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Accredited: Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities-Commission on
Accreditation (PACUCOA)
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Engr. Prospero R. Cacayan


March 2009

To be able to interview the manager of a firm

and ask about the Planning, Organizing,
Staffing, Motivation, Leading, and
Controlling Management
Aspects of the said firm

To be able to know why and how the firm exists,

develop our confidence in dealing with busy men,
and complete the final requirement so as to pass
the Engineering Management subject

The researcher must find a firm to conduct an

interview to its manager, prepare the
necessary tools to perform the job, and
compile sufficient proofs to the interview and
research conducted.

Engineer Prospero R. Cacayan, our professor in GE 2 (Engineering

Management), informed us regarding our final requirement in the subject on March 2,
2009, more or less 15 days before our examination day. Moreover, he mentioned about
the necessary requirements for the project, including the type of firm to where we must
conduct our interview, the font type and size, spacing, paper, and cover for the
documentation, and the possible questions that must be asked to the manager.
Accordingly, our final project is to interview a manager of a firm regarding his company’s
planning, organizing, staffing, motivation, leading, and controlling management aspects,
as well as the vision and mission.

The next few days, I was already constructing guide questions based on what
Engr. Cacayan gave and also on what I have come up from my mind. I also listed
different establishments within the city to choose from the one I would conduct my
research and interview. Among the list were Clyden’s Purified Drinking Water, Dyregis
Catering Services, Father Saturnino Urios University, Butuan Doctor’s Hospital, and
ADFIL Corporation, to name a few.

In choosing the establishment, I considered factors such as proximity,

accessibility of the place and the specific firm, and manager’s time and outlook. Finally, I
have chosen the ADFIL Corporation in Doongan, Butuan City, as the company to where
we shall conduct the interview to its manager for the reasons that a classmate of mine,
Jerry Lepornio, is an acquaintance of the sister of ADFIL’s manager and I also believe
that a construction firm is a good company to get information from for this research.

Morning of March 16, 2009, Jerry asked permission from the sister of ADFIL’s
manager as a form of recommendation in order for me to be given attention for the
interview. Then, I prepared a letter, signed by Engineer Cacayan for formality purpose.
Afternoon of the same day, we proceeded to the ADFIL Corporation Office in Doongan,
Butuan City and presented the letter and the note (recommendation) to the security
guard of ADFIL. Not later than five minutes, the guard allowed us to get inside the

The manager, during that time, was out of town for an important matter, so, we
decided to interview the project manager, Engr. Voltaire Anthony Rosario, who has vast
knowledge about the company and its operations from the hiring stage to the

We started our interview and asked questions starting from the vision and
mission of the company and its planning, organizing, staffing, motivating, leading, and
controlling management aspects practiced in the company.
ADFIL Corporation is dedicated to manage and support complex constructional
process work. We are a great and growing place to work and one where we are
constantly preparing for the future. We are dedicated to increasing skills, hiring and
training great people, and creating increasing value based on a commitment to long term
client relationships.

To be the premier provider of construction services to the Philippine nation

• Safety – We dedicate ourselves to Zero Injury Performance

• Customers – We commit to “Customers for Life”

• Integrity – We earn the respect & trust of our customers and associates by our actions

• Leadership – We create our future through continuous improvement and innovation

• People – We commit to growth, development and empowerment of our people

• Profitability – We provide economic value for our customers and employees


The Company creates added value for our customers by dedicating ourselves to
zero injury performance; aggressively placing the safety of our employees as a
subcontractors; and embodying honesty and integrity in the pursuit of our vision.
We focus on behavioral intervention, effective safety planning, employee
participation and personal accountability in our quest to add demonstrable value and
exceed customer expectations.


ADFIL Corporation is dedicated to achieving a zero incident workplace. Each
individual is responsible to help eliminate the barriers that prevent us from achieving a
zero incident culture. All accidents are preventable. Safety will take priority over
production, schedule and cost.


