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9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy


Passport: C2-41982
, DOB: , 08/30/J972...
Citizenship: Saudi. Arabia
VA. DL: T66190719 ... ,..
Entered US 12/-Q8/00 Cincinnati>..OH with intended city Oakland, CA

SAs1 Ibfatained information from the

manager of Gateway Gourmet that employee""! ~1 SSAN
I 1, had abandoned his vehicle, a
burgundy Volvo with VIN YV1AX8A40G119828.9, no tags. The Volvo
was left in the Gateway Gourmet parking lot,, unlocked, with keys
in the ignition. Documents in the car, visible from the
exterior, indicated it was left .for charitable donation. The car
\s removed from the parking lot by Aerolink Towing Service and
^impounded at the IAD impound lot. 1 1 was interviewed by SA

I conducted
\ and provided consent to search thea car.
search of theI car, which
yielded miscellaneous items of no apparent significance. Those
items will be placed in evidence and reviewed for relevance. A
\d was set to interviewX lin Petersburg.
\VA, the listed owner of the car. ACS search on I |revealed
preferences to| I

A search warrant was obtained for a 1988 Toyota Corolla

associated with NAWAF ALHAZMI, located in the IAD hourly parking
lot. Items seized included: Dulles Airport hourly parking ticket
receipt dated and time stamped "09/11/01 7:25 a.m."; four large
(plotter paper size) color diagrams of an instrument panel for a
B757 aircraft; one yellow and bla6k utility knife (box cutter)
with no model or brand name; identification card for HANI HANJOUR
from Pan Am International Flight Academy, Jet Tech International,
3824 E. Roeser Road, Phoenix, AZ, along with cashier's check paid
in the amount of $5,745 to the academy from HANI HANJOUR;
Insurance policy which appeared to be for the Toyota Corolla in


9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

9/11 Law Enforcement Sensitive

1A-1A66609 M-WFA-00043668
9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

the name of KHALED ALMEDHAR, 7091 Eckstrom Ave., San Diego, CA.
[ALMEDHAR may be same as KHALID ALMIDHAR, a passenger on American
Flight 77 out of Dulles]; and Pan Am International Flight Academy
compact disk entitled "Pan Am 737 Walkaround". A search of the
trunk produced a bag containing a torn piece of paper referencing
a travel itinary for seats 13A and 13B for KHALID ALMIHDHAR and
MAJED MOQUED on flight 77. The handwritten above seat numbers
13A and 13B was "12A & 12B." Hand written on the reverse side of
the itinarary was the address 4423 Lehigh Rd. #126, College Park,
MD 20740. Also handwritten on the reverse side were the numbers
,4343030519140813 and 3546765C669109AAC, and "American Airlines
P.IN1975 Email The above numbers appear to
reference an American Airlines Advantage account, the access code
Mr the account, and possible travel confirmation number. Leads
related to the search were prepared and sent to WFO.
SAs| [obtained the Budget, Enterprise and Hertz
IAD. rental car return logs for 09/11.
SAs| |obtained Super Shuttle fare records
for trips to IAD on 09/11/01.
The US Customs Service indicates on 08-24-2001 a TECS Report was
entered on KHALID BIN MUHAMMAD KHALID stating he was a suspected
terrorist. The Intelligence Report requested AL-MIHDHAR be
stopped and escorted for secondary processing. On 08-31-2001 an
INS Lookout in TECS advised that KHALID was armed and dangerous,
and requested that he be referred to secondary. On 09-04-2001 a
TECS entry noted that KHALID was a potential witness in FBI case
# 199N-NY-280285 and requested that he be held and NY FBI agents
be contacted. On 09-05-2001 an INS TECS entry indicated KHALID's
visa was revoked by the US State Department and upon entering the
US he was to be stopped and referred to INS. Two previous FAA
entries made noted that KHALID was affiliated with two separate
private aircrafts in 1994. TECS also revevealed that KHALID and
NAWAF ALHAZMI had sequential CA driver's licenses D2416697 and
D2416698. Both used the address 6401 Mt. Ada Rd., Apt. 150, San
Diego, CA. KHALID's last reported entry into the US was 07-04-
On 08-24-2001 a Customs TECS stated NAWAF ALHAZMI was entered as
a suspected terrorist and a stop request was placed upon his
entry into the US. ALHAZMI used the same address as was used by
KHALID AL-MIHDHAR, 6401 Mt. Ada Rd., Apt. 150, San Diego, CA.
On 08-30-2001 AL-HAZMI was entered into TECS as armed and
Dangerous. TECS noted AL-HAZMI was affiliated with a private
plane. AL-HAZMI's entry date was the same as KHALID AL-MIHDHAR.


