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Lavana Thailam One of the popular Ayurvedic preparations for weight loss is Lavana thailam or Lavana tailam oil.

This is one of the most widely used belly fat reduction or obesity oil, which has shown its results without any side effect. It is one of the most advanced medicated herbal oil based on ayurvedic formulation for fat free figure care. Lavana Tailam Oil: A Slimmimg Oil Lavana Thailam is a body massage oil containing Saindhava (Rock salt). Rock Salt (lavana) is the main ingredient which is mixed with sesame oil and 23 other herbal ingredients, which make the oil completely chemical free with proven results and no side effects. This oil is supposed to be the most powerful therapeutic factor for shrinking physique most useful in obesity, accumulating fat and cellulites. It can also reduce the size of belly by burning fats. It prevents superficial fatty accumulation. It reduces lipid fraction of physique and removes unwanted water content thus maintaining figure of the body. Who Should Use Lavana Tailam? * People who are obese and lost their body shape. * People who suffer from pain due to body weight and bulged belly. * People who have cellulitis or excess water in the body. * People who have flabby thighs, which rub together when walking. * Women who have expanded belly after delivery. * Women who have excess fat in various parts of the body. * Children who are obese due to the present lifestyle. * Working professionals who have sedentary working environment. * Men and women who want to get back to their original body shape. How to Use Lavana Thailam? * This oil is to be gently massaged in upward strokes on areas of fat deposits or excess fat or water content. Take 10-15 ml of oil and massage it upwards at the belly area by holding the breath. Continue this for 20 minutes. * Apply a heal fermentation for about 10 minutes after this. Use a hot towel and apply it over the massaged area. This way the oil and its ingredients will work more efficiently. * In case of excess fat, apply a paste of Thriphala chooran with warm water after applying lavana Thailam. * After drying of the paste, gently rub the area. * Wash off the oil with warm water. * If excess water content is there, give mild fomentation with hot rice water and salt after application of Lavana tailam. How Long to Use Lavana Tailam? Use this oil 5-6 times in a week. According to Ayurvedic Thailam, the recommended regime is 3 months and can extend to 6 months in some stubborn cases. For effective results and maintaining a good figure and preventing accumulation of fat, you can use this oil regularly. The same procedure can be done on thighs, hands, legs, neck, buttocks and other parts where there are excess fat. Lavana Tailam oil is available in ayurvedic shops in major cities.