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Solomon Success Company Registry Reform in Solomon Islands

Samantha-Jane Odbert
Pacific Liaison and Coordination Office, Sydney Asian Development Bank

The General Problem

Challenges for Pacific Women

Case Study: Company Haus, Solomon Islands

Timeline to Success Company Haus

2006: ADB PSDI begins assisting the Government 2009: Companies Act passes 2010: Companies Act commences in July 2010: Electronic Registry goes live in December 2013+: PSDI providing ongoing mentoring, technical assistance and training

Registry Evolution
Laws enacted, and Company Haus is born
PSDI conducts extensive training and mentoring during all project consultation and delivery phases

PSDI works with project team to procure registry design company and delivers world-standard product

PSDI continues to support , train, mentor and liaise with government and private sector stakeholders

How have these reforms benefited women in Solomon Islands?

1. Average Time to Incorporate a Business

2. Cost of Registering a Business

3. Number of New Registered Businesses

4. No Discrimination in the Process

Not a discretionary process registrations cannot be rejected based on gender No (male) co-signatory required

No (male) co-directors required

5. Increased Registered Female Shareholders

1 year after registry launch= +/- 600 (2011)

2 years after registry launch= +/- 867 (end 2012)

6. Women Directors
Since the reforms, 815 women directors have formally registered companies

7. Women Have More Choice

8. Also, the associated Secured Transactions Reforms have led to Reduced Loan Approval Time for Businesses

Solomon Islands Remarkable Impact

Beyond Solomon Islands

Electronic company registries installed in Solomon Islands (live 2010) and Samoa (live 2013) Company Laws updated in Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Tonga Secured Transactions Reform in Palau, FSM, RMI, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Tonga New Secured Transactions registries in PNG, Palau, FSM, RMI, Tonga, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands

Work with government and industry to change the fundamental legal and operating environment for regional private sector development

Work with government to change laws that discriminate against womens legal and economic empowerment

Technical and capacity building support for access to finance initiatives which actively support womens financial independence

Promote the increase of women on SOE boards, and support mentoring programs for women in business leadership

Contact: Samantha-Jane Odbert e: t: +612 8270 9444 w: