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1_v1_BMR Table of Contents LOGINS Windows and Avamar Linux HIGHLIGHTS Acknowledgments COLLATERAL The Demo Team is pleased to announce availability of the new Avamar_6.1_v1_BMR d emonstration system. This release includes the following updates and enhancement s: Avamar 6.1, Windows 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 7, ESXi 4.1, vCenter 4.1, Celerra VS A With this release, Avamar delivers backup and restore functionality of Avamar for Windows using Bare Metal Recovery. LOGINS Windows and Avamar Username: emcadmin Password: d3m04emc Linux Username: root Password: d3m04emc HIGHLIGHTS Avamar 6.1 Single node Plugin for Windows 7 client Avamar backup/recovery feature Avamar Bare Metal Recovery feature Acknowledgments BRS Integration Lab COLLATERAL For lab guide collateral please download the attachments below Attachments Avamar_6.1_for_Bare_Metal_Recovery_Diagram.pdf (141.2 KB) - added by balasv1 1 0 months ago. Avamar_6.1_for_Bare_Metal_Recovery_Login_Information.pdf (111.9 KB) - added by balasv1 10 months ago. Avamar_6.1_Downloader_Service.pdf (1.1 MB) - added by balasv1 10 months ago. Avamar_6.1_for_Bare_Metal_Recovery.pdf (1.7 MB) - added by balasv1 10 months a go.