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A 1 QUEST 2 Communications is best described as: Fixed Price contracts place more risk on 3 the: Life cycle costing

is the total cost to the customer for the acquisition and ownership over its full life. Life cycle costing categories include the cost of _____, 4 _____, and _____. Management By Objectives assumes that 5 the team: 6 Quality may be defined as: ANSA

an exchange of information. owner

C ANSB providing written or oral directions. buyer

D ANSC consists of senders and receivers seller

E ANSD effective listening. contractor ANSE


All of the above C or D

R & D, maintainability, operation and support. is receptive to an unstructured environment. conformance to requirements.

R & D, production, operation and support. does not require close supervision. fitness for use.

Acquisition, operations, maintenance. possesses a self directed philosophy continuous improvement of products and services

Production, operations, maintenance. identifies with project objectives. appeal to the customer

None of the above All of the above. All of the above except B

Since risk is associated with most projects, 7 the best course of action is to: The process of choosing/documenting the best approach to achieve the project 8 objectives is part of: Time management is the allocation of time in a project's life cycle through the process 9 of:

cover all project risks by buying appropriate insurance

ignore the risks, since nothing can be done about them and move forward with the project in avoid projects with clear an expeditious manner. and present risks

eliminate all known risks prior to the execution phase of the project

identify various risks and implement actions to mitigate their potential impact

The scope baseline.

Scope authorization

Scope definition

Scope planning.

All of the above.

Planning Managing a project in terms of its objective through the concept, development, implementation, and termination phases of a project. owner




A comprehensive definition of scope 10 management would be: Cost Plus Percentage of Cost contracts 11 are more desirable for the: Management styles associated with production environments, such as 12 assembly lines commonly include:

Approval of the scope baseline. buyer a lack of confidence in their workers

Approval of the detailed project charter. seller assumption that workers lack ambition and dislike responsibility is primarily the responsiblity of management. identify impacts of various risks

Configuration control. contractor a Theory X style of leadership is primarily the responsibility of the workers. plan suitable responses

All of the above. Approved detailed planning including budgets, resource allocation, linear responsibility charts and management sponsorship. C or D

a directing style of leadership.

All of the above. is essentially a motivational technique. B, C and D only

13 Quality management: Risk management allows the project 14 manager and the project team to: Scheduling is the process by which 15 decisions are made concerning:

The basic elements of communication 16 include:

is inversely related to is another name for careful inspections. productivity. eliminate most risks during the planning phase of the project identify project risks Personnel/organization that will be assigned to Tasks to be accomplished. accomplish the task. Communicator, encoding, message, medium, decoding, receiver, and Listening, talking and sign language. feedback

Time when the tasks are to be completed. All of the above.

A and C only.

Clarity of speech and good Reading, writing and listening habits listening

All of the above

A Which of the following would most likely increase the accuracy of estimating the 17 project cost?

B Pricing out the work at lower levels in the work breakdown structure.

Using historical data.

D Talking to people who have worked on similar projects.


All of the above.

A and C only.

A variance envelope has been established on a project. The envelope goes from +30% in R&D to +-5% during manufacturing. The reason for the change The management reserve has been used up. 18 in thickness of the envelope is because:

The accuracy of the estimates in manufacturing are worse Tighter controls are always than the estimates in R & needed as a project begins Of the personal desires of D. to wind down. the project sponsor. primarily caused by poor workmanship of workers who are building or manufacturing the product. Job descriptions. non-specialized career paths

Of none of the above

19 Cost of quality is: Management plans include all of the 20 following except: The Japanese resource management 21 model exhibits: The highest degrees of project risk and uncertainty are associated with the 22 following phase of the project: The most common types of schedules are Gantt charts, milestone charts, line of 23 balance, and:

associated with non-conformance to specifications and requirements. Organization of project. a cooperative spirit of goal setting.

used to determine whether a quality management program is suitable for a negligible for most large given project. projects. Policies and procedures. frequent changes in team assignments

A and B

Linear responsibility charts. Scope baseline. a Theory Z style of management All of the above.



cut-over Calendar integrated activities.

post project evaluation

A and D only


Time phased events.

A and C only.

B and C only.

Which of the following is often overlooked speaking clearly 24 in achieving effective communication? Which type of contract requires that the buyer keep the tightest labor/material cost Cost Plus Incentive Fee 25 control? 26 A task-oriented family tree of activities is a: Detailed plan. Adding 5 people to a 4 person team increases the communication channels by 2 times 27 a factor of: 28 Cost management includes: Cost estimating/forecasting.

listening Cost Plus Percentage of Costs Linear responsibility chart.


maintaining eye contact

manipulating the conversation Firm Fixed Price Plus Incentive Work package description.

Cost Plus Fixed Fee

Firm Fixed Price Cost account coding Work breakdown structure. system.

involves the solicitation of information from all team members. 29 Participative Management: The auditing function that provides feedback about the quality of output is quality control. 30 referred to as: The lowest dollar amount 'at stake' is associated with the following phase of the conceptual 31 project: 32 The major disadvantage of a bar chart is: Lack of time-phasing.

3 times Cost budgeting/cost control. assumes that members avoid work and responsibility.

4 times Cost applications. suggests the sharing of power and decision making.

5 times All of the above. employs a Theory X style of leadership.

6 times A and B only.

A and C

quality planning.

quality assurance.

quality improvement

All of the above.

execution Cannot be related to calendar dates.

cut-over does not show activity interrelationships.

post project evaluation Cannot be related to manpower planning.

A and D only Cannot be related to cost estimates.

A Which contract type consists of - target costs & profit, ceiling prices and shared 33 ratio of risk?

C Cost Plus Percentage of Costs

F Firm Fixed Price Plus Incentive


Cost Plus Incentive Fee

Cost Plus Fixed Fee

Firm Fixed Price

Methods and techniques used to examine cost and technical data are called feasibility studies. The economic aspects of a feasibility study include interest rates, present worth factors, operating costs, Capitalization costs. 34 depreciation and _____. 35 Standard of purchased material: Simplifies inventory control

Technical skill requirements. reduces the risk of obsolescence

Strategic marketing Technology forecasting. intelligence. reduces cost of purchasing and storage All of the above.

All of the above. A and C only.

The "control points" in the work breakdown structure used for isolated assignments to Work packages. 36 work centers are referred to as:



37 The utility of network-based schedules: The way a project manager sends and 38 receives information depends upon:

Reveals interdependencies. How others relate to the project manager the outcomes are known but their probabilities are high conformance to requirements. charter Analysis of alternatives.

39 Uncertainty refers to a situation where: Which of the following is closet to 40 Deming's definition of Quality: It is useful to conduct project risk 41 assessment according to the project's 42 Management decision-making includes:

Facilitates "what if" exercises. The project manager's level in the organizational the size and nature of the hierarchy project neither the outcomes nor the outcomes and their their probabilities are probabilities are known known continuous improvement of fitness for use. products and services. statement of work Revisions/replanning.

Code of accounts. Provides information on resource requirements, time requirements and Highlights critical activities. tradeoffs. the project manager's salary and age states of nature can change at any time customer focus.

Integration points.

All of the above. the number of projects going on at one time in the company probabilities of various states of nature can change at any time All of the above.

Work Breakdown structure network budget Modification or updating of Resource allocation. goals and objectives. All of the above. Time estimates, slack, sponsorship involvement, and activities. Time estimates, slack time, report writing, life cycle phases, and crashing times.

The basic terminology for networks 43 includes: The project manager must receive reports and briefings from engineers, contracting officers, procurement personnel and marketing people. The project manager's communication dilemma is one of: The technique most commonly used to determine the profitability of a project includes _____ methods. Which of the following are part of the purchasing cycle: Which of the following is closest to Juran's definition of Quality:

Activities, documentation, Activities, events, manpower, skill levels events, manpower and Slack, activities, events, and slack. skill levels. and time estimates.



decoding Return on investment (ROI). prepare and issue purchase order fitness for use.

choice of a medium Discounted cash flow (DCF) inspect incoming goods continuous improvement.

one-way communication Payout time and risk sensitivity analysis. All of the above. customer focus.

All of the above.

45 46 47

Net present value (NPV). define need conformance to requirements.

All of the above. A and B only All of the above.

A A project element which lies between two An activity. 48 events is called: Employee unions would most likely satisfy which level in Maslow's hierarchy of Belonging 49 needs? Management calls a meeting to explain to all employees the new benefits package for the rank and file. This is an example of: Project management/project planning is most closely aligned with: The profitability and technical data studies are provided in report format to owners and funders for acceptance. This type of report, used to solicit funding, is referred to as a(n) _____. Which of the following constitute Juran's "quality trilogy": Which of the following is most closely associated with business risk:

C A critical path method.

D A slack milestone. A timing slot.

F A calendar completion point.






50 51

Upward communication Long range/strategic planning (5 years or more).

Downward communication Intermediate range planning (1 to 5 years)

One-way communication Short range/tactical planning (1 year or less).

Two-way communication All of the above.

None of the above. B and C.

52 53 54

Project feasibility study. planning, inspection, control. profit and loss

Economic evaluation analysis. planning, improvement, control. personnel turnover

Risk management manual. Prospectus. planning, organization, control. product, price, customer. workmen's compensation Fixed price plus incentive fee liability insurance

None of the above design, build, deliver. All of the above.

Which of the following types of contracts is Fixed firm price 55 equivalent to a cost plus contract: A project manager recently rewarded an individual with a promotion that carried with it a very small salary increase but substantially more responsibility. The project manager appears to be appealing 56 to the employee's _____ need. Most project (and non-project) managers 57 prefer _____ communications. On a precedence diagram, the arrow 58 between two boxes is called: Quality control charts show a characteristic of the product or service 59 against: The identification, definition, and selection of the project objectives as well as the best approach to achieving the project objectives are indentified in the _____ phase of the project but first documented 60 in the project _____. The work breakdown structure, the work packages, and the company's accounting 61 system are tied together through the: Which of the following is an element of 62 procurement management:

Cost reimbursable

progress payments

All of the above.






Oral An activity.

Written A constraint.

Upward An event. control limits based on three standard deviations in each direction.



the specification limits.

customer requirements.

The critical path. None of above. control limits based on six standard deviations in each direction. A and D only

Conceptual, charter/baseline.

Conceptual, master schedule.

Development, charter/baseline.

Development, master schedule.

Development, masterplan.

Code of accounts. inspection

Overhead rates. purchasing

Budgeting system. estimating

Capital budgeting process. All of the above. expediting A, B and D only

A Which of the following is most closely 63 associated with pure risk:

B profit and loss

C personnel turnover

E market fluctuations is indicated when a run of seven or more points fall below the center line of a standard control chart. A and D only


64 Assignable cause or special variation is: In the arrow diagramming method (ADM), 65 _____ do not consume time or resources. Management reserve is generally intended 66 to be used to: Project management has been proven to be successful because employees get to see the entire effort, from beginning to end, rather than just small pieces. This 67 could be considered an example of: Project managers that are available to answer questions, provide guidance when need, and generally do not interfere with day-to-day activities have a(n) ______ 68 managerial style. The scope baseline once established and 69 approved, is used: The three most common types of project 70 cost estimates are:

is indicated when a point falls outside the control limits.

insurance is indicated when a run of is indicated when a point seven or more points fall falls outside the above the center line of a specification limits. standard control chart.

A, C, and D.


Activities compensate for implement additional unbudgeted scope inaccurate estimates

Slack elements. cover major unforeseen catastrophes

B and C only. All of the above. cover unforeseen problems in the project All of the above.

Behavioral modification

Linking performance to pay

Positive job reinforcement Job enrichment

All of the above


To calculate the expected value of an 71 outcome: Activities with zero time duration are 72 referred to as: For a given characteristic in a construction process, the standard deviation associated with production variation is 0.8", and the standard deviation associated with measurement variation is 0.6". The total 73 standard deviation for this characteristic is: Project cash reserves are often used for adjustment in escalation factors which may be beyond the control of the project manager. Other than possibly financing (interest) costs and taxes, the three most common escalation factors involve 74 changes in: Selective perception is _____ of new conflicting information that may result, in a 75 breakdown in communication.

Conciliatory to accomplish verification as the basis for making future decisions. measures. Order of magnitude, parametric, and Parametric, definitive and budget. top down. divide the value of the desired outcome by the divide the value of each outcome by its value all possible probability, then add the results. outcomes Critical path activites.

Ethical to evaluate potential changes. Order of magnitude, definitive and bottom up.



All of the above. A and C only. Order of magnitude, budget Analogy, parametric and top and definitive. down.

multiply the value of each use linear regression to outcome by its probability, assess the expected value then add the results of the outcome B and D only Dummies None of above.

Noncritical path activities. Slack time activities.






Overhead rates, labor rates and material costs.

Overhead rates, schedule Rework, cost-of-living Material costs, shipping slippages, and rework. adjustments, and overtime. cost, and scope changes.

Labor rates, material costs, and cost reporting.


Blocking out





77 78


A The work breakdown structure (WBS) is an excellent tool for objective control and evaluation. Which of the following is generally NOT validated through the WBS? When working in an environment that uses learning curves, the most effective plan for creating the perception that pay is related to performance is to provide the team members with an individual salary plus bonus based upon Which of the following is not part of the acquisition process: An individual who is working on the satisfaction of physiological needs has essentially satisfied which needs?


Time, schedule and cost.

Management coordination and organization structuring.

Work methods and accountability.

Quality of work.

Risk and impact decisionmaking.