9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

terrorist. On 08-30-2001 SHAKIR was entered as armed and

Danger ous .
0,n 0$-r24-2001 SALAH SAEED MOHAMME BIN YOUSAF was entered into
TECS aV:;a suspected terrorist. On 08-30-2001 BIN YOUSAF was
enteredN.aS. armed -and dangerous.

6 AM - 6 EM SiHIFT 09/13/01

Briefing \. '\
Reported work going tor ward on subject's car: car has been
searched and leads ..have been set based on items found in the car.
car of employee., -results were ..negative, not suspect
' ',' , _ '' ._
ASAC Andress wa,s here during the night . ,
Developing, info on subleetF . 1 Leads are still outstanding
\o 'determine his invo^-vem^I>t • ''•-, • i
\Effo.rts underway to determine if sixth subject j_ | on
\Flight ~li\S check conducted on the following:

1) (positive)
2) {positive)
3) /(negative)
The .following AA personnel were interviewed,by SAj |
with, no pe.rtinent information:
\\ Claude Payne
\ Innocent Tchokouassi,
\\, A. Davila
\\\. Escuardro.D. Pioli ,
PiTF ^f)Ti\- conducted search of |_ 1:
\rttfPassport #?)J |

\d IAD on 09/10/2001 via Ethiopia Airlines (Flight

J5731 . £N5 queried him and then cleared him. Inspector SSAN 1 ~
1 1 \Lane R426.

Interviewl 1
Persons who picked up baggage from United Airline baggage area on


LA-1A66609 " M-WF.V000436'

9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy
9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy 9/11 Law Enforcement Sensitive

8:30 AM Briefing 09/13/01

-Focus on Fl 614 (9/11/01) from Ft. Lauderdale to LaGuardia. Two

men on board had their knives taken away from them prior to
boarding. Real seat assignments were 13D/13F, earlier reports
had their seats as 7D/7E. Possibly on FT. Lauderdale to
LaGuardia flight on 9/10 at 2:50 PM but flight was delayed due to
bad weather.
-Fit 614/9-11 plane was diverted to Dulles and everyone was
offloaded. There will be attempt to locate the two men, their
hotels, etc.
-Three teams assigned to work on these assignments. Six agents
for team to locate subjects, search plane, obtain manifest,
interview flight crew/passengers. Second team to concentrate on
possibility of rental truck bomb at Dulles as a truck has been


1A-1A66609 M-WFA-00043672
9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

sitting in short term parking for several days unclaimed. Third

team .will concentrate on hotel where the subjects are staying,
once the hotel has been identified.
-Information received on individuals trying to get out of the USA
through Canada. Were willing to pay large sums of cash to
facilitate this.

Lead r.eport of 11 individuals picking up their baggage at Dulles

baiggage claim on 9/12 at approximately 3:00 pm. Identifying
information obtained and attached to FD-822.
Contents'vvpf NAWAF ALHAZMI's 1.988 Toyota at Dulles were collected.
Leads generated as result.
I at Dulles, reported that
I Wilson's Leather at D
Concourse in .Dulles, noticed a "pilot" in his store before the
flight, mi 11 i.hq around. Pilot left, gb.t coffee, and came back, to
store. I lis from Pakistan but originally from Afghanistan
and left after.Soviet invasion.
AA employee BARR^ZA gave names of other AA employees who cleaned
plane, most of whom have been interviewed by FBI already.
Volvo (no tag, VlH, YV1AX8840G1198289) belonging to I
j I towed to Duties impound lot by PD on the evening of
9/12/01. Report attached to FD-822.
] reported WALEED AL-
SHERI lived at 502 Street until 1999 and had taken pilof s
-» r-»^l VlTirf-4 +"^a l^-^T-* *-* -1 1 >"\t" '

training in Daytona, Florida, j

_| interview of L ]who picked up

bag from Dulles baggage claim on 9/12/01. (Reported attached to

SA [ ] interviewed 7 persons picking up baggage at Dulles

on 9/12/01, See attachment to FD-822.
traveled on a United .Airline flight to Duluth,
Minnesota on 6/6/01 and noticed afi. unusual number of Arabic
persons who were spread evenly throughout the plane. The Arabs
did not speak with each other, but 1 ~| said they appeared to

1A-1A66609 M-WFA-00043673
9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

make bod'y .motions indicating they 'k"rrew-...each other. A couple even

walked up., anci down the aisle of., the plane. | ~| was concerned
this puluth was a training...mission for a hijacking.

