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Manish Papneja Memorial Public School, Ismailabad(KKR) I Pre- Board Examination, January 2013 Class X Subject - English Time:

3 hrs. M.M:90 General Instructions: The question paper is divided into four sections. Section A : Reading Section B : Writing Section C : Grammar Section D : Literature

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Section-A (Reading) 1. Read the passage given below carefully. Save Mother Earth It is now high time to do our own share in protecting the Earth and her wonderful creatures. Our plants is indeed gasping for breath right now; our harmful pollution is indeed chocking her slowly and continues to deplete the ozone layer. Think , it is high time to give our timely response to this alarming state of the only planet we live on , by doing our own share of protecting her with doing simple things that will surely make a big difference. For if not, we might be harming ourselves in the years ahead as well, for nature has its own destructive way of getting back at us humans, for the signs of earths displeasure with inappropriate and harmful activities of humans are now seen and felt all across the globe like global warming, climate change, acid rain, drought, flash floods and other forms of natural catastrophes. Here are some practical and small ways that could help our planet get a sigh of relief. Collective small efforts by those who are genuinely concerned with earths welfare will doubtlessly help her a great deal. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Make it a habit to reduse the number of the things we need or we consume. Purchase things that we really need and eat only what you must. Let us do our share not to be part of the problem or should I say part of the garbage problem. Reuse all the things that can still be repaired / fixed or those things that are still okay. Recycle things to conserve our resources; collect old newspaper, books, magazines, used papers, bottles (plastic and glass), and any other things that you could sell to junkyards. There is money in garbage and at the same time we are doing our part in recycling process. Be kind to trees. Use forest products and timber judiciously. You may use the back of coupons, use pencils until they become as small as a possible, and dont play with matches. Try to get involved in tree planting in your local conservation programmer. This could be fun as trees can give us added oxygen, shade for people and a refuge to different insects and birds. Do not buy exotic and endangered animals. These animals are intended to be in the wild not as mere decorations to your home or as pets or playthings. Educate our children, friends and even our local community about the harmful effects of dynamite fishing, illegal logging, animal poaching, over reliance on wood products and other environmental issues.

Do not even bother to try eating exotic and endangered animals for they are not indented to be part of humans diet. Let the other predatory animal do the stalking and eating; youre not fit to be a lion. One of the most badly hit by human hunger for delicious food are the sharks, sturgeon, snakes, sea turtles and many other animals. Do not patronize things (coats, purse, belt, etc) that are made of an endangered animal or animal part like skin, fur, bones , tusks, antlers, etc. Be responsible with your garbage, dispose it properly. Also try to use segregation scheme with your trashes, separate those decomposable from those that are non-biodegradable. You may utilize a compost pit to house all of your organic trashes and eventually use this as your fertilizer for your backyard or for your plants. When visiting any tourism site/ protected parks behave responsibly and adhere to the rules and regulations of the park even if no one is looking at you. Learn how to appreciate nature and her gifts to mankind and supports any environmental campaigns that will help nurture and protect the only planet we live on. 1.1 On the basis of you reading of the passage, complete the following statement: (a) The signs of earths displeasure seen and felt across the globe are________. (b)Reduce, reuse and recycle means ________. (c) We should refrain from eating endangered animals because ________. (d)A compost pit is a cheap way to _________. (14=4) 1.2 Answer the following questions. (a) What are our responsibilities towards endangered animals? (b) What are things that should be kept in mind while visiting any tourism sit/ protected park? (12=2) 1.3 Find words from the passage that means the same as following. (12=2) (a) terrifying (para 1) (b) Procedure / operation (para 2) 1.4 Write the antonyms of :(a) Organic (b) Protect (12=2)

2. Read the passage given below carefully. Sister Come Home A child sitting under a tree prayed quietly to himself without anyone knowing only the tree knew. The tree was several decades old, but it still stood straight and tall. The people in the village all knew that a while ago, this trees bark was falling off and it was dying. But it was brought back to life by a short phrase that its caretaker said, and when other people asked the young girl how she healed the tree, the girl said with a sweet smile, its a secret. Everyone was puzzled. A few years later, the girl went to a faraway place to earn money for her little brothers school tuition. When the young girl returned she saw how haggard the old tree had become, and she was sad. She again said a few words to the tree. The tree unexpectedly became its old self once again, tall and straight. The villagers praised it as they came and went. After another week, the girl had to leave again. Crying , the girls mother said,

