Malaysian Spring ! 马来西亚之春!

Working for Change
For a week, a group of volunteers led by Ng Sek San, Malaysia’s foremost landscape architect, worked day and night to make 20,000 odd flower like flags of Pakatan and Bersih colours.

Sewing for change

84-year old’s contribution

Tender hands helping in shaping the future

Mak Chiks in action, ushering in Spring time
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Malaysian Spring ! 马来西亚之春!

On a cool Sunday morning (14 Apr 13), residents of Bangsar, an upscale suburban in Lembah Pantai constituency, came out in force with their MP, Nurul Izzah Anwar to usher in Malaysian Spring.

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Malaysian Spring ! 马来西亚之春!
Planting for change – tender buds of spring flowers sprouting up with the helping hands of Rakyat Malaysia.

11am - Completed masterpiece – Spring time in Malaysia

Spring flowers sprouted all over Lucky Garden Roundabout. Reminds me of the Lupins flowers the grow wild at the foothills of the Southern Alps, NZ

A peripheral ring of Bersih yellow “protecting’ the newly grown spring flowers

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Malaysian Spring ! 马来西亚之春!

Happy residents with their MP, after a week of hard work !

Ng Sek San the initiator of the Malaysian Spring being interviewed by the media with Nurul, looking on. Seksan’s message to Malaysians... “ to spread the message of hope and change, and to get people to participate in the process of making a better Malaysia, through the simple gesture of planting a flower in the street. Our message to others is that colour (of the skin) is not important to new Malaysia, so they can use whatever colours and material.” Let the Spring flowers bloom in every corners of Malaysia – Sek San is hoping to see 28 Millions flowers before 5th of May . by atoong Page 4

Malaysian Spring ! 马来西亚之春! As the saying goes, the good times are not forever.. (好竟不长久..)
DBKL (City Hall) officer reporting to the higher up authority on his discovery of “Spring flowers” and getting direction to deal with the situation - about 4.00 pm

5.45pm - DBKL officers waded into the field and started uprooting the Spring flowers

Flowers “detained” in DBKL’s Van

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Malaysian Spring ! 马来西亚之春!
RESIDENTS CLAIMED BACK THEIR SPRING 6.00 pm - Residents came out to plead with DBKL officers to leave flowers alone 6.10 pm - Cars going around roundabout started to horn. Many more residents started to come out and confront DBKL officers 6.20 pm - DBKL agreed to let residents keep the flowers instead of confiscating them. 50% of the flowers by then were already in the DBKL’s van Residents rushed to DBKL’s van to retrieve flowers and decided unanimously to replant them

Replanting of spring flowers

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Malaysian Spring ! 马来西亚之春!

Victorious spirit reflected in the happy faces of the residents !!

Wild Lupins growing in profusion at the foothills of the Southern Alps, New Zealand.

Let’s work for a Malaysia that will be as clean as NZ’s air, as colourful as NZ’s Lupins and beautiful as NZ’s scenery.

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Malaysian Spring ! 马来西亚之春!

Picnic in the Meadow of Bangsar, amidst the Spring flowers

Mak Chiks posing in the field of Spring flowers
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Malaysian Spring ! 马来西亚之春!

Symbol of a New Malaysia :
Young, beautiful, clean, fresh face, forward looking, colourful, humble and growth !!

Symbol of an Old Malaysia :
Old, ugly, dirty, tired face, backward looking, dull, arrogant and decay!!

Do check out the following site for more info on Malaysian Spring : And the following videos : by atoong Page 9

Malaysian Spring ! 马来西亚之春!
LASTEST EFFORT BY UMNO/BN TO STUFF OUT MALAYSIAN SPRING ( 16/4/13) “Barricading the Spring flowers with the blue Banners ”

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