Individual productivity source selection

Cost effectiveness invitation to bid

Rating system developed Group or team productivity by the project manager contract award notice to proceed

All of the above All of the above are parts of the acquisition process.

Safety Start-to-start

Empowerment/authority Finish-to-start

Esteem Finish-to-finish

Self-actualization B and C only

None of the above A, B, and C.

80 In the PDM, common constraints include: Scope reporting is the timely determination, _____, and _____ of project progress, status data, and transforming this into structured documentation (reports) necessary to judge project performance (reporting on work 81 packages). There are two major types of reserves used on projects. The _____ is for (usually major) scope changes that were not considered as part of the original plan, whereas the _____ is to compensate for minor changes in estimating, escalation 82 factors. To determine what causes the majority of quality problems in a process, a very 83 useful tool is the: Which of the following is not part of 84 contract administration A(n) _____ system is designed to ensure the timely availability of nonhuman resources, and includes the cost in procurement, shipping/freight, storage and 85 loss.

Recording, accumulation.

Recording, graphical display.

Accumulation, graphical display.

Graphical display, interpretation.

Interpretation, analysis.

Management reserve, unplanned allowance fund.

Management reserve, contingency.

Contingency fund, management reserve.

Unplanned allowance fund, Unplanned reserve, planned budgetary reserve. reserve.

cause and effect diagrams. contract award

flow chart. performance control

control chart. financial control

pareto chart. contract closeout

trend chart. All of the above are parts of contract administration.

Inventory control.

Materials management.

Procurement. Team members will work hardest for those project goals that also bring satisfaction to personal goals Facial expressions

Expectancy theory as applied to project 86 management implies that: 87 Non-verbal communication includes:

The more rewards that The team will work the hardest on those the project manager goals that are clearly explained by the provides, the better the project manager performance of the team Body movement Gestures

All of the above. Employees will work hardest for those project goals which are accompanied by high levels of authority for the individual team members The way we move our hands

A and C only.

None of the above All of the above

A The formal invitation to submit a price for specified goods/services is usually 88 referred to as: The project scope/charter baseline 89 includes: Which of the following is not an input to 90 quality planning? Which of the following networking methods allows us to show that the last 10% of one element cannot be completed until 62% of a previous element has been completed? Which of the following utility functions reflects risk-aversion: A deficiency in characteristics that render the quality of the material/service unacceptable is usually referred to as: A line manager possesses information which the project team needs, but withholds the information. The results in a(n):


request for proposal Summary of background conditions defining the project. scope statement.

request for quotation Organization, authority and responsibility relationships. regulations.

tender invitation

bid invitation Resource requirement schedule including time Functions to be performed. estimates. work results. standards.

A and B only

All of the above. quality policy.

91 92

PERT uniform

ADM increasing

PDM decreasing

All of the above. exponential

A and C only. B and D only





poor workmanship

lack of fitness for use



95 A project can best be defined as: Guidelines for estimating time durations 96 include: Herzberg identified factors which, if present, will lead to increased motivation. 97 A typical factor would be: Statistical cost estimating techniques (based upon history), are called _____ 98 estimates and are a _____ approach. Which quality management tool would be used to determine potential causes of a 99 production problem? 100 Affinity diagrams are used to: One of your project team members has made a technological breakthrough on an R & D project. The result will be new business for the company, as well as a company patent. The team member received a company bonus. The 101 motivational strategy used here is:

region of influence Cradle-to-grave activities Coordinated effort of which must be related activities accomplished in less than Series of non-related activities designed designed to accomplish a one year and consumes to accomplish single and multiple goal without a wellhuman and non-human objectives. established end point. resources. Assuming a normal level of labor and Assuming a normal work equipment. week. Using consistent time units


Communication power base Any undertaking with a definable time frame, welldefined objectives, and consumes both human and non-human resources with certain constraints. Using past actual durations as guides.

None of the above

All of the above. All or part of each of the above.

Good supervision

Job security

Regular promotions

Good salary

A dental plan

Definitive, bottom up.

Analogy, top down.

Parametric, bottom up.

Parametric, top down.

Analogy, bottom up.

control chart. determine if a process is in control.

Ishikawa diagram. determine root cause.

scatter diagram. show the relationship among variables.

histogram. categorize large amounts of data.

run chart. None of the above.

Job enrichment

Linking pay and performance

Behavior modification

Freedom in the work place All of the above

A Smoothing out resource requirements from 102 period to period is called resource _____. The most precise or accurate estimate for determining project costs is the _____ 103 estimate. When subordinates know pertinent information that is not known by the project 104 manager, the result is: Which of the following scheduling methods uses more of the risk management 105 concepts: Which of the following terms refers to the situation where the work is being used for the purpose intended and so certified: A _____ estimate prepared from layouts, sketches and flowsheets, should be accurate within (-10, +25%). Assigning resources in an attempt to find the shortest project schedule consistent with fixed resource limits is called resource _____. For communication to occur, there must be:






None of above.




Modified standards. Communication power base

Rule of thumb.



region of influence

None of the above







beneficial completion

substantial completion

project completion

contract closeout

final completion





Bottom up.

Top down.

108 109

Allocation. Two or more people involved

Partitioning the transmittal of information

Leveling a communication process

Quantification. All of the above

None of above. B and C only

The ability to get an individual or group to 110 perform a given task is best described as: The comprehensive review of a contractor's technical performance, cost performance, and delivery schedule, is 111 referred to as: The financial closeout of a project dictates 112 that: Two sources of variation in the length of hex bolts exist. Production variation and measurement error. The QC manager knows that the standard deviation from these sources is 0.24" and 0.43" , respectively. What is the total standard 113 deviation. Which of the following activities can be 114 considered as part of risk mitigation






post project evaluation All project funds have been spent.

procurement performance post contract evaluation post mortem evaluation No charge numbers have No follow-on work from this No further charges can be been overrun. client is possible. made against the project.

contractor's performance evaluation All of the above.

.10 inch. risk identification

.19 inch. purchasing insurance

.34 inch. assessment of outcomes

.49 inch.

.67 inch.

assessment of probabilities C and D only

In general, attempts to smooth out period to period resources will _____ the Increase, decrease. 115 scheduled time and _____ project costs. Risk management methodology should be construction projects 116 adhered to in:

Increase, increase system projects

Increase, increase or decrease. complex projects

Decrease, decrease. large projects

Decrease, increase. All of the above.

A The most common form of written project 117 communication is

B Publications

C Bulletin boards Authorizing scope changes for the next phase. Applied research.

D Reports Authorizing budget increases for the next phase based upon scope changes. Production

E Letters and memos

F All of the above


The most difficult decision for the executive sponsors to make at the end-ofBudget allocations for the next phase. 118 phase review meeting is: The most expensive phase of life cycle R & D. 119 costing is: The rule of seven used by quality control engineers states that if a run of seven or more samples lays on one side of the process mean, then the process is out of control. What is the probability that this 120 condition is the result of random variations. The term that best describes the 'right' to Authority 121 manipulate or change others is called? Which of the following is associated with a buyer's request for material to meet a material warranty 122 particular need: A project manager trying to communicate 123 accurately to the team should use: An advertiser who uses a movie or sports star to endorse a product is trying to use 124 power. Control chart theory is based on the differentiation of the causes of variations in quality. Variations may be produced by assignable causes. All of the following are examples of assignable causes except: Giving a part of project work to a contractor is an example of: Proper implementation of project management will guarantee that: The most effective means of determining the cost of a project is to price out the _____. Which method shown below is acceptable for reducing cost or shortening the schedule? Which of the following terms is used to describe the receipt issued by a carrier for items to be delivered to a third party:

Canceling the project. Operations and support.

All of the above. Termination.







Leadership implied warranty of salability

Coerciveness implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose

Project charter

material guarantees the language of the project manager

A and C only

the language of the team members

non-verbal methods

written memos

All of the above.






125 126 127

differences among machines. risk mitigation Budgets will be met.

differences among workers. risk assignment Schedules will be adhered to. Linear responsibility chart.

differences among materials.

differences in each of these None of the above (all are factors over time. examples) risk assumption None of the above.

risk delegation risk deflection Quality/performance will be The project will be a met. success.


Work breakdown structure.



Changing scope.

Project charter. Performing activities in parallel rather than in series.

Scope statement.

Management plan.

All of the above.

A and C only.


free on board

receipt for merchandise

packaging list

loading list

bill of lading

A computer tape which contains historical 131 project information is called ____ tape.




Lessons learned.

Life cycle summary.

A According to Herzberg, which of the 132 following is a motivational factor? Communication in both project and nonproject-driven organizations should occur 133 in directions.

B Pay

C Hygiene needs

D Achievement

E Working conditions Vacation time







During project execution, a line manager informs you that he will not have sufficient resources available next month to support your and two other projects. The best way Ask the line manager to make the decision. 134 to handle this problem would be to: Japanese quality control has improved dramatically in the last 30 years for all of the use of quality circles. 135 the following reasons except: Management reserves are normally defined as a % of the total budget. As a project progresses, the project manager wants the $ value of management reserve to _____, whereas the customer wants the Increase, increase. 136 management reserve to _____. negatively exponential 137 The utility of a risk seeker is: Which of the following is equivalent to a fixed price contract 138 lump sum contract:

Ask the line manager to work with senior management to prioritize the work. small, continuous improvements in quality control.

Ask your sponsor to meet with the line manager. the use of worker suggestion systems.

Ask the line manager to set up a meeting with you and the other project managers to work out the problem Prepare a purchase order to yourselves. outsource the work. the use of quality control charts. focusing quality control efforts on production outputs.

Increase, decrease. positively skewed price fixing contract

Decrease, decrease. increasing purchase order the cost of corrective action taken by the owner and charged to the contractor for nonconformance Contracts and administration costing system. Physiological

Decrease, increase. decreasing All of the above.

Remain the same, return to customer. symmetrical B and C only

139 Back charges refers to:

transferring charges from subcontractors to the owner

adjusting payments to reflect late invoices consequence

gaining restitution from the owner for non payment C and D only

Company expenses such as auditing costs, supervision, office supplies, building 140 rent and maintenance are elements of the: Capital budgeting process. Job continuity would be an example of Self-actualization 141 _____ in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Overlapping activities on a project, such as 142 design and construction, is referred to as: Fast tracking The major reason why a project manager would use written instead of oral documentation 143 communication is: A basis for future decisions about the project. the sum of the probabilities of project risks events times the sum of consequences of those risks

Overhead rates. Esteem

Fringe benefits packages. Belonging

None of the above. Safety

Risk conversion.

Parallel management.

Process improvement.

Synchronous manufacturing



barrier elimination

All of the above.

144 The scope management provides:

A baseline to accomplish A baseline to evaluate verification measures. potential scope changes. the sum of the products the sum of the of each project risk event consequences of all times its consequences project risk events

All of the above.

B and C only.

145 Total project risk can be defined as:

the sum of the probabilities 1 - the sum of the probabilities of all project risk events of all project risk events.

Which of the following statements about 146 the cost of quality are true? A line manager who is asked to wear two hats and function as a project manager at 147 the same time is likely to exercise:

the cost of quality is the expense of nonconformance to requirements and specifications.

C the cost of quality are mostly the direct responsibility of workers who are manufacturing the product.

D quality control programs should be implemented when the cost of quality are deemed affordable by management.


A and B.

A and C




All of the above]

A and B only

Including the customer in the process of Slow and counterproductive. 148 project planning is: It is argumentative whether project managers actually control costs. Which of the following is the most common element over which the project manager may have Direct labor dollars 149 some degree of control? originate in the quality department where the ultimate responsibility for quality rests.

Essential in the definition and documentation of Necessary, but of limited project goals. value.

Unnecessary because project goals are defined in the proposal stage. None of the above.

Direct labor hours. originate on the shop floor because of waste and product rework.

150 Most quality problems: The "buy or make" decision is usually 151 made during the:

Overhead rates. are the results of management inattention to potential quality improvement ideas.

Procurement costs.

None of the above.

could be eliminated if shop supervisors monitored their work more closely. A and B at any time that is convenient for the project manager

acquisition cycle

contract evaluation cycle requirements cycle

pre-award cycle

The logical relationship that communicates a delay between the start/finish of one activity and the start/finish of another Slack 152 activity is referred to as:

Free float.

Restricted float.

Level float.


Which of the following actions is an 153 example of risk response: A comparison of completion status to 154 baseline is referred to as _____. 155 An example of coercive power would be: Job descriptions are examples of 156 ______communications.

adjust project parameters (scope, time, quality ...) Earned value measurement. Demotion upward

reduce the probability of potential project risk events Percent complete. Reduction in wages downward

reduce the consequences of potential project risk events ACWP. Disciplinary layoff horizontal assumes the future risk events will occur at random according to predetermined probability distributions

wait until a problem actually happens, then deal with it in the most effective and efficient manner. A, B and C only BCWS Reprimand diagonal None of above. All of the above None of the above

157 Monte Carlo simulation:

Was originally developed by Dr. Carlo

Is a European technique for assessing project risks

is a technique to stimulate create risk event resolution A, B and C only

C the majority of defects are caused by a small percentage of the identifiable problems. Improvement efforts should be reserved for these vital problems.


The Pareto Principle is a technique used to determine which quality control problems in a particular process should be corrected. Which of the following statements best represents the philosophy 158 employed by this principle?

In order to minimize financial losses from quality control problems, all problems which have a measureable cost should be corrected

in order to achieve zero defects, all quality control problems, including those which do not have a direct financial cost should be corrected.

