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By : Asep Nuiul Haq By : Asep Nuiul Haq

Iniioduciion io Subsea Engineeiing Couise- Robeii Goidon Univeisiiy, UK
Subsea Sysiem Engineeiing Couise - Naiional Univeisiiy of Singapoie
resenLaLlon Cb[ecLlve
To piovide a baclgiound in oil and gas pioduciion in
To give an awaieness on Subsea sysiems componenis 8
ii's funciions in ielaiion io Goigon Subsea VG ii's funciions in ielaiion io Goigon Subsea VG
To give an oveiview of ile piocess in consiiuciion, FAT
8 SIT of Subsea Sysiems
WhaL ls subsea & why?
Subsea is a ieim used io iefei io ile equipmeni,
ieclnology and meilod used io exploie, diill, develop
and opeiaie an oil field below ile waiei suiface, eiilei
deepwaiei oi slallow. deepwaiei oi slallow.
Wly subsea ?
Able io pioduce fiom a deepei depil
Opens ile feasibiliiy io exploii maiginal field
Flexible foi developmeni
Limiiaiion on enviionmeni and aesileiice
World Map of Subsea AcLlvlLy
i. Gulf of Mexico
:. Biazil
. Wesi Afiica
(. Noiil Sea (. Noiil Sea
. Mediieiannean
and Caspian
6. Sallalin
y. Tasman Sea
S. Wesiein
q. Canada Easi
Gorgon & Iansz I|e|ds -
North Western Shelf Chevron
Exploration Acreage
Gorgon & Janz Field Location
40 trillion cubic feet of gas,
Australia's largest-known gas
Barrow Island Location of 3 5
million tonner per annum LNG
Greenhouse gas management
via injection of carbon dioxide
into deep formations beneath
Barrow Island.
Ma[or Company lnvolved ln Subsea
Subsea y
Alei Kvaeinei (supply equipmeni) Alei Kvaeinei (supply equipmeni)
Coopei Cameion (supply equipmeni)
FMC Teclnologies (supply equipmeni)
Veico Giey (supply equipmeni)
Subsea ArchlLecLure
Subsea ArchlLecLure
Muliiwell Templaie
Saielliie Wells
Subsea Flowlines Subsea Flowlines
Video -> FMC Condiiion Peifoimance Moniioiing
M1 lleld LayouL
Mldllne 1S
Corgon M1 lleld connecLlons
Subsea Structures:
Goigon Mi S-sloi Manifold
Goigon M: (-sloi Manifold
Goigon M (-sloi Manifold
Goigon Mi PTS
Goigon M: PTS
Goigon M PTS
Goigon Midline PTS Module
Goigon CDU
}ansz DC-i 6-sloi Manifold]PTS
}ansz DC-: 6-sloi Manifold]PTS }ansz DC-: 6-sloi Manifold]PTS
}ansz Midline PTS
}ansz CDU
6 off PLETs
Spoo!s and wc!! jumpcv:
( off Spools
iS off Well }umpeis
io off Fabiicaiion]Tesi Siands
Pig !aunchcvs]vcccivcvs:
io off pig L]R, 6 diffeieni iypes
Subsea Structures:
llowllne 1ermlnaLlon Assembly (l1A)
PLET - Pipeline End Teiminaiion
Single Hub]Flange]Connecioi
Single valve
PLEM - Pipeline End Manifold PLEM - Pipeline End Manifold
Two oi moie lubs]flanges
Two oi moie valves (manual 8 aciuaied)
Typically used io develop fields wiil ( oi moie iiees
Subsea manifolds aie seaflooi subsea aiiangemenis consisiing of valves,
pipings and coniiols wlicl aie used io colleci fluids fiom subsea wells,
combine seveial flow inio one, and ieiouie ile flow io a piocessing faciliiy
on a plaifoim.
Man|fo|d Modu|e (Corgon M1 8-sloL Manlfold as shown)
Gorgon 1S Modu|e
Gorgon M|d||ne 1S Modu|e
Iansz Man|fo|d]1S Modu|e
Wlai does ii do?
Wlai is in ii?
Manlfold luncLlon
Wlai does ii do?
Colleci pioduce fluid fiom individual sub sea wells
Disiiibuie fluids (waiei and gas) and clemicals
Disiiibuie ile eleciiical and lydiaulic coniiol sysiem Disiiibuie ile eleciiical and lydiaulic coniiol sysiem
Piovide flow coniiol foi pioduced and injecied fluids
Suppoii and pioieci all pipe woil and valves
Piovide an inieiface (conneciion piovisions) foi pioduciion
pipeline, injeciion (waiei oi gas) pipelines, well flow lines,
clemical supply and iesi lines, and ile coniiol umbilical
Piovide suppoii foi ROV aciiviiies
WhaL's ln a manlfold?
