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32 Simple Sentences The clock runs slow.

slow adverb

Sentence Structure ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) Simple Sentence Compound Sentence Complex sentence Mixed Sentence (Compound-complex sentence) )

Simple Sentence A simple sentence is a sentence that is formed by one clause.

A simple sentence is a sentence with only one independent clause (also known as main clause). ( )


Simple Sentence Pattern

( ) Verb ( - ) Intransitive verb Full stop Go. Read. Write. Sit. an exclamation mark (!)

subject subject


(You) (You) (You) (You)

go. ( read. ( write. ( sit. (

) ) ) ) You

in, now, there, here, quickly, fast, slowly, in the morning, at night, with her friends, by bus

l s o Read quickly. Write carefully. Sit down.

o to t r v r Read a lot. Write with your friend. Sit beside me.


Get out of my way!

Smile. Dont o t r now Please come here t 6 oclock n t v n n to speak with the foreigners. Go ahead! Dont cry Please stand up. Sit down in the corner for a while. Run regularly with your friends in the morning in order to be fit and healthy. Dont jump ov r t f nc

( - ) Transitive verb


32 Simple Sentences ( ) Verb ( - ) Transitive verb


k m cn Read the advertisement. Write a summary of the novel. Clean your teeth. Give him a lot of trouble.



Take medicine twice a day. Read the advertisement carefully. Write a summary of the novel within 15 minutes. Clean your teeth every day in order to be healthy. Give him a lot of trouble tomorrow.

Dont st y longer. Leave soon. Move towards the field. Move all boxes into the room. Dont sl p too muc Dont compl n fr qu ntly Sing very well. S n rock n roll tun s Please pass me the salt. Please communicate this message to all employees. Please communicate well with your advisor. Dont tr nsm t t s m ss Please carry the suitcases to the car. Dont xpr ss your s ppo ntm nt

Please express this distance in kilometers. Show your talent for cooking, please. l s ont aim at your little brother!

Direct your children to do their homework regularly.

Please guide the gifted students towards the more challenging courses.

Walk to the park, please.

(32 Simple Sentences ( ) Verb.

( - ) Intransitive verb ( - ) Transitive verb ( ) 2. Subject+Intransitive verb. (S-Vi pattern Or S-IV pattern) Intransitive verb su j ct Noun ronoun

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Bird flies. Dog barks. Hla Hla studied. My father returned. We sang. The princess danced. The sun shone.

Hla Hla studied diligently. (how) Hla Hla studied in Korea. (where) My father returned yesterday. (when) We sang happily with our old friends in the Karaoke bar yesterday. (how, where, when)

The princess danced beautifully at the wedding ceremony. (how, where) She smiled brightly at me. She grew up. She grew up in a small village. She grew up to be a farmer. It rained. It rained yesterday. It rained across the country. The man coughed loudly. The audience laughed. The guest has arrived. She walks with her little dog every evening. We walked instead of driving.

(32 Simple Sentences

( ) Verb. ( - ) Intransitive verb ( - ) Transitive verb ( ) Subject+Intransitive verb. (S-Vi pattern Or S-IV pattern) ( ) Subject+transitive verb+object. (Subject-Verb-Object pattern or SVO pattern or S-V-O pattern)


o j ct

Elephants frighten mice. Tun Tun loves Mya Mya. Teachers love students. I like rice. Mg Mg likes t r s nts sp

She ate rice. Mg Hla ate oranges. She loves her job. The clever student did the research. They do nothing. subject-verb agreement su j ct-v r r m nt subject subject

verb verb


S ( ) one or more consonants+e The company makes a cake. They make a cake. ( ) one or more consonants She kills an ant. They kill an ant. ( ) two vowels She sees a snake. They see a snake. Es ( )o( ) She does the research. They do the research. ( ) ss, sh, (t)ch, zz and x -s



- es

- es

She always kisses her grandfather on the forehead. They kiss their grandfather. He pushes the table. They push the table. Mg Hla catches the ball. They catch the ball. He buzzes the servant. They buzz the friends.

He fixes her TV set. They fix TV set. A hot bath always relaxes me. They relax the tension on the rope.

Y Consonant+y y es She applies this rule to get good results. They apply this rule to get good results.

Vowel+y s She plays the guitar. They play football. She likes her nephews. They like the movie. She flies flowers from Myanmar to South Korea.

She washes her face several times a day.

The people like rice. The friendly people like rice.

The people in the restaurant like rice.

The people like fried rice. He rides his bicycle to work every day.

These pipes carry waste water into the river.

I always carry money. The record contains many old songs from the 1970s

This can contains water. The company establishes a new department.