An organization oriented family tree of the project. 159 The WBS is: Which of the following processes allow an unsuccessful bidder to seek remedy for bid protest 160 contract award to another bidder. A project team member submits a suggestion on how to improve the corporate procurement process. This is an upward 161 example of _____ communication Financial compensation is the primary motivational tool for which of the following Zero-defects program. 162 management theories of programs. In which of the following contract types is it 163 easier to change the scope of the contract: firm fixed price Planning activities such that predetermined resource availability pools Resource leveling. 164 are not exceeded is called: Expresses upper management commitment to the project. environmental

A task oriented family tree of the project.

A cost centered structure of the project.

generally, 80% of the quality control problems are justifiable for correction via cost-benefit analysis. The remaining 20% are not financially worthy of improvement efforts. A and D Only required on large complex projects where separately identifiable work packages are difficult to construct. None of the above. any of the above processes can be used

bid review

award Protest

award review




None of the above.

theory X management.

theory Y management.

Quality control circles.

A and C

fixed price plus incentive cost plus percentage of fee cost

letter contract

None of the above.

165 The project charter: Which of the following areas are 166 addressed in risk identification: Which of the following types of power comes through the organizational 167 hierarchy A calendar that identifies when a project may be performed on an activity is called 168 a: Charisma would be an example of _____ 169 power. For every situation, several methods usually exist for effective communication to take place. Which of the following is least likely to be used for explaining to the team 170 project planning guidelines?

Manpower leveling. Provides that authority by which the project will be run. technical

Resource limited planning. Establishes that organizational structure with the project. legal

Manpower contingency Manpower planning. planning. Specifies overall objectives and timeframe of the project. All of the above. All of the above. A and B only






Project calendar. Legitimate

Resource calendar. Reward

Milestone point. Coercive

Key point. Expert

Work unit. Referent

project office memo

project office directive

project team meeting

formal report

counseling sessions




173 174 175



the company's quality control manager who must work with the The line workers who must strive "to do project members to In the project environment, the individual things right the first time" to avoid ensure the quality control ultimately responsible for quality control is: quality problems. program is effective. In which of the following types of contracts is it most important for the contractor to maintain control of cost, schedule and scope changes. unit price cost plus incentive fee Middle (functional) managers have the greatest influence in the direction of the project in which type of organizational structure? Project. Strong matrix. Which of the following risks are generally considered unpredictable: business risk financial risk A clear definition of the user's needs serves as the direct basis for the: Work breakdown structure. Functional requirements. R & D project managers in high-tech companies most often motivate using _____ power. Expert Reward PERT is used for PERT requires three time estimates construction projects The major difference between PERT and whereas CPM requires one time whereas CPM is used for CPM networks is: estimate. R & D.

The head of the production department who retains ultimate quality control The project manager who responsibility for all the has ultimate responsibility company's projects. for the entire project.

the customer who must ensure that he is receiving a quality product from the vendor.

cost plus fixed fee

firm fixed price

B and D only

Weak matrix. inflation Project cost estimate.

Project coordinator. natural hazards Selection of personnel.

Project expeditor. taxes Termination decision.

Referent PERT addresses only time whereas CPM also includes cost and resource availability.

Identification PERT requires computer solutions whereas CPM is a manual technique.

None of the above PERT is measured in days whereas CPM uses weeks or months.

178 179



The majority of product defects could be prevented in most processes if manufactures would do the following: Which of the following diagrams is most useful in impact analysis: Which of the following is least likely to be used in explaining to a team member why you consider his/her performance substandard? Which of the following types of contracts allows the owner to transfer risk to the contractor:

Increase the use of acceptance control charts instead of standard three-sigma control charts. arrow diagrams

Make a concerted effort to eliminate the potential for product defects in the Create a quality control design stage. department. precedence diagrams decision trees

A and B. Pareto diagrams

A and C cause and effects diagrams

Project office memo

counseling session

project team meeting

formal letter

individual conversation

cost plus incentive fee

cost sharing

firm fixed price

cost plus fixed fee

performance guarantees

A contractor estimates that a project has a 0.5 probability of $200,000 profit and 0.3 probability of $50,000 loss. The expected 182 monetary value of this project is: A project manager who allows the team to make the majority of the decisions is 183 demonstrating a(n) ____ leadership style. Laissez-faire




$50,000 None of the above.


Subordinate centered



184 185 186



189 190 191

A Historical records during close-out are useful to _____ and _____ for future projects. In a fishbone diagram, the effect you are concerned about is placed: Sound, prudent, but often unsophisticated judgement is called: Which of the following types of specifications gives measurable capabilities of the product: A graphical display of accumulated costs and labor hours for both budgeted and actual costs, plotted against time, is called a(n) _____. By using Project Risk Management techniques, project managers can develop strategies that do all but which of the following: In a flowchart, the diamond form is used to represent: In small companies, project managers and line managers are:

E Support litigation, defend claims. at the left-hand end of the spine. confrontation


Predict trends, highlight problems. at the right-hand end of the spine. common sense

Analyze successes, Analyze strengths, shortfalls. document results. at the end of the diagonal line (i.e. "fin"). on a branch of a fin. rational management performance specifications smoothing

Justify results, set standards. None of the above. None of the above process capability specification

functional specifications

conformance specifications technical specifications

Trend line.

Trend analysis.

S curve.

Percent completion report. Earned value report.

Significantly reduce project risks a starting point. Never the same person

eliminate project risks an operation.

identify risks, their provide a rational basis for impact(s), and any better decision making appropriate responses a decision point. Always in disagreement with each other

None of the above. an end point. Forced to act as their own sponsors

a written report. Sometimes the same Always the same person person

Make or buy decisions are usually made Conceptual 192 during the _____ phase of a project. Managers who adopt a sound, but prudent authorization 193 managerial style are called

Development. conciliatory Will elongate the project if the activities on this path take longer than anticipated.

Implementation ethical

Execution judicial

Close-out promotional

The critical path in a network is the path 194 that:

Has the greatest degree of risk.

Must be completed before all other paths. All of the above.

A and B only.

There are four general classes of products that the purchasing department seeks to obtain for production. Which is not one of Raw materials 195 these categories: A good team leader must be concerned 196 not only with _____ but also with _____ . The project stakeholders should be actively involved with the _____ phase(s) 197 of the life cycle. The starting point in the development of a 198 top-down PERT/CPM chart is the _____ .

Standard production items Organizational goals; personal goals

Special items

Items of small value

Semi-precious materials Tasks to be accomplished; needs of the team members

Long term goals; short term goals

Legitimate power; referent Group efficiency; power power and authority



Execution Customer's milestone dates.


All of the above.

199 The use of quality circles:

Customer's deliverable list. is particularly effective in overcoming has proven ineffective in both Japan and labor/management the U.S. conflicts. Project specification tree.

provides a quick fix for most quality problems.

Listing of customer team Work breakdown structure. meeting dates. allows workers the opportunity to generate solutions for chronic quality problems. A and B only

A B Which phase of the project life cycle typically has the highest uncertainty and concept 200 risk associated with it? Your sponsor announce to you and your team that his/her door is open to everyone wishing to discuss project problems. Yet, the sponsor seems to be annoyed whenever someone does stop by, even when discussing a serious problems. This semantics 201 is an example of. _____ is associated with a buyer's request for materials or equipment to meet a particular need or accomplish a specific Express warranty 202 purpose. ADM is an activity-on-arrow method. In Denotes a critical path relationship. 203 this method, a dummy activity: An informal communication network on a project and within an organization is called free upward flow 204 a(n): By which process may an unsuccessful 205 supplier seek remedy for unjust awards? Contract dispute Risk classified as unknown unknowns (i.e., those which cannot be identified or evaluated): The "zero defect" concept was proposed by: The major difference between project and line management is that the project manager may not have any control over which basic management function? Which of the following planning considerations is often overlooked? A recurring communication pattern within the project organization or company is called a: During a project review meeting, you discover that your $250,000 project has a negative schedule variance of $20,000 which equates to 12% of the work scheduled to this point of time. You can therefore conclude that:





All of the above.


inconsistent signals

perceptual differences

misunderstood role

Implied warranty of merchantability

Implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose Prescribed warranty Identifies customer deliverables dates.

None of the above. Identifies customer team meeting dates.

Denotes any dependency relationship. Shows slack. unrestricted communication flow Bid protest

free horizontal flow Stop work order

grapevine Coffective action

open network None of the above.

206 207

should be deflected to the contracting officer Deming

should be handled via contingency allowances Juran

should be ignored, since they cannot be identified Crosby

should be ignored, since they are not covered in the Project Risk Assessment C and D Tagushi A and D only

208 209

Decision-making Planning for project termination.

Staffing Rewarding Qualified project manager Insuring top management assignment. support.

Tracking/monitoring Clearly defined tasks.

Reviewing All of the above.


free-form matrix

structured matrix


rigid channel

None of the above.


The project will be completed late.

The critical path has been the costs are being lengthened. overrun.

Overtime will be required to maintain the original critical path. None of the above.

Once the logic of a network is laid out, the project manager will conduct a forward pass and backward pass through the network. This will provide information on 212 the _____ and identification of the _____ . Slack for each activity, critical path.

Slack for each activity, high risk activities.

Manpower shortages, high High risk activities, nonrisk activities. critical paths.

Manpower availability, contingency plans.


214 215


A Project managers need exceptionally good communication and negotiation skills primarily because: Risk can be divided into two basic types; business risk and pure (or insurable risk). Of the following, which one(s) fall(s) under business risk? The purpose of project Risk Management is to: Which of the following factors has historically been the greatest contributor to project failure?

D They are expected to be technical experts

They may be leading a team over which Procurement activities they have no direct control mandate this

E F They must provide executive/customer/sponso r briefings All of the above


liability loss direct property loss Identify those factors that will adversely Assess the impact of impact project objectives. adverse project factors. Planning performed by a planning group.

profit loss Assess the probability of adverse project factors.

personnel-related loss A and C Lack of management support.

B and C All of the above. Not using an automated tracking tool.

Lack of sufficient Poor financial estimates. management reserve.

Which type of process involves the agency holding discussions with each of the offerors, after receipt of their proposals, in the process of arriving at an agreement Sealed bidding 217 prior to the award of a contract? A non-critical path activity is completed in 218 half the time. Then, An element in the WBS was estimated to require 1 month for completion with 1000 hours of labor and a burdened cost of $50K. The task was completed in 1000 hours but a burdened cost of $60K. The most likely reason for the increase would 219 be: In the past, most project managers have come from _____ fields without proper 220 _____ training or education in skills

The critical path is also reduced.

Competitive proposals Noncompetitive proposals The slack in the path containing this activity will The total cost for this increase. activity has decreased.

Formal bid Verbal bid Manpower from this activity can be assigned to other activities. All of the above.

Higher salaried employees were assigned.

Overtime was required.

The overhead rate increased.

Employee salaries had increased.

Any of the above Business; manufacturing know-how

Technical; accounting/finance

Technical; management considered a long term risk. project manager

The Risk of NOT meeting project quality can be minimized through continuous monitoring. 221 objectives: The main player in project communication sponsor 222 is the The type of contract (payment mechanism) chosen for a project is often a reflection of the degree of risk associated with completing that project. For a firm fixed Is accomplished by paying the actual costs to the contractor. 223 price contract, payment for risk _____ . Which is not an element of procurement Purchasing 224 management? Which percent of the total project labor hours are typically expended by the end of 225 the second phase of the project life cycle?

Marketing; technologyTechnical; psychological oriented will be reflected in the "inservice" life of the product or service. B and C functional manager functional team

All of the above. All of the above.

Is accomplished by paying the contractor for Is an undisclosed his costs plus a fixed fee contingency in the (profit). contractor's bid. Expenditure Marketing

Is accomplished by paying for the budgeted costs of dealing with risks, as predicted in the project risk assessment. B and C Inspection B and D






D Showing critical path dependencies.

Comparing actual to planned performance to each activity. 226 Bar charts are most appropriate for: Formal authority is often referred to as legitimate power. Which two other forms of power are also considered to be legitimate Reward and penalty 227 power? Power games, withholding information, noise 228 and hidden agendas are examples of-. 229 Scope management is: The most common method for pricing out non-burdened labor hours for a three year 230 project would be to: The principles of risk management should 231 be followed only for: 232 Utility Theory: a project control function. Price out the hours at the actual salary of the people to be assigned. complex projects considers the risk propensity of the decision makers.

Showing slack time.

E Showing which activities can be rearranged in parallel.


All of the above.

Reward and referent communication barriers

Referent and expert

Expert and reward

Penalty and referent

indirect communication a work authorization employs change control. process. Price out the work using Price out the work using a a company-wide average functional group average labor rate. labor rate. simple projects is based on proven statistical methods. Transmit need large projects deals with the usefulness of the end product. Inspection

mixed messages All of the above considers Cost, Quality and Schedule. All of the above.

All of the above. A and C is a key element of ISO 9000 Prepare and issue purchase order

A and B only. All of the above. B and C A and D

233 Which is not part of the purchasing cycle? Defined need A network has been developed with resources from six different departments. One of the six departments has just informed you that they can increase the number of employees from 5 to 8. This will A shortening of the critical path. 234 result in: Conflict management requires problemsolving. Which of the following is often referred to as a problem-solving technique and used extensively in conflict resolution? Cost Reimbursable contracts are equivalent to: In project-driven companies, costs are usually billed againest the project based upon: Project Risk Management is based on which of the following premises:

A shortening of the noncritical path.

A decrease in the total cost An increase in the cost of of the project. the project.

A through D are possible based upon where the resources are deployed.

235 236

Confrontation Cost plus contracts The burdened labor rate of the actual employees who performed the work. the future is unknown.

