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Victor Stanculescu

Soccer Academy of America, Inc

1631 Whitcomb, Des Plaines, 60081. IL. USA Tel: 1-312-823-2166 & Fax: 1-208-575-5453
Chicago, 18 March 2010

Dear Friends of Football Coaches without Frontiers,

Who: Dr. Victor Stanculescu- founder of Professional FOTBAL Coaches without Frontiers Association; Inviting you for a professional dialogue: 1. Families; 2. Schools; 3. Community Football Clubs/Academies/Coaches Discussing: How to grow a new generation of Super-Star-Players and Coaches in the same time with new environment, incorporating FAMILY + SCHOOL + FOOTBALL + Local, national and international COMMUNITY;

The content of dialogue:

Part 1: Pages- 1-3: Introduction Part 2: Pages: 4-5: The profile of 10 main factors in growing a new generation of super-stars football players, in any country (FIFA Members of 208 National Fotbal Associations): Part 3: Pages: 6-10: The 10 mai factors regarding the new Concept of Performance for Growing a new Generation of Coaches & Players, through a new Concept of Performance! Part 4: pages: 11-12: Conclusions: Important ideas, suggestions, proposals from our dialogue!


1.Question 1: Before to start, we need to respond to the common question Whats football, for the 21 Century, for all of us, The Association of Professional Fotbal Coaches without Frontiers : Response: FIFA becomes The 2 United Nations - In Football, with 208 National FA, and 6 Confederations; 1. For the football family, Football is Science = made by the Specialists in sciences used by the football performances, as: Psychology, Pedagogy, Sociology, etc.. Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry etcBiology, Genetics, Medicine, etc.. Including the Sciences of FOOTBALL: Playing in Attack, Playing in Defense and Playing at the Set Plays; Development of Coaches, Players, and Staff Personalities: Mental, Physical, Skills; etc..etc 2. For the Football Players, coaches and support-teamwork, Football is an art: Expressed through a Concept of Performance: 1. How to play; 2. How to Train and 3. How to Recover: using a technology and methodology of performance specific based on: Health, Sport Estate, Principles, Methods, Skills, Games Winning Strategies, of performance, etc.. 3. For everyone involved, Football is a Business: Football is one of the most effective motivational and Educational Tool, A new way of very good life for millions of participants, around the world.
nd st

Question 2: Why fotbal, is not successful in countries with everything to be on the elite, and its not? Whats happening? Of course, everyone has his response, a mixture vision of reality. To be more close to the practical reality we need to have a total vision of the Performance World-Fotbal-Mind-Map! Response: SOCCER ACADEMY OF AMERICA through a new program COACHES WITHOUT FRONTIERS: presents in a VISION OF THE NEXT 5 WORLD CUPS 2013-2030: One of the most important practical aspects called simple: PROFESSIONALISM for all involved factors: FAMILIES, SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS, FOOTBALL SPECIALISTS, and CONCEPT AND IMPLEMENTATION.

Question Nr. 3 = Coming closer to the world fotbal practical successful of some of the countries (National FA), we have a response surprising the World Fotbal: Response: to be BETTER PROFESSIONALS from all points of view: 1. 2. 3. To grow a new generation of SUPER-STAR PLAYERS (connecting the families + school educational system and ; To have and grow a new generation of SUPER-STAR COACHES: a new generation of MASTER-YOUTH COACHES Specialized in 4 professions: COACH, MANAGER, TRAINER & REFEREE, and finally; To have a new CONCEPT OF PERFORMANCE: How to PLAY, How to TRAIN and How to RECOVER.


Question Nr. 4: Direct question of performance is the METHODOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY OF FABRICATION GROWING A NEW GENERATION OF PLAYERS: THE PRODUCTION OF INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE, Through the biggest secret-Factor of development of super-starsin generally and in FOTBAL Particularly: PUBERTY