Daughter, your father and I have let you down. The girl, also crying, said, Dont speak that way. Can you summon my little brother? Of course I can. The sister said to her little brother, This tree I give to you, when you look at it, it shall be the same as looking at me. Study hard, make me proud, and make mom and dad proud. You must safeguard the tree. I may be gone for 3-5 years. Take good care of mom and dad that will make me proud. The little brother said ,Sister, I know Ill be industrious , and Iii take good care of the tree. Touching the tree last time, the girl turned and left. As each day passed, the boy grew up. During the day he studied and played beneath the tree, and at night, he sat against the tree and quietly prayed. After a few more months the boy ran to the top of a mountain and yelled out the words hed been wanting to say, Sister, come home! A few years later, he suddenly learned some startling news. It was said that the sister had died saving a little girls life. This had happened several years before, and the money that was sent to the village was sent by the little girls mother, because this was the sisters final request before she died. People all say that good people go to heaven after they die. I think that girl is surely in heaven watching over her brother! 2.1 On the basis of your reading of the above passage complete the statements that follow with the help of the given options. (15=5) (a) The dying tree was brought back to life by _____________. (i) a child sitting under the tree (ii) the people of the village (iii) a short phrase that its caretaker said (iv) an old tree (b) The girl went to a faraway place to ______________. (i) enjoy a picnic (ii) to keep her secret (iii) motivate the tree (iv) to earn money (c) When the young girl returned to her village, she found the tree____________. (i) in good shape (ii) completely bare (iii) in bad shape (iv) reduced to a stump (d) The girl summoned her little brother to ____________________. (i) look after the young tree (ii) look after the old tree only (iii) look after the parents only (iv) look after the old tree and his parents (e) The word from the passage which means the opposite of industrious is ________. (i) lazy (ii) diligent (iii) laborious (iv) happy 3. Read the poem carefully: (5)

When cats run home and light is come, And dew is cold upon the ground, And the far off stream is dumb, And the whirring sail goes round And the whirring sail goes round Alone and warming his five wits The white owl in the belfry sits. When merry milkmaids click the latch And rarely smells the new mown hay. And the cock hath sung beneath the thatch

Twice or thrice his roundedley Twice or thrice his roundedley Alone and warming his five wits The white owl in the belfry sits. Choose the correct option to answer each question 3.1 The arrival of the morning is heralded by the (a) running stream (c) fishermen cry (a) simile (c) alliteration 3.3 The owl prefers .. (a) hay mowing (b) loneliness (c) hooting with other owls(d) watching of milk maids 3.4 The idiom warming his five wits means . (a) taking rest after hunting (c) enjoying sun shines (a) cats (c) cocks (b) enjoying fun (d) getting knowledge (b) milkmaids (d) an owl (b) tower clock (d) cocks singing (b) metaphor (d) imagery

(Alfred Lord Tennyson)

3.2 The poetic device used in phrase merry milkmaids is ..

3.5 The poem describes

Section-B (Writing) 4. Amrender Singh of class VIII is the Assistant Student Editor of Indrayani, the school magazine. The school is planning to bring out a special Silver jubilee Edition. He has been asked by the Principal to put up a notice inviting articles from students. Write this notice in not more than 50 words. (3)

5. Read the conversation given below between Monika and Karan. (3) Monika : I am Monika from Bhopal. Can I speak to Manish ? I am his wife. Karan : Good afternoon Madam ! I am Karan, a friend of Manish. He has gone out for some office work. Can I take the message? Monika : Yes, please tell him that our son, Rohan has got admission in the hostel so I will be returning next week as he is feeling homesick at present. Karan : Sure , Maam. I will Manish when he comes. Monika : Okay, thank you Mr Karan. Karan is not able to meet Manish. So, he leaves the message on his table. Write the message more than 50 words. 6 . The graph given below shows marks obtained by two students of the same class in different subjects. Study the graph and write a short paragraph describing the same. (4)

7. Your school is organisisng a week long tour to Goa. As you are studying in a boarding school, write a letter to your father seeking his permission and requesting him to send Rs 10,000/- through a bank draft. Also, reassure him that he shouldnt worry as you perfectly fine in the boarding. (5) 8. Write a speech for an inter-school declamation contest on the topic ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF TELEVISION. (5) 9. On the basis of the outlines given below , write a story and suggest a suitable title also. (5) Robert Bruce- King of Scotland- unable to defeat enemies- discouraged- disappointhides himself in a cave- sees a spider climbing the wall- falling again and again- spider makes nine attempts- finally reaches the top- king learns a lesson- collects army- tries again defeats the enemy- try , try again. Section-C (Grammar)

