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r Govinda Dmodara Stotram Srila Bilvamangala Thakura All glories to r r Guru and Gaurga

(1) agre kurm atha pavn dusanenhta-vastra-ke k tadkroad ananya-nth govinda dmodara mdhaveti Before the assembled Kurus and pandavas, when Dusana caught her hair and clothing, K (Draupad), having no other Lord, cried out, " Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (2) r ka vio madhu-kaiabhre bhaktnukampin bhagavan murre tryasva m keava lokantha govinda dmodara mdhaveti O Lord Ka, Viu, enemy of the Madhu and Kaiabha demons; O Supreme Personality of Godhead, enemy of Mura, merciful upon the devotees; O Keava, Lord of the worlds, Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava, please deliver me. (3) vikretukm kila gopa-kany murri-pdrpita-citta-vtti dadhydika mohavad avocad govinda dmodara mdhaveti Though desiring to sell milk, dah, butter, etc., the mind of a young gop was so absorbed in the lotus feet of Ka that instead of calling out "Milk for sale," she bewilderedly said, "Govinda!", Dmodara!", and "Mdhava!"

(4) ulkhale sambhta-tanul ca saghaayantyo musalai pramugdh gyanti gopyo janitnurg govinda dmodara mdhaveti Their grinding-mortars full of grains, the gops minds are overcome as they thresh with their pestles, singing "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (5) kcit karmbhoj a-pue niaa kr-uka kiuka-rakta-tuam

adhypaym sa saroruhk govinda dmodara mdhaveti A lotus-eyed girl instructed the red-beaked pet parrot that was seated in the cup of her lotus hand; she said, "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava . . ." (6) ghe ghe gopa-vadh-samha prati-kaa pijara-sriknm skhalad-gira vcayitu pravtto govinda dmodara mdhaveti In each and every house, a bevy of gopa-women is engaged in making the caged parrots constantly utter with broken words, "Govinda," "Dmodara," and Mdhava." (7) paryyakikbhjam alam kumra prasvpayantyo 'khila-gopa-kany jagu prabandha svara-tla-bandha govinda dmodara mdhaveti With the little boy lying in the swing, all of the gops used to expertly sing compositions set to musical notes and rhythm; they went, "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava," while putting Him to rest.

(8) rmnuja vkaa-keli-lola nta-golam blaka blakam juhva govinda dmodara mdhaveti The younger brother of Balarma, playing mischieviously, was dodging about her with restless eyes. Taking a ball of fresh butter to lure Him over, a gop called Him: "O Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava . . ." (9) vicitra-varbharabhirme-bhidhehi vaktrmbuja-rjaase sad madye rasane 'gra-rage govinda dmodara mdhaveti O my tongue, since my mouth has become like a lotus by dint of the presence there of these eloquent, ornamental, delightful syllables, you are like the swan that plays there. As your foremost pleasure, always articulate the names, "Govinda," "Dmodara," and "Mdhava." (10) akdhirha iu-gopa-gha stana dhayanta kamalaika-kntam gopi ghtv nava-

sambodhaym sa mud yaod govinda dmodara mdhaveti The one and only Lord of Lakmdev, as an inconspicuous little cowherd baby, was seated in the lap of mother Yaod, drinking her breast-milk. Merged in bliss, she addressed Him as "Govinda," "Dmodara," and "Mdhava." (11) krantam antar-vrajam tmana sva sama vayasyai pau-pla-blai prem yaod prajuhva ka govinda dmodara mdhaveti In Vraja-dhma, Ka was playing with His playmates, the boys of His age who protected the animals. With great love, mother Yaod called out to her own son, "O Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (12) yaoday gham ulkhalena go-kaha-pena nibadhyamanam ruroda manda navanta-bhoj govinda dmodara mdhaveti Being firmly tied up to the grinding mortar with a cow's rope by mother Yaod, the plunderer of butter softly whimpered. "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava." (13) nijgae kakaa-keli-lola gop ghtv navanta-golam mardayat pi-talena netre govinda dmodara mdhaveti In His own courtyard, Ksa was carelessly playing with a bracelet. So the gop took a ball of butter to Him, and shutting His eyes with her palm, she distracted Him, "O Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava . . .(Guess what I have for you!)" (14) ghe ghe gopa-vadh-kadamb sarve militv samavya-yoge puyni nmni pahanti nitya govinda dmodara mdhaveti In house after house, groups of cowherd ladies gather on various occasions, and together they always chant the transcendental names of Ka--"Govinda, Dmodara, and Mdhava." (15) mandra-mle vadanbhirma bimbdhare prita-veu-ndam go-gopa-gop-jana-madhya-sastha

