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Faculty of Commerce Ordinances & Regulations for the Degree of Master of Commerce (M. Com.) External (As per Semester Pattern) Effective from June - 2012

O. M. Com. (Ext.) 1 A candidate who has passed Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Business Administration Degree examination by offering appropriate subject from this University or any other examination recognized as equivalent thereto shall be entitled to apply for admission to Master of Commerce Degree programme. O. M. Com. (Ext.) 2 M. Com. Degree programme is of Two academic years duration Consisting of four semesters, which will be required to be completed within 4 years from the date of his/her first registration in the semester I. O. M. Com. (Ext.)) 3 Candidate registered can not join any other course of study without prior permission of the University.. O. M. Com. (Ext.) 4 Medium of Examination shall be English or Gujarati which will not be changed during the entire Degree programme. O. M. Com. (Ext.) 5 If a candidate at an University Semester Examination fails to obtain minimum marks for passing in a particular course he/she will be required to reappear in that course. The candidate will have to reappear in the semester examination by paying fresh examination & registration fees along with an application form. Such a candidate when obtains minimum or more than minimum marks for passing in the course, his/her marks of reappearance will be carried forward for award of class. O. M. Com. (Ext.) 6 Admission granted by the University any candidate shall be provisional till the registration letter is issued in case of admission is granted provisionally to the candidate of other recognized University the conditions & instructions given by the University should complied within the time limit fixed by the University.In case of non compliance of above condition and instruction all fees that is registration, admission to University examination etc. And fees paid for eligibility certificate will be forfeited and no fees on any account will be refunded.

R. M. Com. (Ext.) 1 The examination will comprise of the following four Semesters and the Subjects for each semester will be as follows: Structure of Program for Master of Commerce (M. Com.) Semester - I
Paper No. Paper Type Course Code Title of the Paper Total Marks Home Uni. Assign. Exam Total

Core Course MC-1.1 Core Course - 1 MC-1.2 Core Course 2 MC-1.3 Core Course 3

Marketing Management 30 70 100 Business Environment 30 70 100 Corporate Financial 30 70 100 Accounting Elective Course (Any One of the Following Subjects to the Same Specialization Group in All Four Semesters Specialization Group-A (Accounting) MC-1.4 Elective Course -1 ECT-01 Accounting Paper-1 30 70 100 Specialization Group B (Banking & Finance) MC-1.4 Elective Course -1 ECT-01 Security Analysis 30 70 100 Specialization Group C (Marketing) MC-1.4 Elective Course -1 ECT-01 Services Marketing 30 70 100 Inter/Multi Disciplinary Course MC-1.5 Inter Disciplinary ICT-01 Operations of Stock 30 70 100 Course-1 Exchanges Total 150 350 500

CCT-01 CCT-02 CCT-03

Semester - II
Paper No. Paper Type Course Code Title of the Paper Total Marks Home Uni. Assign. Exam Total

Core Course MC-2.1 Core Course 4 CCT-04 Corporate Accounting 30 70 100 MC-2.2 Core Course 5 CCT-05 Business Research 30 70 100 MC-2.3 Core Course 6 CCT-06 Financial Management 30 70 100 Elective Course (Any One of the Following Subjects to the Same Specialization Group in All Four Semesters Specialization Group-A (Accounting) MC-2.4 Elective Course -2 ECT-02 Accounting -Paper-II 30 70 100 Specialization Group B (Banking & Finance) MC-2.4 Elective Course -2 ECT-02 Portfolio Management 30 70 100 Specialization Group C (Marketing) MC-2.4 Elective Course -2 ECT-02 Consumer Behavior 30 70 100 Inter/Multi Disciplinary Course MC-2.5 Inter Disciplinary ICT-02 Management of Self & 30 70 100 Course-2 Career Total 150 350 500

R. M. Com. (Ext.) 2 A Model for M. Com. External Degree Programme shall be as given below No. 1 2 3 4 5 No. 1 2 3 4 5 Course Code CCT-01 CCT-02 CCT-03 ECT-01 ICT-01 Course Code CCT-04 CCT-05 CCT-06 ECT-02 ICT-02 Semester I Name of Course Core Course-1 Core Course-2 Core Course-3 Elective Course-1 Inter/Multi Disciplinary Course-1 Semester II Name of Course Core Course-4 Core Course-5 Core Course-6 Elective Course-2 Inter/Multi Disciplinary Course-2

R. M.Com. (Ext.)-3 EVALUATION METHODS Sr. No. Semester Courses Marks for home assign. 5 150 5 150 5 150 5 150 20 600 Total Total External Marks Marks 350 350 350 350 1400 500 500 500 500 2000

1 I 2 II 3 III 4 IV Total Marks in M.A.Programme

The evaluation process is divided into two parts. The first part-consists of home assignment and the second part consists of the Semester Examination to be conducted by the University. The weightage of marks for home assignment is 30 marks and for external University examination it is 70 marks. A Candidate has to obtain minimum 40% marks( i.e. 12 out of 30 and 28 out of 70 Marks in each of the component separately).

R. M. Com. (Ext.) -4 Candidates must forward their applications for admission to University external examination to the Controller of examination on or before the prescribed date with necessary document require for registration and fees for examination and registration. R. M. Com. (Ext.) -5 To successfully complete a course, candidate will be required to obtain minimum 12 out of 30 mark in two home assignment as well as 28 out of 70 marks in external University examination in each of the course. A statement of marks will be issued to the student indicating whether a candidate has successfully completed semester- I , II, III(as the case may be) and on successful completion of forth semester candidate will be issued a statement of marks indicating total marks obtained and class awarded to him.