Compromise Fixed plus contracts The burdened labor rate of the line organization average salary. unknowns can result in risks or opportunities.

237 238

Smoothing Progress payment contracts The burdened labor rate of the company average salary. we cannot control risk events.



Back charge contracts None of the above. The burdened labor rate of the average salary of the project team members. None of the above. project risk impact can be measured and controlled All of the above.

The project manager that allows and supports group discussions and decision 239 making is called a(n) _____ manager.


240 What is the purpose of the Project Plan? Management has decided to "crash" a project in order to avoid penalty payments for late deliveries. To crash the project, either overtime or additional resources All activities. 241 should be assigned to:

consultant autocratic To document the To document the Preliminary estimates. Definitive estimates.

consensus To document the Budgetary estimates.

shareholder To document Parametric estimates.

None of the above. To document Order of Magnitude estimates.

Those activities on the Only those activities with critical path begining with the longest time the longest time duration durations. activities.

Those activities with the greatest degree of risk.

None of the above.

A Of the following, who has the ultimate responsibility for meeting project quality 242 objectives?

E Quality Assurance Manager performing contingent planning


Project Engineer

Project Manager obtaining insurance against loss

Functional Manager identification of project risks

Project Owner developing planning alternatives

Risk mitigation involves all but which of the developing system standards (policies, procedure, responsibility standards) 243 following: The cost of corrective action taken by the purchaser and chargeable to the supplier under the terms of the contract is: The sequential steps that define the process for successfully completing a project is: Which of the following time robbers end up creating additional work for the project manager and the project office? You are giving your team instructions on how to perform a new test which is different from the way that the team had performed it previously. The best way to verify that the learn understands what you want is to: A common way by which executives provide the project manager with written authority is through: Surveys have shown that the primary skill needed to be a project manager is communication skill. The typical project manager spends approximately ______percent of his or her time communicating.


Payment authorization

Bid cost considerations

Release payment

Back charge

None of the above.


Implementation Plan

a life cycle Changes without notification or direction

Development Plan Unreasonable time constraints

a critical path

Management Plan


Failure to delegate

Over directing people

All of the above


obtain feedback

analyze the team's perceptions barriers

uses gestures in analyze the team's presenting the instructions decoding skills

analyze the team's encoding skills


A common job description for all project managers An appointment letter

A project charter

All of the above

B and C only


40-50 Project scope, cost control, schedule, quality

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is 250 the basis for communicating:

50-60 60-75 Project objectives, dependencies, plan, cost Project scope, schedule, control staffing, cost control

75-90 Project scope, quality, schedule, dependencies Quality Assurance Manager

90-95 Project budget, schedule, risk factors, work assignments.

The quality objectives are approved in the Project Engineer 251 conceptual stage of the project by the:

should not be calculated for small projects 252 Total Project Risk: _____ is a narrative description of the work to be accomplished or resource to be Purchase order 253 supplied.

Project Manager is the probability of each project risk event times the sum of the consequences of individual project risk events which could occur during the project.

Functional Manager

Project Owner

Is the cumulative sum of the probability of each individual project risk event times the consequences of occurrence of that risk event. A and B

A and C

Level of effort work

Scope of work

Contract stipulation

None of the above.

A A line manager provides you with three estimates for his activity in your PERT network. His estimates are 2 weeks optimistically, 4 weeks most likely, and 12 weeks pessimistically. The expected time 254 which would appear on the chart would be: 4 weeks


255 256



In Project Risk Management, Risk Response may include actions to: Researching, organizing and recording pertinent information is called: The budget associated with scope changes that have been approved but not planned for yet, is referred to a(n) _____ budget. The project manager must be concerned with building a closely knit team. During the project kickoff meeting, the project manager can get a good start at team building by providing the team with:

reduce the probability of risk events Alternative analysis

5 weeks change the scope, budget, schedule or quality specifications of the project Information gathering

6 weeks reduce the consequences or severity of impacts of a potential risk event

7 weeks

None of the above.

A and C

All of the above. All of the above

Configuration management Post project analysis






Proposed salary increases if the project Bonuses for early is successful completion date

A promise of future assignments

Well-defined project objectives

Linear responsibility charts

To determine whether or not the employee correctly understands the message, the reduce the filtering 259 project manager needs to: What is the relative priority of project Cost, 1)Cost - 2)Schedule - 3)Quality 260 Schedule and Quality? _____ is a method of procurement where a contract results from a bid which may be Acquisition 261 changed through bargaining. A proven effective means to insure quality delegate accountability to subordinates 262 conformance is to: Communication management is best the way we listen 263 described as conducting or supervising

eliminate barriers 1)Quality - 2)Schedule 3)Cost

obtain feedback 1)Quality - 2)Cost 3)Schedule

use more than one medium use all of the above. 1)Schedule - 2)Quality 3)Cost All are of equal priority

Contract negotiation revise quality specifications to match quality measurements the way we speak Established without considering resource bounds Safety, OSHA and EPA may have placed restrictions on the number of people used on certain activities or in the physical location of the project.

Procurement train workers in proper quality methods the way we feel

Purchase negotiation inspect quality into the product the exchange of information

None of the above. make quality a higher priority than cost or schedule perfect documentation activities Measurable, intangible and verifiable

264 Good project objectives must be:

General rather than specific

Realistic and attainable

Overly complex

Increasing resources on the critical path activities may not always shorten the 265 length of the project because:

Certain activities are time-dependent rather than resource-dependent (i.e., using three ovens rather than one to bake a cake).

Adding more resources may create additional work The skill level of the added and produce inefficiencies resources might not be (i.e., additional people may appropriate for the need training and activities to be performed. supervision.) All of the above.

A Universal characteristics of effective project managers include such skills as communication, decision-making, 266 planning, ability to identify problems and:


Performing feasibility studies

Proposal preparation

being close to the customer


None of the above are universal characteristics

Which of the following is not a measure of Return on original investment. 267 the profitability of a project or program? _____ is a formal invitation containing a scope of work which seeks a formal response (proposal) describing both methodology and compensation to form Request for proposal 268 the basis of a contract. By which means is a contractor able to control cost overruns due to changing Project data review 269 requirements?

Net present value.


Discounted cash flow.

None of the above

Invitation to bid

Request for quotation Purchase order amendment

Intention for bid

None of the above.

Douglas McGregor's Theory Y advocates Dislikes work and avoids it whenever possible 270 that the average worker: Feasibility studies occur in which life cycle Conceptual 271 phase (s)?

Change order Must be closely supervised and even threatened with punishment Conceptual or Development

Change control

None of the above.

Avoids increased responsibility

Wants self-respect

None of the above any life cycle phase

272 Project managers must know:

What kind of message to send

to whom to send the message

273 Quality attributes

are used to determine how effectively can be objective or the organization accomplishes its goals subjective in nature the total number of possible events divided into the expectations or frequency of the risk event The project manager and project office personnel. Cost of goods sold.

274 Risk event probability is defined as: Scheduling systems such as PERT, ADM, and PDM are project management tools to 275 be used by: The planned cost for the total project at its 276 inception is called the _____. A process characteristic has a true mean of 150 and a true standard deviation of 20. A sample of 25 items is taken from this process. The standard error of the 277 estimate is: Network schedules are prepared during the _____ phase and updated during the 278 _____ phase.

the number of times the risk event may occur The project team and functional managers. Depreciable value.

Execution Preliminary planning how to translate the message into a language that everyone can understand All of the above are specific quality characteristics for which a product is designed, built, and tested. A and B. the total number of the fraction of the total possible events divided into project tasks which may be the consequences of the affected by the risk event risk event.

A and B only

B and C

A and B

The project sponsor. Budgeted cost.

All of the above. All of the above.

A and B only. B and C only.

0.2 Development, implementation.



Conceptual, execution.

Development, close-out.

Implementation, close-out. Planning, finishing.

entails managing the project's work content. 279 Scope Management: The methods and techniques for determining the economic costs, the environmental impact, the economic returns, and the probability for success are Feasibility studies. 280 called: The traditional organizational form has the Complex functional budgeting 281 disadvantage of: Things that distort, distract, or muddle the noise 282 communication process are called: Which is not a consideration in a make or 283 buy decision?

C is a subset of configuration management and as such is performed by CM specialists.

D E is concerned with naming all activities performed, the end products which results and the resources is not a concern of the consumed. project manager.


None of the above.

Bills of materials.

Pert charts.

Managerial reserves.

None of the above

Poorly established No single focal point for communication channels clients/sponsors selective filtering Competitors' method of sourcing subdivides the project into manageable segments

Slow reaction capability

Inflexible use of manpower All of the above.

Cost factors (least cost alternatives)

284 A Work Breakdown Structure: A project manager can exchange information with the project team using 285 which media? During project execution, the customer authorizes and funds a scope change which requires a major change in the 286 schedule. The baseline schedule:

assures all work is identified

selective perception medium problems Existence of sufficient administration/technical personnel Political and social factors provides the project sponsor with a time-phase task summary both A and B

None of the above.

All of the above.


Sensitivity analysis can be used in risk 287 analysis to: The Pareto Principle is a technique used by quality managers to determine which quality control problems of a particular service or manufacturing process should be corrected. Which of the following statements represents the philosophy of 288 the principle? The budgeted cost of the work performed (BCWP) for a task that has just been 289 completed can be calculated by:

olfactory Is amended to reflect the Is still the original scope change, but the Now becomes the new schedule, baseline but annotated to original baseline is still including the changes, and the original reflect that a change has maintained for post-project baseline is disregarded. taken place. review. estimate the effect of estimate the level of risk change of one project Substitute for uncertainty analysis in risk aversion adopted by variable on the overall quantification management project the majority of defects are caused by a small In order to minimize financial losses percentage of the from quality control problems, all identifiable problems. problems which have a measurable cost Improvements efforts associated with them should be should be reserved for corrected. these vital few problems. Multiplying the budgeted hours to complete the Multiplying the actual hours worked on task by the budgeted the project by the budgeted labor rate. labor rate.


visual Is meaningless since every schedule update changes the baseline (i.e., a rubber baseline.)

All of the above. Is the same since baseline schedules cannot change once the development phase is completed.

A and B

All of the above.

in order to achieve zero defects, all quality control problems, including those which do not have a direct financial cost should be corrected. Dividing the actual hours required to complete the task by the budgeted labor rate.

generally, 80 % of the quality control problems are justifiable for correction via cost-benefit analysis. The remaining 20% are not financially worthy of improvement efforts. A and D

Cannot be determined.

None of the above

A The project manager has, as a prime responsibility, to assure proper integration of activities. In which organizational form does the project manager probably have Matrix 290 the easiest time in integrating work? There are four methods of government procurement. Which is not one of these Assistance 291 methods?





Pure project

Sealed bidding

Competitive proposals


Small purchases

A scientist is informing techs. about a new product which is starting and the type of work that the lab techs. will be expected to do. The barriers which could hinder the lab techs. ability to filter the information language and semantics 292 include all of the following except: failure to reserve funds to handle worst Many companies self insure against some case scenarios (low probability events) risk. Problems which can arise from self- resulting in severe financial damage to the company 293 insurance include: Perhaps the biggest problem facing the project manager during integration Coping with employees who report to multiple bosses 294 activities within a matrix structure is: The Japanese Quality Control (QC) Circle movement motivated its participants in many ways. Which of the following represents the most important motivation improving the performance of the company 295 for the QC circle participants? The _____ specification delineates specific measurable capabilities or parameters for which a product can be tested as part of Performance 296 the acceptance procedure.

culture and ethics

reputation, authority, intelligence and knowledge organizational status and base position

relative location of the lab to the scientist's office

stiff competition from insurance companies Too much sponsorship involvement

confusion of business risks with insurable risks. A and C Unclear functional understanding of the technical requirements Escalating project costs

All of the above.

All of the above


financial incentives

recognition among coworkers

strengthening of relationships between co-workers

Technical project planning, project project planning, work control, project definition, project concept, project planning, project authorization, and project WBS development, and reporting. project termination. 297 The project life-cycle can be described as: execution, and project close-out. The value that an asset The costs that have been has on the books after sunk into the project to one year of depreciation. date.


Base Line project concept, project execution, and project reporting.

None of the above.

All of the above.

298 The salvage value of an asset is: Your team has prepared a CPM schedule for your review. You notice that one node has six inputs (including two dummy activities) and four outputs (which include one dummy activity). Select the correct 299 statement from the following:

The value of the scrap metal if a new asset were taken to a scrap yard.

The expected cash value at the end of an assets useful life. A and D only.

This is invalid because a node can have a maximum of one dummy This is a valid representation if the logic input representation if the is correct. logic is correct.

This is invalid because nodes cannot have both This is a invalid because dummy inputs and dummy the number of outputs must outputs. equal the number of inputs.

This is invalid because a maximum of two inputs and two outputs are allowed using the critical path method.

A B Assume that you have a network where an activity on the critical path can be crashed by two weeks. If the activity is actually The project's schedule will be reduced by 2 weeks. 300 crashed by two weeks, then:

C The available slack on the noncritical paths will increase.


301 Documented work authorization provide: Fixed-price and incentive-type contracts place responsibility for performance and financial risks associated with delay or nonBuyer 302 performance on the:

a means of effective internal coordination of the project's activities.

an audit trail of all work authorized from project initiation to completion.

A new critical path may appear after the crash. All of the above. a means for communication of work activity between the project manager and the performing activities. All of the above

A and B only.

A and B only.