govinda dmodara mdhaveti His face is pleasing, and the flute at His lips is filled with Divine sound. Amidst the cows, gopas, and gops, He stands at the base of a coral tree. Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava! (16) utthya gopyo 'para-rtra-bhoge smtv yaod-suta-bla-kelim gyanti proccair dadhi-manthayantyo govinda dmodara mdhaveti Having risen early in the Brahma-muhrta, and remembering the childish activities of the Son of mother Yaod, the gops loudly sing while churning butter--"Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (17) jagdho 'tha datto navanta-pio ghe yaod vicikitsayant uvca satya vada he murre govinda dmodara mdhaveti Having churned and then set aside a fresh lump of butter in the house, mother Yaod was now suspicious--it had been eaten. She said, "Hey--Murri! Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava, now tell me the truth . . ." (18) abhyarcya geha yuvati pravddha-prema-pravh dadhi nirmamantha gyanti gopyo 'tha sakh-samet govinda dmodara mdhaveti Having finished worship at home, a young gop, (like) a strong current of love for Ka, churned the butter, and then joins together with all the gops and their friends and they sing, "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!"

(19) kvacit prabhte dadhi-pra-ptre nikipya mantha yuvat mukundam lokya gna vividha karoti govinda dmodara mdhaveti One time, early in the morning, just as a girl had put aside her churn in a pot full of butter--she saw Mukunda. She then began to sing songs in various ways, about Govinda, Dmodara, and Mdhava. (20) krpara bhojana-majjanrtha hitaii str tanuja yaod

jhavat prema-pari-plutk govinda dmodara mdhaveti (Without having even bathed or eaten,) Ka was absorbed in play. Overwhelmed with affection, mother Yaod, who thought only of her son's welfare, called out, "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava! (Come, take your bath and eat something.)" (21) sukha ayna nilaye ca viu devari-mukhy munaya prapann tencyute tanmayat vrajanti govinda dmodara mdhaveti Devai Nrada and other Munis are always surrendered to Lord Viu, who rests upon His couch. They always chant the names of "Govinda," "Dmodara," and "Mdhava," and thus they attain spiritual forms similar to His. (22) vihya nidrm aruodaye ca vidhya ktyni ca vipramukhy vedvasne prapahanti nitya govinda dmodara mdhaveti After giving up sleep at dawn, having completed their ritualistic duties, and at the end of their Vedic chanting, the best of the learned brhmaas always loudly chant, "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (23) vndvane gopa-ga ca gopyo vilokya govinda-viyoga-khinnam rdh jagu sru-vilocanbhy govinda dmodara mdhaveti In Vndvana, seeing rmat Rdhr overwhelmed with separation from Govinda, groups of gopas and gops sang, with tears in their lotus eyes, "Govinda! Dmodara! O Mdhava!" (24) prabhta-sacra-gat nu gvas tad-rakartha tanaya yaod prbodhayat pi-talena manda govinda dmodara mdhaveti The cows having already gone out to graze early in the morning, mother Yaod gently roused her sleeping son with the palm of her hand, softly saying, "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava." (25) pravla-obh iva drgha-ke vtmbu-parana-pta-deh

mle tar munaya pahanti govinda dmodara mdhaveti With long, matted hair the color of coral, and bodies purified by eating only leaves, water, and air, the sages sit beneath the trees and chant, "Govinda," "Dmodara," and "Mdhava." (26) eva bruv virahtur bh vraja-striya ka-viikta-mnas visjya lajj rurudu sma su-svara govinda dmodara mdhaveti "After speaking these words, the ladies of Vraja, who were so attached to Ka, felt extremely agitated by their imminent separation from Him. They forgot all worldly shame and loudly cried out,'O Govinda! O Dmodara! O Mdhava!'" n.b.--(This verse is identical with rmad Bhgavatam, 10. 39.31; it describes the gops' reaction to Akrra's taking Ka and Balarma away from Vndvana. The above translation is that of H.H. Hdaynanda Gosvm.) (27) gop kadcin mai-pijara-stha uka vaco vcayitu pravtt nanda-kanda vraja-candra ka govinda dmodara mdhaveti Sometimes a gop is engaged in teaching a parrot within a jewelled cage to recite names like: "nanda-kanda" (source of bliss), "Vraja-candra" (moon of Vraja), "Ka," "Govinda," "Dmodara," and "Mdhava." (28) go-vatsa-blai iu-kka-paka badhnantam ambhoja-dalyatkam uvca mt cibuka ghtv govinda dmodara mdhaveti The lotus-eyed Lord was tying the ikh of a cowherd boy to the tail of a calf when His mother caught Him, lifted up His chin, and said, "Govinda! Dmodara! Mdhava!" (29) prabhta-kle vara-vallavaugh go-rakartha dhta-vetra-da kraym sur anantam dyam govinda dmodara mdhaveti In the early morning a group of His favorite cowherd boys arrived, stick-canes in hand, to take care of the cows. They addressed the unlimited, primeval Personality of Godhead, "Hey, Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!"

