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LESSON PLAN School Subject Skill Class/Semester Time Allocation A.

Standard Competence Express meaning in transactional and interpersonal conversations both formal and sustained in daily life context. B. Basic Competence Express meaning in transactional (to get things done) and interpersonal (socialization) both formal and sustained situation, uses varies of simple spoken language accurately, fluently, and acceptable in daily life context and involve speech act: giving opinion, asking for opinion, expressing satisfactions and dissatisfactions C. Indicators Express meaning of asking for and giving opinion. Express meaning of expressing annoyance. Character values: Friendly, Communicative, Hard Work Anti-Corruption values: Care, Honest D. Instructional Objectives Students are able to express meaning of asking for and giving opinion Students are able to express meaning of expressing annoyance Students are able to develop character: friendly, communicative, hard work, care and honest E. Learning Material Asking for opinion a. What is your opinion? b. What do you think of.? c. How do you feel about...? d. How do you see.? Giving opinion a. I think the other .. : SMA NEGERI 4 KENDARI : English : Speaking : XI/1 : 2 x 45

b. I believe .. c. I feel .. d. It seems to me .. Expression of Annoyance in formal situation a. Im extremely displeased with. b. .is very irritating in informal situation a. really makes me mad b. I cannot stand . c. Why on earth he didnt ??

F. Teaching Approach Model Teaching Technique: Pair Work Pre-Listening Activities (15) Greeting to the students and checking the attendance list and condition of the class. Explaining the objectives of the teaching and learning. Reviewing the last subjects and doing apperception Whilst-Listening Activities (65) Showing some examples of expression of asking and giving opinions Explaining the expressions. In pair, the students practice to make a short dialog using expression of asking and giving opinion about smoking for teenager Asking students to practice conversation in front of the class Showing some examples of expression of annoyance Asking students to brainstorm what things that usually make them annoyed In pair, students practices to use expression of annoyance upon the thing that make him/her annoyed Asking students make a simple dialog. (see Task 7 in Buku Kerja Siswa p.21, by Pratiwi, M., Nazila W.) Asking the students to perform in front of the class.

Post-Activities (10) Making the conclusion about the subject. Giving the students a home work to do. G. Assessment Kind of test : Spoken test H. Test Item 1. Make a simple conversation about smoking for teenager by using expression of asking and giving opinion! 2. Use the following guideline to make a simple dialogue. Then, act it out with your classmate! I. Scoring Rubric Speaking Rubric
No 1 meaning meaning with the meaning) 2 3 meaning Text management Do and respond accurately speech act with logic orally Do and respond speech act with one more misunderstanding Always misunderstanding and do simple speech act Incapability understanding and respond simple speech at Only produce words which not in text Pronouns and Intonations Clear pronouns and intonations Clear pronouns although has mistake in first language Unclear pronoun and intonations and influence the meaning Unclear pronoun and intonations and missing the meaning Cannot produce the pronoun, intonation, and express the 4 3 2 1 0 4 3 2 1 0 Cannot produce some words/keep silent Use incorrect grammar and vocabulary (not understanding Use incorrect grammar and vocabulary and influence the Aspect Grammar and Vocabulary Use right grammar and exactly vocabulary Use incorrect grammar and vocabulary but not influence the 4 3 2 1 0 Score

4 -

Interactive Communication Have self confidence to express the conversation and have ability to give their correction for their self if they make mistake Have self confidences sometimes give repetition and show hesitant More respond than initiative Incapability to respond and initiative 4 3 2 1 0

Affective Rubric
No 1. 2. 3. 4. Name Communicative Care Friendly Honest Hard Work Value Score


= 20 24 = 15 19 = 10 14 =59 = 4 (min score)

1 = unseen 2 = seen 3 = developed 4 = Character

Kendari, March 2013 Approved by The Principal of SMAN 4 Kendari English Teacher

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