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Their cybernetics cannot overcome the fact that men, especially of the pig class [Westerners], are cyclic[same

ole same ole]. They think, function and live in cycles. This is more to their detriment than ours [KemPtah]. Their science of control turns upon them to weaken and wreck their own institutions. How can a massive department or bureau or regiment with hundreds of personnel ever coordinate any activity without the strictest regimentation, without a massive meeting place to familiarize themselves with procedures, without badges or uniforms to identify each other, without dependence on clear-cut orders. Simple pig [Western, White supremist, Eurocentric, degenerate culture] types can only learn to function by rote and in cycles[particular grouping or number system based activity]. Procedure must be drilled into them and only seldom if ever changed. It is quite easy for a pig to perform a particular function the same way, time after time, once he has learned the function ;it is not so easy to vary, especially when there are great numbers of the same types of individuals involved[because they will get in each others way]. What would be the result if each pig [western scientist, security, etc.] were given a different job each day in a different area or if he had to vary his code[methods, policies, procedures] every week or think for himself[Free thought] one eight hour shift? Chaos. If it warent for the sergeants or lieutenants [also includes professors, teachers, managers etc. ] and a routine, when the average pig ran out of gas [becomes drain from degenerate(Western) activities+.Cyclic men equipped with only a few learned responses can be watched, clocked, photographed and anticipated. Their code isnt really a code at all. They are finished! A pig *Westerner] is a fool! They have numbers [quantity not quality] over the small vanguard[Nu Afrikan Nation, KemPtah] elements and the social license[consent of the confuse massed of the Black Nation] to kill but once we decide on the proper action, we will find that our enemies are vunerable*highly degenerated+. Baba George L. Jackson (Blood in My Eye)

Western media, scientist, technicians etc. talking about about the Digital world or the Cyber world or even Cyber space. Talking about artificial intelligence, information, cyber space, cybernetics, and other futurist degenerate technology. The true cyphernetics is melanetics, organics. So the connotation backing cyberspace needs to change its name or we crush its superstition with melanetics. The reason I demand the correction of their error is that the root of Cybernetic is Cipher-netics. And Cipher is space for creation hence organic in nature because it can be no form and also assume any form. Cybernetics is not known for organics but the result or end product of Cipher-netics. When you think of Cybernetics you think of partial organics with partial inorganics. This is like a concoction of half oil and half water. Oil and vinegar technology is what western technology is and will ever bee. The concept of melanetics is based on the reclassification of science, math, technology and design on the basis of Afrikanization and not on De-Afrikanization(Westernization). The cycles Baba George was talking about is their set standards and conventions they use no matter what situation, hence their cycles are really a modern form of superstition. Since the conception of my works and the conception of the idea of KemPtah, I was Afrikanizing my own thoughts. My math is based on Afrikanization and Afrikanization is Real concrete objective process of digitalization or making more than one essence, phenomenon, content, form, culture, thought or any entity/energy into one singular entity , energy, event, one flow. As soon as I conceived of KemPtah mathematics that was my initiation into being a Digitalizer or Afrikanizer. KemPtah math is a clear cut way of having an Afrikanized(digitlized) way of explaining phenomenon(and essence). This way dwarfs the relevancy of western ways of explaining phenomenon(and essence). Baby steps to me are like a journey to western. The things my math can do it would literally take countless generation to even create half by western standards. I can see how most are drunk from materials or possession. When the most(including the few) want to debate or talk about anything they base the

talk(and inferences) on Western logic(i.e. Formal logic, Aristotelian logic). So when we talk and think about our discoveries, what we study, our family, what we created(including design speculations we are based on Western standards of what is logical in thought. Logic in general is opposite of history. Logic is the constant regularity of synergy of sides of an entity/energy. In history things comes and goes. Yes you have the history of thought, those theoretical or spiritual phenomenon that comes and goes. Logic is the history of the entity/energy that does not comes and goes. Logic is the synergy of the alpha and the omega of entities/energies. So logic isnt just a quality that thought monopolize nor history or entity/energys-story isnt tied to hueman history. History is merely the unfolding of the logic, without logic(as a method) the unfolding will look like its full of accidents and chances events. Most people dont know this because they isolate the two phenomenon, and when something is isolated from its complement it no longer works in the way it did when it was synergized with its complement. The rejection of my math, or trivial feeling people place on it only reflects how infested the mind is with western parasitic logic. While we think Westerners just stolen our culture with minute modification, in reality they are anti-AFrikanizing it, which is a huge qualitative change compared to just small modifications. Now we have our black scientist, kulturalist, militants of the Black Nation forces westernizing things thinking it is an impartial process. Now westernization went wireless, all white people has to do is take credit since they suppose mastered modernization which is really westernization. Yes white people are superior in modernization if and only if modernization means Westernization else it is absolutely NO! Subsequently if we Westernize things we are only giving our enemy the way(the mature connection of leaders to followers), that is why I say we cant use gasoline(Westernization) to put out no fire! Isnt it logical to put the fire out with water(Afrikanization)? We are so generic(Western) about definitions and definition is power thus our power changes to weakness. We are so much so, that we think western organization has something to do with effective and efficient power. Sadly we dont see that their so called efficient and effective power comes from us not doing . The majority of western functional organization is organized to make up for the loss of power from their inalienable flaw(Westernization, De-Afrikanization). Whenever we westernize essence and

