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Unlocking the Secret of Genius 1. Profound Insight Reaching the point where you can live your brilliance day in and day out involves a four-step process. The four Cs, the factors that determine a diamonds quality, represent the steps you will take in your personal transformation. The first step is seeking Clarity or profound insight. Next is Color discovering your pure beliefs and reclaiming your authentic self. Step three, Cut, is about taking bold action. The final step is Caratdeciding just how big a diamond you want to be. - Simon T. Bailey, Release Your Brilliance: the 4 Steps to Transforming Your Life and Revealing Your Genius to the World , New York: HarperCollins Publishers Inc. , 2008, p.19 2. Inventiveness To provide a structure for educators that can make the concept of genius useful, I've expanded its meaning to include 12 basic qualities: curiosity, playfulness, imagination, creativity, wonder, wisdom, inventiveness, vitality, sensitivity, flexibility, humor, and joy. - Thomas Armstrong, Awakening Genius in the Classroom, Virginia: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 1998, pp.2,3 3. Natural Brilliance In my Natural Brilliance book, I explain how we can gain this greater sensory awareness that allows us to perceive what we have been unable to perceive up to now. The four steps of my Natural Brilliance modelrelease, notice, respond, witnesstake you step-by-step to higher perspectives and greater success. Here is why the Natural Brilliance model works. Stress keeps our perceptual field narrowed and it negatively affects our brains ability to process information. The key is to take stress out of the processing equation. The Natural Brilliance model does that. When you release tensions and stresses from the body, your sensory abilities come back online. Then you can notice more of what is all around you. When you respond in new ways, based on the greater information now available, you are more likely to succeed. When you witness the effects of your actions, you learn, grow, and become more skilled at producing the results you desire. Following the Natural Brilliance model of learning, you can break through to greater success, even when you might have been completely stuck until now. - Paul R. Scheele, Reclaim Your Brilliance: Drop Into Genius, Minnesota: Scheele Learning Systems, 2010, p.120 4. Optimism The research also demonstrates that optimists perform better at work, at school, and in athletics. Optimists regularly outperform the predictions of aptitude tests. Their resistance to colds and other illnesses is superior, and they recover faster from illness and injury. And optimists make significantly more money. Seligman also discovered that pessimists are generally more accurate in their assessments of reality. Pessimists assume that optimists are people who do not yet have all the facts. Optimists really do seem to look at the world through rose-colored glasses. The results of numerous long-term studies demonstrate, nevertheless, that better results are obtained by erring on the side of optimism. The core of optimism is explanatory strategy. In other words, when things go wrong, do you explain them in terms of your own fundamental incapacity thereby demotivating yourself and forestalling future attempts to succeed, or do you spin your interpretation of events in such a way as to encourage learning, adaptation, and renewed efforts at success? - Michael J. Gelb, Discover Your Genius: How to Think Like Historys Ten Most Revolutionary Minds , New York: HarperCollins Publishers Inc., 2002, p.103 5. You: Weird and Wired You may become slightly disoriented, slightly uncomfortable, and maybe even slightly embarrassed when you act weirdwhich is exactly what you want to have happen. Coming to terms with those feelings, which isnt difficult, is just like coming to terms with the stress of being outside your comfort zone when you are attempting a new skill or trying to reach a new height of achievement. The more willing you are to get weird, the more you send a message to yourself and the rest of the world that what others feel is not going to stop you from striving towards your goals. This is an important point. Every successful person is familiar with having a so-called friend or a concerned relative try to hold him or her back. The crocodiles will always be snapping at your backside trying to hold you at their level as you rise in your achievement. If you buy into what others feel, you can destroy your own achievements. Think of getting just a little weird, every day, as your personal Declaration of Independence from the expectations and standards of other people, including yourself. I have given a speech in front of over two thousand people while intentionally wearing one black shoe and one brown shoejust get weird to get wired. Rewire yourselfdo something that is not like you! Do something that you have not done before, something weird that will get you rewired in a way that you will lose the sense of discomfort that may be connected from deviating from your routine as well as building up a great extra supply of neuron connections. Its good to deviate from your routine. In fact, deviation should be part of your routine! See what happens. Get weird to get wired and watch your achievements skyrocket. And your risk of cognitive loss will drop significantly too! - Doug Bench, Revolutionize Your Brain!, Florida: Possibility Pastures Press, 2009, pp.126, 127