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PADI, CHENNAI-600 050.

Affix recent Pass port size photograph in the hard copy


Note: Fill all the items; If not applicable please state Not Applicable (NA). Attach additional sheet if required, to give complete details.

POSITION APPLIED FOR NAME IN FULL( IN BLOCK LETTERS) Date of Birth & Age Blood Group Religion / Community : ( FC, BC, SC, ST ) Native Place Mother tongue PAN No: Permanent Address with PIN Code (With Telephone / mobile number )

Graduate Apprentice

Present Address with PIN Code (With Telephone / mobile number)

MARTIAL STATUS Single / Married / Widower /Divorced Husband / Wifes Name Date of Birth of spouse Occupation of spouse Date of Marriage Name of Children


Date of Birth

FAMILY BACKGROUND Fathers Name Age Occupation/Place Mothers Name Age Occupation/Place Brothers and Sisters Name



Single/ Married

Occupation /Place

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND (BOTH ACADEMIC & TECHNICAL, STARTING WITH SSLC) Exam Passed Class / Name & place of the Year % Marks School & College From To

Electives / Specialization

TRAINING Nature of training (apprenticeship/ special/training/ courses undergone)

Duration(Date) From To

Institution / Place

Present Company: Name & Full Address ( with PIN Code)

Period (Date) From To

Designation On joining Present

Reporting to

Reason for seeking change

Previous Companys Name & Full Address ( with PIN Code )

Your Designation On joining While leaving

Period of Service(Date) From To

Total Salary drawn Rs. PA On joining While leaving

Reason for leaving

Present salary and Perquisites details: MONTHLY BASIC DA HRA Conveyance allowance Incentive Special allowance Other allowances Telephone allowance Medical allowance Education allowance ANNUAL Bonus / Exgratia PF LTA Superannuation Medical reimb / allce Others, if any



Job Description with Present Company / details of jobs / skills you are capable of handling by virtue of your qualifications and experience (use bullet points) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Have you any relatives working in Wheels India, Axles India or any other T.V.S. Group Companies? If so, please give details. Designation / Name Relationship Name of the Company Department T. No. 1. 2. 3.

REFERENCES: Three responsible persons (not related to you ) who will vouch for your conduct and work performance. NAME Occupation, Full Address ( with How is known to the applicant PIN Code ) & Telephone Numbers 1. 2. 3. What Salary and perquisites can you accept? Date on which you can join if selected:

I hereby declare that the above particulars furnished by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and these will form the basis of the contract of employment, if I am employed by Wheels India Limited, if at a later date, any of the particulars furnished herein by me is found untrue or not correct, the Company will have the right to terminate my services without notice or compensation.