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PUBLIC TRAINING CLASSES The PPDM Association o ers a multitude of public and private classroom-based learning opportunities. Public courses are typically scheduled in conjunction with our annual conferences in the following cities:

Calgary, Alberta, Canada Houston, Texas, USA Denver, Colorado, USA Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA Perth, Australia

PRIVATE TRAINING CLASSES Private courses are only o ered to our PPDM members/member companies. In 2011 - 2012 the PPDM Association delivered private training to companies from Canada, the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. We've experienced signi cant growth in private course demand over the past 12 months and this trend is continuing into 2013. If your company is seeking PPDM training, please contact us directly at DATA MANAGEMENT CLASSES Introduction to PPDM This course provides an introduction to Professional Petroleum Data Management and Standards. It will focus on the major challenges facing the oil and gas industry and the role standards and the PPDM Association can play in addressing those challenges. What Is A Well (WIAW) This course will walk you through our global di erences and understanding of what exactly is a well, and PPDMs solution to a common understanding. You will review the WIAW interactive tool, baseline de nitions, representative diagrams, and baseline comparisons. In addition you will be introduced to PPDM data model mapping. The Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association


DATA MANAGEMENT CLASSES CONTINUED Introduction to Master Data Management (MDM) This course will provide an introduction to Master Data management, to e ective Data management strategies and to the role that the PPDM can play in an enterprise MDM solution. PPDM 3.9 DATA MODEL CLASSES PPDM Data Model Organic Geo Chemistry This course provides a preview of the PPDM Data Model 3.9 subject areas for organic geochemistry and sample management. Details about how the model supports storing information about sample collection, the management of samples, the preparation of sample materials for analysis, the actual analysis and the results of the analysis will be discussed. PPDM 3.8 DATA MODEL CLASSES Introduction to Compliance This course covers all things compliance. Your instructor will take you through challenges associated with compliance, compliance drivers, characteristics, components, reporting and also walks you through measurement formula and the formula. PPDM Data Model Overview This course will introduce you to the robust nature of the PPDM Data Model. Using a workshop approach, the class will gain knowledge of how to apply the many subject areas in the PPDM Data Model in a sample integration exercise. PPDM Data Model: Implementation Head Start This course will provide you with an understanding of the Architectural Principles behind the PPDM Data Model. A practical approach to understanding and implementing the PPDM Data Model will be reviewed. Understanding the key concepts that underlie the data models design and structure will accelerate a working teams ability to use the data model e ectively and appropriately. Meta Model Management and Reference Tables This course will provide you with an understanding of the Meta Model contained within the PPDM Data Model. An understanding of the value of the Meta Model and how to e ectively use the Meta Model will be reviewed. An overview of the reference tables both standard and dynamic will be provided. Understanding the Meta Model and how to work with it will accelerate a working teams ability to use the data model e ectively and appropriately. The Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association

PPDM 3.8 DATA MODEL CLASSES CONTINUED Seismic in PPDM 3.8 This course will navigate you through the complexities of seismic data and the nuances associated with storing data within PPDM 3.8. You will review seismic sets, locations, acquisition, processing, interpretation and transactions. PPDM 3.8 Data Model Well Logs In this course, you will learn about how PPDM 3.8 can be used to manage information about well logs and curves, operational logging details and catalogue what logging data is available. Your instructor will walk you through how PPDM 3.8 can be used for mnemonic dictionaries to index digital, raster logs and paper and curves, describe formats, physical storage locations and a whole lot more. Well Status and Classi cation This course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of well status and classi cation related to petroleum data management and the PPDM. You will explore problem statements associated with well status and classi cation and the spectrum of names and plot symbols utilized globally. A nal component to this lesson is to review the PPDM Association What is a Well project material (facet de nitions, values and plot symbols). Well Test and Production Volumes This course covers two speci c groups of tables within the Well Module, Well Tests (both formation and production) and Production Volumes. Also covered in this session is the concept of a Production Entity and how it relates to wells. Both Formation tests with their appropriate details and Production Tests will be covered. Well Data Management This course will provide you with an understanding of the Well Model contained within the PPDM Data Model. An understanding of the primary table WELL and the header information is key to implementation of a well solution. All of the Well Modules will be reviewed with emphasis on the main requirements for each of those modules.

The Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association

PPDM ASSOCIATION ONLINE LEARNING U.S. Land Survey Systems Course There are few topics more important than the proper understanding of land measurements and well locations, so we are pleased to announce a new online course o ering - The United States Land Survey Systems. The U.S. Land Survey System course teaches the basics of the land survey systems used in the U.S.Congressional, Metes and Bounds, and the system used in the federal o shore waters. The course shows the basics of each survey system using real-world examples including the di erences between Metes and Bounds survey system used in the eastern U.S. compared with how Metes and Bounds is used in Texas. The course shows many examples of the Congressional (Township-Range) system, including some of the di erences in how this system was rst applied in Ohio. The course is o ered online so you can complete the course at your own pace. The US Land Survey Systems course includes a nal exam to validate that participants have a good understanding of the material.

More Courses Coming Soon!

An additional three training courses are under development. For information about the online training please visit us online at

The Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association