Achieving incident and injury free safety performance demands that all our
employees share a set of common core values directed at…
• Emphasizing that safety is a value and not a priority;
• Creating value through systems that define expectations, measure progress and
recognize superior performance;
• Promoting involvement, education, leadership and individual contribution;
• Encouraging innovation, recognition and personal accountability;
• Reinforcing the need for workers to actively care about co-workers.

ADFIL’s vision reflects the company’s goal of being a successful construction

company. It focuses on the culture and values the company has in order to provide their
satisfactory services to its clients. The firm hires people not only because they need
them but also because they envision of developing these people to be great and be
useful in there commitment to serving clients in long-term basis.

Their dedication to managing and supporting complex constructional process

work signifies their culture of getting involved in construction processes that may be
complex in nature, but are challenging to their part.

Technically, ADFIL’s mission should have specified what duties they must
conduct in order to attain the company’s vision. But through its mission, it has been
reflected that the firm really dreams of becoming successful in their service of
construction not only in the locality, but also in the entire nation.

Aside from the vision and mission, ADFIL also lives abiding with its corporate
values that, I believe, will really help them in bringing them closer to their goals. They
also have the environmental, health, and safety mission, philosophy, and goals, which
are majority focused on the protection of both the employees and the customers. They
promote safety in every possible way to avoid from further hazards. They believe that
safety is a value and not a priority. It is more than a priority that needs to be acted upon
to but can be left after. Instead, it is a value that must be always given attention to and
should be considered in every thing done.

Every core value the ADFIL Corporation promotes on its employees is essential
to making the whole firm operates at its best. It is when an organization is bound with
goals, objectives, core values, and other important policies, that it becomes successful in
every operation since its employees, themselves, are guided with such principles they
have to conform with as they are working with the company and helping the company to
attain its goals.
PLANNING ASPECT OF Engineering Management

Researchers: How do you conduct planning of your projects?

ADFIL’s: The side of the contractor focuses on the implementation of the

project. The planning is on the side of the implementing agency such
as the DPWH. The implementing agency conducts the planning stage
of every project to be done from the pre-engineering to the pre-
qualification stages. When the agency advertises its project, then the
construction company comes in. The company participates and
responds to the call in what project that they advertises which the
company sees, is good.

Researchers: What is the bidding process all about?

ADFIL’s: The bidding process is very long and it would take us hours to discuss
about it. Last year, I was the speaker assigned to discuss RA 9164 in
SJIT, and it is very long, from the pre-engineering activities, to the
response of the contractor, the pre-qualification, limitations, and

Researchers: What barriers are usually encountered in the planning stages?

ADFIL’s: Most of the projects are roads and bridges. In the road projects, the
usual barrier is the road right of way problem, where people who own
their private lands would not allow the access of the said lands. This
occurs in the pre-engineering activities.

Researchers: How is this specific barrier overcome?

ADFIL’s: Through acquisition of the road right of way, this may be overcome.
The government will acquire the lands in its prevailing price and if the
owner will disagree with the appraised value, the government will be
forced to proceed to a case. But the law of eminent domain, the
government can take private property upon payment or just
compensation, should be adopted.
Researchers: Will you provide us an example of this incident?

ADFIL’s: There is a certain newly-constructed bridge in Cagayan de Oro City,

where, until now, is still inaccessible because certain private owner
doesn’t want to vacate an area in one end of the bridge. The structure
has been finished but remained inaccessible. This, therefore, is the
fault during the pre-engineering activities andd the planning stages.
Before it should have been implemented, the road right of way should
have been settled already.

Researchers: How do you associate your resources to the planning stages?

ADFIL’s: Though you are good in planning in your pre-engineering stages, but
you missed to consider your resources are not sufficient. The
equipment, for example, may not be available in the country. You may
have introduced during your estimates, for instance, high-end
equipment to undergo the project, but these equipment do not exist in
the country. This is, indeed, fault. As a planning engineer, you must
see to it that when you plan, the availability must only be in the locality
to avoid delay in the project implementation. Every equipment should
be in the market.

