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Music Industry

Anita Brooks

MY EVENT: THE OVERDRIVES PROMOTIONS Venue: Half Moon, Putney Capacity: 250 Ticket Price: 4 Max Revenue: 1,000 COSTS: Artist-500 MAX Main Band- 250 MAX (100 GUARANTEE+1/person):150 people for max fee Second Band-125 MAX (75 GUARANTEE+1/person):50 people for max fee Third Band-125 MAX (75 GUARNTEE+1/person):50 people for max fee Remaining Profit: 250 Minimum on sell out Venue Hire: 0 (sell over Bar) Sound Engineer: 75 Flyers: 35 (A5 250 copies) Max Profit: 250 Breakeven at 150 people: (4x150=600) (Min Costs: 95 Artist/ 30 Flyers/ 75 Engineer= 250)

Project: The Destiny's Child Nuclear Mixtape

PROJECT BUDGET: 50,000 RECORDING BUDGET: 15,000 RENTING EQUIPMENT/STAFF 1) DRUMMER 2) KEYS 3) BASSIST 4) GUITARIST 5) VOCAL 1 6) VOCAL 2 7) VOCAL 3 8) MIXING ENGINEER 9) RECORDING ENGINEER 10) RUNNER 11)DRUM TECHNICIANS 12)RECORDING/MIXING STUDIO 13)REHERSAL SPACE 14) MICROPHONES 15) GUITARS 16) GUITAR AMPS 17) DRUM KIT COST 90.00 90.00 90.00 90.00 70.00 70.00 70.00 300.00 100.00 150.00 130.00 100.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 120.00 X DAYS 4 DAYS 4 DAYS 6 DAYS 6 DAYS 4 DAYS 4 DAYS 4 DAYS 10 DAYS 8 DAYS 1 DAY 1 DAY 30 DAYS 30 DAYS 10 DAYS 4 DAYS 4 DAYS 10 DAYS TOTAL 540.00 360.00 540.00 540.00 280.00 280.00 280.00 3,000.00 800.00 150.00 130.00 3,000.00 200.00 80.00 80.00 1,200.00 GRAND TOTAL:


PROMO BUDGET: 300 TYPE OF PROMOTION COST 1) FACEBOOK 0 2) YOUTUBE 32.66 3) SOUNDCLOUD 16.33 4) MISKIN RADIO 0 5) FLYERS (BOTH SIDES-500 A5) 90 GRAND TOTAL: MANUFACTURE BUDGET: 0 (DOWNLOAD ONLY) DISTRIBUTION BUDGET: 35,000: COMMISION 20% ITUNES: 3.26 per singles/ 31.94 per album Soundcloud: 0 Tunecore: 19 per album/ 6.55 per single MUSIC VIDEO: 7,000 FOR 1 VIDEO TOUR SUPPORT: 11,000 PAID ADVERTISING: 5,000 TOTAL COST: 34,525.64 REVENUE PER SINGLES DOWNLOADS: 3.29 20%=1.64 LESS DISTRIBUTION COMMISION 20% Itunes: 3.29 5= .065p Tune Core: 6.555=1.31 TOTAL COST FOR BOTH: 1.96 180.00


COPYRIGHT Copyright is a legal idea that was given to the creator of the original work exclusive rights. It allows the holder to have the rights to be official for the work so it can be decided who can adapt the work to other forms so that can financially benefit from it. Copyright is valuable in the music industry as the music publishers own the compositions and record labels as their own sound recording. When the songwriter receives a publishing deal, they are agreeing under a contract to music for that music publisher. The copyright can only last up to 70 years and once it has expires the work can be used without asking for permission. PUBLISHING Music publishing deals with developing, protecting and valuing music. Their role is vital as its in the development of new music and taking care of the business which allows composers and songwriters to focus on doing their creative work. Music Publishing is valuable in the music industry as the publisher would find great music, composers and songwriters, they support composers and songwriters in the creative process, promote their catalogues across a variety of platforms, control the business exploitation of the catalogue i.e registration of works and collection and onward payment of all due royalties and the protect the value of their work with commitment.

HOW MARKETS DISTINGUISH BETWEEN CONSUMERS? Markets distinguish between consumers because of the following: The Goods are purchased: businesses buy their goods to use in their ongoing operators and they can resell to consumers and the consumers can purchase the goods for personal uses. Businesses can purchase lots of raw materials such as wood and steel for manufacturing. They can purchase their goods in large quantities and they are driven by customers demands and needs for manufacturing materials. Consumers purchase their goods for different reasons and they have the freedom in choosing the items they want. HOW DOES THE MUSIC INDUSTRY USES PRECEDENTS WHEN MARKETING A PRODUCT? The music industry uses precedents when marketing a product to look at previous records that have been sold and they would release it again to see if it can sell out like the last time. The precedents can have an idea of the age range/gender of those who listens to the artist music such as the artist fan page. Many successful artists such as Beyonc, Michael Jackson or Adele who have sold out millions of old albums can still make profit as they can release a mix tape of all their old music or create a best no1s single and still be able to sell out. Also they can release radio original and remix of their tracks and it allows their fans to download the track.