 2009 App: Rainmeter 1.1 r181 - Added Rain. - Added Moon: modified from MoonShine by benjam. - Added World. - Added Network. - Added Network-Address. - Added Network-IO (expanded from System-NET). - Added Network-WiFi. - Added Enigma Preview theme. - Changed all skins: AppVersion requirement raised to 1.0. - Changed all skins: text shadows no longer on by default. - Changed all skins: Trebuchet MS now universal font. - Changed all skins: standard variable names for all fonts, sizes, colors, disk drives. - Changed Home: completely rewritten as compact, tabbed window. - Changed Config: sets text colors and B&W image variants for all skins. - Changed Templates: Sidebar/Taskbar now translucent and positioned on sides on first appearance, and no skins snap to edges or keep on screen. - Changed Gmail Reader: only pings the server once, no longer uses HTTPS connect ion. - Changed MoxaWeather: config tool now sets Fahrenheit/Celsius preference. - Changed Music: retrieves album artwork as default icon. Can be switched back t o play/pause function. - Fixed Calendar: Thursday label. - Removed all Alt skins. 2.5.1 ----Date: 7 August 2009 App: Rainmeter 1.0 - Optimized for Rainmeter 1.0. 2.5 --Date: 7 August, 2009 App: Rainmeter 1.0 - Added Configure: automated multi-file variable editor. - Changed Setup: overhauled GUI, folder detection for new Rainmeter scheme. - Changed Templates: compatible with RainThemes, auto-adjust to user's resolutio n. - Changed Home: accesses Configure, RainThemes, Instructions, and Support thread on - Added taskbar variants for Music. Press icon to play/pause. - Added Calendar-Week: displays only current week. - Added Recycler. - Added Sun: displays local sunrise/sunset times. - Added Uptime. - Added Atom-Reader. - Added Gmail-Reader. - Added Twitter-Reader. - Changed all skins: added text shadows. - Changed Second Reader, Third Reader: condensed to RSS-Reader, user can create duplicates.

- Changed Sidebar, Taskbar: fits user's resolution automatically. - Changed Cal-Week: label is now the date. - Changed Gmail: Mini now displays subject line of first unread message. - Changed Gmail, Reader: updates every 5 and 10 minutes, respectively. - Changed Location, Clock: removed GeoBytes pinger, replaced with AccuWeather pa rser. - Changed MoxaWeather: now uses AccuWeather and complies with ToS. Removed "Enig ma" icon set. - Changed Music: now supports iTunes natively using iTunes plugin. - Changed Notes, Reader: icon moved to the left side. - Changed Reader: smaller invisible backing. - Changed Systems: split into two columns, no longer leaves space for icons. - Changed Taskbar-with-Panel: panel actually exists, and can be moved/resized in dependently. - Removed unused images from Launcher. - Moved CD Art Displays to Special Features. 2.1 --Date: 20 March, 2009 App: Rainmeter 0.14 - Changed Instructions: revised troubleshooting section. - Changed Setup: now automatically detects user's Program Files directory. - Changed Reader: title now clears stuck links on mouseover. (Thanks to moosatov .) - Added inverted-color variants for MoxaWeather. - Fixed NET Icon: required MaxValue setting. 2.0 --Date: 20 February, 2009 App: Rainmeter 0.14 - Added EnigmaSetup2.0.exe: automatic installer for the theme, fonts, and Beginn er template. (The existing Rainmeter.ini is backed up.) - Added "Home" GUI widget manager: clickable menu tool for activating skins and switching between variations. - Added "Toggle": shows/hides the Sidebar and all skins in the "Sidebar" class. - Added MoxaWeather-4Days-Toggle: shows/hides three-day forecast in one click. - Added customized MoxaWeather icons and dark eqclipse2 icons. - Added inverted-color variants for all skins. - Changed Gmail-Icon: now highlights to indicate unread mail. - Changed Reader: items now link to their articles individually. - Changed Reader, Notes: icon now opens the source file/feed page in one click. - Changed Reader, Notes, Systems: added invisible background for easy dragging. - Changed Launcher. Button now loads Launcher skin by itself; app buttons no lon ger close the skin. - Changed all skins: optimized update rates. Performance notably improved. - Removed large analog clock from Taskbar Clock (it's exactly the same as Sideba r\Clock\LittleClock; just remove the text meters). - Removed "Tray" set; expanded most Taskbar widgets with a "Mini" alternative in the Tray format. - Added "Arcs" as a Rainmeter skin. - Samurize config now considered a bonus feature. 1.1 --Date: 3 January, 2009 App: Samurize 1.64.3, Rainmeter 0.14 - Reorganized Rainmeter theme. - Fixed Location bug.

- Began third Rainmeter set: "Tray." - Provided second Sidebar. - Added Calendar. - Added Reader. - Added Gmail. - Added Launcher. - Added NET. - Added second, third HDD. - Added icon versions of some System widgets. - Updated, revised and expanded various skins. Planned for future release: - Auto-hidden Notes and Reader widgets for Taskbar. - Disk ejector. - Process monitor. 1.0 --Date: 18 November, 2008 App: Samurize 1.64.3, Rainmeter 0.14 - Revised text instructions. - Replaced missing file (BorderHour.png) in Rainmeter Theme\Enigma\Sidebar\Clock . - Replaced missing file (BorderMinute.png) in Rainmeter Theme\Enigma\Sidebar\Clo ck. - Replaced missing file (BorderSecond.png) in Rainmeter Theme\Enigma\Sidebar\Clo ck. 0.9 --Date: 15 November, 2008 App: Samurize 1.64.3 - Original.