(30) jalaye kliya-mardanya yad kadambd apatan murre gopgan cakruur etya gop govinda dmodara mdhaveti When Lord Murri jumped from the Kadamba branch into the water to chastise the Kliya serpent, all the gops and cowherd boys went there and cried out, "Oh! Govinda! Dmodara! Mdhava!" (31) akrram sdya yad mukunda cpotsavrtha mathur pravia tad sa paurair jayatty abhi govinda dmodara mdhaveti After Lord Mukunda had met with Akrra and entered Mathur to attend the ceremony of breaking the bow of Kasa, all the citizens then shouted, "Jaya Govinda! Jaya Dmodara! Jaya Mdhava!" (32) kasasya dtena yadaiva ntau vndvanntd vasudeva-snau ruroda gop bhavanasya madhye govinda dmodara mdhaveti When both sons of Vasudeva had actually been taken out of Vndvana by the messenger of Kasa, Yaod sobbed within the house, wailing, "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (33) sarovare kliya-nga-baddha iu yaod-tanaya niamya cakrur luantya pathi gopa-bl govinda dmodara mdhaveti Hearing how the son of Yaod, who was but a child, was wrapped within the coils of the Kliya serpent at the pond, the cowherd boys cried "Govinda! Dmodara! Mdhava!" and scurried down the path. (34) akrra-yne yadu-vaa-ntha sagacchamna mathur nirkya cur viyogt kila gopa-bl govinda dmodara mdhaveti Seeing the Lord of the Yadus proceeding towards Mathur upon Akrra's chariot, the cowherd boys, upon realization of their impending separation, said, "O Govinda!

Dmodara, Mdhava! (Where are you going? Are You actually leaving us now?) (35) cakranda gop nalin-vannte kena hn kusume ayn praphulla-nlotpala-locanbhy govinda dmodara mdhaveti At the edge of a lotus forest, a gop lay down upon the bed of flowers, bereft of Ka. Tears flowed from her lotus eyes (as she wept,) "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava." (36) mt-pitbhy parivryam geha pravi vilalpa gop gatya m playa vivantha govinda dmodara mdhaveti Being very restricted by her mother and father, the lamenting gop entered the house, thinking, "(Now that) I have arrived home, save me, O Lord of the universe! O Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (37) vndvana-stha harim u buddhv gop gat kpi vana niym tatrpy advti-bhayd avocad govinda dmodara mdhaveti Thinking that Ka was in the forest, a gop fled into the forest in the middle of night. But seeing that Ka wasn't actually there, she became very fearful, and cried, "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (38) sukha ayn nilaye nije 'pi nmni vio pravadanti marty te nicita tanmayat vrajanti govinda dmodara mdhaveti Even the ordinary mortals comfortably seated at home who chant the names of Viu, "Govinda, Dmodara," and "Mdhava," certainly attain (at least) the liberation of having a form similar to that of the Lord. (39) s nrajkm avalokya rdh ruroda govinda-viyoga-khinnm sakh praphullotpala-locanbhy govinda dmodara mdhaveti Seeing rmat Rdhri crying from the pangs of separation from Govinda, the blooming lotus eyes of Rdh's girlfriend also filled with tears, and she too cried,

"Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava." (40) jihve rasaje madhura-priy tva satya hita tv parama vadmi varayeth madhurkari govinda dmodara mdhaveti O my tongue, you are fond of sweet things and are of discriminating taste; I tell you the highest truth, which is also the most beneficial. Please just recite these sweet syllables: "Govinda," "Dmodara," and "Mdhava." (41) tyantika-vydhihara jann cikitsaka veda-vido vadanti sasra-tpa-traya-na-bja govinda dmodara mdhaveti The knowers of the Vedas say that this is the cure-all of the worst diseases of mankind, and that this is the seed of the destruction of the threefold miseries of material existence--"Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (42) ttjay gacchati rmcandre salakmae 'rayacaye saste cakranda rmasya nij janitr govinda dmodara mdhaveti Upon Rmacandra's going into the forest due to his father's order, along with Lakmaa and St, (and thus becoming) a forest-rover, His mother cried, "O Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (43) ekkin daaka-knanntt s nyamn daakandharea st tadkroad ananya-nth govinda dmodara mdhaveti Left there alone, St was carried out of the forest by the ten-headed Rvaa. At that time, accepting no other Lord, St cried, "O Govinda! Dmodara! Mdhava!" (44) rmdviyukt janaktmaj s vicintayant hrdi rma-rpam ruroda st raghunatha phi govinda dmodara mdhaveti