Third party


All of the above

None of the above

The customer incurs the total financial In a contract, the point of total assumption responsibility for each additional dollar spent. 303 refers to the point where: If the functional employees are In a matrix organizational form, MBO may supervised closely by the line manager rather than the project manager 304 be difficult to implement:

The contractor incurs the total financial responsiblity for each dollar spent. Unless the project manager has an input into the employee's performance review

The schedule and cost variance are zero.

The customer will incur no further costs for the work the contractor performs in the completion of the contract. B and D only. Unless the project and line managers agree to the None of the above are correct duration of the task answers

305 Quality assurance Which of the following communication 306 media is least accepted by organizations? Formal written communication is 307 mandated for which of the following? In performing an impact analysis, the most effective tool to ensure all risks are 308 identified on large projects is the:

refers to the prevention of product defects

Unless the project and line managers agree on the ultimate objective is the technical process is an auditing function that include the that provides feedback to construction of control the project team and charts which specify client about the quality of acceptability limits for output being produced. conforming output.

A and B.

B and C

tactile scope changes not part of the original project

audio taking exception to a specification milestone review and schedule technique

extrasensory procurement of raw materials cost/schedule control system

visual All of the above. planning programming budget system

olfactory A and B only program and evaluation review technique

Work breakdown structure

the company's quality control manager who must work with the The line workers who must strive "to do project members to In the project environment, the individual things right the first time" to avoid ensure the quality control program is effective. 309 ultimately responsible for quality control is: quality problems. In which organizational form do project managers usually get to know the employees well enough to provide an input Expediter Coordinator 310 into their performance review? The critical path in a schedule network is Must be done before any Takes the longest time to complete other tasks 311 the path that:

The head of the production department who retains ultimate quality control The project manager who responsibility for all the has ultimate responsibility company's projects. for the entire project.

the customer who must ensure that he is receiving a quality product from the vendor.

Pure project Allows some flexibility in scheduling a start time.

Matrix Line-staff Is not affected by schedule slippage All of the above.

312 The use of the project reports: You must produce 27 widgets. You can only produce 9 widgets per production run. Each production line setup costs $1000. Each widget consumes $10 worth of material and $5 worth of labor. What is the 313 total fixed cost for producing the widgets.

are not necessary on small projects

C provides a means whereby various levels of authority can judge project performance

D E provides insight into project areas and the effectiveness of the control systems All of the above


B and C






_____ is based on information gathered and analyzed about demand and supply. This forecast provides a prediction of short and long term prices and the underlying Demand forecast 314 reasons for those trends.

315 A project is defined as: An acceptance control chart has limits that are based on the spec. limits for the product rather than limits which differentiate between random and assignable causes. Under which of the When the engineering tolerance on a following circumstances should a QC dimension greatly exceeds the natural dispersion of the manufacturing process 316 manager consider this type chart

Supply forecast an undertaking of a large, complex interrelated activities undertaking with many directed toward a specific a coordinated undertaking of interrelated objectives, multiple goal that can be activities directed toward a specific goal sources of funding, and a accomplished in less than that has a finite period of performance. not discernible end point. one year. When the number of samples outside the current control chart limits become too costly and cumbersome to investigate.

Price forecast

Production forecast

None of the above.

a group of activities headed by a project manager who has cradle-to-grave cycle responsibility for the end product. All of the above.

Budgeted contingencies can be detemined past experience 317 by: It is a generally acceptable practice that if one of your clients makes an informal 318 request of you, then you should respond: Ouchi's Theory Z relates more to _____ whereas Theory X / Theory Y relates to 319 _____ . The first step in building a PERT/CPM 320 network is to:

applying standard allowances

When a process is subject to constant but stable tool wear. A and B. detemining the sum total of the most probable variances of the various risk items properly identified. All of the above.

A and C

None of the above.

formally in writing

Project managers; team members Create a flow chart

with a memo Company management philosophy in treating employees; the average worker Determine the critical path



All of the above

Project sponsors; project managers Show task relationships

The functional team; project sponsors Create a work breakdown structure

Recruitment policy; wage and salary administration None of the above.

Which is not one of the five classifications 321 of work found in a purchasing operafion? Management


Follow-up and expediting



A You must produce 27 widgets. You can only produce 9 widgets per production run. Each production line setup costs $1000. Each widget consumes $10 worth of material and $5 worth of labor. What is total variable cost for producing one 322 widget.


$1,020 allows for data collection and analysis and progress reporting against which standards of performance can be measured.

323 Creation of project objectives: During which phase of the project life cycle concept 324 is the amount at stake lowest? Techniques that can improve 325 communication include: 326 The Delphi Method is well-suited for:

$1,010 $1,015 is accomplished by selection of measurable variables against which is required before funding performance can be of the project by the project judged. sponsor. all of the above. development avoiding face-to-face communication Forecasting is a motivational technique that promotes "doing it right the first time". execution using redundancy (i.e. saying it two different ways) whenever possible Overhead rate estimating is used by management to communicate to all employees that everyone should do things right the first time. conclusion

$20 None of the above

A and B only C and D

establishing a single, one-way communications channel Decision-making

disregarding the sensitivity of your receiver All of the above. All of the above A and B only

is a performance standard for management 327 The zero defects concept What tool have project managers come to use to identify all of the costs associated A bill of materials 328 with a project. _____ is a receipt issued by a carrier for merchandise to be delivered to a party at Proforma invoice 329 some destination.

A and C.

B and C

A Gantt chart

A work breakdown An arrow diagram network. structure.

B and C only.

Inspection certificate

330 A program is characterized as:

Contingency planning should include all 331 but which of the following?

a grouping or related tasks lasting one year or less. The development of a contingency allowance determined by combining (layering) various estimate segments to form larger estimate segments.

a unique undertaking having a definite time period.

Packing list Bill of lading a grouping of similar projects having no definite end that supports the product(s) from cradle to a project with a cost over grave. $1 million.

None of the above.

None of the above.

the development of schedule alternatives and the management of a work-around contingency budget To support company operations with an uninterrupted flow of materials and services Create a quality control department and give the head of the department ultimate responsibility for quality improvement.

an assessment of project shut-down liabilities.

A and C

From an operating or functional perspective, there are various objectives of purchasing and materials management. To buy competitively 332 Which is not one of these objectives?

To achieve maximum To develop reliable and integration with the other effective sources of supply departments of the firm

To attain approval from each department of every purchase

In order to achieve long-term quality improvements, management must do the 333 following:

Motivate the employees with seminars, contests, and institute programs such as "Quality Improvement' day.

Implement of a formal quality control program with worker and Establish financial incentive management involvement. packages for worker. A and D



336 337 338 339 340

341 342 343

A Team members want to work for a project manager that can provide them with career path planning. In which organizational form is career path planning difficult for project employees? The swiftest and most effective communications take place among people with Typically, during which phase in a project life cycle are most of the project expenses incurred. Communication always makes use of. Fixed-price contracts place more risk on the _____ . The best way to insure quality conformance is to _____. The project charter is developed by: When a project manager is running over the budgeted costs, the project manager can typically _____ to attempt to get the project back on budget. Which of the following fall(s) under the responsibilities of a project manager? A legally binding document offered unilaterally is a _____ .



Pure project

Project coordinator

Project expediter the ability to reduce perception barriers


common points of view

dissimilar interests Development of design phase words contractor maintain total control. the customer

advanced degrees

good encoding skills

Concept phase symbols owner distribute the responsibility to subordinates. senior management

Execution phase. language seller train each worker to implement the work. the project manager Incur a schedule slippage (to obtain more favorable pricing due to lengthened delivery times) Personnel training

Termination phase. gestures B and C inspect quality into the project. both A and C

None of the above All of the above. All of the above. None of the above. None of the above.

Reduce features and/or functionality Labor relations with project personnel purchase order

Increase risk. Affirmative action

All of the above. Discrimination and equal employment opportunity level of effort proposal developed in cooperation with the user

A and B only All of the above request for proposal typically describe physical dimensions and performance requirements

A technical requirement has which of the 344 following characteristics:

easy to understand

scope of work description contract stipulation a communication tool between the user and the written in non-technical design team language

If a project manager communicates a verbal message to a subordinate, and the subordinate leaves without saying a word, the message was understood 345 the project manager should assume: Inspection of a complex project according to specifications is accomplished by inspection by attributes. 346 _____. The behavioral responsibilities of a project The public 347 manager may also include dealing with: The difference between the BCWS and the Schedule variance 348 BCWP is referred to as the: "Paraphrasing" is most closely associated with which part of the communication encoding 349 process? 350 A Gantt chart is useful in determining: A contract originated bilaterally may be 351 developed by _____ . the level of effort for a task quotation request from suppliers

the message was not understood

the subordinate discarded the information was not the information appropriate quality conformance inspection

None of the above.

cyclical inspection

original inspection

None of the above.

Regulatory personnel Cost variance.

The legal environment Estimate of completion

Environmental issues Actual cost of the work performed

All of the above None of the above

decoding when a task starts and stops proposal request

barriers how tasks are related to each other bid invitation release

feedback who is assigned to do a task B and C

None of the above. All of the above. All of the above.

A In a matrix organizational form, which factor(s) make it difficult for a project manager to provide a valid input into the 352 employee's performance review? Upon completion of 75% of the project, the original schedules and cost estimates that were submitted at the inception of the project are referred to as the: Which of the following is not a definition to determine a product's ability to operate as intended? A work breakdown structure is most useful for: Reaching an understanding of concessions is accomplished in the _____ stage of negotiations.

Not working directly with the assigned functional employees

D Not being knowledgeable Employees spend only a enough to evaluate short amount of time employees on technical assigned to the project judgment


All of the above

A and B only


Baseline costs

Budgeted costs.

Estimates upon completion costs Scheduled costs

None of the above

354 355

distance identifying individual tasks for a project

performance scheduling the start of tasks


condition determining potential developing a cost estimate delays

All are definitions A and C



The primary consideration of product 357 management is to know the _____.

probing ability the product has to probability of product's performance with perform its intended specified parameters function

The reason that cost management is so 358 difficult in project management is that:


360 361

362 363



Projects by definition and nature are nonrecurring events and are therefore There are no tools for difficult to predict. identifying project tasks. strengthen the learning process by adding a Using visual aids during visual dimension to the management/customer presentations will: hold the interest of the audience auditory dimension Which of the following organizational forms would be likely to have an individual with the title of Vice President for Project Management? Classical / traditional Pure project A contract is legally binding and must comprise all but one of the following: legal capacity mutual assent History has shown that project managers can be trained in a combination of ways. Formal education and Which method is usually preferred by most special course (degreed companies? Experiential learning, on-the-job programs) The purpose of configuration management control change is to: insure drawings are updated throughout the project Three types of written media used in individually-oriented, organizations are _____, _____, and legally-oriented, ______. manual, letters, guidelines organizationally oriented The labor costs of the Which of the following is considered a The cost of the materials used to workers who actually direct cost for producing a widget? produce a widget. produced the widget.

scratch bargaining ability of a product to be produced within existing parameters Project managers do not care about tracking costs, as only schedules are important to all project managers.



functionality the product will provide over its useful life All of the above

A and B only

B and C only

stay in view longer, thus bringing back listeners who may have strayed All of the above.

A and B only

Matrix approved negotiations

Project coordinator consideration

None of the above legality

Professional activities, seminars control change during the production only guidelines, forms, procedures The rent for the building in which the widget was manufactured

Individual readings generate engineering change proposals letters, guidelines, brochures The salary of senior management and the project sponsor

None of the above inform the project manager of changes

letters, contracts, policies.

A and B only

A _____ best describes the goal of a project in its relationship with the customer, from fitness for use 366 initial contact through delivery. A communicator can present information 367 using the following media except: Advantages of the functional (hierarchical) form of organization include _____ and creation of technical competence. Quality and _____ are directly related. Resource leveling will often affect the project by making it: Selection criteria for project selection include: The Statement of Work (SOW) is developed during the _____ cycle. Which of the following depreciation methods provides for accelerated depreciation of an asset:


customer satisfaction

conformance to requirements

fitness for purpose

All of the above.





Both A and B

368 369 370 371 372

Ease of horizontal coordination productivity Shorter. cost versus benefit Award

Clearly defined authority cost overruns Longer risk Solicitations

High information processing capability scope control More responsive to customer needs. contribution towards organizational goals requirements

Single voice to customers Pareto diagram A and C rate of return contractual Double sum of the years digits

None of the above. B and C. All of the above. requisitions


Double declining balance.

Straight line.

Exponential depreciation

Double increasing balance

A plan has budgeted three weeks of effort for consultants, but the job was done in 374 only two weeks. Calculate the variance:

1.50% the PM has knowledge of the product, inspected it without relying on the seller's skill


376 377

378 379 380

A warranty may not be a remedy for products delivered unfit when _____ . Graphical displays of accumulated cost and labor hours, plotted as a function of time, are called: Quality control is normally performed by the _____ . Situations calling for a matrix organization include outside pressure for dual focus, _____ and pressure for high information processing capability. The net present value of $110 one year from now at 10% is: The receiver filters messages based on all but the following:

33% the products delivered comply with the plans and specifications of the client

75% the plans and specifications produced by the seller match the completed product. A and B

67% None of the above.

None of the above.

Variance reports QA personnel

S curves project team

Trend analysis operating personnel

Earned value reporting project management

Baseline control None of the above.