phenomenon we are not doing and on the flip side we are speeding up maturity of degeneracy in essence and phenomenon. The only doing is Afrikanization. We cannot expect to clean up mess with mess, so why is Anti-Afrikanization formulation(A=A) seem correct to us? That is the point of My(Our) math is to also point to the in inalienable synergy of sides in all patterns, the science-art of translation(complement to transformation). We truly need to translate our culture because western translation logic base cant cut it, and it do dis-service to our ancestors and their generator, the Black Nation. My math provides the map to consistently Afrikanize essence and phenomenon. It shows you the basic complexity of Digitalize them and ways, path, sides, aspects and colors of how all entity and energies go about doing so. The arithmetic is the logic of phenomenon(essence) and the unfolding of arithmetic is the history of the phenomenon(essence). All entity/ and energies has their way or path. A path isnt called a path for nothing. Arithmetic is the hardest and most purest of all paths and ways of phenomenon(essences). All things in the thought and reality are types of numbers system or groupings, am I correct? KemPtah provides the frame work or basic skeleton that is present in all entities and energies. KemPtah math is a science to reflect universal-particular skeleton in a clear cut manner, which means without debates or confusion. Even one entity/energy is composed of components that are arranged, organized, grouped in a certain fashion. Number system! It isnt about only binary or decimal system. It is so sad we use bagging in tens as our standard even though it isnt the essences and phenomenons way of grouping(bagging). Western scientific method is a straight up straight jacket method. The Voodoo priest knows the concept of groupings every time she/he throws their dice. They(Voodoo) see groupings and avoid the illusion of chance just like KemPtah. Perception changes the game, if you dont see(observe) it how can you believe it(participate). So the dice in the hands of the voodoo priest works differently than the people who use it to gamble because perception also molds practice. So if you believe in luck your techs(brain and bodybio-base (bio-numeration or groupings) Black interface technology) will even help you believe that by actualizing it through your practice.

If the actualization isnt in mature synergy with reality it can, at best, actualize things partially(sentiently this means prejustly, degenerately ). Afrikanization includes westernization as a secondary element among infinite secondary element that the westernization has contend (cooperate) with. Just like the law of identity is a drop in the ocean of synergy of sides, Westernization is just a drop in the ocean of Afrikanization. This also means Afrikanization can always produce correct separation of phenomenon and essence. In Afrikanization separation is one of the children to interaction and unity not vice versa. When the westerners use separation, they use it disregarding the root of separation hence they have a tendency to actualize and perceive baseless(accidental) situation. We know even accidents have a basis that contributes to the actualization of accidents. Westerners choose to hold on to the basis of their mistakes for life and death. The fact that they rather keep the basis of their error and not correct it is what I mean by westerners has no basis. Western language is anti-synergy so sometimes I have be redundant to be clear(the satire). I am trying to overcome the dryness of degenerate(Western) language. We all have flaws but I will not sit up here and try to change my flaws to a culture or confuse it with my own culture. Flaws are nothing more than ruff in the diamond and not to be confused with the diamond itself. Most people are judgmental on people because they see the homogeneity of diamond and ruff; they see no real line of difference between the two. Westernization is a flaw that found its way in culture so it can seed and sap off the culture to sustain itself. Law of identity is formulized flaws mistaken as part of hue man culture. White supremacy(Western culture) is the most organized, advance, smartest in organizing flaws and successfully passed as culture. Just like they arent a nation but still fracture tribes, they just kill their pain of pure self-hate with ab(heart) aboriginal people, super people. They use us as the basic tool to cosmeticize their pain, errors, and evil. They want us to pick out who has the popular form of uncle tomism while we generate it(subtle house negreo tendencies) by putting ourselves and our kids through white supremacy schools. Thinking, talking, choosing, the good life or the good ole white unsuspectly. As soon as we learn their number system and had to learn the alphabets we gave up totally to white

supremacy. Now they know how fast you can be, what do you think, how you think about your own kulture. What do you expect we using the enemys culture. What? You think you know the enemy better than themselves and they worked their culture longer than you did theirs. As soon as they taught us with a limit of 10 digits then we will logicaly(in a KemPtah sense) single out everything based on that grouping. One type of grouping(number system) one color out of infinite that really exist in reality. If you think I am wrong then that is like thinking that a bag of chips is more than a buffet. Thinking that it is alright or it works is like saying red can account for visible the invisible spectrum, which is absolutely ridiculous. Most people are short stopping themselves and will never ever know it nor the other short stoppers that are all around them. This type of fallacy haunts us from the cradle to the grave without inkling or any idea that we has actually contribute to vitalization of Westernization, the prolonging of kultural degeneracy. Most suppose best only immolating what suppose to the in in positivity. From sickness to health, from the most ignorant to the most conscious you still see a definite trend of westernization of our existence, worth and work. It like, who needs enemies with friends like these kind of scenario. I do understand from the mass ignorance that the so called most of us conscious people rather westernize things to the grave, in sickness and in health. Word. The righteous is just as right about our conditions as the non-righteous in the eye of KemPtah as long as we choose to Westernize our existence.

