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Salud 2013!
Salud, which is a cheers to health in Spain, was a wine introduction event organized by UNLVs Wine Society last Friday evening, 19th April 2013. So you think you know all about wines? Think again. Year 2 student, Benedict Lee, shared his vast knowledge about the different types of wines, the wine making process, characteristics of the varietals and most importantly, how to taste and create the perfect wine and food pairings. If you have been through a Food and Beverage Fundamentals class prior to this session, it may seem like a revision. However, to most of the Year 1s present that evening, it was as if we had enrolled ourselves in a French class! Reading wine labels was clearly a challenge most of us had; Was that Burgundy you said?! exclaimed one Year 1 when Ben fluently pronounced Bourgogne with ease. As for wine tasting, Bens only rule is: Any flavours, but not durian please. If you ever taste that out of any wine, rinse your palette. All in all, it was indeed an informative event to spend our Friday evening on, while chilling with friends over great canaps and wine.

Bens tip to learn more about wine? Research. Reading up would defintely increase your knowledge on wines and perhaps even impress that eye-candy across the room. If all else fails, at least try to perfect the art of swirling the wine in the glass, which somehow makes you look like you know what youre doing. Till the next Wine Society event, Salud! Liang Lilin