Although the project to be constructed by ADFIL such as roads and bridges are
already planned by the planning agency such as DPWH, as its loyal client, still, we
believe that ADFIL conducts planning in terms of the pre-engineering activities. During
the making of the PERT-CPM of the activities to be conducted during the construction is
one of the planning aspects ADFIL considers. When the agency decides whether to
participate in the invitation or bidding process or not, then, they are actually planning
prior to it, which further concludes their decision to participate or not.

We missed to ask how they were able to conceptualize their vision and mission,
which could also be considered part of their planning stages for the company to be
operating well. Also, since there are different set of persons for every project, which
means, not all persons involve in one project are also in another project, then, the
process of determining who the person are to be involved in every project, should also
be considered a planning activity of the construction firm. Thus, making of the
organizational structure can also be considered one of the planning stages since it
determines the needed workforce for the organization to work.

About the bidding process, we wanted to ask even only few details how it is
generally done and how long does it take for both the implementing agency and the
awarded bidder come up with the decision of who should be awarded with the bid. But,
we respect that the process is long if we wished it to be really discussed.

Regarding the barriers during ADFIL’s planning activities, an example was

mentioned. The certain barrier is really difficult to be overcome if those private owners
will not cooperate to allow access through their lands with just compensation, then, the
project would be affected in terms of delay, transfer, or even termination.
ORGANIZING ASPECT OF Engineering Management

Researchers: Please give us a brief overview of your organizational structure.

ADFIL’s: The president is the overall manager, where under him are the project
managers. The project managers are already old-aged, where their
licenses are the only utilized. The frontliners are the young engineers.
I am in the office, the in-charge for the qualifications, biddings, etc.

Researchers: Please briefly explain about the legal officer under the president.

ADFIL’s: ADFIL has a lawyer. In instances of case (judicial), he will take charge
of it. But the lawyer is not in-house. If in case the lawyer would want
further explanation from an engineer, for example, of ADFIL regarding
the case, the lawyer would send a letter or notification to ADFIL
requesting the engineer to go to the his office for discussions about
the case.

Researchers: How do you divide the tasks of the employees?

ADFIL’s: Every project has a project engineer, and it is then the job of the
engineer to identify the persons and the number of person under him
to be involved in the project.

Organizing, from the word itself, implies system. For an organization to function
effectively there must really be order in every possible component of the organization
such as its staff and processes.

The organizational structure is a determination of the existence of employees

working in the organization. It also determines the where an employee is placed and
who his superiors are. As an employee, your name or position should appear in the
organizational chart, otherwise, you do not really belong in the organization.

ADFIL’s organizational structure is good. The positions of the employees are

properly indicated on it. The positions are properly arranged and placed according to
their distinctions and relations.

But one thing I noticed in their structure, which I also failed to ask, is the absence
of one or more vice-presidents or assistant manager, who could take place the job of the
president in his absence. I believe that there should be a person who could temporarily
take over the duties of the president every time he will not be around, especially that the
president is always busy going out of town for business matters. One should be able to
assume his functions in the office in his absence.
STAFFING ASPECT OF Engineering Management

Researchers: How is the recruitment process done?

ADFIL’s: When the company recruits, the utmost consideration is the

qualification of the applicants with respect to what the company
needs. That is, the company will just immediately hire the applicants
suited to the needed positions, not that they will still train the hired
employees. As an engineer, you should be well-versed, and you are
knowledgeable of a lot of engineering-related ideas and activities. As
an engineer also, one must have an initiative, which is defined as
something doing good without being told.

Researchers: What other qualifications do you consider to applicants?

ADFIL’s: If you are an applicant of ADFIL, you have a greater chance if you are
experienced or you have various work experiences already related to
your field. The boss of the company does not immediately consider
the academic performance of the applicant; instead, the work
experiences are evaluated.

