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The mentioned case talks about how the present customer is changing, how their needs and
preferences of getting their homes painted are changing , their view points are changing. Price and
durability, the ever long factors that categorized the paint industry has become a thing of the past.
Today’s consumer is fast, trendy, knowledgable and looks for value for money without sacrificing on
his convenience front.
Hence, the need of the hour from the company’s point of view is to understand thes new customer
needs, conduct reserach, go for an extensive marketing drive and thus satisfy the target clusters

Decorative paints market can be segmented on the basis of many variables. The few selected bases for
segmentation which apply to such a market are as follows:
Geographic Variables
RURAL, URBAN As the company will move from the rural to the urban segment, it will find
&SEMI-URBAN the choice of the customers changing as the geographical factor affects their
choices in different ways. Also, the climatic changes will affect the type and
frequency of the paint job required.

The differences of exposure to the environment, knowledge about the recent

trends etc. Understanding the disparities between the urban and rural areas
and understanding their needs and requirement will ensure a larger segment
for the company to cater.

Demographic Variables

AGE People of young age tend to prefer bright and vibrant colours as compared to
people who are matured.
GENDER Choice of colours differs according to the gender of a person. Men and women
have different attitudes, behavioural approaches and mindsets.
Joint families will have more diverse choices and needs in colours as compared
to nuclear families and/or people living alone.
People in high income bracket spend more on painting their house by choosing
expensive and varied shades of colours.
Psychographic Variables

LIFESTYLE Customers may choose the colour and frequency of getting their house
painted according to the lifestyle which may be external oriented, culture
or society oriented.
PERSONALITY Customers may want the colours of their walls to reflect their personality,
for example a compulsive and a dominating will have a different demand
than that of a subtle.
Response Variables
OCCASIONS In India, the demand for paints is very positively related to different
occasions like various festivals, marriage, promotion in office etc
BENEFITS Different customers seek different benefits from a product, while some
SOUGHT look for durability, some prefer availability and service.

INFLUENCE It has been observed that the present customer wants his status to be
reflected through the house he is living in, or people may want to portray a
better status by simply spending more and also many external factors such
as television, movie role models may influence them.

The customers in the mentioned case can be classified into different segments as follows:

Name of the Family Income Lifestyle Personality Occasion Social

customers Size Influence

Yes Yes Yes

Mr. Shardul
Yes Yes Yes

Mrs. Vaidya

Mrs. & Mr. Khanna Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Mrs. Hansa Trivedi

As clearly seen from above, for a market like that of decorative paints, different segments have
correlation between each other, like the case of Mrs & Mr. Khanna, though they wanted their house to
be painted to reflect their newly acquired status, being within the budget, they also had different social
influence on them, Mr. Khanna wanted it to reflect their personality while his wife wanted it to be like
a famous T.V show bedroom.

This depicts the changing customer, which is not only wide spread but varying with extreme
differences in their tastes.


SUMMARY- The marketing research proposal mentioned states the background of the case, the
defined problem, objective of the research and the research design.

PROBLEM- The case only gives a snapshot of few customers. As customers are large in number,
diversely spread, having different needs and other factors influencing their buying decision, there is a
need for greater degree of understanding of their behaviour and requirements.

OBJECTIVE- The Company needs to search answers for some vital questions, answering them
would lead it to make critical marketing decisions at all levels. Hence, to provide insights into the
problem, the company will have to go for a new “MARKETING RESEARCH.”

RESEARCH DESIGN- The proposed research design consists of a detailed questionnaire, which
will extract desired responses from samples which in turn will help the company to develop its
marketing strategy.

The questionnaire enclosed will determine that how today’s customer take the whole concept of
painting their homes, how much other factors (and what) have a role play in it and finally how a
‘decision’ is reached.

The questionnaire can be put on company’s website, dealer counters, magazines or they can be taken
on face to face interactions with customers. It is kept precise, structured and is designed to cover the
maximum factors without taking much of their time and effort.

PROBABLE OUTCOME: The above research proposal will throw light on the changes that the
company needs to undertake in understanding the market changes and to cater it appropriately.

CUSTOMIZATION: The process of modifying products or services to meet the requirements of

individual customers i.e. user centric products/services or tailor made products/services.

This would include the following points:

• A package deal- Starting right from the desire expressed to paint the house till the
final stage. This would include: interior decoration, vaastu services, paints selection,
sample testing (free), time constraint, packers & movers services (to avoid the trouble
of rearranging the things). The company can also have specialised services through its
collaboration with furniture houses, vaastu professionals and other house accessories
manufacturers (curtains, drapes etc.).

• Individual deals- to chose from segments i.e. only order paints, only order workers,
only consultancy or other support

• Online orders- to chose everything, order everything online (especially. for working

• Retail outlets with proper ambience and depicting recent trends that arouse customers
to get their house painted through the company. Thus transforming paints as a fast
moving consumer goods in the lifestyle category.

Marketing research is not always the best or only source of information to be used for making
decisions. It works best when combined with judgement, intuition, experience and passion.
Questionnaire for customers of decorative paints

1. Please tick the appropriate answer:

• Age – below 30, 30-50,above 50
• Gender- male, female
• Marital status- single, married
• Family size- >=4, 4-7, above 7

2. Details about the family:

• No of children-
• No of adults
• No of earning members
• Annual income bracket- less than 5lac, 5-10 lac. More than 10 lac

3. How often do you get your house painted(please choose):

• Special occasions only
• Special occasions and/or in an year or two
• Special occasions and/or in five years
• Others

4. How important is the appreciation of your home by your colleagues,

friends and relatives?
• Important
• Very important
• Important to an extent but not the final decision
• Not important

5. Do you think your house should reflect your social status?

• Yes –why not!
• Not necessarily
• No need

6. How would you like your home to be?

• What I think it to be
• Source of envy
• Source of upward mobility
7. Should the colour of the walls be in sync with your personality?
• Yes
• No

8. Where do you come to know of latest trends?

• Films
• Television
• Magazines
• Just by looking around

9. What are the key motivators when you make a purchase decision?
(rank on a scale of 1-7, 1 lowest and 7 highest)
• Design
• Colours
• Brand name
• Price
• Comfort
• Availability
• Coming seasons and discounts

10.How would you like to get your home painted?

• Get the paint and paint it yourself.
• Get suggestions from an expert who understands your need