Pressure for clear accountability $100 Language

Pressure for reduced duplication of effort $120 Distance Better control of the project

Pressure for shared resources

Pressure for formalized communication $121 $100 less taxes $100 less taxes and interest Authority/Reputation

Culture Lower status reporting costs

Going from Level 2 to Level 4 in the work 381 breakdown structure will result in On November 1, $1000 worth of work on task A was supposed to have been done (BCWS); however, the BCWP was $850. 382 Calculate the schedule variance:

Less estimating accuracy

Knowledge A greater likelihood that something will fall through the cracks

None of the above






B is minimized through continuous monitoring. Consulting Systems design $2,200 increases perceived value when balanced.

383 The Quality Risk _____ . The act of conducting or supervising the 384 exchange of information is: 385 The core function of the project manager is The future value of an annual income flow 386 of $1000 for 2 years at 10% is: The initial cost of a product and the product's operation and maintenance costs 387 _____ . All of the following may hinder a person's ability to transmit/receive a message 388 except: Quality Improvement Programs are normally associated with which two of the 389 following?

D will be reflected in the inis considered a long term service life of the project risk. result. Communications Project Management Management Client interfacing Quality assurance


B and C Communications Enhancement integration

All of the above. None of the above

$2,280 $2,300 $2,310 are incidental to each provides perceived function other because initial decreases design costs as value and product social costs are "sunk" operation periods increase dysfunction

None of the above are integrally related with each other because initial costs are "sunk".

Unfamiliarity with topic

Withholding information




Juran and Crosby

390 The Utility Theory _____ .

Juran and Deming attempts to formalize considers risk propensity of the decision management's risk maker. considerations.

Crosby and Deming works well with decision tree analysis.

Deming and the Japanese Crosby and the Japanese is considered highly theoretical.

All of the above.

The document authorizing functional areas Work authorization form Scope baseline 391 to charge against the project is the: The purpose of a dummy activity in an Identify a task that could be replaced by Take the slack time into another. account. 392 activity-on-arrow diagram is to: When planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling a project an important 393 human resources skill or ability would be 394 Which is not a negotiation tactic? Which of the following is referred to as 395 sunk cost:

Project charter Show a task that is not necessarily needed.

Management plan Denote a milestone.

Linear responsibility chart Show a dependency relationship.

Building multi-disciplinary teams Imposing deadlines

Managing conflict surprises

Communicating orally and in writing with all levels of Involving senior personnel management person with authority is absent reasoning together cost budgeted for construction under water

All are important all are negotiations tactics

management reserve

A project manager believes that modifying the scope of the project may provide added value for the customer. The project Change the scope baseline 396 manager should: As a project is carried out and slack time is consumed on individual tasks, the slack Insignificant. 397 left over for the remaining tasks is: Group brainstorming encourages all of the Team building 398 following except: Non-conformance penalties are a form of quality incentive 399 _____.

expended funds over which there is no further control forecasted budget over-runs Postpone the modification until a separate enhancement project is funded after this project is completed Call a meeting of the Change the project's according to the original Prepare a variance report configuration control board objectives baseline contingency fund



Increased. Analysis of alternatives quality assurance programs

Doubled. Convergent thinking None of the above.

Uninhibited verbalization Decision making risk sharing contract negotiations

C the severity of the consequences.

D how likely the event is to occur with risk.

E (Cost + Benefit + Business Risk) / Insurable Risk. B and C


400 Risk Event Status is defined as _____ . There are hard causes of conflict (e.g. conflicting schedules) and soft causes. Soft causes are as important as hard causes. Soft causes include diversity of disciplinary expertise, _____, and the project manager's power of reward and 401 punishment.

Risk Probability x Amount At Stake.

Performance tradeoffs

Ambiguity of roles

Which of the following is referred to as the number of periods required to recover the initial investment 402 payback period: Which one of the following is not an advertising 403 acquisition method? At least _____of the cost of quality are the 25% 404 direct responsibility of management. Speed up a project through parallel tasks. 405 Fast tracking means to: Formal written correspondence is mandated in which of the following Product undergoes casual in-house testing 406 situations:

the rate of return on the investment invitation

Administrative procedures Determining earned value the number of periods required to bring project cost back to the original budget, based on current performance loan payment schedule negotiation 50% Reduce the number of tasks if possible. Project manager calls a meeting used with questionnaires based on established scenarios. Conflictive situations are in their late stages and emotional involvement is high B and C. purchase 100%

None of the above all are acquisition methods 33% None of the above.

85% Swap one task for another. Client requests additional work not covered under contract useful in determining used to derive a consensus arriving at a probability relating to convergent solution future events. 407 The Delphi Method is _____ . Conflictive situations are The positive value of conflict is in their early stages and underestimated. Properly managed, emotional involvement is low 408 conflict is a valuable tool, particularly when A diversion is needed

B and C only continued as an iterative process until a solution is reached.

None of the above

All of the above.

Under the terms of 2/10 net 30, the buyer 409 may:

deduct 10% of the invoice amount for payment within 30 days

Which of the following can result in Using imprecise language (i.e. nearly, 410 misinterpretation of the statement of work? approximately) function of planned time/real time project costs.

411 Amount at Stake is the _____ . In communications management, to assimilate through the mind or senses (as 412 in new ideas) is the process of In general, the best long-lasting approach to settling project conflict is the _____ 413 approach . In which of the following cost estimating 414 techniques are statistics models used:

Conflict may cause a loss of status or position power settle the invoice with 2 deduct 2% of the invoice incurs a penalty on 10% equal payments; one within for payment within 10 for payments more than 30 10 days and the other days days late within 30 days None of the above Mixing tasks, specifications, special instructions and No pattern, structure or Wide variation in the size approvals chronological order of tasks or details of work All of the above risk identified in (Standard Project cost of investment loss + inherent risk at conception successful project Deviation + Expected least cost to restore status altered by standard project completions. Costs)/6 quo. deviations.






Problem solving nonparametric cost estimating

Compromise parametric cost estimating

Withdrawal life cycle cost estimating

Smoothing bottom-up estimating

Forcing All of the above.

A The _____ specification delineates specific end use capabilities which can be tested in performance 415 the acceptance procedure.



The contractual statement of work 416 (CSOW)

Must be the same as the proposal statement of work

Does not identify reporting requirements

The key ingredient to a successful quality 417 management program are _____. 418 The key purpose of project control is to: CIP embodies which of the following 419 principals? Excessive flexibility in specifying requirements will _____ the likelihood of 420 time overruns. Listening involves more than hearing 421 sounds. The good listener Project life cycles provide a better means of measurement of progress and control. The four phases of a project are conceptual development, _____, _____, 422 and _____. Response Planning is the responsibility of 423 the functional areas and considers The definitive terms of a contract are written during which of the following 424 contract phases?

management's quality philosophy, operational quality assurance and operational quality control. Plan ahead for uncertainties. constancy of purpose

quality evaluation methods and functional quality integrators. Generate status reports. customer focus and involvement

technical Can be at a different level of detail (i.e. WBS level) than the proposal statement of work technical quality administration, the technical quality specifications, and the quality process review. Keep the project on track. total involvement

base line


Identifies the contractor's organizational structure for the project All of the above quality evaluation methods, quality progress reviews and the technical quality specifications. All of the above. Develop the project road map. All of the above. teamwork All of the above.

Reduce. Repeats some of the things said

Eliminate. Finishes the speaker's sentences

Double Writes everything down

Increase Nods his head frequently

Not affect

Preliminary planning, detail planning, closeout mitigation.

Implementation, reporting, termination deflection.

Development, implementation, termination contingency planning.

Execution, reporting, finishing unforeseen occurrences.

Implementation, termination, post-audit review All of the above.

Contract Phase

Post-Award Phase

Award Phase

Pre-Award Phase

Requirement Phase

The sending or conveying of information 425 from one place to another is the process of Networking Which of the following types of cost are sunk cost 426 relevant to making financial decisions:

Transmitting opportunity cost Realize that only the "tip of the iceberg" may be showing. As a project manager, you must get beneath it. Fixed Price Plus Incentive

Interacting material cost

Promoting A and C only

Interfacing B and C only

In preparing a good project definition, 427 experienced project managers will: In which of the following is the cost of risk 428 hidden by the contractor? Management of a certain building was receiving complaints about slow elevator service. The solution adopted was to add mirrors in the lobbies to reduce boredom while passengers waited. This is an 429 example of _____ .

Concentrate mainly on the end product rather than costs or benefits. These come later. Firm Fixed Price Contract

Understand that a project definition/plan is a dynamic rather than static tool, and Try to convert objectives thus subject to change. into quantifiable terms. Cost Plus Percentage of Cost Plus Fixed Price Cost

All of the above A and B

Kepner-Tregoe method

Potential problem analysis

Decision analysis

Creative problem solving

None of the above


431 432 433

Pure Risk differs from Business Risks because Pure Risk's _____ . The actual configuration of a PERT/CPM network _____ the amount of resources that can be devoted to the project. The following types of costs are relevant to making a financial decision except: The standard types of communication include all but

include chances of both profit or loss associated with the business.

C D include chances of loss and no chances for profit associated with the must incur personal loss business. with business liability.

E must incur business liability associated with loss of pure profit. B and C


Increases. opportunity costs Written

Is not affected by direct costs Verbal

Does not require sunk cost Telepathic

Is the only means of Is heavily dependent upon determining unavoidable costs Nonverbal None of the above None of the above

_____ of the extra costs of the project can 434 often be attributed to a lack of quality. A budget estimate should give the 435 manager cost data accurate to within: All of the following are categories of a 436 milestone in a schedule except: How much time does the typical project manager spend communicating (formal 437 and informal)? In which type of organization is team 438 building likely to be most difficult? Problems can occur in properly defining a 439 project because: The cost of a quality program should be 440 budgeted at _____ of the total project. The review for the specification completeness is performed during which of 441 the following cycles.

12% -5 to +10 percent of actual cost End date. -25 to +75 percent of actual cost Contract dates.

15% -30 to +75 percent of actual cost Key events scheduled.


25% less than 10% -10 to +25 percent of actual cost None of the above Imposed dates. Task duration.

40% - 60% Functional Project goals may not be agreeable to all parties 10-12%

30% - 70%

60% - 80%

75% - 90% Project expediter Too much communication between the client and project personnel 3-5%

25% - 55 % Project coordinator The project objectives were quantified more than 15 %

Projectized Matrixed The plan was "too loose," thus allowing priorities to Low turnover of project change personnel 2-3 % 6-8%

Award cycles

requirements cycle

requisition cycle

solicitation cycle

contractual cycle

442 The schedule risk is the _____ . Screening of risk events for potential risk 443 is known as _____ .

the accumulated "expected' durations which maintain project completion. problem structuring.

Critical Path adjusted by "high-risk" activity float. risk identification budget cost of work performed minus actual cost of work performed Clearly distinguishes one work package from all others assigned to a single functional group warranty repairs sealed bidding

highest risk path that maintains quality. risk quantification budget cost of work performed minus budget cost of work scheduled Limits the work to be performed to relatively short periods of time scrap competitive proposals

Critical Path when highest risk path that calculated with "most likely" contributes the most risk duration. toward the project completion. risk modeling budget cost of work scheduled divided by budget cost of work performed risk mitigation actual cost of work scheduled divided by budget cost of work performed

The Cost Performance Index is computed budget cost of work performed divided by actual cost of work performed 444 as:

Typical characteristics of a work package 445 include: Which of the following is not a cost of non446 conformance? Which of the following is not a method of 447 government procurement.

Representation of units of work at a level where work is performed maintenance and calibration Assistance

All of the above rework acquisition

A and B only All of the above. small purchases

A B C Which of the following would most likely not be an essential objective of a project Get team members to Create a project technology master plan know one another 448 team kick-off meeting You are in a meeting with someone who just ate a slice of garlic bread. Your are distracted by his pungent breath. Which of the following communication barriers Sign Detection Sensory Limitations 449 describe these distractions? Arbitration is a _____ approach to conflict 450 management in resolving conflict disputes. lose-lose As project manager, you wish to impose a standard method by which subordinates calculate project costs. Which level of communication should be required for this Face-to-face 451 effort? In general, groups will ____ the average individual problem solver on problems with Perform better than 452 multiple stages. The scope baseline/project charter is 453 prepared by the:

D Identify project problem areas


Obtain individual and group commitments Identify the project coordinator

Selective Perception

Varying Alertness of Perception

None of the above




closed door




All of the above should be required.

Perform worse than Project manager and project office appraisal cost contractor claims straight-line

Take less time than Project manager, project office and functional team external failure cost lack of access double-declining-balance

Project manager

Do about as well as Project manager, project office, functional team and Project manager, project project sponsor sponsor and customer/user customer satisfaction cost sponsor scope changes A and C All of the above. all may increase schedule risk All of the above.

454 Warranty cost is an example of an _____ . internal failure cost Which of the following does not contribute labor shortage 455 to increased Schedule Risk? Which of the following is considered a sum-of-the-years digit 456 method of accelerated depreciation: Cost management includes processes that are required to maintain financial control of economic evaluation 457 projects. These processes may include: 458 In crashing a task, you would focus on: Inspection processes are considered 459 _____. Standard deviation of project completion is 460 _____ . The project team form of organization confers both advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages of the 461 project form include: Which of the following contract types has 462 the highest risk to the contractor: Work authorization forms are needed in 463 order to: As many tasks as possible. an investment in the future a relationship of the uncertainty of critical path activities.

cost estimating Non critical tasks. an effective corrective process an indicator of project end date target confidence

cost forecasting Accelerating performance of tasks on critical path. a necessary control process

B and C All of the above. Accelerate performance by minimizing cost. A and D. insults to production line employees None of the above.

a function of critical path, leveling and project costs. A and B

All of the above.

