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Semester 1 150 lectures

Physio Biochem Cell Structure & Functions Cell Membrane & Transport Membrane Potential Protein Structure & Function Enzymes Carbohydrate Structure & Functions Carbohydrate Metabolism Energy Production Lipid Structure & Functions Lipid Metabolism Protein Metabolism Lipoprotein Metabolism Integrated Metabolism Nutrition 1 Nutrition 2 Nutrition and Health Overview of Inborn Errors of Metabolism Cell Division Meiosis & Gametogenesis Patterns of Inheritance Structure & Functions of Nucleic Acid Transcription, Protein Synthesis Cytogenetics Mutation & Chromosomal Disorders Molecular Genetics Population Genetics 31-Dec 1-Jan 1-Jan 2-Jan 2-Jan

Ana Introduction to Anatomy Body Structure & General Functions Tissues of the Body Bone & Cartilage Bones of the Body Bone Formation Muscle Structure Functional Groups of Muscles Joints of the body Components of Blood & Functions 31-Dec 1-Jan 2-Jan

Platelets & Haemostasis

Organ Systems
Thoracic Cage & Viscera Structure & Functions of Repiratory track Pulmonary Ventilation Structure of The Heart Conduction System of the heart Thoracic Organs Cardiac Cycle Skin Structure and Functions Haemoglobin Lymphatic System & Lymphoid Organs Overview of the Nervous System (Anatomy) Overview of Special Sense Organs (1+2) Overview of the Nervous System (Physiology) Spinal Cord & Peripheral Nerves Nervous System (video) Motor & Sensory Functions Synapses & Reflex Arc (Stretch Reflex) Anatomy of Upper GI Anatomy of Lower GI Kidney Functions Functions of Upper GI Functions of Lower GI Muscle Contraction Stucture and function of Urinary System Overview of Digestion and Absorption 31-Dec 1-Jan 2-Jan

Defense and Abnormal Tissues

Patho Introduction to Pathology Cell injury Introduction to Physical Examination 1 Acute Inflammation Chronic Inflammation Cells of Immune System Introduction to Physical Examination 2 Healing & Repair Ischaemia , Thrombosis, Embolism Abnormal Growth Neoplasia I Neoplasia 2 Antigen-Antibody Reactions CASE STUDY : SLE + HIV 31-Dec 1-Jan 2-Jan



Pharmacokinetics 1 Pharmacokinetics 2 Pharmacokinetics 3 Drug Receptor Interaction 1 Drug Receptor Interaction 2 Factors affecting drug therapy Pharmacology autonomic nervous system Autacoids and antagonists 1 Autacoids and antagonists 2

1-Jan 1-Jan 2-Jan

Human Development
Functional Anatomy/Physiology Autonomic Nervous System Structure & Function of the Female Reproductive System Structure & Function of the Male Reproductive System Reproductive hormones Male & Female Fertilisation & Implantation Embryonic Period 1-Jan 1-Jan 2-Jan

Micro Intoduction to microbiology General characteristics and identification of bacteria Medically important fungi Medically Important Bacteria Bacterial genetics Virology 1 Virology 2 Pathogenic mechanism of m.o. and infectious diseases process 1 Pathogenic mechanism of m.o. and infectious diseases process 2 Antiseptics, disinfectantion and sterilisation Healthcare associated infection Antimicrobial therapy 1 Antimicrobial therapy 2 Case study: management of infection Basic concepts of parasitism and effects in hosts 1 Basic concepts of parasitism and effects in hosts 2 Medically important parasities 1-Jan 1-Jan 2-Jan

Physio Homeostasis Fluid, Electrolytes & pH balance Microcirculation and Odema Clinical Physiology- Hypovolaemic Shock Thermoregulation Overview of Endocrine Glands Location , Histology Mechanism of Actions of Hormones Functions of Hypothalamic -Pituitary Hormones 1-Jan 1-Jan 2-Jan

Functions of Adrenal & Pancreatic Hormones Functions of Thyroid Parathyroid Hormones Abnormalities due to Hormonal Disorders Lifestyle Diseases

