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Makanan lain yang mengandung vitamin A

Selain buah-buahan dan sayuran, makanan lain yang mengandung banyak vitamin A adalah jenis makanan hewani seperti ikan, susu, keju, telur, dan hati hewan.
Liver from various animals are extremely rich sources of retinol, containing up to as much as 9,000 g and 16,000 g per 100 g of ox liver and chicken liver respectively. Meat of these animals, on the other hand, are generally only medium sources, with levels generally around 30 g/100 g of meat, chicken, duck or mutton. Whole egg is a very good source of vitamin A, with an estimated content of 350 g/100 g. Most of this vitamin is in the egg yolk, a 100 g of which contains about 570 g retinol. Commercial ready-to-drink milk, eg UHT milk and fresh milk contains about 30 g retinol per 100 ml. The vitamin is high in full cream milk powder, containing about 400 g/100 g and when prepared according to instructions for consumption, the vitamin A content should be around 100 g/100 ml, depending on the brand in the market. Fish in general are not particularly good sources of vitamin A, as only a few species contain the vitamin at a concentration of 20- 30 g/100 g.