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Grace Notes

Grace Notes


Dear Members and Friends, Once I was watching a movie and I couldnt really enjoy it because the people behind me were whispering through most of it. Another time I was in a seminar and I thought of something to tell my friend who was sitting next to me, so I did. A few people turned around and looked at me. Oops! I didnt need to say that then, but I did and I shouldnt have. The point is, any one of us can be annoying to others at times. Since Christians care about others as part of what we do, we will want to try to always be considerate of others during worship. I thought I would share an article from the Lutheran Handbook that we use in confirmation class on this subject.

How To Respond To A Disruption During Worship

Disruptions during worship are inevitable. The goal is to soften their impact. 1. Simply ignore the offending event, if possible. Many disruptions are brief and the persons involved act quickly to quiet them. Avoid embarrassing others; maintain your attention on the worship activity. 2. Some disruptions cannot be ignored and may threaten to continue indefinitely. The agony will go on unless you act. Consider the following types: Active Children Your Problem: You are most familiar with your own family. If you sense an outburst will end quickly, simply allow it to pass. If not, escort the child to the lobby for a little quiet time, then return. Note: Under all circumstances, children should be made to feel welcome in worship!

Someone Elses Problem: Politely offer to help, perhaps by helping to occupy the child quietly or - with the parents permission - by escorting the tot to the lobby, nursery, or cry room.

Personal Electronics

Your Problem: Turn off cell phones, pagers, and other electronic alarms immediately and discreetly. If contact is made and it is critical, remove yourself to the lobby and call back. Under no circumstances should you answer your phone during worship. Someone Elses Problem: Politely ask them to respect worship by moving the conversation to the lobby.

Grace Notes
Grace Notes


Chatty Neighbor

Your Problem: Chatty persons should be alert to stares and grim looks from neighbors and be prepared to stop talking upon seeing them.

Someone Elses problem: Politely ask the talkers to wait until after worship to conclude the conversation. During the coffee hour, approach them with a cookie to mend any offense they may have felt.


Your Problem: Ask first if cameras are allowed. If so, unobtrusively and discreetly position yourself out of the line of sight of other worshipers. Be aware of the films exposure number to avoid jarring auto-rewind noises. Flash cameras are strictly taboo. Someone Elses Problem: Politely offer to show the photographer where to stand to get the shot but without obstructing worship.

Sound System Feedback

Pastors often make jokes to cover for feedback and keep the appropriate mood for worship. If this happens, consider making a donation earmarked for a new sound system in the plate.

Be Aware Some people may perceive tennis shoes with light -up soles on acolytes and other worship assistants to be disruptive. If possible, coordinate the color of the shoe lights with the season of the church year to avoid undue flak. I hope this helps in a pointed yet lighthearted way. Grace and Peace to You, Pastor David Almleaf

Grace Notes
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Altar Flowers April & May

May 5 - Barbara Frederick Marlene & George Slingerland May 12 - Maryland Warner May 19 - Nancy Blanchard May 26 - Dorian & Tabetha Angus Carol Hennessey June 2 - Dick & Audrey Goebel June 9 - Dorian & Tabetha Angus June 16 - Maryland Warner June 23 - Marlene & George Slingerland June 30 - Larry & Carol Preston Altar flowers are $33.00 unless you share a Sunday then they would be $16.50 each vase. If you wish to place a special arrangement in the Sanctuary the cost would be whatever you would like to spend. Nancy Blanchard (762-4234) and Linda Bumpus (725-1927) are the Altar Flower coordinators.

Bread Bakers March & April

May 5 - Cindy Walsh May 19 - Peggy Niforos May 26 - Linda Morley June 2 - Carol Hennessey June 30 - Helen Schreivogl Please find someone to replace you if you cannot bake bread the Sunday you are scheduled and whenever possible, tell the church secretary so the bulletin can reflect the change. Thank you, Peggy Niforos

Counters for March & April

05/05 - Nancy Blanchard, Greta Davis, Bonnie 05/12 - Nancy Demarest, Ron & Jackie Hollenbeck 05/19 - Nancy Demarest, Ron & Jackie Hollenbeck 05/26 - Darleen Gaugler, Charlotte Petersen, Bonnie 06/02 - Darleen Gaugler, Charlotte Petersen, Bonnie 06/09 - Nancy Demarest, Ron & Jackie Hollenbeck 06/16 - Nancy Demarest, Ron & Jackie Hollenbeck 06/23 - Nancy Blanchard, Greta Davis, Bonnie 06/30 - Nancy Blanchard, Greta Davis, Bonnie

(I) - Intinction Sunday (R) - Rail Sunday May 5 (R) - Carol Hennessey May 12 (I) - Joan Longfritz May 19 (R) - Bonnie Olendorf May 26 (R) - Marion Pellegrino June 2 (R) - Darleen Gaugler June 9 (I) - Don Phelps June 16 (I) - Peg Niforos June 23 (I) - Nancy Demarest June 30 (R) - Kathy VanValkenburgh Please find someone to replace you if you cannot make the Sunday you are scheduled and whenever possible, tell Bonnie so that the bulletin can reflect the change. Peg Niforos, Altar Guild Coordinator

Prayer Chain Ministry Prayers of the Church

Please notify the church office when your prayers have been answered so your prayer concern can be removed from the list that Pastor raises up to God on Sunday morning. Thank you. If you know of anyone in need of daily prayers for the healing of body, mind or soul, please call Bobbi Nigro (725-6781) or Nancy Demarest (725-8704). If requesting in person, please submit the name(s) in writing and add your name at the bottom. To further assist, please reconnect with that member of the Prayer Chain within 2 weeks to verify the condition of the person(s) receiving prayer. All requests are held in confidence unless otherwise designated. Thank you.

