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Specialist in transforming biomedical and healthcare data into actionable knowledge
Experienced interdisciplinary and highly motivated Senior Informatics and Analytics Professional seeks position with an organization that can benefit from past experience in combining extensive analytical, data mining, and business skills with a solid knowledge of biology and clinical medicine. Offering over 15 years of expertise in building and leading effective teams in developing innovative new solutions, products, and services within the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and healthcare industries. Passion for developing solutions that stimulate healthcare innovation, improve outcomes, and lower the costs of patient care. Proven ability to significantly enhance the bottom line in both early stage and long standing organizations.

Data Mining Analytics Decision Science Systems Biology Machine Learning Predictive Modeling Clinical Informatics Computational Biology Biostatistics Big Data Bioinformatics Outcomes Epidemiology Mobile Health Management Strategy

Developed infrastructure for a real-time decision support platform for behavioral weight management Founder | Past Chair, Genomics Working Group (AMIA) Co-authored a white paper on genome wide association studies (GWAS)

Served as the informatics expert on a site review panel for National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Published a paper on the application of machine learning and high-dimensional visualization in cancer research U.S. Patent (shared) for Clinical Hyperthermia Control System Designed and built a fiber optic pH measurement system for use during clinical hyperthermia treatment Created and taught a graduate level epidemiology course for healthcare professionals

FOUNDER | VP -- BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS AND ANALYTICS Sept 2010 Present SmartLife, Canton, MA Developed business plan and infrastructure for a smartphone based SaaS platform for real-time decision support in behavioral weight management. CONSULTANT -- BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS AND ANALYTICS July 2009 Present Independent Consultant, Canton, MA Steered the development of an analytics platform for connected health, a clinical decision support system for mHealth, and an integrated modeling and analysis platform for drug development.. ASSOCIATE RESEARCH FELLOW Oct 2007 April 2009 Computational Biology Division Pfizer Global Research and Development, Groton, CT Guided the computational discovery of potential drug targets and biomarkers in bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and Alzheimers disease permitting more efficient utilization of experimental resources and substantial improvements in the safety and efficacy of new drug molecules. Headed the development of a novel approach to computationally identify bacterial cell surface proteins from primary sequence resulting in the identification of several new targets for vaccine development.

SENIOR SCIENTIST Jan 2004- April 2006 Drug Discovery Consulting Services Pharsight Corporation, Mountain View, CA Led the development of nonlinear mixed-effects modeling efforts from early clinical trial data to optimize later trial designs in order to maximize the probability of success and significantly reduce clinical drug development costs. DIRECTOR -- DISCOVERY INFORMATICS Feb 2002 April 2003 AnVil, Inc., Burlington, MA Directed the analysis of a healthcare claims database discovering several unknown clinical relationships that resulted in significant cost savings for the client and attracted the interest of two large pharmaceutical companies. Managed multiple collaborations with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) which resulted in the publication of an article on predictive modeling of non-small cell lung cancer on the basis of gene expression data. DIRECTOR BIOINFORMATICS Oct 2000 April 2001 Cellomics, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA Supervised the development, testing, and successful deployment of CellSpace Knowledge Miner, a web-based text analysis tool for mining scientific citations in the Medline database. NLM POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS Sept 1997 May 1999 University of Pittsburgh Center for Biomedical Informatics, Pittsburgh, PA Acquired background and training in biomedical informatics, clinical multimedia applications, hospital information systems, evaluation methods for clinical information systems, machine learning, decision support and analysis, database design, knowledge representation, and expert systems. CLINICAL RESEARCH FELLOW MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Oct 1994 Sep 1997 Magee-Womens Research Institute, Pittsburgh, PA Published the first paper describing changes in maternal leptin concentrations in preeclampsia and suggesting the possibility that alterations in maternal-fetal leptin regulation may play a significant role in the disease process.

Babson College, F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business, Wellesley, MA Master of Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health Master of Public Health University of Illinois, Urbana, IL Doctor of Medicine (Current Massachusetts License) Ph.D. in Biophysics University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT Master of Science in Electrical/Biomedical Engineering Boston University, Boston MA Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Physics

Broad data analysis experience. SAS, R, S-Plus. Strong background in machine learning, decision theory, linear and logistic regression analysis, and probabilistic methods of computer-based decision support. Strong background in leveraging analytics for life science application including biostatistical analysis of clinical trials, the analysis of microarray expression data, systems biology, and health outcomes data.

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