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I would like to share my views on the challenges, possible issues and perspective solutions to youth related concerns.

The first and foremost requirement is to identify the potential of the youth thereby to synchronize and utilize this potential to build the sustainable world. In the viewpoint of the youth empowerment, I would like to contribute at the level of the awareness, policymaking, implementation of the policies and proper monitoring of the concerned policies. Because, I do believe that we can bring the sustainable development successfully by using the four pillars to maximally attain the youth power, namely, the awareness, policy making, implementation of the policies and their monitoring. In the most of the cases, we can introspect the policymaking and its proper or improper implementation; however, we are lacking the proper awareness and monitoring perspectives. As the matter of the fact, we can see that youth have great potential to change and construct the sustainable world with the guidance of the existing experts and leaders, like you. Further, youth can contribute locally, regionally and internationally in all domains of the development, i.e., business, education, agriculture, technology, politics, research, energy, environment, health & medical services and others, as well. Sustainable development is like a vision, which comes true by using the youth power in a constructive manner, and this initiative is the optimism to achieve the desired goal for a sustainable world. There are several further issues related to the youth, viz. education, career guidance or counseling, awareness of the opportunity, unemployment, youth with no job but lots of the responsibilities like family, marriage and others. I am sure that if somehow we are able to connect the youth with your initiative, then we can change the whole structure of the youth development platform and it would as a consequence lead towards a meaningful world with the grand contribution from the youth side. I am constantly worrying and curious about the use of our youth because this is only the youth who can bring the laurels as well as shame to the society at the largest level. Due to the lack of

awareness and career counseling, youths can be diverted to destructive paths. Such a destructive approach may lead them towards the demolition of the entire humanity and peace. Furthermore, it creates the hurdles in the path of sustainable development of this beautiful planet so called Earth. I do believe that maximum potential of the youths can be used when they will come in the decision-makings or policymaking of the state politics or world politics. Education, technology, and others can contribute as a ladder but if we are interested in the visible changes to improve the state of the world then the active or honest participation of the youths in the local politics, state politics and world politics is essential factor towards the sustainable developments. I am quite optimistic that science, technology, and education are the keys for the initiation but youths involvement in the politics will impact at a higher pace to sustainable developments. Stake of the youths in the politics must be increased worldwide. As I come from India and I can appreciate and realize the importance of this youth development agenda. Indias 70% population is below the age of 35. Optimum utilization of youth is depending on the direction of their careers. Therefore, the given direction is the chief element to construct the foundation of youths worldwide and the initiative started by you appears to provide the solutions related to the above-mentioned directions. Direction, guidance and counseling are the bare causes behind the minimum use of youth power because this direction is so far not defined uniformly around the world. Opportunities are not distributed equally among the youth communities in the several regions of the world. One of the solutions is spreading and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship; this would help to increase the employment opportunities among the youths. Vocational trainings/courses are also improved kind of solutions to prepare platform for selfemployment. To enhance such initiatives, we need to identify the

specific issues related to the youth in the particular regions in the world and thus finding the ways with the help of thinkers and visionaries. To find the optimum solutions, youth leaders with pure will could provide great supports to achieve the set goals towards the sustainable development. Policies made for youth will impact the vision at the higher pace. At the same time, education will play an important role to build up the understanding about the vision among the youth. Furthermore, education, awareness and sense of the responsibility all will bring prosperity to youth, as well as to this world. Youth related issues and solutions both are multidimensional and bridging among such parameters needs further examination perspective studies. Empowering the youth will contribute largely in the sustainability of the world peace and visionaries can work like the ambassadors in order to attain the above mentioned state of the human welfare for the best sustainable development of the Earth.