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International Symposium on YOGism, Dec.



Yoga & Naturopathy to Relieve Threevidha-Tapa (Sufferings)

Dr. R.V. Nisal
Director, Nisargopchar Gramsudhar Trust, Uruli Kanchan, Pune e-mail:
Dr. Nisal is presently a Program Director Nisargopchar Ashram a Nature Cure Centre, Uruli Kanchan. He did B.A.M. & S. (Integrated System of Medicine) and M.B.B.S (Modern Medicine.). Dr. Nisal received training both in Ayurvedic Medicine and Modern Medicine and well conversant with Ayurvedic diagnosis as well as modern medicine. Throughout his career he is working in rural India in association with a voluntary organization known as BAIF development and research foundation and has treated thousands of needy rural patients. For two years he was conducting health camps at Tribal area of Akole taluka, Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra. He has studied the health problems and nutritional status of under five children of tribal block, the paper was published in Journal of Indian Pediatrics in 1992. As a doctor of modern medicine he could study and experience the science of Natural healing. Convinced by wonders of Nature Cure in management of chronic functional diseases, he has managed thousands of patients by means of Drugless Therapy.

Mahatma Gandhiji convinced with the natural life style in maintaining health and disease established Nisargopchar Ashram (Nature Cure Ashram) at Urulikanchan in 1946. He was a strong believer of naturopathic way of healthy way of living and spiritual aspect of health. Gandhiji incorporated health education and village sanitation in his 18 point constructive progammes aimed at achieving complete independence by truthful & non-violence means. He emphasized on vegetarianism which is inseparable from naturopathic way of treatment. He believed in his famous eleven vows namely Non-Violence (Ahimsa), Satya (Truth), Asteya (Control Over Palate), Bramhacharya (Celibacy), Shrama (Physical Work), Aswad (NonStealing), Non-Possession, Removal of caste barrier. Equality in religion, Self reliance. Concepts of naturopathy and yoga fits in to all these principles. The truth manifests as a knowledge through our senses. Substances are perishable but the eternal truth and knowledge is not. Therefore right kind of perception through five sense organs and action through five motor organs is necessary for balance in internal environment, which can be achieved by the knowledge (Experience) of Space, Either Air, Fire, Water & Space. Physical & mental health depends upon good or positive quality of perception through sensory and motor organs. The balance is not possible without devotion. Health depends upon how one observes the laws of nature. If one is aware and practices self discipline and good impressions (sanskara) since childhood then only health can be maintained. Any deviation from the laws of nature which are omnipresent will cause ill health. Since the evolution of Mother Nature these laws are undisturbed and are going on since ages. If we do not behave Physically, Morally and Spiritually, in accordance with the laws of health; we are untruthful to this wonderful divine human existence, which the GOD has created and then we suffer at physically and psychological level. Indian philosophy has incorporated yoga and spiritually in naturopathy. Eastern concepts of naturopathy are different than western naturopathy which is aimed at physical level.

Arogyadham, MGIMS, Sevagram


International Symposium on YOGism, Dec.2010

Indian philosophy describes Trividha Tapa i.e. three types of suffering. Birth & rebirth is the cause of all miseries & suffering, Right from the birth there is interaction between Soul-Spirit and environment till death. Continuous disturbance due to attachment with thoughts and emotions will lead to imbalance which will manifest as suffering. Yoga & Ayurveda believes that, the root cause of the disease is imbalance between five elements and three energy levels i. e. Energy of propulsion (Vata), Energy of conversion (Pitta), Energy of cohesion (Kapha) 1) Common cause of disease is imbalance in external or internal environment 2) Specific cause Indulgence due to attachment to particular sensory perception; and overuse or misuse of motor organs. Inhibition of natural instincts & urges will also cause imbalance. 3) Cause & effect of time & age which no one can avoid. The imbalance is caused by incompatible correlation of senses with the object 1. Asatmendriyartha Samyoga e.g. incompatible correlation of the senses with the object. Sound-space Touch - Air Cause of Imbalance Excess or less Perceptions At the level of organs

Light - Fire

- Perversion of senses cause Imbalance - Perversion cause imbalance

Optimum contact is necessary for health SENSE ORGANS

Taste water Smell - Earth For health optimum use of senses

Cause and Effect of Imbalance of Sense Organs - Exposure to unhealthful stimuli e.g. Abuse of music Loud harsh sound ----- Deafness, ear disease Flickering light, less light, stimulating light -- Eye diseases - Vibrations fast movements -- Back ache - Spicy stimulating diet -- Digestive disorders and other systemic diseases due to Heavy, stale and fermented food. Sense organs cover physical as well as psychological factors 2. Volitional Transgession failure of intelligence Pradnyaparadha: Addiction purposeful act even though substance is harmful pleasure is temporary which is followed by disease. War Joy of conquering is followed by miseries. Failure of knowledge to recognize the cause & the effect.

