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COM OBJECTIVE Currently I hold the position of Vice President of the University of Toledo Filipino American Association. My ability to assist in leading this organization has given me success personally and professionally. It has helped me to share my experiences and goals and to provide a common platform to all student members so that they too can pursue their common objectives, concerns and passion. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY University of Toledo Medical Center Jan 2013 - Current Clinical Mental Health Student Nurse Clinical Adult Health Student Nurse Attend clinical rotations supervised by a nursing instructor Perform a variety of supervised duties such as taking a health history, administering medication and drawing blood. Obtaining a health history of a patient includes extensive series of questions to help student nurses understand a breakdown consisting of patients health issues, family health issues and possible psychological issues and all are noted. Responsible for administering all ordered medication to patient during daily clinical rotation. Before administering to patient, student must research medication for uses, dosage limits, and proper administration. Student needs to make sure the right medication with correct dosage is given to the right patient at the right time. Responsibility to care of patient throughout the day of assigned clinical rotation. This includes basic nursing care, taking vital signs and assistance to patients with eating and bathing if necessary. A more advanced care is provided later in the process such as starting IVs, drawing blood, change dressings and also taking care of catheters. St. Ursula Academy Cross Country Assistant Coach Jun 2010 and June 2011 Assistant Track Coach Jan 2012 Committed to the philosophy of providing a competitive cross country and track program Emphasized integrity and the educational welfare of its student-athletes and strives for athletic excellence. Assisted Head Coach such as pre-season training, organizing and conducting practices and scheduling of the cross country season Some administrative responsibilities include coordination of the team and assisted Travel Coordinator for off-site meets. Sylvania Southview High School Assistant Track Coach Jan 2011 - Aug 2011 Assist head coach in providing instruction leading to students pride of accomplishment, acceptable social behavior, self-discipline and self confidence. Assist in the direction of fundamental skills, strategy and physical training for individual and team success. Responsible to assist head coach regarding coaching duties, practices, meets and clinics.

EDUCATION Sylvania Southview High School, 2010 University of Toledo, College of Nursing, 2014

SKILLS Microsoft Office Software - Word, Excel, PowerPoint Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator Sony Vegas Video Editor Red Cross & American Heart Association First Aid NFHS Coach Education Cross Country & Track License Networking

VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE/ACTIVITIES UTFAA - Vice President-External 2012-2013 UTFAA - MAFA Representative 2012-2013 UTFAA - Cultural Dance Chair 2011-2012 UTFAA - Historian 2011-2012 UTFAA Cedar Point Trip Coordinator - 2012 Filipino Association of Toledo Mission Trip Volunteer 2010, 2011, 2012 MSU Halo-Halo Event, Stand-up Performance 2012, 2013 University of Michigan PCN, Stand-up Performance 2013 University of Michigan Anniversary Event, Stand-up Performance 2012 Ohio State University Barrio Dinner, Stand-up Performance 2011

REFERENCES Theresa Maria 419-351-1822 - Co-worker/Coach Cross Country and Track Nicole Holdship 419-277-1163 - High school teacher John Wodarski Jr - 419 377 5377 - Cross Country and Track Coach Judy Gordan - - Clinical Instructor Mental Health Beth Short 4199446606 - - Clinical Instructor Adult Health Zach Medhane 419-787-3095 - Co-worker

MAFA Co-Outreach Questions 1. Why is MAFA important to you? MAFA is important to me because I want to be able to pass down the opportunity to become culturally inclined and socially connected to fellow Filipinos and people seeking for a Filipino scene in the Midwest. MAFA is a prime organization that the Midwest needs to enrich such an area so known to be dry and culturally incompetent. This organization also provides an outlet for many people to the Philippines. To me, MAFA has given me that initiative I needed to look to our motherland and take steps to facilitate them from the states. MAFA has provided so much to me not only socially but culturally. Without MAFA's efforts to connect Filipinos throughout the Midwest, I feel I would not have the relationships and connections I have today.

2. Describe the difference between communication and effective communication. Communication and effective communication are two different ways to connect with one another. Effective communication is a way to get the same desired information to another person in a way someone will be able to know the details of a topic. Communication only gets the general idea to someone. In the process, the person may not be able to understand or simple forget the idea being explained. With effective communication there are components of active listening and a optimal way of passing information. Active listening allows the listener to engage and show signs of understanding to the speaker (eye contact, head nodding, and feedback). Also, the way the information is presented in effective communication is highly likely to be remembered than information just communicated. Effective communication then results in the other person being able to transfer the same desired information to another patron.

3. Currently, there are 19 MAFA schools, each varies in how involved they are with MAFA, and therefore, the representatives of those schools vary in how active they are as a MAFA Rep. What would your approach be to alleviate this situation? To alleviate a situation where many members are not too involved with an organization could date back to communication. In this day in age, we are all communicating electronically with e-mails, cellular texting, Facebook and Twitter messages, and electronic newsletters. However, we forget about the direct connection by phone calls. Members may not know about opportunities to get involved with MAFA events just because of poor communication. As an organization try many ways to send information to someone, it can become daunting and a turn-off to some members. This could cause them to neglect to check these outlets of communication. So what I propose to solve this problem is to provide a few ways of sending out information such as, simplified e-mails and direct calls with MAFA Representatives for confirmation. Simplified e-mails will get the message across without the clutter, and phone calls will build a strong relationship providing a higher chance of participation.

Another problem I see that could alter the participation of a MAFA Representative and their organization is the relationship they have with MAFA. We can stress the importance of their participation every day, but if we are not able to connect with them not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level, they will not view their participation worth their time and priority. It's always easier to have a friend participate in activities than it is for a stranger. So pushing to establish that friendship between a chair member and a representative could be another key to having the MAFA Representatives advocate participation in MAFA. These could be done little by little such as, attending their local events, physically greeting them whenever the opportunity presents itself, and varying from professional communication and casual communication.