Conflict in authority between project manager and functional managers Firm fixed price (FFP) Authorize line organizations to charge against the project

Loss of developed procedures on project dissolution Cost plus incentive fee Time and material (T&M) Cost plus fixed fee (CPFF) (CPIF) Develop a structured methodology for release of Establish an audit trail funds All of the above Dual allegiance on part of Complex prioritization of team members resources

All of the above A and B only

A and C only

A Your client, with which you have good relations, wants you to provide him with office supplies. This task is not supported under your contract. You respond to your client's informal request using which 464 medium?





A and C

Form letter

A project manager wants to transmit a complex message to several subordinates. What is the best medium by which the Oral 465 manager can get his message across? A technique that can be used to measure the total income of a project compared to the total moneys expended at any period return on investment (ROI) 466 of time is:



A and B only

A, B, and C.

net present value (NPV)

discounted cash flow (DCF)

B and C

All of the above.

Range estimating in determining cost risk 467 probabilities requires _____ .

an amount of financial exposure.

risks and opportunities contingency requirements ranked in order of bottom for expected level of line importance confidence

probability of cost overrun occurrences

All of the above.

Satisfaction of the functional requirements usability 468 of a product is called _____ . The project charter is a document designed to tell _____ exactly what the The project manager 469 project entails. Which of the following control types has Firm fixed price (FFP) 470 the highest risk to the owner: Which of the following statements is in agreement with McGregor's concepts concerning Theory X and Theory Y 471 managers? Ensuring that all work is both authorized and funded by contractual documentation 472 is the responsibility of:




All of the above. Anyone associated with the project A and B only

The project office

Theory X managers view subordinates as being lazy, irresponsible, and resistant to change

The project sponsor Cost plus incentive fee Time and material (T&M) Cost plus fixed fee (CPFF) (CPIF) Theory Y managers view Theory X managers tend to subordinates as being be autocratic whereas imaginative, creative, and Theory Y managers are willing to accept more likely to delegate responsibility responsibility A and B.

The project team

All of the above

The project manager

The functional manager

The project sponsor

The client

All of the above

Forecasting human resource requirements necessitates making predictions about both the supply and demand of human resources. Which of the following is not a method used to forecast the demand for Delphi Method 473 human resources? Free float is the amount of time that an activity may be delayed with out affecting Early start of the succeeding activities. 474 the _____. Risks that cannot be identified or 475 evaluated _____ . should be deflected to the contracting officer.

Regression Analysis Late start of the succeeding activities. should be handled via contingency allowances.

PERT Charts

Staffing Tables

Time Series Analysis

Project finish. should be ignored, since they cannot be identified.

Cost of the project. None of the above. should be ignored, since they are not covered in the Risk Assessment. C and D

The five major cost categories of quality 476 are _____ .

prevention, appraisal, internal failures, external failures, and equipment (measurement and test).

E F sampling, design specifications, QA considerations, programs, QC programs, Staffing, Training, reviews, manufacturing parts rejected and parts equipment and rejected considerations, training and returned goods rework. None of the above Receiving Encoding Feedback A and C


477 The process of interpreting a message is: Decoding Which of the following is a formal invitation that requests a formal response that describes the method of work and Request for quotation (RFQ) 478 associated compensation.

Request for proposal (RFP)

479 A program can best be described as: 480 Cost of quality includes: Flextime and compressed workweeks are two popular alternative work schedules used by employers to improve the quality of work life of their employers. Which of the following statements concerning these 481 alternative work schedules is not true? The formalization of management's 482 attitude toward risk is called _____ . The range of time allowed for an activity to 483 be completed in is the _____.

A grouping of related activities which last two years or more Appraisal cost

The first major subdivision of a project detection cost

Request for bids (RFB) A grouping of projects, similar in nature, which support a product or product line and have no definable end point prevention cost

Invitation for bids (IFB)

Letter of intent (LOI)

A product line maintenance cost Fatigue is a disadvantage of compressed workweek schedules because employees must work longer than the traditional eight hour work day Sensitivity Analysis. Scheduled time (LF - ES).

Another name for a project A, B, and C only

Both flextime and compressed workweek Flextime schedules alter the employee's schedules make working hours but not the number of scheduling more complex hours worked each day for the employer Decision Theory. Planned time (Duration).

Both flextime and compressed workweek schedules can complicate compliance with overtime regulations

Under flextime schedules, the working hours are established by the employer Probability Analysis. Event.

Utility Theory. Decision Tree Analysis. Float time (LS - ES, or LF Critical time (when ES = - EF). LS, or EF = LF).

When items to be purchased for a project are specified by performance paperwork is greatly reduced 484 characteristics: You have assembled your thoughts into a message. As you pass this information to a second party, you are giving this person Input 485 your:

the supplier is held liable the supplier is held liable the supplier is held liable for that the item meets the for the operation of the for the maintenance of the design, dimensions, and item item tolerance specifications. B and D only


Data Establishing functions under the project manager to handle risk events. Can help provide new and innovative ideas to the organization


A and C

486 Deflection involves the transfer of risk by:

Contracting out to another party

Developing schedule alternative. Is less expensive than recruiting externally

Disaster planning and responses. Is more time consuming than recruiting externally

None of the above.

Filling vacant positions by recruiting within Is exempt from equal employment opportunity laws 487 the organization

A and B

A The accounting head asks an assistant to cut the payroll checks today. The head later arrives to sign the checks, only to find that the assistant shredded (cut) the blank check forms. Which phrase best describes Bypass instruction 488 this lack of communication. Which of the following are among Phil 489 Crosby's "absolutes of quality'. Which of the following impacts the critical 490 path? A(n) _____ is defined as a specified accomplishment in a particular instant in time which does not consume time or 491 resources.


Faulty perception of reality do everything right the first time, each time Reduce the free float of an activity.

Bad attitude of listener constantly improve each product and each service Executing a backward pass

the performance of standard is zero defects Changing the task duration.

Lazy listening Emotionalism the measurement system is the cost of nonconformance A and D only A or B None of the above.





Event constrained within planned effort.

According to labor law, which of the following management actions are Forbidding employees from distributing 492 prohibited during a union organizing drive? union literature in working areas All of the following statements define the Initiates and concludes discussion 493 role of a meeting chairperson except:

494 Attributes quality data are: Lessons learned are most often based upon project historical records. Lessons 495 learned can be used to: Risk mitigation includes all but which of 496 the following:

quantitative or qualitative data

See what mistakes others have made Developing system (policies, procedures, responsibilities)

Forbidding unions from soliciting workers during working hours Resolves strong disagreements reflect measurements on a quality data for which the continuous scale of a products or services is characteristic of the designed and built. product or service Predict trends, highlight See how others have problems and identify solved problems alternatives Obtaining insurance performing contingent against loss planning Implementing previously scheduled pay raises Controls irrelevant discussion Encourage pursuit of interesting new ideas

Circulating anti-union petitions

All of the above

Produces meeting agenda Consolidates agreements. indicate management's understanding of the concept of variability

A and B only

All the techniques described below can be Summarize discussion Recall agenda items/purpose of meeting periodically 497 used to keep a meeting focused except: Approval to proceed is normally made at the end of the _____ phase of a typical conceptual development 498 project. requires a supervisor and is a method used to evaluate personnel a subordinate to jointly by objectively comparing them to establish performance common performance standards objectives 499 Management by Objectives (MBO) is the probability of each risk event minus the sum of the consequences of potential risk events. Smoothes out resource requirements by rescheduling activities within their float time.

All of the above developing planning alternatives Rephrase unclear ideas presented by group members

A and B only identification of project risks.

All are acceptable techniques




should be the responsibility should always involve the of the organization's establishment of objectives personnel department that are quantifiable B and D is the cumulative effect of uncertain occurrences which will adversely affect project objectives. Smooths out resource requirements by substituting activities with unassigned resources.

500 Project Risk _____ .

should not be calculated for small projects. Allocates resources to activities to find shortest schedule within fixed resource limits.

501 Resource leveling _____.

cannot be quantified for first time projects. Attempts to reduce resource requirements within a constraint on project duration

B or D

B or D

quantitative or qualitative data 502 Variables quality data are: Five people are involved on a project that requires significant communication between all project participants. How many lines of communication exist on this 5 503 project? an integrated approach to managing projects

D E reflect measurements on a quality data for which the continuous scale of a Indicate management's product or service is characteristic of the understanding of the designed and built produce or service. concept of variability


B and C only

504 A project may be defined as _____ Quality control charts show a characteristic of the product or service 505 against: The performance review interview is a vital component of any personnel evaluation system. Which of the following is not a characteristic of an effective personnel 506 evaluation interview? Which may be employed to shorten a schedule without changing the scope of 507 the task? "Fast-tracked" projects awarded and begun before all planning and risk assessment information is complete and 508 available may _____ .

6 a coordinated undertaking of interrelated activities.

the specification limits

customer requirements

8 a group of activities directed by a project manger over a life cycle control limits based on three standard deviations in each direction

10 9 an undertaking with a defined starting point and defined objectives All of the above. control limits based on six standard deviations in each direction A and D only

Performed by a supervisor who has adequately prepared for the interview

Discusses the employee's future performance goals

Fast tracking.

Crashing be in a higher risk category than other projects. is expensive, ineffective approach to quality management implementation phase does not require close supervision

Discusses the employee's undesirable personality Completed during a single, traits uninterrupted block of time Releasing resources earlier from tasks which were scheduled with a late start. Alter to task priorities. not be compatible with project risk and assessment

Focuses on a limited number of topics so that each topic can be discussed in detail

A or B

be completed in reduced overall time than other projects. the best proven method to ensure quality Conceptual phase is receptive to an unstructured environment.

A and B can still leave some defects undetected

All of the above.

509 100 % inspection of output is: A summary WBS is usually developed in 510 the Management by objectives assumes that 511 the team Achieving effective upward communications in an organization requires that the sender consider which of 512 the following: Configuration (baseline) control monitors 513 performance against the Japanese resource management models 514 exhibit.

can never be, justified

B and D only All of the above phases A and C

planning phase close-out phase possesses a self-fulfillment philosophy all of the above

entropy scope baseline a cooperative spirit of goal settings

position original schedule non-specialized career paths is an activity devoted to optimizing cost/performance

the medium original budget frequent changes on team assignments is an activity of appraising the cost and technical performance of a completed project.

A and B. All of the above. A and B.

All of the above. None of the above. All of the above.

515 Life Cycle Costing:

is the concept of including all costs within the total life of a project.

is a process of predicting the life of a project.

None of the above.

B the degree of greatest uncertainty occurs in the Conceptual Phase of the Life Cycle.

Risk management requires an 516 understanding that _____ . The centerline of a standard "Shewhart' 517 control chart represents:

C D risk identification must be directly aligned with the it is merely advanced Work Breakdown preparation for possible Structure. adverse future events. the nominal dimension specified by the customer determining which tasks have the least amount of total slack. the nominal dimension specified by the designer totaling the time for all activities.


it does not imply complete control of events

All of the above.

the process target subtracting the end date of task one from the start date of task two. defer the decision on type of approach to be used.

the true process average or the process sample average mean or mean determining the shortest path through the network. Determining which tasks have the most slack

518 The critical path is calculated by

519 Delegation may

be interpreted as passive tend to emphasize the task be frequently utilized by a and uncaring over the people involved. project manager. may not consider safety and environmental impacts funds used to offset poor cost or schedule estimates.

All of the above.

Final risk quantification considers total risk translates the impacts into economic terms for analysis. 520 impacts and _____ .

521 Managerial Reserves are:

concentrates on schedule impacts incentive fees paid to allowances to account for price changes managers for good that can occur over the life of a project. performance. Become more efficient and effective in accomplishing goals that cannot be Manage high risk handled well by the traditional structure repetitive work

A and B accounts to allocate and maintain funds for contingency programs Provide guidance in accomplishing repetitive activities the responsibility of management Finish to Start. receiver's attitude and needs overestimate the intelligence allowing employees to perform their own evaluations

A and C

All of the above.

Project management provides 522 organizations with a methodology to:

Provide clients with multiple points of contact

All of the above

523 Random cause or system variation is: The most frequently used construct in 524 Precedent Diagramming Method is: The person sending a message is NOT 525 influenced by which of the following A common mistake in communications is 526 to _____ of the receiver. A key to successful Management by 527 Objectives (MBO) is

generally present in every process Start to Start. sender's credibility overestimate the knowledge insuring that employees have clearly defined objectives

the responsibility of the the responsibility of the inspection of the process workers of the process Finish to Finish. receiver's assumptions underestimate the knowledge involving employees in decision meetings costs invested in commodities. Start to Finish. receiver's evaluative and tendency underestimate the intelligence permitting employees to set their own objectives

A and D only Dummy activity. sender's knowledge None of the above.

A or C.

