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Anastasia Davis Instructor: Malcolm Campbell English 1103 February 18, 2013 Topic Proposal: How Will the Internet Shape Generation Xs Role in the Work Force? Introduction/Overview I will be trying to examine how my generations heavy use of the Internet and social media sites will influence our future performance in the workforce. I am interested to see if the daily hours logged on with help or hurt us with future job opportunities. After a poll taken on my personal twitter account, I asked my friends to answer this question: Do you think our generations excessive internet use with be positive or negative when trying to obtain a job or career in the future? I was very surprise that 19 of my friends replied and 11 agreed that it would be positive, stating reasons such as we can communicate faster, weve learned to multitask well, things among those lines. But 8 said that they think it would be negative, stating that we have lost all face to face communication skills, we dont know how to function without technology. I asked my aunt, Dr. Mueller, a professor at the College of Charleston what she thought about the question. She said that her policy is absolutely no technology in the class room lectures (meaning no phones, no laptops, nothing.) And she said that her students strongly dislike her for that reason. They argue that in a lecture hall that big (around 300 kids) that all professors let them use computers. She argues back that that is exactly why she does it. She wants to make sure that they remember how to take notes and function without a computer. She said they still hate her for it.

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Initial Inquiry Question(s) Will the excessive internet use in younger generations, how will the internet end up effecting the future work force?

My Interest in this Topic I am interested in this topic because I think that it will directly affect my life in the future as well as the companies my generation will be working for. 1. I know that my generation spends too much time plugged in and that it will eventually affect the way we communicate. 2. I hope to learn whether this will affect the workforce positively or negatively.

Next Steps I will be using various internet sites to research both views of opinion. I also visited the library database and then found some interesting sources 1. 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years by Jorgan Randers. This was a cool source because this guy predicts what will happen 40 years from now based on current trends. He predicts that the workforce will peak earlier, and also that the internet will be omnipresent. 2. The Aging Workforce This contradicted the source above saying that some companies are holding onto their employers longer, insisting that they are the only ones qualified for the job. This might be because the current generations are lacking in necessary social skills.