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What is

Vidyarthiplus (V+) is an Online Student Community, V+ was established on 29th Sep 2011, we had searched for College study material, but we couldn't find anything good. So we got an idea that why can't start a Students community so that students can share their Study materials. This idea turned into V+ Online Students Community on 29th September 2011.

Product Of Service: Aim of V+ is to provide Online Education and to help students to full fill their needs towards studies. V+ is proud to say that We are No.1 in providing Notes, Question Bank, Question Paper and Important Questions for Anna University affiliated college students. V+ is just 1year old, within this short period we had got more positive feedback from students. We are developing our service to help all Students across India.

Customer: Vidyarthiplus (V+) is free service towards Online Education, Our Visitor mainly for Study Materials. V+ Server Cost and Maintenance cost are obtained from our advertiser. As per V+ Alexa Data, mostly Students of age group of 18 - 24 are accessing our site, so it confirms that V+ is accessed mostly by students.

Vidyarthiplus Team

Designation Founder

Name Sivanesh.N


Dhilip Kumar.S



Department Electronics and Electrical Engineering Computer Science Engineering Information Technology Computer Science Engineering Electronic and Electrical Engineering

College Name Sri Krishna Engineering College RMD Engineering College Narasus Sarathy Institute of Technology GKM Engineering College CSI Institute of Technology

Junior Moderator Junior Moderator


John Peter

Vidyarthiplus Campus ambassador Program Campus Ambassadors play a crucial role in getting the brand out in their respective Schools/Colleges/Universities. offers a rich and rewarding experience in order to associate yourself with it. Our objective is to make students aware of happenings in other colleges and outer world them and also handy lookout place for all other jobs, placement and e-learning sites which people don't know about them.

This is more than just a college job. Its a chance to develop and grow as an individual while adding an incredible line to your resume The Vidyarthiplus Campus Ambassador Program is an opportunity to you to be a liaison between Vidyarthiplus and your institute. Its not about writing articles or posting something. Its about sharing information and ideas
Its you our Campus Ambassadors what makes us special. VCA is selected as 3 steps 1. Phase I which is selected on your presentation in Application Form 2. Phase II will be Video Conferencing and Call in Phone 3. Phase III will be final one which will be great one for you.

Benefits of campus ambassador

A chance to reach out thousands of college students across the country through your college ideas, articles, events, fest etc other than this

A unique opportunity to earn during your student life. Certificate of Appreciation. Recognition of active campus ambassadors on Vidyarthiplus Facebook page and website. Enhance your professional development, leadership and communication skill. Build relationship with ambassadors from other colleges and disciplines Add the Vidyarthiplus Campus Ambassador Program experience to your resume.

A cool T-Shirt and visiting cards to active members. A goodies, coupons, gifts from Vidyarthiplus. Exposure & recognition on campus with faculty & students.

Responsibilities of campus ambassador Work closely with Vidyarthiplus team and campus teams. Assist in planning and coordinating national and international programmes. Help Vidyarthiplus to understand your campus culture.

Work collaboratively with other college/school ambassadors. Think creatively to provide fresh ideas to motivate new members. Serve as a strategic link between your college and Vidyarthiplus
relationship with ambassadors from other colleges and Spreaddisciplines the message & create an awareness about Vidyarthiplus among the students through various social Ambassador networks. Program Add the Vidyarthiplus Campus experience to your resume. To collate feedback from the students and keep us updated


Who is eligible?

This opportunity is open to students only. Students from any engineering course, management course across the county are welcome to take part. Pursuing graduation (2nd, 3rd can apply) Passionate about technology, and open source. Actively involved in student life on campus.

So, its time to pull your socks and get ready for some action. Note: If we receive one or more application from same college we would conduct Quiz to select. Students are requested to provide original details. All the Best. . . . Apply Now