.Janet Turner, Assistant General Manager, Hyatt.. Dulles, provided

video tapes for 9 7-5-117.2001. "...

EDDIE EGERTON, Hyatt Dulles provided printouts pertaining t'oj |

kwho checked into Hyatt oh,7/30/2001 and checked out 8/13/T5l.
received a nackacre. Hyatt security said it was addressed
I from "" on 8/13/2001.
checked out the same day. I I had 5 middle eastern guests
in is hotel room. Possible significant guests:

\ 9/9-11/01 Herndon, VA-,

9/9-11/01. New Jersey,

_/- 9/11-12/01

Lead to obtain printout of all vehicles and customer info

returned to Dollar rental car on 9/11/2001. Printout obtained
identified! "| of Palestine as returning a vehicle
rented in Pittsburgh. Lead set to contact Dollar Rental Car
employee present for return of the vehicle.

Additional Subject Information:

SA's search of NAWAF ALHAZMI 1988 Toyota at Dulles Airport
produced a check book from Hudson United Bank, Levittown, PA.
Checking account #3980999775 in name of Alhazmi, with an address
of 96 Lynwood Plaza, tt417, Ft. Lee, NJ. Lead set for subpoena
for bank account. Lead set to include in Rapid Start info from
message found on paper in glove compartment, "OSAMA 589 5317."

Customs TEC's search produced list of possible terrorists entry

into U.S. on 08/23/01. ALHAZMI's name was included in the list
with DOB 08/09/76, citizenship Saudi Arabia, passport # 8673987.
Lead set for Choice Point and AutoTrac search for others on the

Information FAXED from USDOS TipOff Program on KALID BIN MUHAMMAD



IA-1A66609 M-WFA-00(W674
9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

have taken the package into custody, FBI SA has accompanied package.

,-VA DMV information received by Dulles CP at around 9 am, 9/13/2001 on four of five
Subjects, all except forNAWAF ALHAZMI.

Kvas interviewed regarding any knowledge of Flights 144 and 77.

1:26:pm>?Hefing (9/13/2001)

^investigation of FL 614 has been suspended, two suspects were non-Middle Eastern
1 \jcurrently being interviewed - Four teams of FBI agents went to four sites connected to
' \. brother, one in Burke, VA, McJean, VA and 2 in Silver Spring, MD (agent for
Baltimore oflfice.will accompanying WFO agents to Silver Spring sites)
*iiead set to rf trieye ATT telephone records for telephones located on AA hijacked planes.
*Dtjlles control tpwer interviews are still pending. Report NAWAF ALHAZMI and three others
toofe a taxi from the NIajrriott Residence Inn, Herndon to Dulles Airport on the morning of
9/11/2001. Y\\
*Hotel room occupied b'y.NEW-AF ALHAZMI and possibly others has been secured and will be
searchedby ERT
*Mail package related to\NA\^AF ALHAZMI has been x-rayed and dog-sniffed.
*no victirri families knowji'-toW Vus'e4 in the Dulles area, no lead set fro interviews of victim
families. \w od trevealed rip positive information

-Interview ofl ' jsaidl Iwas a "wacko" who talked about shooting
people in Afghanistan.

-No positive information from Argertbright employee.L [FROM

INTERVIEW ON 9/13/01. \

-American Airline pilots Capt Paul Richards and Capt Doug White traveled to Dulles to retrieve
auto of Capt BURLINGHAMES, pilot of FL 77 ,

-No positive information form Gategourmet frmptnyeel I from

interview on 9/12/2001. , ,

-No positve information from Gategourmet employeeF I from interview

conducted (no date given)

-No positive information from Gategourmet employeeL jfrom

interview conducted on 9/12/2001.

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j(J9 M-WFA-00043675
9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

- Interview "b't---.. I coordinator of food service for Fl 77.1 1

identified SALEM ALHAZMI and NAWAF ALHAZMI before take off, each requested a Hindu
meal • ..

-ATT Business Security Department^ ""••---.......ftateri ATT rer-orris of phone calls

from hijacked flights have already been subpoenaed and sent to SAJ jat West Palm
Beach RA.


-United Airlines reports MAYED MASHAA MOGED (MOQED) traveled with ALGHAMDI
AHMED SALEHM on (EK) Emircetes Airlines, departed Dubai, Saudi Arabia on 05/02/2001
Flight 001 at 0745 arriving at 1225 in London, UK connecting to United Airlines Flight 925 on
05/02/2001 to Dulles. ALGHAMDI sat in seat 32G. MOGED (MOQED) sat in seat 32C. Both
booked and paid for United Airlines return tickets on 05/23/2001 but did not use them.


in AM on Saudi Arabian Flight 53 with Passport number C551754.