Stage 1: 4-11 years, the kids are asking and responding to the coach: Yes Sir! I am doing what you are asking me to do! But please, I want to become super-star? (The Coach, Parents, School, Society) has to be ready/to know what to tell to the kids individually)! The relationships between the kids and the coaches are WE ARE ARTISTS AND WE ARE PLAYING THE ART GAME OF FOOTBALL, USING THE IMIITATION PRINCIPLE, PLEASE, LET ME PLAY, WITH MY TALENT: mental, physical and composed games Skills & Strategies)! Stage 2: 12-16 years, the players are asking the coach: WHY SIR? So, the coach, parents, school, society must know to tell the right things, JUNIORS (scientific & technique football) to prepare the super-star-players; Please, remember, that, if the juniors dont understand, they will never accept, and of course, they will do in their way! The Coaches are writing on the brain of the players; RULES, REGULATIONS, LAWS, PRINCIPLES, METHODS, STATEGIES and teaching the players to compose their activities, like in art, science and life The relationships between the players and coaches are very sensitive. If you are discovered, that you as a coach/professor you dont know what you are talking, you are losing the players, and degenerating the job, and slowly slowly you, as professional fotbal coach and the kids, the teams are out of the performance chance. Stage 3: 17-21 years, the players are imposing to the coach and club: How much you are paying to ME-SIR to play for you? From this stage, the players are the really partners with coaches! The coaches and players are composing an INDIVIDUAL SUPER-STAR, TO PLAY IN A WINNING TEAM AND TO EDUCATE FOR THE NEXT PLAYERS LIFE: 22-40 years, the really period of national and international activity and performances. Stage 4: 35/40 - 65/75 years, the former players are preparing and acting (according to the same GENETIC COD, this time to teach, coach and educate the new generation of super-stars players, stages of preparation and development for the new professional JOB COACHING PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE FOOTBALL!

QUESTION No. 5: Today, we are referring to a very important subject for the world performance football: WHAT CAN WE DO TO BE SUCCESSFUL, without more money, more facilities, but, a better SCIENTIFIC (Knowledge), ART (Super-creative Game skills), being a BETTER INTERNATIONAL SUPER-STAR PLAYER (playing in elite world football clubs): YES! In this professional dialogue, we are presenting some of the FUNDAMENTAL EWQUIREMENTS, we are presenting as The new Master-Youth Plan-Program for the development of football youth stars & super-stars, from 4 to 21 years to be able to play another 20 years, a VISION OF 5 World Cups and 15-20 Championships & hundred games!

Enjoy! Victor Stanculescu


Dear Parents, Coaches, School Teachers, Players,
To understand each-other perfect, we will present the content of our professional Fotbal dialogue through a PROFILE, in 10 main factors with 3 important aspect of each factor: In a total of 30 questions and 30 answers.


1.1. 1.2. 1.3.

THE MAIN THREE FACTORS: Family, School & Fotbal (Coach) Global Vision and a Professional Coaches Map-Mind
1. Pre-Puberty: 4-11/years - fist segment the students are in primary schools 2. Puberty 12-16/years- second segment: Junior High School + Maturation 3. Post Puberty 17-21/ years High School + College/Universities

We need a total vision Education+Fotbal Fotbal + School+Social Fotbal+School+Job

2.1. 2.2. 2.3.

Unity in Diversity, the most modern principle of life:

1. In the life concept; 2. In the process of education; 3. For all the other social, family, religion, gender, traditions, culture, etc.. Racism, religion, etc Compensation Law All social life aspects

3.1. 3.2. 3.3.

We have the same goal, objectives, programs: 4-21years:

1. To grow a model citizen, adjusted to the 21 Century need of performances. 2. To have a decent to exceptional professional job! and life standard. 3. For the most gifted students to become A super-star football players!

All must be performance Job by genetic code Fotbal by super-talent

4.1. 4.2. 4.3.

But, we, the Family, School, Fotbal we are different:

1. We have a different GENETIC COD: Mind, Body & Skills; 2. We have a different 3-D- General Education: 3. We have a very different Football & School & Family Culture! Personality Education Culture/integration

5. 5.1. 5.2. 5.3. 6.

6.1. 6.2. 6.3.

Why and How? By Compensatory 3-D-total super-star PROFILE

1. Discovery & Composing the Personality Profile (With the FOTBAL Coach) 2. Developing and maintaining the motivation together with Family and 3, Mandatory final condition to accomplish the 3-D-School Education system: 1. Primary Scholl + 2. Junior High School and 3. High School. Individual -Plan Talent needs support School + Fotbal + Art

By, Evaluation of the Personality Profile using scale 1-10:

1. The Kids/Players Personalitys Value; 2. To work on Compensation process: Qualities, Latent Capacities+Weakneses 3. Motivating the Players to make performances in everything they are doing, Learning to wine against themselves, in everything they are doing . 1. Impose discipline 2.Compensation Life 3. Wining is Better Life, as a Permanent Goal!


