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Birth Time Rectification

Correct Time of Birth Fixation Possible Only in K.P. System One of my Friends friend approached us to know his correct time of birth and then to erect his chart. He told us that he was born between 2:00 a.m and 7:00 a.m. on 16th September,1960. The duration is 5 hrs. Here we come across three lagans i.e. Karka,Sima and Kanya. At first we have to select one lagna among these three. For that, we need the help of Ruling Planets. On 25th Feb., 2008 at 06:38:25 we have taken the case for judgment. The Lagna is Simha ruled by Ravi. The moon star was Chitra ruled by Kuja. Lagna starlord is Sukra. Lagna sublord is Rahu. Day lord is Chandra. So, the ruling planets at the time of judgment are Rahu,Sukra,Ravi,Kuja and Chandra. Sani and Ketu are aspected by Ravi. So we have to include them also into RPs list. Kuja aspects Guru and Sukra is with Budha. Thus all the nine planets are seen as ruling planets. So we have to filter and eliminate some of these planets by their strength and weakness. Chandra is weak as he is the daylord. Budha is only a second rate R.P. So these signs of Chandra (Karka) and Budha(Kanya) may be ignored as lagna. So we can fix Simha as birth lagna. At the time of judgment Ravi as lagna lord is in Kumbha and aspects Simha. The sublord Rahu is with lagnalord. Let us observe the position of Ravi. He is in Sani rasi, Rahu star and sani sub and aspected by sani staying in simha. So Firmly we can fix Simha as birth lagna. Now we can proceed to fix the lagna star lord. Sukra is the star lord among Rps. He is found as the sign lord and sub lord level. As he was found three times Venus can be taken as star lord at the time of birth. Now we proceed to find the sub lord. As Rahu is with Budha he may occupy the position of sub lord and as Rahu is with Sun he becomes the sub-sub lord. So we can fix the time of birth a 16-09-1960 at 5:43:26 a.m. Let us check the horoscope. At the time of birth also the lagna is Simha. There we see Ravi, Budha, and Sukra. The sub sub lord Rahu is in Ravi rasi Sukra star and Rahu sub. Rahu is the representative of Ravi. Sani the star lord of that time aspects the lagna starlord Sukra. Let us check the main life events. If we find any relationship between the marriage date and 2,7,11 bhavas of the natives chart, we can confirm the chart is very correct. The native got married on 15th Feb 1984. Then running dasa is Budha (maha),Sukra(vidasa),Rahu(antarvidasa),and Sukra(sukshma). Here in this chart all the planets signify 2,7,11 houses. So again, on another day i.e., 9.3.2008 at 4:2:55 p.m. we sought for ruling planets.

Moon sign,star and sub lords are Guru,Budha,Budha. Lagna sign,star,sub lords are Chandra Budha and Sani. Day lord is Sun. Thus the ruling planets at that time are Chandra,Budha,Sani,Guru and Ravi. Sani is in retrograde motion. Sukra and Rahu are conjoined with Budha. And Budha is 7th cusp sub lord. We observed that Budha mahadasa, Sukra vidasa and Rahu pratyantara at the time of marriage. Let us examine the first child birth time. He was blessed with a son on 14 of November, 1987. We have to check the coincidence of 2,5 and 11 bhavas with child birth time. Already we mentioned the RPs. at the time of judgment. The running dasa at child birth time belongs to Budha,Chandra,Ravi and Chandra. Dasa lord Budha is 11th Cusp sub lord. The bhukti and Sookshma lord Chandra is Guru sign. The vidasa lord Ravi is in Guru star. Thus, the coincidence of these to major events also confirm the queriests time of birth as 5:43:26 a.m. on 16.09.1960.
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March 11, 2011 at 9:17 am | Reply


hi there, i am not sure about my correct time of birth. is it possible, can i find my exact time of birth? thanks !


September 18, 2011 at 11:22 am | Reply


i am also facing problem in my birth my horoscope, birth time is given 9.20 a.m 27th february 1985 (latitude of place of birth-105848N and longitude-761348E)

.and based on that my lagna or sunsign is aries ie,mesham. my star is krithika(last quarter).but went to an astrologer they are telling a different lagna or sunsign for me they are telling it as pisces or meenam.i read in different sites that the above said prediction is based on western style,and insouth india we are not following that.please help me with this by telling my original lagna.based on south indian style. please dobtob-9.20 pob-perinthalmanna,kerala latitude of place of birth-105848N and longitude-761348E please mail me help as it is a matter of my life and marraige 27/2/1985 a.m