I interview has lasted over 3 hours and is still ongoing. FBI has hit all four locations
and has/is speaking to individuals at all locations.

-ATT records for phones on hijacked American Airlines flights are being analyzed by WFO
Squad C-15.

-The Control Towers covering Dulles Flight 77 - all interviews concluded. Reported no unusual
activity leaving airport. Noticed FI77 did u-turn in Indianapolis coverage airspace, after which
there was no response from FL 77 to commands from the tower. Picked Fl 77 up again when it
entered Dulles airspace but there was no contact with the plane. Dulles handed off to National
which saw FL 77 go into Pentagon. Once FL 77 made its u-tum it turned off its transponder after
which the control centers were unable to identify the specific plane as FL 77.

-FL 614 investigation concluded, some leads outstanding.

No significant information was found.

-NAWAF ALHAZMI - Hotel where Alhazmi stayed was able to provide taxi identification
telephone number. Number called and lead has been set to question taxi company.

-Lead to canvass 89 Dulles area hotels still pending.

-Lead to interview Gategourmet employees still pending.

-Two knives reported found on American Airline flights this evening but FAA determined they

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IA-1A66609 M-WFA-00043676
9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

\e not threats.

\d set to locate flight simulators in Dulles area.

\- ALHAZM1 1988 Toyota at Dulles was searched in Newington and will be taken to V Street
\. \-x '""•-,

\ Affidavit for package which was located as a result of the search of Almazhi's car is being
Submitted to Magistrate to obtain search warrant to determine contents.

- Leads sent to the following offices based upon evidence obtained in search of 1988 Toyota:

\ Newark: Contact Caldwell Flight Academy and obtain flight training and rental records for

\ Baltimore: Contact First Union for credit card records related to HANI HANJOUR.

\ P.M. Beefing

\ P.M. to 6\YM. (Midnight Shift 09/13/2001 - 09/14/2001)

\ On Q/n/01 r I was interviewed by SAl I

I fc-egarding pickuiLQf 2 males from the Marriott Residents Inn, 315 Eldon Ave, Herndon,
VA on 9/11/01 F L^nves for Dulles Taxi'M I is from Iran and has lived in the
U.S. for 25 years~| ^fcported to the Marriott at 6:45 I entered the lobby
and did not find his passengers. I I went to obtain a cup of coffee while the clerk called
the room Three Arabic men approached from outside the building. Only one of the three men
spoke English. The English speaker stated the men were from Saudi Arabia. All three men were
20 to 25 years old, thin build, 05'08", clean shaven, and wore no hats or glasses. At 7:00 a.m.,
the two non-English speaking men entered the cab and were taken to Dulles International
Airport. One of the passengers was described as having a dark complexion and had a mole near
his mouth and chin. The second passenger had a lighter complexion but was Arabic.

- A search warrant arising from a receipt found in ALHAZMTs 1988 Toyota was executed on an
Express Mail package. The package was found to contain a note written in Arabic and a First
Union check card in the name KHALED ALMfflDHAR expiring 08/2005 number 4828 6411
1862 6012. Note was translated and found to be a note to the wife/girlfriend of ALHAZMJ
expressing his love and stating the enclosed card is money for her benefit.

- Baltimore FO provided copies of three First Union National Bank, 14917 Baltimore Ave.,
Laurel, MD, photographs of two Arabic males transacting business on 09/05/2001, at 09.25 a.m.
The photographs may represent HANI HANJOUR transacting business on his First Union bank

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IA-IA66609 M-WFA-00043677
9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

Airport authorities advised that a passenger by the name ofT \e scheduled to leave
LSaudi Air Flight^ on 09/13/2001 at 1750 hrs. Flight 34 was canceled. MRS. ALGHAMDI
rescheduled their tfayel on Saudi.Air Flight 2034 to depart on 09/15/2001 at 1750 hrs, seats 35A
and 35B A passenger :call back telephone number ofl Iwas provided by the person
that made the reservations and it is listed to \
'* „ ' MRS. ALGHAMDI is reputed to be the wife of one of the deceased
subjects, last nanie ALGHAMDI. Investigative leads to determine MRS. ALGHAMDI's
relationship to subjects and travel were:?et.

- During an interview of| '''::x tt was determined that he was holding a

Lufthasa ticket for flight 415 departing on 09/12/2001 or 09/13/2001 at 1740 hrs. Flight 415
was scheduled to depart Dulles and arrive in Hamburg^ Berlin, Germany Flight 415 was
canceled on both dates. Information developed has caused! land his family members
to be identified as suspects. Investigative leads were set to request Lufthansa and other
international carriers to notify the FBI of any new reservations bvl lor his family.