Researchers: What tests do you conduct prior to hiring the applicants?

ADFIL’s: For example, if we are in need of applicants for AUTOCAD, every

applicant is forwarded to the current AUTOCAD employees. He will be
given plan, will be rated with how fast and accurate he works and be
evaluated if he is really knowledgeable of the job.

Researchers: What must an applicant do to impress the employer?

ADFIL’s: There are applicants who include in their application documents their
many seminars and trainings attended, yet in the actual execution in
the field, do not really know. So, the applicants must never include in
your application documents those that you truly do not know. Only
those which you really know and are knowledgeable of should be the
written in the documents you are to pass.
Researchers: What are your bases for promoting employees?

ADFIL’s: It is already the discretion of the boss. We are all equal here. It is
different in the government where your trainings are your passes to
promotions. In private companies, you should be 101% very good and
your 1% mistake will lead you to be fired-out.

Researchers: How are your employees trained?

ADFIL’s: Aside from trainings, if there are available, we cross-train our
employees here. The boss would place you in other field as long as
he knows you are capable. Here, you must be able to perform
multitasking. You should be exposed to other duties and that you
should know a lot.

If you apply to any company, it is a plus-factor if you already have other job
experiences that are related to your field or desired job. In ADFIL, the company adapts
this principle. The company is not that impressed with applicants who have grades that
are majority above 90’s because an applicant with such grades only applies for
employment to be part of experience and would then eventually leave the company.

The idea of considering the hiring of an applicant who job experiences than the
other one who has great grades but lacks experiences, may be positive or negative. It is
an advantage of a company to be able to hire applicants who are experienced since
experience is indeed the best teacher. A person with experience knows better that he
needs no more instructions. It is negative in the sense that the hired applicant may have
experiences already but has less intellectual capacity, and therefore, may be hard to be
given directions.

ADFIL does not advertise much on vacancies of employees, perhaps, because a

lot of their employees last on them or are very loyal to the company, so that they remain
in the company for years. This is an advantage for any company whose employees are
loyal to it and that there is no risk of hiring new employees who may come out ineffective
and inefficient.

One of the engineers in ADFIL, who I was able to talk to, said that they also
recommend acquaintances to fill in vacant positions whenever they would know such
positions are already vacant. These current employees are a good source of probable
applicants since they have been trusted by the company that they remain in it for years.

It is also good that the employees are being cross-trained for further
improvement of their skills not only in their usual jobs but also in the jobs of others. This
is a good approach of the company. Anytime an employee is absent, someone could
take over his job. The idea of multitasking, which is practiced in the company, is also a
good approach, since it develops the employees’ ability to think on and apply solutions
as they face multiple concerns and problems.
MOTIVATING ASPECT OF Engineering Management

Researchers: How does the president motivate his subordinates to work with
contentment? Are there bonuses?

ADFIL’s: The benefits imposed by the government through the labor code are
all enjoyed by the employees. But in the office, there are no rewards
given. If, for example, you have finished the project ahead of time, it is
not practiced in the company that you will receive a reward for the
success of finishing the project in advance. Even the government
does not practice that. Before, in the government, if a contractor
completes the project ahead of schedule, there is a reward. If the
contractor, on the other hand, fails to comply with the schedule, he is
given the liquidated damages. But this time, that practice of giving
rewards has been omitted. If the contractor will be behind the
schedule of finishing the project, liquidated damage per day should be
paid. Our only basis here is “no work, no pay.” We work on what
should be done for the company in return to its pay to us.

Researchers: What are the specific bonuses you receive aside from the mandated-
13th month pay?

ADFIL’s: Other than that, we receive no more bonuses. It already depends on

our boss who will oversee the performance of his subordinates.

Researchers: Do you adopt giving awards like “Employee of the Month?”

ADFIL’s: No.

Researchers: Are you given certificates at the end of the year?

ADFIL’s: No.