Separated from Rma, the daughter of King Janaka was completely anxious, and with

the form of Rma within her heart, she cried, "O Raghuntha! Protect me! O Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (45) prasda vio raghu-vaa-ntha sursur sukha-dukha-heto ruroda st tu samudra-madhye govinda dmodara mdhaveti "O Lord Viu, be gracious! Lord of the Raghu clan, cause of the happiness and distress of gods and demons alike, O Govinda, Dmoadara, Mdhava!" Thus St cried, (by the time she had been carried) over the middle of the ocean. (46) antar-jale grha-ghta-pdo vist-viklia-samasta-bandhu tad gajendro nitar jagda govinda dmodara mdhaveti Caught by his foot and pulled into the water, Gajendra, his friends all harassed and frightened away, then called out incessantly, "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (47) hasadhvaja akhayuto dadara putra kahe prapatantam enam puyni nmni harer japanta govinda dmodara mdhaveti Along with his priest akhayuta, King Hasadhvaja saw his son Sudhanv falling into a vat, but the boy was chanting the transcendental names of Hari, Govinda, Dmodara, and Mdhava. (48) durvsaso vkyam upetya k s cbravt knana-vsinam antapravia manasjuhva govinda dmodara mdhaveti

Accepting Durvsa Muni's request (that she feed his thousands of disciples, even though she hadn't the means to do this) Draupad mentally called out to the Lord within, the Lord of a forest dweller (like her), and she said, "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (49) dhyeya sad yogibhir aprameya cint-hara cintita-prijta kastrik-kalpita-nla-varo govinda dmodara mdhaveti

He is always meditated upon by the yogs as being inscrutable. He is the remover of all anxieties, and is the desire-tree of all that is desireable. His bluish complexion is as attractive as Kastrik. Govinda! Dmodara! Mdhava! (50) sasre-kpe patito 'tyagdhe mohndha-pre viaybhitapte karvalamba mama dehi vio govinda dmodara mdhaveti I am fallen into the deep, dark well of material life, which is full of illusion and blind ignorance, and I am tormented by sensual existence. O my Lord, Viu, Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava, please grant me Your supporting hand to uplift me. (51) tvm eva yce mama dehi jihve samgate daadhare ktnte vaktavyam eva madhura su-bhakty govinda dmodara mdhaveti O my tongue, I ask only this of you, that at my meeting the bearer of the sceptre of chastisement (Yamarja), you will utter this sweet phrase with great devotion: "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (52) bhajasva mantra bhava-bandha-muktyai jihve rasaje su-labha manojam dvaipyandyair munibhi prajaptam govinda dmodara mdhaveti O my tongue, O knower of rasa, for release from the hellish bondage of material existence, just worship the charming, easily obtainable mantra that is chanted by Vedavysa and other sages: "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (53) gopla vadhara rpa-sindho lokea nryaa dna-bandho ucca-svarais tva vada sarvadaiva govinda dmodara mdhaveti You should always and everywhere just loudly chant, "Gopla, Vadhara, O ocean of beauty, Lord of the worlds, Nrya, O friend of the poor, Govinda, Dmodara," and "Mdhava." (54) jihve sadaiva bhaja sundari nmni kasya manohari samasta-bhaktrti-vinanni govinda dmodara mdhaveti

O my tongue, just always worship these beautiful, enchanting names of Ka, "Govinda, Dmodara," and "Mdhava," which destroy all the obstacles of the devotees. (55) govinda govinda hare murare govinda govinda mukunda ka govinda govinda rathga-pe govinda dmodara mdhaveti "O Govinda, Govinda, Hari, Murri! O Govinda, Govinda, Mukunda, Ka! O Govinda, Govinda! O holder of the chariot wheel! O Govinda! O Dmodara! O Mdhava!" (56) sukhvasne tv idam eva sra dukhvasne tv idam eva geyam dehvasne tv idam eva jpya govinda dmodara mdhaveti This indeed is the essence (found) upon ceasing the affairs of mundane happiness. And this too is to be sung after the cessation of all sufferings. This alone is to be chanted at the time of death of one's material body--"Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (57) durvra-vkya parighya k mgva bht tu katha kathacit sabh pravi manasjuhva govinda dmodara mdhaveti Somehow or other accepting the unavoidable command of Dusana, Draupad, like a frightened doe, entered the assembly of princes and within her mind cried out to the Lord, "Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (58) r ka rdhvara gokulea gopla govardhana-ntha vio jihve pibasvmtam etad eva govinda dmodara mdhaveti O tongue, drink only this nectar (of the names), "r Ka, dearmost of rmat Rdhr, Lord of Gokula, Gopla, Lord of Govardhana, Viu, Govinda, Dmodara," and "Mdhava." (59) rntha vivevara viva-mrte r devak-nandana daitya-atro jihve pibasvmtam etad eva govinda dmodara mdhaveti