1.The main Qualities,

Personality Power!



Step 7: By Diagnosing - the Personality: Using the Personalitys Profiles, to evaluate, diagnose & implement the right decisions:

7.2. 7.3.

2. The Latent/Unprepared Capacities (Genetic, or educational, etc.); 3. The Weaknesses (What opposing to the performances?)

The main objective + Mix: weakness + quality

8.1. 8.2. 8.3.

Step 8: Establishing the Priorities of the Programs, according to:

1. According to the stage of the life development personality. 2. According to the school, life and football performances of each period of age; 3. The Motivation and Progress done by the star-players; Priorities by age/health Connect School + Fotbal Star: Fotbal + Education

9.1. 9.2. 9.3.

Step 9: Establishing future development and perfection Strategy

1. General performance Development and 2. Professional football Performances, based on 3. The principle of professional and sportive partnership; Do the Pyramid of Life! Fotbal is motivation no.1 Together = is the secret

10.1 10.2 10.3

Step 10: Having Individual Vision: to be of not to be

Amateur (Health, socialization, adjustment to the life need, school, etc) Semi-Professional Professional in national, international & world performance Fotbal Exp: 1.000.000 - Players Exp: 10.000 stars Exp: 100-Super-Stars

Technical Note: We are refereeing in this dialogue, to the third National FA - Department:
1. Every National Football Association (Technical center) has a Concept of Performance; 2. There are three important department in any club: 2.1. All National Teams; 2.2. All Clubs 2.3. All Youth Departments. 3. All three important departments have a special CONCEPT OF PERFORMANCE: 3.1. How to Play (Calendar of activities); 3.2. How to Train (Master-Plan p Preparation & Development Program); 3.3. How to Recover, grow, maintain the health, Sport Estate, Nutrition, etc.. 4. The Concept of Performance for Growing the Super-Stars Youth: 4.1.1. Kids: 4-11 years; Pre-Puberty; Primary school; 4.1.2. Juniors: 12-16 years: Puberty Period; High School; 4.1.3. Youth 17-21 Years: Post Puberty: College, Football Professionalization, etc 5. Growing/forming/educating the New Professional FOTBAL Staff-Coach: 5.1.1. New Staff Program: Master Youth Football Coach, specialized in 4 professions COACH, MANAGER, TRAINER & REFEREE. 6. New FAMILY: Roll, functions, principles, methods, programs, partnership 7. New SCHOOL: Roll, functions, principles, methods, programs, partnership 8. THE NEW LOGISTIC and STRATEGIC MASTER-PLAN-AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM FOR Development of Youth Department!



Lets have more details of our Professional Fotbal Dialogue.

For this I am proposing to you to have some observation from insight of the practical activity and normal questions: Remember, that our PROFESIONAL DIALOGUE IS ANOTHER EXERCISE TO PERFECT OUR PROFESSIONAL CONCEPT OF PERFORMANCE:
So, please, read, compare with your knowledge, write down you conclusions and try to implement into your practical activity, and automatically, the circle of activity will perfect your professional personality.

Enjoy & Good Luck!

HERE ARE THE 10 MAIN FACTORS REGARDING THE NEW CONCEPT OF PERFORMANCE, for: GROWING A NEW GENERATION OF Coaches, Players, through a new Concept of Performance! 1. Global Vision:
Visualizing is the process of specialized professional staff-specialized 1.1. Our kids/Players are more intelligent that we believe. We The Coaches (Soccer Club), the
Parents (Family), The PE & Soccer Teachers (School) and the Players we need to have the same global vision of the main factors of performance, in a balanced development an individual development stage of Puberty, of players personality formula: 1. in time, 2. space, 3. energy and 4. performance;

1.2. Also, we need 1. To think, 2. Plan and 3. Work in a perfect association all interested factors;
This is the mandatory principle of INTERELATIONSHIPS, between all Educational factors involved in this complex scientific, technic and strategic international program .

Educational Project-Program;


1.3. Then, we must 1. Develop, 2. Prepare and 3. Perfect the new life & football/soccer performers

2. Unity in Diversity:
The secret of performance is that - There is no Secret! Its about being all of us PROFESSIONALS, and
helps the super-stars players and coaches, to do their job and mission!