Researchers: Are there any forms of rewards where you are given recognition for
your achievements?

ADFIL’s: None.

Motivation is a very important factor to the enthusiasm and drive of an employee

to work on his duties. A lot of factors may lead the employee to be motivated, including
his salary, his relationship with his co-employees and boss, other forms of rewards or
incentives, etc.

But ADFIL does not consider the idea of motivating employees. Perhaps, the
employees are really satisfied on their jobs because of their salaries, since as I asked
some of the engineers, they said they were really satisfied with the salary they receive.
Being a private firm is not a reason why giving of rewards should not be considered.
SJIT is a private institution, yet the employees receive awards such as certificates or
plaques for their efforts done in the school and in activities that are school-related.

Thirteenth-month pay is mandated by the Labor Code, so any company should

provide this to its employees. Other than this, ADFIL’s employees do not receive more
bonuses. Bonuses, in some ways, really add up to the joy of the employees and would
inspire and drive them to stay in the company and not find other jobs in other firms. But,
one of the field engineers I was able to talk to said they were given sacks of rice every
December. It is, for me, a good motivation to the employees.

Giving of certificates to employees may also be one of the motivating factors a

company may do to give credits to the hard work of the workers. However, if the
company’s administration or top level management thinks the idea of giving such is an
overacting motion, then why not give them cash bonuses as the substitute.
LEADING ASPECT OF Engineering Management

Researchers: Is your boss strict?

ADFIL’s: Our boss is not really strict. He just focuses on the accomplishment of
every project. He makes sure that every man involved in the project is
really deployed. The utilization of equipment and employees should
be balanced. He checks and sees if the men are just lax on their
duties. As a businessman, your ultimate consideration really is the
accomplishment of your business and that the money he has spent
should have something in return, especially because ADFIL is a
private company. It is unlike in the government that others are just
negligent of their duties.

Researchers: What are the basic rules of the company that your president
ADFIL’s: First, the boss is always right. Second, if the boss is wrong, refer to
the first rule.

Researchers: When is that rule introduced?

ADFIL’s: This has been introduced even during the application stage.

Researchers: What are other rules followed?

ADFIL’s: In our attendance, we have punch cards. We must come to work and
punch our cards before 8:00 AM. There is a fifteen-minute extension.
Thus, we are allowed to punch until 8:15 AM. Later than that, your
daily wage will then be deducted. After 5:00 PM of duty on work will
already be considered overtime and shall be given pay.

Researchers: In the leadership of the project engineer, what are the usual problems
encountered with his field workers?
ADFIL’s: The engineers are sometimes strict, others are just too relaxed. The
workers sometimes have competition and would bribe the engineers
in any possible way. So, as a project engineer, you must set a good
leadership to your workers, so that in certain situations, you will be
able to advise them and motivate them to work. It is important for you
to give gap and put barrier between you and your workers. In the time
of work, you must be strict but not too much.

Leadership is another important factor in making one’s organization operating

properly. The leader must really be able to lead his followers in a proper way. He may be
autocratic in some ways, but generally, he must influence in a way approved by his

ADFIL’s president may be considered influential to all its employees. It is good

that from the stage that the employee when he was still an applicant, is already set with
his company’s foremost rules: Rule # 1 that says “The boss is always right” and Rule # 2
that states “If the boss is wrong, refer to Rule # 1.” This is a good starting point for an
applicant to consider his application to the company. If he cannot live with such policy,
then he must pull out from the application to the company and better try submitting an
application to other companies. If he agrees with those basic rules, then, he should
always bear them in his mind and work with the company inculcating the rules.

ADFIL is also practicing the idea of gap between leader and members. In a
construction firm, time is a very essential element in order to finish operations on or
before a given schedule. To avoid conflicts between members, the leader must not give
too much attention to any member. Conflicts would affect the rate of doing duties.
Friendship can be developed between leader and members in times outside working
hours, but during the hours of performing jobs, a leader should be strict in the proper
way to be able to influence his members.
CONTROLLING ASPECT OF Engineering Management

Researchers: How do you determine if your service to your clients is satisfactory?

