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Thought Leaders From Lilee Systems to Address the Importance of Wireless Technol ogy Standard to Meet Positive Train

Control at PTC World Congress Lilee Systems, the leading provider of advanced communication systems designed f or the rail and rail transit industries, today announced that two executives wil l deliver presentations at the 3rd Annual PTC World Congress, taking place in Or lando, Florida April 17-19, 2013. ORLANDO, FL, April 19, 2013 -- Lilee Systems, the leading provider of advanced c ommunication systems designed for the rail and rail transit industries, today an nounced that two executives will deliver presentations at the 3rd Annual PTC Wor ld Congress, taking place in Orlando, Florida April 17-19, 2013. Vice President of Strategic Development Jon Adams, who is also Chair of the IEEE 802.15 Positiv e Train Control (PTC) Group, will discuss the importance of enhancing wireless t echnology standardization to successfully meet the 2015 PTC deadline set by the U.S. Congress. Geoff Basye, senior advisor to Lilee Systems and also chief of st aff to former U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Norman Y. Mineta, will lead a pa nel debate on collaborating to develop procedures and effective testing plans. Adams will discuss how more than 90 companies, participating under the open rule s and transparent processes of the IEEE, are working to establish an open wirele ss standard for train communications and control to address the needs of Positiv e Train Control as mandated by Congress. This standard, due for release around the end of the year, will provide rail operators tremendous flexibility in speci fying their communications system components rather than being forced to rely up on closed, proprietary solutions. Both sessions will be conducted on Thursday, April 18 at the following times: 11:15am Panel Debate: Collaborating to Develop Procedures and Effective Testing Plans Geoff Basye, Senior Advisor to Lilee Systems 2:00pm Presentation: Enhancing Standardization Jon Adams, Vice President of Strate gic Development, Lilee Systems Norman Mineta, former secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation from 20 01-2006 and an advisor to Lilee Systems, has written an op-ed column about the n eed for one wireless standard, published in the Orlando Sentinel today. The colu mn is available at rlando-041813-20130417,0,5230077.story. The PTC World Congress is attended by more than 250 leading railroads, commuters , transit agencies, consultancy firms and suppliers to uncover new strategies to meet the deadline for PTC deployment. To learn more visit http://globaltranspor About Jon Adams, Vice President of Strategic Development Jon Adams has more than 28 years of demonstrated leadership in cost-effective, h igh-reliability wireless systems engineering, product development and team manag ement. He was a member of the business development team at Freescale Semiconduct or, a leader in automotive, networking, and industrial markets, and was director of systems engineering for Motorola s US$400M Radio Products Division. At NASA opulsion Laboratory, he was cognizant engineer or contract technical manager for several spaceborne radar and telecom systems for Earth-orbiting and planetary m issions. Adams is expert in LMR, cellular 3G/4G, wireless broadband, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and R FID. He has deployed mission-critical, extremely reliable communications systems , directed distributed technical teams of diverse talent, and orchestrated techn ical due diligence for mergers and acquisitions. He is familiar with a variety o f rail control systems, from TWC, ABS, CTC, and ATS, to more advanced approaches

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like ATCS and HLCS, with particular interest in the mandated PTC proposals. Adams has several U.S. patents granted or pending, and has received many honors including the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, the Motorola Standards Impact Award, and the Freescale Diamond Chip Award. He holds BSE and MSEE degrees from UCLA, is a senior member of the IEEE, and is chair of the IEEE 802.15.4p Positiv e Train Control Task Group. About Geoff Basye, Senior Advisor to Lilee Systems Geoffrey Basye has served as a senior advisor to Lilee Systems for nearly three years helping the company strategize on market delivery as well as serving as le ad government relations counsel. He has been active on issues surrounding PTC an d has spoken at various high speed rail conferences. His focus is in part on fin ding a political solution to ensure the PTC mandate can be met by the federal ma ndated deadline of 2015. Basye is also Chief of Staff to former U.S. Secretary o f Transportation, Norman Y. Mineta. Much of their work focuses on U.S. and glob al transportation and infrastructure issues. About Lilee Systems Founded by a team of leaders in the networking and wireless industries and headq uartered in California's Silicon Valley, Lilee Systems is a leading communicatio ns vendor focused on delivering the most reliable communications products and so lutions to the industry. Lilee Systems leaders have extensive backgrounds in Softwa re Defined Radio (SDR) and network routing and switching, and are active partici pants in standards bodies defining next generation networking and wireless archi tectures. Lilee Systems leaders Chair the 802.15.4p task group, and have been votin g members for IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi, 802.15, 802.16 WIMAX for many years. By leverag ing its core competencies in Software Defined Radio systems and networking, Lile e Systems has developed the TransAir PTC-3000 product family of 220 MHz radios, along with the Wayside Messaging Server, Mobility Controllers, and Communication s Management Units, to offer a complete end-to-end interoperable radio communica tions network. For more information, please visit Lilee Systems, TransAir, and the Lilee Systems logo are trademarks of Lilee Syst ems. All other brands, products, or service names are or may be trademarks or se rvice marks of their respective owners. Press Contact: Denise Nelson The Ventana Group Danville, CA 925.837.6277