10. Complete passage by choosing by choosing the correct option from those given in brackets: (4) Tigers (a) _________ (were, will, are, is) at the top of the food chain. Only men threaten their survival as a species. Tiger kill only for food (b) ____________ (or, because, but, and) only when hungry. They rarely (c) _________________ (attacked, attacks, attacking, attack) humans. Easily (d) ____________ (recognized, recognizing, has recognized, has recognising) by its coat of reddish orange with dark (e) _____________ (strips, stripes, striped, stripe), the tiger is the (f) _____________ (large, largest, much larger) with cat in the world. 11. Complete the dialogue with the options that follow. (4) Rani : Hi, Radha ! (a) ____________ your English Project file? Radha : Not yet, (b) ____________ it tomorrow. Rani : Why ? Radha : (c) _____________ photocopies of my project papers because there was no electricity in that area. Rani : You ________ come to my home.

(a) (i) has you submitted (ii) have you submitted (iii) have you submitting (iv) has you submitting (b)(i) Ill doing (ii) Ill do it (iii) Ill done it (iv) Ill doing it (c) (i) I could not make (ii) I cannot make (iii) I could not make (iv) I cannot made (d) (i) would have (ii) could have (iii) must (iv) might have 12. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentence. The first one has been done for you as an example. (4) e.g disappointment / to / lead/ broken/ and/ sorrow/ promises Broken promises lead to disappointment and sorrow. (a) And/ his/ word/ thoughtful/ keeps/ is / always/ gentlemen/ true/ a (b)To keep/ and hasten/ promise/ it/ will be/ he/ slow to / a / make (c) Friendship/ a / you/ broken/ cost/ promise/ your/ can (d)Still/ clam/ in / was / the / room/ hospital/ she 13. The following paragraph has not been edited. One word has omitted in each line. Write the omitted word along with the word that comes before and word that comes after in your answer sheet against the correct blank number as shown in the example. (1/28=4) The spirit patriotism, sacrifice and service towards country must guide our lives should (a) (b) (c) Before _______ _______ _______ omitted _______ _______ _______ after _________ _________ _________

inspire us emerge as great heroes, and if the arises die martyrs. Every single Indian has a role play in Building up the nation.



_______ _______ _________ (e) _______ _______ _________ (f) _______ _______ _________ (g) _______ _______ _________ _______ _______ _________

14. Read the conversation given below and complete the paragraph. (4) Berry : Daddy ! I am the happiest girl in the world. Daddy : Have you won a million dollar lottery? Berry : No! I have got something much better. Daddy : Tell me now Berry screamed with joy (a) ____________ . Her father asked ____________ a million dollar lottery. She replied that (c) _________________ something much better.Her father sad (d) __________. Section-D(Litrature) 15. Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions by choosing the most appropriate alternative. (3) Not marble, nor the gilded monuments Of princess, shall outlive this powerful rhyme; But you shall shines more bright in these contents Than unswept stone, besmeard with sluttish time. (a) The expression powerful rhyme suggests that these words are (i) As powerful as time (ii) Time is more powerful (iii) More powerful than time (iv) Both are equally powerful (b)gilded monuments would be (i) Expensive monuments (ii) Rare monuments (iii) Golden monuments (iv) Gold plated monuments (c) Time is sluttish because (i) It has unclean habits and behavior (ii) It is very powerful (iii) It is precious (iv) It is uncertain 16. Read the following extract carefully and answer the question briefly (3) Did they give up I do not have to answer that question. They brought her here, persuaded us to take her into the hospital. In the twelve months she has been our patients she has made good progress (a) Identify the speaker and listener . (b) was brought here by . (c) The person brought to the hospital was suffering from . 17. Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions briefly (3) Mrs. Jordon : He was gone? Henry : There wasnt any doubt

(a) The two are talking about (b)Explain , He was gone. (c) According to Henry there was no doubt.. . 18. Answer any four of the following questions in about 30-40 words each. (24=8) (a) Describe Ali as a hunter . (The Letter) (b)The frog experienced a joy that was sweet as well as bitter. Explain . (Frog and Nightingale) (c) Who are the liars? Why have they been describe as liars? (Mirror) (d)Time has been described as sluttish by Shakespeare. Explain . (Not Marble, not the Gilded Monuments) (e) Give evidence from the text to support the statement that Mrs Slater is very rude in speech (The Dear Departed) 19. Answer the following questions in about 150 words. (8) Develop a character sketch of Mrs. Packletide. Or Conpare and contrast the qualities of a mirror with that of human beings.