ADFIL’s: The government has a lot of inspectors like the Quality Assurance
Unit (QAU). It rates the performance of the contractor. The members
of QAU will evaluate the government’s side engineers, whether they
have imposed the specifications of DPWH’s aspect or not during the
execution of the contractor. Another body is the Contractor
Performance Evaluation System that evaluates engineers from the
contractor’s side. There is a system of checking and balancing of
evaluation on both the government and contractor’s sides. If your
rating is poor, then you cannot participate anymore in biddings since
you will be blacklisted. It is a one-year suspension. Aside from that,
the end-user will not accept also your work if your performance and
workmanship is less. Warranty is also adopted in the service,
depending on the type of project being done

Researchers: Is ADFIL accredited by an accrediting body?

ADFIL’s: Triple A construction can qualify for ISO accreditation. Unfortunately,

we got downgraded from Triple A to Double A due to specific reason.
We’ve reached Triple A, but during the implementation of the ISO
accreditation, it so happened that we downgraded, so we weren’t able
to attain the accreditation. As a contractor, your materials engineer
should be accredited: Materials Engineer 2 for projects 100 million
and above and Materials Engineer 1 for below 100 million.

Controlling aspect of engineering management is very important to consider in

order determining whether the activity already done or currently done is successful or
not or checking whether the goals of the company are achieved or not.

ADFIL has no choice but to know whether they are properly operating or not.
Bodies that conduct evaluation on their projects implemented are the ones that check
their outputs. Ratings from them verify whether the output is satisfactory or
dissatisfactory, and with that, ADFIL is somehow compromised to really make their
outputs fine.

Standards for determining the quality of their output have been set by the
evaluating bodies. ADFIL, should take note on the results of the evaluations conducted
and use them as bases for the further projects, that they should not be lenient enough
just because they pass in the ratings. They should be very keen with changes especially
if the ratings are going down even they are in the range of satisfactory.

The planning aspect of ADFIL may not be evaluated properly because, according
to Engineer Rosario, the planning stage of their projects is done by DPWH, which is their
client in most of their projects. However, it has been mentioned and justified that the pre-
engineering activities conducted by the construction firm are considered the planning
stages of the company. Planning is one of the most essential stages of any work. Failure
on this primary stage would lead to the failure in the next stages.

The organizational structure of ADFIL is good, which may also mean that their
organizing stage is also good. Every position is properly defined and every employee
knows where he is placed in the company.

The company’s principle on hiring employees is generally fine. For a construction

company, every employee must be really competent and must be able to work at its best
for the welfare of the company.

It is in the motivating aspect of ADFIL where it is weakest. It must be able to

adopt techniques in motivating employees to work with satisfaction other than the salary.
It is not too late for the company to provide any forms of motivation to the employees so
that the firm will be assured of the loyalty of its employees and be guaranteed that its
employees will still be driven to perform their functions even in situations beyond their

The president of the firm has instilled good leadership to his subordinates.
Setting a good example can lead to success of its firm. There is no barrier between the
relationship of the leader and his members because even from the start, both parties
have already been cleared by their duties in their organization.

ADFIL is considered to inescapable in its output. It is the company itself that

evaluates the quality of its output services but the evaluating bodies that conduct such
examinations to determine the rate of performance of the firm. Thus, ADFIL is driven to
perform their tasks very well, provide quality services to their clients, and abide with the
standards set by these bodies or else they shall face the consequences.

Generally, the overall operation of the construction, in my viewpoint, is satisfactory,

except by the fact that the welfare of the employees are not really given attention as to its
motivation strategies, because I really believe it should be enriched by the company’s top
management to ensure the employees’ delight to their services to the company. I’m afraid
if time comes that the company will already start losing one of their assets, the employees,
because they have missed giving attention to what they truly need.
Other Questions Answered

Researchers: Have you encountered failure in your operation like delay in the
construction of project?

