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Ashley Suarez ELD 307 4/16/13 Guided Reading Lesson Plan

Subject: Guided Reading; The Gym Teacher From the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler Grade: 3 Standards: 3.RL.7 Explain how specific aspects of a texts illustrations contribute to what is conveyed by the words in a story. Objective: Students will be able to relate the text and description of the gym teacher to the illustrations portrayed on each page. Materials: 7-8 copies of the guided reading book: The Gym Teacher From the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler Procedure: Students will already have a predetermined color representing their level of reading. o Blue represents the easiest level o Purple represents the medium level o Red represents the most difficult level

Have all the students in the red category get up from their seats and sit by the rug with a book of their choice to read for the rest of the period.

Have all the students in the blue category stay at their desk and read a book of their choice.

Instruct the students to read silently for the remainder of the period. Have all the students in the purple category join the teacher at the table in the back.

Distribute the guided reading book to the students at the table. Book Introduction o Introduce the story to the students by showing the cover of the book and having students describe what they see. o Briefly give the students an overview of what the story is about. This story is about how students are getting a new gym teacher, and they think about different and strange things that may describe their new teacher. o Stop on page 11 and explain to the students the definition of the word semester. o Stop on page 16 and explain the definition of posture to the students.

Independent Reading/Conferencing o Instruct students in the group to read the story independently. o Approach one student and ask him/her to read the page they are currently on, as well as the next page, aloud to you.

o Instruct the student to return to reading independently, and continue to each of the other students asking them to read the current and next page to you until every child has read and finished the book. Assessment/Teaching Point: o Ask each student to recall one fact about the description of the gym teacher. o Ask the students what the gym teacher was going to be like from looking at the illustrations in the book. Differentiation: o This lesson is already differentiated because the students are broken up into different levels. Management/Transition: o Students will move to their designated spot for reading when instructed by the teacher. They will be called by color groups which have been established in the beginning in the year. o Students not in conference will be managed by having the teacher check up on them after every two children in the conference group read to the teacher.