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9000 Ver. 7.

0 Advanced Color Module

Test Report
4-28-00 Neil Bitzenhofer Datacard Worldwide Test Group

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Author Neil Bitzenhofer

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1.0 4-28-00

Test Report for <<Project Name Here>> _____________________________________________________________________________________

Table of Contents
1.1. Size Measurements


4.1. Dates 4.2. Software Builds 4.3. People & Time 4.4. Beta Test results / summary

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_____________________________________________________________________________________ Page ii of 4 Nov. 4, 1998

1. Overview
This Test Report concerns the SVT Phase of testing for 9000 Version 7.0 Advanced Color Module, and includes testing performed for Color Management, even though Color Management was not released with 9000 Ver. 7.0.

1.1. Size Measurements

The size of the software involved is unknown at the time of this writing.

2. System Verification Test (SVT) Test Cases

1. 2. Advanced Color SVT consists of 508 test cases. 499 of those test cases have been run, and have passed. The 9 test cases that have not been run are as follows: ACM-03-193 through -196: Image Distribution test cases. No system has been set up with more than one front or more than one back Advanced Color Module. ACM-05-13: Blind Spot testing. Since the hardware is not significantly different from what it was for a High Speed Color Module, this testing has not been performed. ACM-06-10: High Speed Advanced Color Module endurance testing. The endurance of a single standalone Advanced Color Module did not seem worth testing. It is anticipated that this type of testing will be performed in a much larger system, e.g. the System Integration test system. ACM-06-11, -12, -13: These refer to 3 document reviews. Although the tester has not reviewed these documents, it is expected that various development personnel have done so.

3. Problem Tracking Report (PTR) Summary

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. PTR Trendline- See the attachment Severity breakdown/distribution: P1 P2 P3 P4 <None> 12 49 24 1 1

#PTRs Total Opened: 87 #PTRs Closed: 86 #PTRs Still Open: #8897 (a firmware problem involving noise detected at the Card Registration sensor), of severity P3. 10. The major open issue remaining at the time of release was Color Management. This feature is no longer tied to the Advanced Color Module release, but must nevertheless be tested and is still on-going at the time of this report.

4. Other Metrics
4.1. Dates
1 . 2 . DATE DESCRIPTION Date testing Started: this is the first day of Entrance Testing Date Testing Ended: this is the last day of Regression Testing. PLANNED 9-22-99 11-2-99 ACTUAL 1-10-00 3-15-00

1. 2. 3.

Software Builds
VERSION First Build done Last Build done # Builds done during testing period DATE DONE

Please fill in the 5 cells in the following table:

Build 69 Build 90 22 4-24-00

4.3. People & Time

1. 2. Personnel involved in testing the Advanced Color Module were Robert Ang, Neil Bitzenhofer, Mike Hazzard and Colleen Lanhart. Actual time spent testing , based solely on number of days used, times 8 hrs. per day, times 80% load: PLANNED ACTUAL Actual Hours Spent Test 192 288

No attempt was made to add together the test hours for all 4 test personnel. This information may be available to management via time card data.

4.4. Beta Test results / summary

There were no Beta Test sites for the Advanced Color Module.

5. General Comments
1. One very big hindrance to this testing effort was that, on the Friday before SVT was to start, the new Print On Image Generation Error was successfully built. This feature was not included in any of the currently-existing test cases, and hence caused a complete overhaul of the associated test cases (mainly all the error test cases) and associated requirements and test case matrices. Under no circumstances should extensive new features (or perhaps features of any kind) be introduced at the very end of DVT. 2. The color system I tested on, Continuation 2, also contained an UltraGraphix module in it that, as it turned out, never did get used for testing. Having that module there caused some holdups: - Everytime we initialized, the UltraGraphics ribbon would advance, so that several times we could not continue testing until the ribbon were replaced (since it had run out, even though never used). - Many times cards would stick at the entrance to the UG Module due to the rollers getting dirty. On the plus side, the project was tracked very well, and there seemed to be sufficient time for testing.