- Passenger information received from United Airlines indicates ABDUL RAHMAN SAEED
ALGHAMDI was scheduled to depart Dulles on United Flight 7491B on 09/13/2001 at 1946 hrs.
United Airlines indicates ALGHAMDI did not report for the flight. ALGHAMDI is believed to
be a subject who died in one of the airplane crashes. PNR and manifest obtained did not indicate
how the ticket was purchased. The ticket may have been purchased through Basheer/Sama
Travel. All names on the flight manifest were cross-referenced with known subjects from all
hijacked flights with negative results.

-L J shall be team leader for agents interviewing aircraft victim family


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A-1A66609 M.W'FA-00043678
9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

Intelligence Log

,09/12/01 '-..Midnight Shift ' • ...

Aqnroximatelv\1 pm (09/11)- Arrived on duty. SSAs \ \'•-.,

Briefing: crashed flight was American Airlines flight #77, a 757

airplane. The flight departed from Dulles D concourse, gate
number. 26 at 8:10 am'on 09/11/01. The plane arrived from Los
AngelVs as flight #144 at 8:00 pm on 09/10/01. There were 58
passengers on flight #77,, with possibly six subjects on board.

Agents 6,ri\: SSAsf

served as lead agent,for interviews of American

SA\ (AA) employees.

SA | \ obtained a list of Cars parked at Dulles

Airport parking lotsNoh the night of 09/1.0/01 from SSA1
f\L J_ k-'^-' J- *— f *•* -L *V J* I INj J-X^l^fc^ J
. *^- * *, fc, * • -w . . • ^ — — _ _ . -', -• - ^•^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^M

The list \rnay be compared with a list of cars parked at Dulles on

09/11/01 A
The passenger PMR list £or\A flight 77 was obtained by
Lieutenant I , land SAl \ from AA employee Dennis Hazel.
The PMR provides, identifying, information for passengers,
including how and where theik. tickets were purchased. The list
copied, and the original Was sent to WFO. SAs 1 and
I I reviewed the\R for Nawaf Alahazmi, Salem Alahazmi, Khalid
Almidhar and Maied Moged, possible subject names provided by WFO
command post to SA I . [identified Hani
Hanjour as another potential subject. The PMR information was
relayed to the command post by SA [

SAs I [also reviewed the AA flight #77 manifest
and identified seats for the subjects: Nawaf Alahazmi, 5E; Salem
Alahazmi, 5F; Khalld Almidhar, 12B; Majed Moqed, 12A; Hani
Hanjour, IB. SAI "|,also has the manifest for AA flight #144
(Los Angeles to Dulles), .and compared names on the manifest with
those on flight 77, wilh\negative results.
SA|_ J.conducted a preliminary interview of |_ J, AA
Desk Manager. I 1. advised that Nawaf Alhazmi and Salem Alhazmi
checked in together ait 7:3i. am. Nawaf Alhazmi did not check
bags, and Salem Alhaznii checked two bags. AA employee Vaughn
Alex checked them in. Khalld Almidhar and Ma-jed Moaed were
checked in together at 7': 14 am by AA employee! |. A full
debriefing of AA employee^ ~\s .planned when he returns
to Dulles in the morrving. , ;. / / /
SA I J performed, a suijyey of/: Duties concourse D near
gate 26. She collected trash,firom n^ar/four American Airlines
gates. SA | ] determined,.that employee access codes for
restricted access ports, were qen£rici,/and many employees had
access to restricted areas;''::/ SAj "~\d the manifest for
the 9/10 incoming American Airlln^sT flight #144, Los Angeles to
Dulles. ""9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy
Agents were sent to area hotels, Leads^ere set and agents were
dispatched to obtain overnight quest logs :;and desk clerks who
checked out guests. SAs I .. . | obtained that list
from Marriott Hotel at Dulles/Ai'rpoirt. \\i companies and rental car w

leads have been set.. , / \d American Airlines, employee V I

said on, 09/1Q, American Airlines employee

asked her for nori-reveriue employee tickets. gave
six blank tickets. SA^| ; 1 {will determine those
tickets are numbered/or traceable.;\f
At approximately 4.;45 am, SSA L telephoned
_, . _ . the
. WFO command
post and briefed SSAI I regarding activities during the shift.
SA|_ ^ obtained a copy of the manifest for American Airlines
flight #77.

09/12/2001 6:00 Mi - Shift Change - SAI

| "jcana on duty to cover the Intelligence position.

1A-1A66609 M-WFA-00043680