Gorgon M1 Man|fo|d Ioundat|on
Manlfold loundaLlon
Wlai does ii do?
To aci as ile foundaiion foi ile manifolds
To guide duiing manifolds insiallaiion
Insiallaiion Video Insiallaiion Video
Contro| D|str|but|on Un|ts (CDU)
ConLrol ulsLrlbuLlon unlL/ Subsea
ulsLrlbuLlon unlL
Wlai does ii do?
A subsea ieiminaiion poini foi ile umbilical fiom ile
iopside wlicl enables disiiibuiion of ile iequiied
seivices (signal, lydiaulic and eleciiic powei) io ile seivices (signal, lydiaulic and eleciiic powei) io ile
SCM and clemicals io vaiious poinis in ile subsea
Video -> FMC Field Developmeni Tool
roducLlon ConLrol SysLem SchemaLlc
Subsea ConLrol Module
Integrated LL1
1yp|ca| Cpen LL1
lpellne Lnd 1ermlnaLlon
Wlai does ii do?
As a guide base io conneci pipelines
To faciliiaie abiupi diieciion clanges
To avoid lengily pipeline To avoid lengily pipeline
PorlzonLal ConnecLors
PorlzonLal ConnecLors
verLlcal ConnecLors
1yplcal Well !umper Assembly
Well !umper
Wlai is ii?
Well jumpei is a biidge made of umbilical ilai
connecis beiween wells.
Wlai does ii do? Wlai does ii do?
}umpeis aie usually locaied beiween io fixed posiiion,
i.e. fiom well io fixed manifold
To accommodaie flowline] pipe line movemeni due io
ileimal expansion
Umbilical consisis of bundles of fluid conduiis,
eleciiical] opiical signal cables and powei conduciois.
Used io aciuaie valves in subsea coniiol sysiems,
delivei] piocess clemicals foi flow assuiance, daia delivei] piocess clemicals foi flow assuiance, daia
acquisiiion, pioviding subsea powei foi pumping
sysiems and injeciing gas inio ile wellboie
umblllcal SysLems - 1yplcal
Wellhead uevelopmenL
1ypes of umblllcals
Subsea Coniiol Umbilical
Clemical Injeciion Umbilicals
Subsea Powei Cables Umbilicals
umblllcal Mlnlmum 8adlus
Minimum iadius foi flowline] pipeline cuivaiuie can
become veiy laige in deep waiei wiil pooi soils (ile
iadius can go up io iooo fi)
Can lead io veiy long flowline iuns Can lead io veiy long flowline iuns
Tle possible answei is by using PLETs io faciliiaie
abiupi diieciion clanges
Fiom iooo fi io D pipe bends
lg Launcher ConnecLed Lo LL1/
SSL8 (Sub Sea lg Launcher & 8ecelver)
lg Launcher
Wlai does ii do?
Ii launcles pigs (pipeline inspeciion gauges). Pigs aie
used io conduci peiiodic mainienance of ile pipeline
inieinals io ensuie ii's flow iniegiiiy. inieinals io ensuie ii's flow iniegiiiy.
lcLure showlng flexlble flowllne
and reels and reels
ConsLrucLlon (lA1, LlA1 & Sl1)
Coniiaci Documenis (tbe Jevil is in tbe Jetoil)
Consiiuciion (Exlibii A: Scope of Woil)
Pieseivaiion (Pieseivaiion Siiaiegy: Gi-TE-Z-UGoo-
PLNoooy) PLNoooy)
FAT: Ouiline FAT Pioceduies (Manifold 8 PTS: Gi-VE-
Q-USoo-Ho(-oo:, Pig Launclei 8 Receivei: Gi-VE-Q-
Consiiuciion Piciuies (Gieenland Gioup)
1esLlng (umblllcal 1esLlng)
Componeni Qualificaiion Tesis
Componeni Accepiance Tesis
Umbilical Qualificaiion] Veiificaiion Tesiing
Umbilical Facioiy Accepiance Tesis (FAT) Umbilical Facioiy Accepiance Tesis (FAT)
Sysiem Iniegiaiion Tesi
Posi- load Oui Tesi
SlLe lnLegraLlon 1esL
SIT aie iesis done io simulaie and iesi all opeiaiions
ielaied io insiallaiion, opeiaiion, mainienance and
ieiiieval of ile subsea sysiems including coniiol
sysiem insialled. sysiem insialled.
SIT is done io ensuie ilai if we missed someiling, we
would lave lnown ii onsloie, noi offsloie wleie ii's
ioo laie] expensive io ieciify.
SlLe lnLegraLlon 1esL
Subsea SLrucLure lnsLallaLlon
lnsLallaLlon (encll 8uoy)
CuesLlon & Answer