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Subject Class Level Enrolment Date Theme Topic Focused Skill Integrated Skill

: English language : 4 Anugerah : Higher intermediate : 36 pupils : 14 September 2009 (11.55 12.55) : World of knowledge : Unit 6 Moving Around (directions) : Listening : Writing 4.8 Give accurate information when writing messages, instructions, simple reports, and when filling out forms.

Intended Learning Outcomes : 1.4 Listen to and follow simple instructions and directions accurately.

Curriculum Specification

: 1.4.3 Listen to and follow simple directions to places in the neighbourhood. 4.8.3 Write simple descriptions with picture cues.

Behavioral Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: 1. Listen to the directions to Johns house and paste the blocks of various building into the boxes in the map given. 2. Listen to directions given and complete a worksheet by identifying where the people are going to. 3. Write a short paragraph to give directions by referring to the map provided. Language Focus Previous Knowledge Educational Emphasis Teaching Aids : Directions : Nouns (Buildings) : Thinking Skills Moral Values : arranging and sequencing : Awareness, alertness, responsible, cautious, hardworking and cooperation.

: Flash cards, sticker, video, task sheet, blank map, video, blocks of various buildings and worksheet.

Stages/Time Set Induction ( 5 min)

Content Right, right, left, left, walk straight.

Teaching/Learning Activities 1. The teacher will get all the pupils to stand up. 2. The teacher will guide the class to chant right, right, left, left, walk straight 3. The pupils are required to perform the action while chanting. 4. The teacher will then get five volunteers to stand in front of the class. 5. The teacher will tell the other pupils

Rationale - To get pupils to focus on the topic of the lesson. - to activate pupils schemata.

Remarks Teaching materials: Flash cards, sticker Moral values: alertness

turn right turn left walk straight stop

that they have to give directions according to the flash cards shown by the teacher. 6. The five volunteers will have to listen carefully and follow the directions given by their friends. 7. The pupil that performs the action wrongly will be eliminated. 8. After eliminating four pupils, the last pupil will be the winner. 9. The winner will be given a sticker as a

Pre listening ( 15 min)

1. Walk to the bus stop in front of the school. 2. At the junction in front of the bus stop, turn left and walk straight. 3. Walk until you see a park on your right. 4. Walk across the park. 5. Then make sure you see a red building in front of you. 6. Cross the road. 7. Walk up the stairs to the first floor. 8. Find a door marked Happy Dance Studio 9. Go into the studio. The missing buildings: Mosque Bank Church

reward. 1. The teacher will distribute the task sheet to the pupils. 2. The pupils are given 2 minutes to read the task sheet. 3. The teacher will play a video entitled Can you please show me the way?. 4. The pupils are required to watch the video and number the directions according to the correct sequence. 5. The teacher gets the pupils to underline the key words for giving directions. 6. The teacher will then explain these key words to the class. 7. The teacher will show the class a picture card. Pupils will be given a word card to label the picture. 8. The teacher will use the picture card to explain the key words of giving directions to the class. 2. The teacher will get the class to sit in groups of four or five. 3. The teacher will give pupils a map of Taman Lim Heng Swee with a few empty boxes on it and a box containing

to use real life situations to make pupils understand the vocabulary learnt.

Teaching materials: Picture cards Word cards Task sheet Video Moral values: Awareness

Video to show pupils how to give and follow simple directions.

While listening ( 20 min)

Group activity to promote co-operation.

Teaching aids: Map of Taman Lim Heng Swee Blocks of different buildings

Hospital Johns house

blocks of different buildings. 4. The teacher tells the class that they are going to listen to the directions of the route to Johns house. 5. The teacher explains to the pupils that they have to listen to the directions given by the teacher, mark the route and paste the missing building in the route to Johns house. 6. The pupils are required to work with their groups members. 7. The teacher will read one direction after another and check on pupils progress from time to time to see if they are able to follow the directions given. 1. The teacher gives the class a work sheet. 2. The class is required to complete the work sheet independently. 3. The pupils are required to listen to the directions given and identify where the people are going to. 4. The teacher will give further To enable pupils to practise the content of the lesson by engaging them in meaningful and interesting activity.

Directions of the route to Johns house

Moral values: Cooperation

Post listening ( 15 min)

- To enable pupils to gain more practice and familiarize themselves by reading the which building does the teacher refer to. Teaching aids: - work sheet 2 directions and decide - work sheet 1 Moral values - Hardworking

explanation if any required. 5. The teacher will check the answer with the pupils. 6. A supplementary worksheet is distributed to the pupils. 7. The pupils are required to look at the map given and write a short paragraph Closure ( 5 min) e.g: Have you helped anyone to find their way by giving them directions? Do you think it is good to give directions to strangers? to give directions. 1. The teacher asks the pupils if they have helped anyone by giving them directions to their destination. 2. The teacher gets pupils to share their experience. 3. The teacher tells the class that they have learnt how to give directions to go to places, they will be able to help others in need. 4. The teacher reminds the class that they have to be careful when they are giving directions to strangers and make sure there is an adult with them if they are asked to guide them to the place they intend to go. - To inculcate moral values. Moral Values: Responsible and be cautious.