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Seeking a loan for your business, to capitalize, and develop projects? We can help you make it happen!

We work with a group that will provide the collateral paper to your bank for funding your project ($5 million
minimum to $5 billion maximum for any type of loan for acceptable projects from A to Z.) There is no out
pocket fees involved for anyone to pay at anytime to start the process. This group is supporting projects to help
the global economy recover by providing the collateral paper to support the loan and repayment to your lending
bank. At the end of one year the bank/lenders can cash in/redeem the collateral paper that covers the principal
amount loaned and the interest charged so hence the name “ZERO IN-ZERO OUT”. If you have a private lender
who is willing to loan you the money and follow the procedures they can also participate in the program. The
key to the program is your bank executing word for word the **REQUIRED BANK LETTER TO QUALIFY
shown below in this document. This is so simple and the turnaround time is only 60 days or less.

The commission to participating agents is on a case by case basis but I can say you will make at least 1% on the
transaction. Do the math on a $3 billion project. A standard 10% fee will be charged by us as the facilitators and
that amount will be absorbed in the total loan amount so account for that fee as not to exceed the maximum $5
billion threshold.

Highlights and Profile of the Program:

-A Platform is available guaranteeing recourse on Business and Project financing.

-A Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee will provide the Loan recourse, a guarantee for your lending bank and it
will receive full payment plus 6% interest at the end of one year and one day from the Letter of Credit or BG
Guarantee Document. Existing obligations Broker fees and other project costs and fees may be added to and
become part of the total.

-The Lender/ Lending Bank may “choose” the instrument from any of the top 25 world banks issuing guarantee
documents. They may also select the Bank to hold the Guarantee Instrument. It could be the Lender/Bank

-This can be a continuous or rollover process to complete the project financing.

-The Lender/ Bank must have capacity to Fund the loan and have first reviewed and conditionally approved the
Borrowers project to qualify for the Loan Recourse Guarantee.

-This loan recourse mechanism is provided by an International Bank Group.

-The International Bank Group is accepting projects worldwide and is presently focusing on projects in Canada,
the U.S., Mexico, Central America and other parts of the world.

-At the end of twelve (12) months and one (1) day the Lender cashes the Letter of Credit and the loan the
Lender made is paid off.

-The Borrower will have NO LOAN principal and interest payments since the Loan is paid off by the Letter of
Credit Guarantee.

-Top priority is given to Humanitarian Projects

-Minimum funding/collateral amount -- $5 Million & Maximum -- $5 Billion



[Client Name]
[Client Firm]
[Address, Telephone, Fax, Email]

Dear [Client Name]:

Having reviewed and evaluated [the property], subject to receiving a Guarantee supplied by a first class Bank acceptable
to us for the purpose of the repayment of principal and interest, we shall extend to [your firm] a one year loan in the sum
of $ [MMM,000,000] – [MMM] Million USD [*] – for its ventures.

[*Minimum 5 Million, Maximum 5 Billion, USD]

It is understood that we shall receive and that we shall accept a confirmation only from a first class Bank, for the
irrevocable transfer of the Guarantee, guaranteeing the repayment at maturity of the loan principal plus 6% for the
interest, with a Certified Copy of the actual Guarantee, and that the original will be lodged and assigned on the Custodial
Safekeeping Receipt, from a deposit account with the agreed top bank, to us.

The face value of the Guarantee must represent 106% of the loan advanced and must be payable, at maturity, in one year
and one day from its date of issue.

Funds will be disbursed by our bank to the bank supplying the Guarantee (or to mutually consented coordinates) upon our
authentication and identification of the guarantee offered to us.

Unless a Bank-to-Bank communication is received by us from the Bank that will supply the guarantee, this commitment
will terminate on …………(approximately 90 international banking days from the date of the issue of this letter) ………..
at the end of the business day in New York, USA.

For verification of this communication and confirmation of our willingness to proceed with this loan offer, please request
that the Bank that will supply the Guarantee make contact with:

Bank officer :
Phone Number :
Fax No. :