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Congratulations to Our Newest Deacon Linda Bumpus was commissioned as a deacon at the Foothills Spring Assembly held here on Saturday April 27. She will be installed as a deacon at Grace on Sunday May 12th. We pray for Gods blessings to be upon her as she serves him as a deacon in his church.

On Sunday April 21st 2013 We welcomed into the Lords family through The Sacrament of Holy Baptism Thaddeus David Coody, son of Bradley and Andrea (Edick) Coody and Olivia Michelle Vige daughter of Michael and Kayla (Miller) Vige.

Air Conditioner Update

Sundaes on Sunday
On Sunday May 19th, 2013 at 12:00pm, we will be hosting an Ice Cream Social on the side lawn. The ticket price is $1 per person and the Gloversville Jazz Band will be performing. Bring your chairs and blankets and enjoy a lovely Sunday afternoon with family and friends.

The air conditioning is being installed as well as the electrical work being completed. You may notice the units in the sanctuary and air vents in the ceilings of the offices, library, fellowship hall and kitchen. Several fund raisers are being planned to help raise money for the air conditioning. The cost to do the air conditioning is $28,500. and electric for it $3,260. a total of $31,760. To date we have received $4,657.85 towards the air conditioning and $3,806.25 for the electric leaving a balance of $23,295.90. If you wish to contribute to this project you may place your donation in the offering plate or drop it off in the church office. Be sure to mark the envelope that its for the air conditioning.

Relay for Life 2013

May 31 @ 6pm to June 1 @ 7am Park Terrace School in Gloversville

Graces Team is Prayin For A Cure

To Join our Team please see Alison Martin or register online

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Remember Our Shut-Ins

At Home:
Eleanor Achzet Eileen Spawn Florence Sandner Ruth Seiler Helene Keach

Nathan Littauer Nursing Home:

Donna Mae Batty Ruth Brownell

Wells House:
Geraldine Moldt

Pineview Commons:
Shirley Snyder

Willing Helpers:
Lorraine Muller Dona Frey

Prayer Concerns
Marianne Jones Ella Congdon Sue McGrattan Tina Aldonis Raymond Rulison Kevin Kane Christine Hahn Marion Pellegrino Michael Everest Anna King Rick Hennessey Anna Butez Grandstaff Family Sara Vesteese Charlotte Palmeri Clara Young Greg Nellis Donald Wright Richard Elmendorf Phyllis Lane

All those who have served and for all those who are now serving in the armed forces, especially:
Scott Bumpus Brandon Caldwell Tony Clemente Brad Coody John Ferrara Kevin Funk Zachary Goot Jordan Keeling Lance Corporal Corey Lincoln Denise & Jacob Lockwood Thomas Szumowski And for our enemies

Please pray for NOAH, the food pantries of Johnstown & Gloversville and for those in need of them. Please pray for those who are out of work and searching for jobs.

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Grace Notes
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May Birthdays
1Richard Van Slyke Ed Congdon Garrett Bobowski John Darling Jr. Ada Mrazz Emily Frasier Carisa Miller James Hing Rebecca Pianelli Don Dygert Nicholas Ligon Katherine Van Alstyne Jennifer Wainwright Esther Weaver Robert Spawn Thomas Fraker Jr. Rodney Nielsen Lauryn Pianelli Stacey Morley Heather Wolenik Cheryl Van Alstyne Cynthia Clo Linda Bumpus Phyllis Wright Happy Mothers Day Stephanie Haskin Allison Claire Gregory Margaret Hastings Erik Johnson Paul Stemmler Sarah Mraz Kathlena Rose Berecka Don Phelps Rebecca Ferry Kristie Sammons 17 18 19 20 21 Shirley Frederick Audrey Rulison Mary Phelps Barry Schuyler, Sr. Charlene Brothers Carol Preston Carol Paxton Spencer Lord Trisha Bobowski Karl Blanchard Larry Preston Tabetha Angus Betty Harrington James Wallace Charlotte Petersen Jeannine Schwartz Cheryl Walsh Joshua Brown Archie Baird Lawrence Snyder Jennifer Edick Herringshaw Taz Taylor Ronald McClain Michael Russo Carly Brown Daniel Miller Barbara Cline Bonnie Flint Frederick John Harrington Linda Amberger Monica DiScioscia Carlee Fiorillo Mary Winne Matthew Van Slyke Joshua Harvey Fountain Caitlin Taylor Dingman

234 5 6 7 -

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29 30 31 -

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June Birthdays
124Karly Vdoviak Joseph Miller Hannah Catherine Fountain Donald Robbins Carol Travis-Hennessey Christopher Bryan Betty Hauser 56911 Beth Claes Lisa Clo McLellan Andrea Hemmerich Douglas Darling Lynn Marie Glode Koreen Vainauskas Michael Frederick Barto Brown II 12 Vincent Christman Jack Szumowski Caitlyn Spring 13 15 16 William Goebel Jack Joslyn Robert Morley II Jared Goderie Thomas Frederick James Robert Pianelli Cynthia Ermie 17Happy Fathers Day James Mitchell Eleanor Achzet Christine Ermie Breanna VanValkenburgh 29 30 28 27 23 22 21 20 19 Jeffrey M. Smith Deb Haberacher Patricia Calhoun Kay Joslyn Vanessa Warner Saltis Jarred Brown Andrew Lakata Tara Ann Fisher Austin Davis Alyssa Davis Dona Frey James Snyder John McCllelan Evelyn Grace Clo John Peck Deanna Frasier Cindy Cromer Dorian Angus Arlene Merrick Ella Congdon Melissa Hohler