The 21st Century ask the FAMILY, SCHOOL AND FOOTBALL (as: extra-curriculum activities) to change
the content of Methodology and Technology for the next 50 years, by planning-programming the super-stars and perfect adjustment of the students/players to the world performance life and sport needs! * We need to accept that the Family, School and Fotbal activities are equally important for the concept of developing the world performances: st 2.1. If we are continuing to work independently, without accepting the new 21 Century needs of living, educating, specializing, working and performing according to our individual Genetic Code, we are losing generations the superstars, for their entire life((this is the really main cause of fails' national and international football National Concept of growing new generations! 2.2. Whats happened now is that the Kids are playing football, living the schools and homes and becoming millionaires just by playing football (without going to school!); 2.3. The question that the World Football (and us, the ASOCIATION OF COACHES WITHOUT FRONTIERS, TOO) is addressing to the FAMILIES, SCHOOLS AND FOOTBALL is simple, Why not accepting the interdisciplinary principle of Unity in Diversity? WHY NOT TOGETHER? 1. To Understand, the entire new life concept; 2. To Accept that we the Family, School, Fotbal, if we are not cooperating to educate the new generations, are a nonsense principle of living; 3. To the successful countries are cooperate and Implement the same common sense, goals and objectives , st having finally a win-win principle of living a successful 21 Century life!!

3. Of course, we have different SPECIALITIES, LIFE CONCEPTS, CULTURE, but we have the same Life Goal:
3.1. To grow and perfect a good citizens personality adjusted to the 21st Centurys we need to adjust to the actual-future life requirements: 3.2. To follow the common sense rules of life and; 3.3. The 4-D-factors: FAMILY, SCHOOLS, FOOTBALL & STUDENTS, we have to be happy to work in a new TEAMWORK-LIFE, supporting the Players Personality Genetic Code and insight motivational drive combining with a scientific & technique continue education process of professionalism in scientific-art football.

4. BUT each one of us, we have Different Objectives:

* We want to make almost perfect our kids, students, players, citizens:

4.1. The Family wants to grow a perfect citizen for a good and very good future life; 4.2. The School wants to have a good student to learn, pass and go to the college;

4.3. The Soccer- club/community needs special athletes/players, professionals, champions! 4.4. The Society wants, needs, and investing in educational environment for future. 4.5. And the KIDS are also different, according to the level of genetic code expectation, level of education,
motivation, love for Football and a common effort in all educational aspects,

5. Why and How, we can accomplish this? By using the Compensatory Personality Profile:
The principle is common for all parts involved in the education process, concept and practical implementation. Each one is educated to understand the nature of the Kid/Students/Players and accept the common principle of Compensatory Personality. For that, we need to have A Personality Players Mind Map of capacities, as: 5.1. Talent, Love, Interest and capacities to perform; 5.2. Pleasure, Motivation, and insight special performance drive and outside positive support; 5.3. And Exceptional Teacher, coach, professor, master, parent, models.

6. Next, We need to know the really Players Personality value:

Evaluating through a battery of tests leaded by the Coach, in connection with the other partner (Of course, if the coach has professional capability, expertise and experience.) Usually, from this evaluation, has to come out a Personality Profile of the players with evaluation in marks from 1-10 points, on the common scale of evaluation. We are using, according to the age of development and professional value profiles, according to the staff professionalism, performance objectives and students genetic code:

7. The diagnosis of Personality Profile through three categories of results:

7.1. Best Qualities; 7.2. Main Weaknesses & 7.3. Latent Capacities; * We have to accept that nobody is perfect. In this regard, we need to have a vision of the players professional football profile and the needs of Compensation and Perfection Mind Map! * According to international expertise, professionalism, and our practical activity conclusions, we identify that every players has A PERSONALITY, with: 1. Qualities, Latent Capacities and Weaknesses; 2. Every personality has a stage of development, age, different conditions of life: family, environment, traditions, culture, school value, Fotbal performance category, etc;


3. Knowing almost everything and reuniting the FAMILY, SCHOOL AND FOOTBALL, we can Creating an Individual Plan-Program Priorities, and a Special Successful Concept of Personality Development Z& Perfection!

8. Final step is to establish the priorities for the players programs, according to:
1. The stage of development; 2. The value of the Genetic Code/Talent & Abilities and Capacities and 3. The coachs Professional Football Mine-Map of performance (his professionalism), to decide:

Variant 1- The Player is an Amateur football value:

Using Soccer as the recreation, development, social adjustment tool, enjoyment, health compensation needs of development, the game of adjustment of the kid, juniors, youth to the rules of family, school, community and life; etc.

