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KIN 3331 Spring 2013.

Team Name: The Incredibles Evaluation of your SMARTER Goals Work Plan As a team you created a plan to complete the Team Project using the Backwards Planning Strategy. The table below was the model presented to you. Please review your actual plan and its timeline and activities you completed during the semester. Please dont invent things, just present what you actually did by the approximate date so that we can use this information for future improvements to this part of the course. Executing a plan is always a messy process. Our SMARTER Goal to be achieved by May 2 was: To finalize our project for the performed skill of the Clean & Jerk. To assure that each team member has completed tasks needed and has been involved in the process of gathering the websites contents of our project.

Actions you took and Tasks Date Measures of Success you completed compl eted May 1 There was difficulty in getting team members to Separate each phase of the meet certain time frames to Clean & Jerk to team members have material done but it was understood that everyone has altered schedules therefore was reasonable and material was still obtainable at a reasonable time. May 1 Video and Graphics turned out smoothly and was accomplished.

Team Members who took the lead in completing this action/task Every team member played an important role in this task and were expected to provide in detail the certain muscles, actions, and joint movements present during their assigned phase,. David Aguirre played a major role in this part for he had the best experience when dealing with audio and recording. Each team member still had an open opinion and were able to voice their thoughts on certain ideas during this process.

Prepare proper graphics and video needed for this performed skill

Revising Website

May 2 Website is revised to best suit the audience and corrections are made where needed

Each team member participated in this and each individuals thoughts were appreciated and taken into consideration.

Your Reflections
1. What did you learn from the process of creating your plan? We learned that it is a difficult task to create a perfect time management process for actions that needed to be taken for this project but we all gained the experience needed to expand our knowledge relating to these type of assignments. 2. Looking back, what parts of your plan did not work and had to be revised? a. How effective were the revisions? What improved after you revised the plan? Meeting at certain places and times did not quite work for our group therefore that it when we decided to split up the different phases of the Clean & Jerk and have the material presented by a certain date. 3. At the start of the semester you observed a role play using the principles of Crucial Conversations to deal with interpersonal problems. a. Did anything happen during the semester that motivated you to have a crucial conversation? Our team was very understanding for each team members situations and conflicts therefore crucial conversations werent much needed but if there was a matter that needed to be taken care of it was always presented in a respectful manner. b. How did you implement the crucial conversation strategies? We implemented crucial conversation strategies by being open with one another and speaking up when ones schedule conflicted with meeting. When we faced an issue we always approached a team member respectfully and never ostracized an individual. c. How did the outcomes of the conversations help the team perform better? These outcomes of conversation helped the team member gain the realization that they need to focus on a certain task that they have been lacking on keeping up to date with.

d. Do you expect to use these strategies in the future? If so, how? Yes. These strategies were very positive and showed a beneficial outcome therefore using these strategies again would certainly be a good idea. 4. What problem solving strategies did the team use? We used positive problem solving strategies to get the team member back on task. a. Did you change your strategies as the semester progressed? If so, how did you change strategies? Were you more effective after the change? No our problem strategies did not change, we maintain the same strategies and positive attitude throughout the semester. 5. In retrospect, what did your team do really well and what would you change to improve your performance? Our team overall did a good job and worked well together to create and present the best project that our group was capable of. To improve our performance we could have perhaps finished certain tasks at an earlier date. 6. What is the single most important message about the Team Project you want to share with the students who will take this class next semester? The single most message we would like to share for a class next semester is to not take for granted the time frame you have to accomplish this project. It may seem like a long time but in reality the material needed to be provided in this project equalizes that time frame.