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ACC - 410 Department of Business Administration Spring Term -2013 Assignment Questions BBA 10 & 11th Semester (Sec-B) Auditing

1. What is Cost Audit? What is the principle behind it? How does it differ from Statutory Audit? 2. What do you understand by the term Management Audit? Discuss in brief the scope of such an audit and the benefit which the management can derive there from? 3. Cost Audit of industries should follow a uniform pattern. Do you agree? 4. What points should be incorporated in the Cost Audit Report? As Cost Auditor to a group of factories, describe the procedure how you would adopt the record of labour and material costs. 5. In which direction, the costing records are of value to the auditors of the financial accounts? To what extent do you consider an independent audit of the cost accounts is necessary? 6. Compare and contrast the procedure for verification of capital work-in-progress and production work-in-progress. 7. State any five matters which are to be certified by verification in respect of statement of particulars to be attached to tax audit report of a limited company carrying on trading business. 8. A company can declare dividend out of current profits without making good depreciation of fixed assets. Examine the validity of the statement. 9. What are Capital Profits? Discuss the legal and commercial view-points regarding distribution of capital profits. 10. No dividend shall be payable except out of profits. Discuss. 11. What do you understand by the term Divisible Profits? What considerations and legal decisions would weigh with you before declaring dividend? 12. When consulted by Directors as to whether it would be desirable to pay interim dividend, on what points would you, as an auditor, direct your enquiries before giving your opinion? 13. You are asked to investigate into the reasons for a considerable fall in the trading profits of a manufacturing concern for a particular year, although the sales of that year are well on a level with those of the preceding year. What line of procedure will your investigation take? 14. Distinguish between the Civil and Criminal Liability of an auditor and illustrate your answer by reference to legal cases. Last date of submission: 25 April, 2013 Submitted to: Mohammad Shahidul Hoque, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, SUST. N.B: The assignment must be written by your own hands. Only front page may be printed.