Arogyadham, MGIMS, Sevagram

International Symposium on YOGism, Dec.2010

Misuse of Body suppression or forced Excitation of natural urges (Avega) will disturb Prana ( Vitality) if natural impulses are disturbed . Vataj UDAVARTA e.g. Constipation , Hyperacidity , Migraine , Insomnia. Remedy Let the nature take its own course.

Misuse of Mind Wrong actions of mind. Indulgence in agitating stimulating substances (Rajasic) Negative attitude, lack of attention, stale, dull (Tamasic) Leads to fear, grid, Jeolousy, anger, grief, infatuation.

Misuse of Speech Insulting, untrue, untimely, quarrelsome, unpleasant, incoherent, harsh, abrasive language SETS NEGATIVE ENERGY LEVELS. One should be cautious for use, overuse, disuse, misuse of any function. Lack of self & social constraints HIV AIDS.

1. Adhiyatmic Tapa - Cause due to physical or biological agents; suffering from improper action of sense & motor organs and misuse of energy - i.e - prana. Hyper function / hypo function of organs, Injuries, diseases of eye, ear-nose throat, teeth, anger, abscess, viral infections, skin diseases, oedema, anaemia, digestive disorders, fever, diarrhea 2. Adhibhautic Tapa - Suffering due to external causes such as Sachetan i.e. living organism - infectious disease, Poisonous bites, mosquitoes, insects, snakes. Achetan- i.e. without life e.g. earthquakes, accidents, punishment, injury from wild animals. 3. Adhidaivik Due to misbehavior, ego, jealosy, anger, fear, grid, war, immoral behavior, hurting other individuals, animals, physically, psychologically and by bad words. Misbehavior & ego creates imbalance at mental level which ultimately leads to disease manifestation at physical level. Diseases which are beyond recognisasble causes, cause unexplained miseries, intractable diseases, syndromes and psychological problems which ultimately disturbs family & society. Solution: What is the remedy for this imbalance & suffering, in modern era? Living in accordance with the laws of nature, right kind of live natural detoxifying nourishing food (satwik food), right kind of living & thinking moderation in all activities and for mental peace yoga & meditation is the answer

Arogyadham, MGIMS, Sevagram


International Symposium on YOGism, Dec.2010

Yoga will be helpful in maintaining the health if we follow truthfully first two important steps for social discipline (Yama) & personal discipline (Niyama) Moderation in all activities at sensory & motor level (Pratyahara) will bring right kind of knowledge at physical & spiritual level. Truthfulness is of utmost importance for non violence (Ahimsa) Live natural vegetarian diet brings harmony within internal & external environment. It will control the desire & passion. ASTEYA: Stealing or the urge to posses more comes because of indulgence & craving SHOUCH: Purity of body & mind SANTOSH: Living naturally with nature brings contentment TAPAS: Character building SWADHYAY: Self Study Ishwar Pranidhan: Curative measures: Adhidaivik: Divine or religious therapy. Fasting, Religious beliefs (Yagya) i.e. offering to fire, offering (Dana), ceremonial penaces are useful. Yoga supports all these measures. Rational Therapy: Proper nutritious detoxifying diet, Herbs & treatment based on five elements. Psychological Therapy: Gaining self knowledge & freedom from desire is possible by practice of yoga, fasting, proper breathing, proper food & meditation. Research on how yoga & naturopathy is effective in maintaining balance of physical & psychological level is necessary such as religious therapies, diet, herbs and treatments is necessary which is based upon parameters to achieve emotional & spiritual health. Vegetarian positive alkaline diet is certainly effective in promoting positive health and has therapeutic importance in chronic diseases. Documentation and comparative study would be interesting to show preventive aspects of proper diet in infectious diseases like SWINE FLUE & diseases due to recently identified infections Research and documentation about behavioral changes by practicing Yoga and Satwa chikitsa will be useful. Dedication to the Lord is possible only if we are truthful & practice Ahimsa & vegetarianism.

Arogyadham, MGIMS, Sevagram