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8.1 Rainwater runoff from a parking lot flows through 4 3:fudlameter pipe, completely filing i. Whether flow in 8 pipe is laminar or turbulent depends on the value of the Reynolds number. (See Video V8.1.) Would you expect the flow to be laminar or turbulent? Support your answer with appropriate calculations. Re= 242 = VP — Tf Re>4000 the flow is turbulent, The corresponding velocity is ye Bey - (wooor(1aino* FY 2 SfF Most likely the velocity will be greater than this, = 0.0161 # ca, turbulent Show. el 8.2 8.2 Biue‘and yellow streams of paint at 60 °F (each witha den- sity of 1.6 slugs/f* anda viscosity 1000 times greater than water) aera pipe with an average velocity of 4f/ as shown in Fig. spe PB.2. Would you expect the paint wo exit the pipe as green paint orf ‘Separate steams of blue and yellow paint? Explain. Repeat the | problem if the paint were “thinned” so that it i only 10 times ‘more viscous than water. Assume the density remains the same, FIGURE P8.2 Tf the flow is laminar the paint would exit as separate blve and yellow streams. vo. eVd _ 16 Si (eft BA) _ Re= ©? = “Soo figs = “ooo (a s6xiv® ys) ~ 75:6 «2/00 Thus, laminar flow so_blve and yellow streams, Tf use = 1049 obtain Re= ¥560>4000 so have torbulent flow with natural mixing and green paint. Note + Check to determine if the 25 # length is greater than the entrance length, by. For laminar flow 42 =0.06 Re, or = 0.08 (45.6) 2 ff) = 0.456 Hos For turbulent tlow Ae =## Rel, on b= #4 (0s60)4( ft) = 2.99 ft <25H 8-2 8.3 83 The flow of water in a 3-mm-diameter pipe is o remain laminar. Plot a graph of the maximum flowrate allowed as a function of temperature for 0 << 100°C. For laminar flow Re=~p-=2100 , where V=-G- hi Thus, the maximum @ is given by 4 )D - TY. Re = EBD = 40 = 2100, or Qu 2igeTHdD or * 2 Qa 21207 l0.003My = 4ys¥ , where YE and Q~E With valves of ¥ from Table B.2 we obtain T.degC v,mils Q,mi/s 0 1.79E-06 8.86E-06 Flowrate vs Temperature 20 1.006-06 4.95E-06 40 © 6.58E-07 3.26E-06 1.E-05 60 © 4.75E-07 2.35E-06 80 3,656.07 1.81E-06 8.E-06 100 2.90E-07 1446-06 @ ge ng = gg 4£-06 2.E06 0.E+00 Ty deg ¢ 8-3