Variant 2 - The Player is a Semi-Professional value:

Using Soccer/Football as a scholarship goal, having enough time for the other needed life activities; and in this period of time is building the personality; 2.1.INTELLIGENCE LOGISTICS AND EMOTIONAL, 2.2.BUILDING THE CHARACTER, which is the power of EVALUATION, DIAGNOSIS AND HAVING VARIANTS to select the optimum, NORMAL AND PERFORMANCE Principles, methods and Program-strategies of implementation; and, 3.3. THE power of SOCIAL ADJUSTMENT (avoiding (without) bad habits: alcohol, smoking, and drugs, living the school, etc )

Variant 3 The Player is a potential candidate to become a Super-Star-Professional:

Using Football/ Soccer as A WAY OF FUTURE EXCEPTIONAL PROFESSIONAL LIFE, like the other super-stars from the music, sport, art, sciences, etc.

9. The Strategy of Development through a total Partnership:

* Leaded, but the Players Personality Genetic Code and Coaches Code of Emotional Intelligence of education and professionalism. How? * We are doing what the Kids/Players Personality Profiles and insight drive and motivation for becoming a player, a star, a super-star, is the main factor; * Starting from the Kids/Players Personality adjustment to the environment we have and need to create a Football Culture, a common algorithm in super-stars-education, a scientific & football technical philosophy, which is the coaches sense of professional life! * After visiting more than 100 countries football systems, working in 4 continents, specialized in 6 of the main football sciences, we recognized and we are convinced that all the factors of growing super-stars are complex and they are connected (summarizing, didactically, for presentation and understanding, as):


1. The Genetic Code; The Players Genetic Coefficient of Mind & Body for Football; 2. The drive & need and Motivation Commitment to change the life conditions) 3. The Football Coefficient of Continent, Country, Club, exceptional Coach & Super-Star Generation players, social hobbies, and much more.

10. Finally, we are capable because: We know, we can and we want to accomplish our dream:
10.1. To Understand the needs of changes and adjusting to the 21 Century needs of performance; 10.2. To Accept, that you need to work together, in a perfect principle of interrelationships for, and; 10.3. To implement, into practical performances: home, in school, in the fotbal field and Social adjustment, winning daily against yourself performance work. The global profile of 10 conditions of education X 3 aspects/factors = 30 scientific, technical and socio-professional factors of the new super-stars players generations concept



PART 4: Conclusions:
Please, follow the next algorithm, to finish our professional fotbal dialogue: 1. The next question to address is Who is leading this important Master Plan -Program? 2. The response: Of course, THE NEW PROFESSIONAL FOTBAL COAH; 3. In a special program we already implemented: AMASTER YOUTH COACH, SPECIALIZED IN 4 PROFESSIONS: COACH + MANAGER + TRAINER + REFEREE! 4. The program you can find in our new ELECTRONIC LIBRARY: *

2. Dear Parents, Club Coaches, PE/School Coaches, Community workers, we are partners, leaded by the value of our Kids Personality and our Professional and Life Education & Life; 3. In the complex Process of Perfection of our kids has to be a complex interrelated global Vision:
*Testing the players personality in time for each segment of education: * 4-11 = Kid/Primary School; * 12-16 Junior High School; * 17-21 years High School + College; * Leaded by The magic principle of GLOBAL VISION-2030 (next 5 world cups); * Will establish the balanced development through the Unity in Diversity life & Education and Fotbal; * Leaded by the Genetic Code: mental, Physical & Skills of the capacity of becoming Fotbal Player; * Influenced, by the World Models of Coaches and Super-Star Players; * Supported by the Family and Relatives and; * Accepted by the Schools and Education Steps of development and perfection; * Adapted to the Community and Life!

4. Good Luck and try to find the right coach, team, club, school, community, football country, and football continent, to accomplish your super-star football/soccer dream!


Dr. Victor Stanculescu * PhD, Psychology of Personality of Professional Football Coaches; * Professional Football/Soccer Coach (10 Times Champion, from the kids to the national teams); * Founder of www.SoccerAcademyofAmerica,com * Founder of a new program Association of the Coaches without frontiers, a professional continuing Education International Football Forum; * Author of Books, articles and a weekly football bulletin in Romanian & English, being at issues: 427/18-04-2013 * FIFA Instructor, * A life dedicated to the game of the games, FOOTBALL. * For any professional information, please, use: *Please, visit our Electronic Professional Football Library: