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APRIL 1, 2009

Music Notes
Exploring the United Methodist Hymnal, ©1989
Part II: “Using the Indexes of the Hymnal” “The world is not an easy place
in which to live doxologically”
After exploring the hymn on the page in last month’s newsletter, we now turn – Geoffrey Wainwright
to the Indexes of the hymnal. Psalm 100’s history runs from the
The first is the Index of Composer, Arrangers, Authors Translators and Israelite temple on Mount Zion to the
Sources. This index (UMH pg. 906) allows one to search for the synagogues and churches spread across
the earth. ( James L. Mays, “Worship,
cultures from which hymns originate. This is especially
World and Power”). The New Interpreter’s
helpful on Sundays such as World Communion Sunday when we Bible Commentary states that the lesson
use hymns from around the world. Hy m n f e s t s honoring of the Psalm is “God rules the world,
particular hymn writers and composers are also selected and consequently we belong to God.
by using this index. This message lies not only at the heart
T h e In d e x o f S c r i p t u r e , Ser vices, Psalter, Acts of of the book of Psalms but also at the
Worship, Hymns, Canticles, Prayers, Poems (UMH pg. 923-924) heart of Jesus’ preaching and of the
whole of Scripture.” Paul continues
likewise are useful in planning special emphases and finding
this theme as he speaks of our body as
elements that work with particular scriptural selections. Services include weddings, the temple of the Holy Spirit bought
funerals, baptism & Holy Communion. with a price to glorify God . (2 Cor.
The Metrical Index (UMH pg. 926) allows one to find matching tunes and 6:19-20). We are not our own! Can we
hymn texts based upon the poetic meters of each line of a hymn. With this still hear this message in a world that
information, worship leaders are able to match familiar tunes to unfamiliar texts encourages us to be “self-made” men
and vice-versa. and women? This Psalm reminds us
that our lives are not simply our own to
The Index of Tune Names (UMH pg. 931) gives the opportunity to find several live. Genuine life is found in
hymn texts that are matched to a hymn tune. submission to God. Brueggemann calls
The Index of Topics and Categories (UMH pg. 934) is most helpful when Psalm 100 an “act of sanity.” “Obviously
our world is at the edge of insanity and we
planning thematic services. The selected titles were derived based on John Wesley’s
with it.…Greed is celebrated as economic
topics and theology. a d v a n c e. Po w e r r u n s u n b r i d l e d t o
The Index of First Lines and Common Titles of Hymns, Canticles and Acts of destructiveness.…our psalm is an act of
Worship (UMH pg. 955) saves immense time when hunting for hymns for the right sanity,…Life is no longer self-grounded
occasion. without thanks but rooted in thanks.”

Unique Churches from throughout the world

Borgund Church: Best Preserved Stave Church

The Borgund Stave Church in LÊrdal is the best preserved of Norway's 28
extant stave churches. This wooden church, probably built in the end of the
12th century, has not changed structurally. The church is also featured as a
Wonder for the Viking civilization in the computer game Age of Empires II:
The Age of Kings.

APRIL 1, 2009

MEMBER & FAMILY NEWS It is becoming an annual occurrence

(If you have information to share about to see Mo and Tip (sop.) Cloud’s son, April Anthems
yo u o r yo u r fa m i l y, p l e a s e s e n d Johnny, as a fixture at the Church Hill
April 5 (Palm/Passion Sunday)
information in email If Middle School Science Fair. We
My Dancing Day (arr. Cherwien)
we inadvertently omit your name *om appreciate his leadership with the
children in our area. April 12 (Easter)
the birthday list or omit information you Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
have submitted, contact Jim. ) (arr. Benton) BELLS,
New Life! Organ, Congregation
Happy April Rejoice, the Lord Is King
Birthdays to: Pictured: (arr. Ness Beck)
Pat Rickman(4/2), C h r i s t i n e, On the Third Day (Pote)
Marley and Glory to God (Handel/Liebergen)
Helen Taylor (4/8), The Tomb Is Open Wide
Sam Wiles (4/20), Ronnie (Courtney) WOMEN’S
Doris Whitson (4/28) ENSEMBLE
April 19
Brains and Arts Jesus Calls Us O’er the Tumult
Congratulations to new grandparents (arr. Holden-Holloway)
Lindsay Hall, daughter of Jim (ten.)
Elise (alto) and Ro n n i e
and Linda (sop.) Thoma and past April 26
Horton. Their daughter’s new baby
Children’s Choir member, was named A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
girl’s name is Marley Elise. She weighs
to the dean’s list for the College of (arr. Hayes)
7 lbs 1 oz. & is 20 1/4 “ long.
Nursing at ETSU last semester. Also
their grandson, Tyler Norris, was one
of twenty
God’s Servants in the World Remember When?
five students
B r y a n t Ad l e r, p a s t m e m b e r o f
at Ross-N-
CHUMC choirs, band and returning
player in many of our instrumental
Elementar y
programs, is band director at Alcoa
S c h o o l
High School. His step-mom, Teddi
selected to
Adler, whose husband is Mark, is a
have his
Special Education and Outreach
Teacher at Rock Springs Elementary
displayed at
and Indian Springs Elementary and
the Fo r t
the Sullivan County Education
Henry Mall
Association President. We are proud
in January.
to see members of our church serving
His art work This photo of a car fire was
as music educators and instructors.
was further captured by our friend Baxter
Teddi is also a certified lay speaker in
selected as one of five Hood a year or so ago.
the UMC.
students displayed on March 8 at the
Downtown Kingsport Association.
Online with the Shakers
He’s at it Again!
v=oTCSobDGYhs will take you into
the woodworking shop of one of our
tenors, Jim Thoma. Watch as he
Pictured: Johnny constructs one of his famous Shaker
C l o u d w i t h a Boxes.
student participant
Pe n n y w h i s t l e s at the
Renaissance Rev. Patterson is in the Holy Land, the
Ma r t h a E g a n w a s t h e f e a t u r e d Youth Pastor’s under the church bus
Pennywhistle instructor at the St. and the Minister of Music is in jail for
Pa t r i c k ’s d a y a t t h e K i n g s p o r t photocopying music. Want to talk to
the janitor?
Renaissance Center last month.