"rntha, Lord of the universe, form of the universe, beautiful son of Devak, O enemy of the demons, Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" O my tongue, just drink this nectar. (60) goppate kasa-ripo mukunda lakmpate keava vsudeva jihve pibasvmtam etad eva govinda dmodara mdhaveti "Lord of the gops, enemy of Kasa, Mukunda, husband of Lakmdev, Keava, son of Vasudeva, Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" O my tongue, just drink this nectar. (61) gop-janhlda-kara vrajea go-craraya-kta-pravea jihve pibasvmtam etad eva govinda dmodara mdhaveti "O You who give bliss to the gops! Lord of Vraja, You who have entered the forest for herding the cows, O Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" O my tongue, just drink this nectar. (62) prea vivambhara kaiabhre vaikuha nryaa cakra-pe jihve pibasvmtam etad eva govinda dmodara mdhaveti "O Lord of my life! Upholder of the universe, foe of Kaiabha, Vaikuha, Nryaa, holder of the Sudarana-cakra! Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" O my tongue, just drink this nectar. (63) hare murre madhusdandya r rma stvara rvare jihve pibasvmtam etad eva govinda dmodara mdhaveti "O Lord Hari, enemy of Mura, Madhusdana, r Rma, dearmost of St, enemy of Rvaa, Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" O tongue, now just drink this nectar. (64) r ydavendrdri-dharmbujka go-gopa-gop-sukha-dna-daka jihve pibasvmtam etad eva govinda dmodara mdhaveti "O best of the Yadus, O bearer of Govardhana hill, O lotus-eyed expert in giving happiness to the cows, the gopas, and the gops, Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" O

tongue, please just drink this nectar. (65) dharbharottraa-gopa-vea vihra-ll-kta-bandhu-ea jihve pibasvmtam etad eva govinda dmodara mdhaveti "O uplifter of the earth's burdens in the guise of a cowherd boy, Lord of sportive pastimes in which Ananta-ea has become Your brother! O Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" O my tongue, just drink this nectar. (66) bak-bakghsura-dhenukre ke-tvarta-vighta-daka jihve pibasvmtam etad eva govinda dmodara mdhaveti "O enemy of Bak (Ptan), Baksura, Aghsura, and Dhenuka, O Lord who expertly smashed Ke and Tvarta!" O tongue, just drink this nectar--"Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (67) r jnak-jvana rmacandra nicarre bharatgrajea jihve pibasvmtam etad eva govinda dmodara mdhaveti "O Rmacandra, O life and soul of the beautiful daughter of Janaka Mahrja, enemy of the night-roving demons, O elder brother of Bhrata!" O my tongue, just drink this nectar--"Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (68) nryananta hare nsiha prahlda-bdhhara he kplo jihve pibasvmtam etad eva govinda dmodara mdhaveti "O Lord Nryaa, Ananta, Hari, Nsihadeva, remover of the afflictions of Prahlda, O merciful Lord! Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" O my tongue, simply drink this nectar. (69) ll-manuykti-rma-rpa pratpa-ds-kta-sarva-bhpa jihve pibasvmtam etad eva govinda dmodara mdhaveti O Lord who assumed the man-like form of Rma, who by dint of Your prowess, turned all other kings into Your servants! "O Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" O tongue, just

drink this nectar. (70) r ka govinda hare murre he ntha nryaa vsudeva jihve pibasvmtam etad eva govinda dmodara mdhaveti "r Ka! Govinda! Hari! Murri! O Lord, Nryaa, Vsudeva!" O tongue, please drink only this nectar--"Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" (71) vaktu samartho 'pi na vakti kacid aho jann vyasanbhimukhyam jihve pibasvmtam etad eva govinda dmodara mdhaveti Even though anyone is able to chant, still no one does. Alas! How determined people are for their own undoing! O tongue, just drink the nectar of these names--"Govinda, Dmodara, Mdhava!" iti r bilvamagalcrya-viracita r govinda-dmodara-stotra sapram Thus the r Govinda Dmodara Stotram composed by r Bilvamagalcrya is completed.