ADFIL’s: So far, we’ve been always ahead of schedule. This is monitored since
if a negative slippage occurs, it is one of the grounds for a
construction firm to be disqualified in participating in project biddings.
A slippage of -5 constitutes to a first warning, -10 is second warning,
and for -15, the government will already give the firm a suspension
order. This is really monitored because prior to the conduct of the
project, the firm is required to submit a PERT-CPM and it shall be
their basis for their report.

Researchers: Have there been clients who withdraw from your services?

ADFIL’s: Our projects are mostly from the DPWH. It has not happen yet.

Researchers: What if one client will withdraw from your service?

ADFIL’s: It is impossible to happen once the project has been bidden unless no
funds will arrive.

Researchers: Has the incidence of no funds happened already?

ADFIL’s: Yes. There were three times that we won the bidding for each but
during the time for awarding of the bid, the award for each was not
given because of lack of funds. The government will not really publish
project if no allotment is given by the government intended for the
project. In these cases, department order was given to them to bid
those projects because there is a time frame needed to be complied,
and so ADFIL participated. But during the time the project should have
been awarded to us, it did not happen because there were no funds
available. The project is therefore cancelled.

• Letter prepared for the Interview

• Guide Questions Used in Interview

• CD that contains
o Recorded interview
Letter Prepared for the Interview

March 16, 2009


ADFIL Corporation
Doongan, Butuan City


A pleasant day to you.

As our final requirement in our Engineering Management subject in Saint

Joseph Institute of Technology (SJIT), we have chosen to conduct an interview
to your company on the planning, organizing, staffing, motivation, leading, and
controlling management aspects you execute in your corporation. We have
asked permission already from Madam Crisanta Gado and she told us to
prepare our set of questions for the interview. We also called your office this
morning and one of your personnel has answered the call. She also permitted
us in our request.

We shall be glad to know your positive response regarding this. You may
contact is through cellular phone numbers 09096656622 or 09197924325 for
more information, on your most convenient time.

Thank you very much and more power to your company.

Very respectfully yours,

ECE-4 Student


ECE-4 Student



Professor, Engineering Management

Vision and Mission

1. What is the vision and the mission of ADFIL?


2. How do you conduct planning of your projects?

3. What strategies do you take to attain success of your planned projects?
4. What barriers are usually encountered in the planning stages?
5. How did you overcome those barriers?
6. How do you associate your resources to the planning stages?


7. Overview of the organizational structure

8. How do you divide the tasks of the employees?


9. How is your recruitment process done?

10. What qualifications do you consider to applicants?
11. What are your bases for promoting employees?
12. How are your employees trained?


13. How does the president motivate his subordinates?

14. Does every employee receive bonus?
15. Do you recognize achievements of your employees through awards or rewards?


16. Is your president strict?

17. What is his leadership style?
18. What rules do he and the company implement?
19. What are the usual problems encountered in the leading aspect of the president?


20. How do you determine if your service to your clients is satisfactory?

21. Is your company accredited by certain body?

Age : 20
Address : Alubihid, Buenavista Agusan del Norte
Contact Number : 09096656622
Citizenship : Filipino
Religious Aff. : Philippine Catholic (PECC)
Birth Date : September 13, 1988
Birth Place : Buenavista Agusan del Norte
Father : Jose Jagna Tabungao
Mother : Judith Hidalgo Balansag


College : Saint Joseph Institute of Technology

Butuan City
Degree : BS in Electronics Engineering (BSECE)
4th Year

Secondary : Buenavista National High School

Matabao, Buenavista Agusan del Norte
SY 2004-05, 1st Honorable Mention

Elementary : Saint Joseph Institute of Technology

Butuan City
SY 2000-01, 3rd Honors

Vocational : Agusan National High School

TESDA - Alternative Learning System
July 2008 – December 2008