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Travis Pearson

Time: 9:20-10:05 Group #2 March 18 - 22, 2013 NVEnergy Electrical Safety World Lesson taken from packet given to us by NVEnergy. Vocabulary: definitions are found in the packet on page 3 and will be used throughout the week. Atoms Circuit Conductor Current Electricity Electron Energy Insulator Volts Watts Standards: (5)1.9 - Explain that all people can contribute to scientific knowledge and discovery. N.5.B.1 - Students know that, throughout history, people of diverse cultures have provided scientific knowledge and technologies. E/S (5)1.10 - Differentiate between renewable and nonrenewable resources. N.5.B.2 - Students know technologies impact society, both positively and negatively. E/S (5)1.12 - Cooperate and contribute ideas within a group. N.5.B.3 - Students know the benefits of working with a team and sharing findings. E/L Procedures: Each student will take out their own copy of the pamphlet "Electrical Safety World." Teacher will lead a discussion on power sources using questions to spark the students curiosity. Teacher will lead the class in a discussion of what each vocabulary word means from page 3 of the pamphlet. Students will be divided into eight groups with approximately 3 to 4 students in each group. Each group will be assigned an energy source from pages 4 and 5 from the packet. Each group will have 10 minutes to research their energy source to know how we get energy from that source and if it is renewable or not. Each group will have 3 minutes to share what they have found from research and explain to the class how we get electricity from that energy source and whether the energy source is renewable or not. Each student will mark their pamphlets as to which energy sources are renewable or not.

Daily Objective: Content Objectives: I will seek information on my energy source to know how we get electricity from the source and if the source is renewable or not and why? Language Objectives: I will research and find how we get electricity from my energy source and whether my energy source is renewable or not. Academic Language Function: Seek information (Use where, what, and how to gather information).

Concept and Skill Development and Application: Students will work as a group to find research on their energy source. Students will learn how to use the computer for information sources to answer the questions of how we get electricity from my energy source and whether my energy source is renewable or not. Students will learn how to speak in front of the class to present information. Students will listen and pay attention to their other classmates as they present their information on their energy sources. Guided/Independent/Group Practice: Whole group discussion on vocabulary words and energy sources Independent work to fill out the energy sources pages 4 and 5. Small group work to research their energy sources

Kagan Strategies: none

Homework Assignments: None

Long-Term Memory Review: Students will use their researching skills to find information on the internet or encyclopedia. Students will use their presentation skill to present to the class with their group the information they found from their research.

Materials: Pamphlet from NVEnergy "Electrical Safety World." Can be found at Projector Document Camera Audio enhancement system Computers for researching energy sources Paper for writing notes from research

Assessing: Students will be assessed on the information they present to the class during their group presentations. A possible 5 points will be given according to their participation and information presented.