Stats Confidence Interval Epidemiology & Prevention of HIV/AIDS Descriptive Statistics Comparing Differences between Populations Correlation & Regression Analysis Relative Risk & Odds Ratio Principles of Epidemiology Statistics Workshop Epidemiology & Prevention of Communicable Diseases 1 Epidemiology & Prevention of Communicable Diseases 2 Epidemiology & Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases Measurement of Diseases Immunisation Schedule Vaccine related Diseases Epidemiological Study Designs Introduction to Occupational Health Epidemiology of Environment Hazard and Toxins Culture,health and disease Maternal & Child Health Care Disease outbreak and Investigation Primary Health Care Malaysian Health care system Epidemiology and preventionof intentional and non-intentional injuries Introduction to Environmental Health Research & Evidence based Medicine Development Aspects of Patient Health Psychosocial Barriers to Patient Health Introduction to Medical Ethics & Law Models of Behaviour Exchange Patient Autonomy and Consent Professional Code of Conduct 1-Jan 1-Jan

Semester 2 48 lectures OLIS Heart and Percardium Coronary Circulation- Anta & Physio Coronary Circulation & Lipid Metabolism Athersclerosis MI Pathogenesis of atheroma & complications Pathogenesis of IHD MI Clinical Aspects Functional Anat of Blood Vessels Diseases of arteries & veins Lipid Lowering Drugs Common ECG changes Pharmaco agents in IHD Lifestyle risk factors & prevention Medical Ethics Arrhythmia & ECG changes Origin & spread of cardiac excitation Electrophysiological basis of ECG Cardiac Cycle Common distubances in cardiac rhythm Principles of anti-arrhythmic drug therapy Auto regulation of blood flow Atheroma & blood pressure Cardiac output & regulation Blood pressure variation & homeostatis CV adjustments in haemmorhage Cardiac contraction & metabolism Measurements of cardiac output Pathophysiology of hypertension Antihypertensive mechanism of action Aetiology and pathophysiology of shock Embrology of heart Congenital disorders of heart Foetal Circulation & changes at birth Congenital HDs Rheumatic fever Antimicrobial therapy Normal & abnormal heart sounds Aeitiology & pathogenesis of valvular HD Rheumatic HD Infective endocarditis

Myocarditis/percarditis/cardiomyopathy Infective endocarditis Pathophysiological basis of oedema Pharmaco agents in heart failure Summarising, clinical rwasons & diff diagno Pharmaco agents in heart failure Case study Cardiac rehailitation

28 lectures Development of face & respi tract Anat of lungs & histology of airways Pleura & Mediastinum Larynx & Phonation Mechanisms of breathing Pulmonary Ventilation Control of Respi Host defence mechanism Patho of airway diseases Respi adjustments to activities Hypoxia and respi faliure Pathophyio of bronchial asthma & allergic rhinitis Patho of Pulmonary vascular disease Drugs for cough Carcinoma of lungs Overview if Obstructive & restrictive lung disease Common respi disease in children Anti asthmatic drugs End of life issues Benign & malignant neoplasia of the URT Microbio of infection of respi tract Pathology of pneumonia Antibiotics of respi infections Ocuupational Lung disease Pathology of TB Acute breathlessness Drugs for TB Prevention of TB & other infections

42 lectures

Haemopoesis 1 RBC Physiology Intro to anaemia & RBC data interpretation Nutritional defecency & anaemia Bone marrow faliure Haematinics Haemoglobinopathies Haemolytic anaemia Thalasaemia Haemopesis II Immune response 1 Immune response 11 B-lymphocytes &humoral immune response Role of MHC/HLA in immune response T-cell activation &cell mediated immune response Immunological tolerance General principles of autoimmunity General principle of hypersensitivity Immunodeficency and AIDS Immunoglobulind Antigen -antibody recations Case study discussion:SLE & HIV Intro to Venipuncture Benign disorders of white blood Acute Leukaemia Chronic leukaemias Myeloproliferative disorders Lymphomas Abnormalities of haemostasis Principles of anticoagulation therapy Examination of rash Malaria & other blood protozoa Malaria & other blood protozoa Filarasis Viral haemorrhagic diseases Prevention & control of vector born diseases Psychological problems in blood disorders ABO and Rh blood grouping Blood and blood product transfusion Adverse Reactions to transfusion Ethics of transplantation

Use of imaging techniques in CVS, Respi & haemato disorders