We all want to enjoy ourselves, have fun, have energy all the time, run freely and go freely. If we are program to group things in only one kind or a few kinds of grouping then what do you think we doing to our own pleasures, fun, success, energy, longevity, in sickness or in health? They all are straight jacketed in few patterns likewise many patterns will be too much to handle because we stunt our taste and handling of it. Imagine trying to learn how to walk in adult years rather than when you was a baby. Degenerate conditions will be dominant in your legs from relying on western standards and constructs. You dont think so? Our Supreme black definition of pleasure and fun is in a wheel chair. All things has

logic and all logic unfolds(has a-story). So if you have degenerate logic how do you think it will unfold? The apple seed can grow into a apple tree not into pine tree, not into tomatoes, or a car, no matter how much evolutionist(modern Eugenics) say it could(so call evolvingLOL) by accident. But hey most liberators want reform, they want black rocks instead of white rocks to count. They really want Black version of white supremacy.

In a wholistic Afrikanized society laws are never or hardly enforce because the law is a reflection of how correctly and how in tune the institutions are with the people. Its enforcement wasnt an offensive political-economic move but in defense to protect natural sentient law. For example if food, electricity, money, cloths, housing, land, education, merchandise was free, who would steal them? If we see all of our own people as ourselves and all of the people see us as themselves who would harm, rape, disrespect or kill? It would be widely stupid to war, bully or do any type of negative to each other. Individuals and groups would have a canvas of diverse people to bounce ideas on without preconceptions, prejudice, and speculation. So if we put into law that all them negatives are outlawed it would be just the sign and not an enforced tool. Westerners mastered law as an enforced tool because they are the ones who are perpetuating the negative by artificially splitting up most peoples culture, resources, land, spirit among the minority of worldwide white tribes and their non-white lackeys who are under them. If something isnt right then something is going on. The westerners made law for everyone else to follow but them. In

science, math, technology and design this offensive western law comes in the form called convention, standards, and theoretical, spiritual, material constructs. As long as the Black Nation is disorientated then the world will be ruled by the Western minority. Empires fell, whole nations folded as soon as De-Afrikanization rises in these nationss essence. As the human race unfolded and began to develop De-Afrikanization, the white nation began to embrace the DeAfrikanization which was reinforce by the environment that exhibit similarities to Degeneracy or De-Afrikanization. They eventually personified the maturity of DeAfrikanization process. This means they became experts of picking out these tendencies in others and feeding on it. The westerners went to our schools to really learn how to feed off the strongest of strongests weakness, they consciously challenge that but really never completed the Afrikanized schools(Mystery Schools and Universities). Guess at some point the abundance of strength was too much and on the flip side they had enough to further deAfrikanized their own people, institutions etc. for their own personal gain. They change their degeneracy to regeneracy when they start actively de-Afrikaning aboriginal melanated people. They use our destruction for their sustenance. Like a nation of Vampires. It is a nation of Vampires. Their white skin is a constant selfreminder and others reminder of fracturing, superficial, destruction of synergy. The Black other shades of melanated skin tones are reminders to self and others of mature synergy of sides. As a baby playing with pigments from the earth, animal or plants we start to understand that black and brown is the synergy of diverse pigments as one of a kind, a symbol of mutual cooperation and Afrikanization(Digitalization). If one pitch, note or tone makes things feel wonderful naturally and the other pitch, note or tone dont. Why think they should be used equally? Silence and loudness dont play the same role or it wouldnt be no recognizable difference about them. Why do that to any phenomenon of opposites? Soap and dirt does different things and has their place. I dare white people to debate what I say they are. I know the negroes will debate for them. To conclude, Afrikanization is De-Degeneration. A killer of a Killer is a Healer. Hence we should be active in Afrikanizing Westernization of culture.

Hence I am as aggressive with Afrikanization as these scientist, mathematicians are in their westernization of culture. The only difference is that they had that little environment(Europe) they come from as reference, while we have the whole planet for reference. We need to Afrikanize everything if your serious about our liberation and our Afrikanism. Afrikanization is the source of regeneration, re-incarnation, resurrection of any essence and phenomenon. If brings life the old by synergize it to the new and vice versa. It is nothing too small or large that cannot be Afrikanized. Afrikanization is a process that is inherited in reality, society and thought more so than degeneration(Westernization). Westernization is the minority among infinite ways to translate and transform things. The mature unity and interaction of all process as one entity/energy Is Afrikanization. Without Afrikanization all things will be face value to us and we will not perceive reality no further than the cover of realitys book. Westernization is a Dead!