528 Sunk costs are: The degree to which a company accepts and utilizes project management is often dependent upon the _____ and _____ of 529 the project.

future costs held in reserve.

expended costs over which expended costs over which we have no control. we have no more control tax credits

Competition, dollar value

Type of industry, manpower requirements

Size, nature

Quality requirements, manpower requirement

Type of industry, risk

The specification for a particular part is 10" + or - 0.015". The standard associated process produces parts with a means of 10" and standard deviation of 0.002'. The 0.002 530 process capability index is:




None of the above

A Which of the following is indicative of 531 negative float? Line of balance charts are used most 532 frequently in: Project tradeoffs are usually made by 533 comparing _____ and constraints. Standard "Shewhart" control charts assume that the distribution of sample 534 means is: The type of power most infrequently used 535 by the PM is Which of the following is NOT a 536 characteristic of message filtering? Feasibility studies evaluate alternatives in 537 terms of

B The late start date is earlier than the early start date. Engineering Time, cost, and quality

D The early finish date is The critical path supports equal to the late finish the imposed end date. date. Marketing Time, risk, and quality Manufacturing Risk, quality, and manpower availability


When leads are employed in the schedule. The project is sinking. Accounting Contracts and procurement Cost, quality, and technical performance Cost, quality, and risk

uniform formal authority semantics Cost-effectiveness

normal reward power media

discrete referent power ethics

symmetrical expert power organizational status Safety

B and D only penalty reputation All or part of A through D

the value to us today of future cash flows. 538 Present value measures The Project Manager has the responsibility of knowing what kind of message to send because his _____ may avoid business interfaces 539 communications barriers. The ability to reduce risk is _____ to how far you have progressed through the inversely proportional 540 project life cycle. The risk of accepting a lot of poor quality, 541 in acceptance sampling, is referred to as: Which influence reflects an informal 542 organization?

Ease of performance Risk the rate of return on an investment when we take account of cash inflows the current estimates of and outflows our project budget

the dollars worth of work accomplished as of today

All of the above.


technical experience


training methods

directly proportional

not related

the responsibility of the risk is directly proportional to the executive amount at stake.

buyer's risk formal authority

consumer's risk reward power

producer's risk referent power

type I error expert power stronger human resource skills

B and D only penalty

A life cycle project manager tends to have balanced training 543 the following characteristics: In acceptance sampling, if the sample size is kept the same but the acceptance number is increased, which of the buyer's risk will decrease 544 following will be true: Business risk 545 Risks include the following types: 546 Traits of a participative manager include: being accessible

stronger administrative stronger technical skills skills than technical skills than administrative skills

None of the above.

All of the following statements about 547 acceptance sampling are true except:

holding social gatherings Acceptance sampling plans are never effective at rejecting nonconforming Acceptance sampling plans are Acceptance sampling units as 100 percent beneficial when the cost of inspection is plans are necessary inspection, even when the high and the resulting loss of passing when destructive inspection process is very nonconforming units is not great. inspections are required. tedious.

vendor's risk will decrease pure risk being an effective delegator

producer's risk will decrease Insurable risk

consumer's risk will increase A and B All of the above. Acceptance sampling plans do not directly control the quality of a series of lots; they instead specify the risk of accepting lots of given quality.

C and D only All of the above. A and C

Acceptance sampling plans are not very effective for inspecting small lots of custom-made products.

F All of the above are possible, based upon the size and complexity of the project


Interfacing with the customer after project 548 go-ahead is the responsibility of:

Project sponsor using the WBS to do bottom up estimates the amount at stake. is necessary when both participants must win.

Project team

549 Parametric cost estimating involves 550 Risk exposure refers to _____ . The compromise conflict resolution 551 technique

Project manager calculating the individual defining the perimeters of estimates of work the life-cycle packages what might happen. results in both sides losing future group effectiveness may become damaged.

Functional manager

When a majority of team members must 552 agree before a decision is reached _____. You are managing an internal project where a vice president from the user group is acting as the sponsor. You have just been informed by your team that the critical path has slipped by three weeks. 553 You should: A quality control manager decides to increase his daily sample size from three 554 to six. The size of the control band will: 555 Obtaining team commitment depends on: 556 Risk mitigation is the process of _____ .

some team members may become alienated

Immediately inform the sponsor and ask Do nothing until the for advice slippage occurs

using a statistical model to estimate costs A and C who is going to be held the likelihood of something accountable All of the above. is used when resolution is more important than relationships B and C All of the above. the project manager will most likely have to utilize a conflict resolution the PM may lose credibility technique All of the above. See the sponsor after you have evaluated Inform your senior alternatives, management of the problem recommendations, and and tell them that you will get performed an impact Look for someone to blame back to them after you analysis before you see the sponsor assessed the situation

increase clear and interesting job assignments transferring risk to another party.

decrease consensus on project goals reducing uncertainty on the project

remain unchanged involvement in developing task objectives identifying all possible risk events

not determinable from given data All of the above. monitoring status and making adjustments

None of the above. B and C All of the above.

The "rolling wave" or "moving window" concept is used most frequently on 557 projects where: The Cost Performance Index (CPI) 558 measures

All of the following statements about 559 control charts are true except:

Marketing is unsure of what the customer actually wants and The baseline is frozen for the duration of reserves the right to the project and no scope changes are make major scope permitted changes performance over a total costs period of time control charts are used to detemine acceptance limits when no limits are stipulated by the product specification; otherwise, one should use the limits Control charts can be used to establish dictated by the as well as maintain process control specification.

The low levels of the work breakdown structure are known with certainty for the next three to six months, but the remaining tasks are based upon the results of the first three to Networking techniques are six months of work not appropriate All of the above costs at a point of time variable costs All of the above.

all data points outside the control chart limits are variations explained by assignable causes.

A and B.

B and C

A As a control tool, the bar chart (Gantt) 560 methods is most beneficial for: 561 Cost forecasting calculations include: The appointment or selection of a project 562 sponsor is often based upon:

B rearranging conflicting tasks EAC = ACWP + (BAC - BCWP)

C depicting actual versus planned tasks EAC = BAC/CPI

D showing the outer dependencies of tasks

E A and C. A and D A and B


563 The strong matrix versus a weak matrix. When all members must unanimously 564 agree before a decision is reached A team may not be fully functional until 565 each member Quality management deals with all of the 566 following except: The difference between a project and a 567 program is that: The functional organization is effective with a mature product or single product 568 line. The most common non-behavioral reason for projects being completed behind 569 schedule and over budget is: You have summarized the project and note that 28,000 hours have been scheduled, 25,000 hours have been earned and 26,000 hours paid. The correct conclusion 570 is: Considering alternate suppliers is a form of 571 _____.

The strategic importance of the project Who the customer is team members are more likely to be assigned to the project office in a strong strong matrix is more matrix difficult to manage. decisions are reached all members become committed slowly feels personal seeks consensus in decision making acceptance conformance to satisfying the needs of requirements/specifications the customer A program requires at A program is made up of multiple least three times longer projects to plan than a project

EAC = ACWP + (BAC/CPI) All of the above. Whether the organization is project or non-projectThe profitability of the driven project functional managers no the balance of power has longer has control over the shifted away from the PM. technical processes. future decision making integrity is developed ability is enhanced depends on the team leader for direction A and B. making products more desirable and luxurious A and C. A project is a one-shot deal while a program is ongoing A and C

All of the above

All of the above. All of the above. All of the above. B and C

B and C

true Selecting the wrong person as the project manager

false Selecting the wrong person as the sponsor Accepting a high-risk project

Ill-defined requirements

All of the above

The project is operating at a favorable cost efficiency ratio. Value engineering.

the project is spending more than planned Risk Analysis

the project is behind schedule Contract Management

the project is ahead of schedule Project integration

B and C All of the above.

572 573

574 575

The project manager must provide cost Oversimplification The scope of a project can be expected to estimates without having a design (underestimating) of the change if: concept nature of the work occurs Which of the following organizations has the best technical project control? matrix functional cause inner tension Clearly defined group goals are important within team members because they _____. motivate team behavior until they are met The estimated cost to complete (ETC) is the forecasted and final _____. BCWP/ACWP cost - cost to date

The project manager is assigned after the project is defined, and the cost A clear objective is not and schedule are approved provided projectized encourage member interaction (ACWP-BCWP)/BCWP * 100 Within time, cost and technical performance requirements problem solving B and C

All of the above are possible based upon the situation A and B

All of the above. Total estimate - ACWP

A and C None of the above.

The most common definition of project Within time 576 success is: Which of the following results are Win/Win compromising 577 conflict resolution?

Within time and cost forcing

Within time, cost, performance and accepted by the customer/user None of the above smoothly withdraw

A During the planning phase of a project, you realize that more than one functional department possesses the skill and technical know-how to perform a given task. The best way for the project manager 578 to handle this would be to: The ability to achieve cost savings is 579 inversely proportional to _____. 580 The most effective team motivator is: Which of the following is based on an individual identification with a more 581 powerful person. One of the most common pitfalls in 582 effective communication is: 583 The core function of the PM is Value engineering/Analysis is the systematic use of techniques which does 584 not include _____.


Let the affected line Make the decision, document it in the groups decide among linear responsibility chart, and distribute themselves who will the chart to all departments. perform the work the estimated costs to the earned value achieved to date complete the satisfaction of the visibility of the team's contribution meeting a challenge

Ask the executive sponsor Allow each line group to to make the decision perform part of the task empowerment to the P.M. understanding the importance of the project

All of the above

productivity None of the above. the individual's professional challenge All of the above.

expert power

reward power nor considering the position of the receiver project integration provide the required functions at the lowest overall cost.

not selecting the correct medium client interfacing establishing values for required functions

referent power assuming that because a message is sent, it has been received quality assurance identifies the required function of an item

A and B.

A and C

All of the above. personal administration

A and B All of the above.

seeks to trade performance for cost None of the above.

You have been assigned as a project leader and must first review the statement of work provided by the customer. Which 585 of the following is most often overlooked? Data item deliverables Project team building is most difficult in weak matrix organization 586 which type of environment? The role of the _____ can be invaluable in recognition seeker 587 problem solving. Which of the following are types of status 588 reports? Continually measuring and monitoring the actual cost versus the budget is done to 589 _____. document, variance, trend and exception

Customer-furnished equipment and facilities strong matrix organization devils advocate

Long-lead procurement items projectized organization dominator

Customer-imposed milestones functional organization topic jumper

Other subcontractor interface requirements expediter organization A or C

cost, trend, schedule and cost, schedule, technical acquisition performance

analysis, cost, performance and schedule All of the above.

analyze the reasons for variances

establish the variances

identify the problems

All of the above.

None of the above.

Using "I" or "My' instead of "most people" 590 or "our group" ______ message credibility. decreases Which of the following can be tracked time 591 using the WBS? Cost and schedule data are usually 592 integrated because: In which of the following organization(s) does the Functional Manager have the 593 LEAST authority? optimized project cash flow can affect financial requirements


has no effect on

distorts scope

A and B None of the above.

cost performance they provide MIS with an integrated system to they control escalation produce reports allowances

they account for omissions they predict future in the definitive estimate performance


weak matrix

strong matrix




When a project incorporates an Organizational Breakdown Structure 594 (OBS), it is integrated with the WBS at the task An effective Project Manager does not share project _____ with the team Vision 595 members. Parametric estimates are based on Detailed planning and cost restraints. 596 variables such as: The time necessary to complete a project 597 is called the _______ of a project. The Communications Management Plan 598 should contain the following: The Cost Performance Index (CPI) 599 measures: The extent of project management techniques to be used on a project are determined mainly by the _____ and 600 _____ of the project. Which theory(s) prescribes a form of 601 participative management? Most project management leadership theories focus on all of the following 602 except:

level of effort



work package

responsibility Physical characteristics and historical data.

solution to problems The WBS and similar projects.

accountability Project objectives and manpower allocations.

status Precise measurements and multiple inputs.

Implementation Time

Life Cycle

Operation Time

Communications policy cost of work performed vs planned costs.

Communications media work performed vs cost of work performed.

Critical Path Selection of appropriate media to meet specific Reporting channels needs work performed vs planned direct costs vs indirect work. costs.

Completion Phase

All of the above floating costs vs. sunk costs.

budget, schedule theory X Personal characteristics of the project manager

quality requirements, schedule theory Y

size, type of industry theory Z Personal traits of the subordinates

nature, size A or B Behavioral styles of the project manager

project manager, sponsor B or C Usefulness of authority and power in leadership contract terms, scope and budget

The situation at hand direct cost, indirect cost, and resource availability

risk, cost and schedule. 603 Project trade-offs vary between The following individuals are responsible for determining the content of the Project Sponsor 604 Communications Management Plan. When comparing the cost of competing projects, which of the following is typically Opportunity costs. 605 NOT considered? Input into the Communications Management Plan includes the following information from the stakeholder analysis: The computation for Cost Performance Index is: We assign human and non-human resources in the _____ phase of the budget. Which of the following can the project manager use as a means of measuring project team effectiveness? Project alternatives are examined during the _____ phase of the project

quality, schedule and time cost, quality and schedule Director of Communications

Task Manager(s)

Project Manager

Direct costs.

Sunk costs.

Indirect costs.

Burden rates.

606 607

Information needs BCWP/ACWP

Information content BCWP-ACWP

Frequency of distribution BCWP-BCWS

Method of distribution ACWP/BCWP

All of the above ACWP-BCWS







609 610

Absenteeism conceptual

Sponsor-approved salary increases Efficiency of the team finish development

Turnover of personnel implementation

Grievances A and C



613 614

A Project leadership requires that the project manager pay attention simultaneously to the: A project manager believes that the best way to manage is to form a good, harmonious working relationship with the team, and high performance will follow. The project manager could be defined as a _____ manager. Which of the following are included in the Acquisition phase(s) of the project life cycle. Budgetary estimates are the output of the _____ phase(s) of the project.

E Time, cost and performance deliverables


Tasks to be performed and needs of the Quantity and quality of Efficiency and team the work to be performed effectiveness of the team

All of the above


9,1 development and planning development


9,9 planning and implementation finish


concept and development conceptual

execution and phase-out implementation

concept and planning All of the above.

The capacity to get an individual or group 615 to perform a given task is described as: 616 A team that is just forming needs:

Authority An organization chart

Power Alternatives and choices subdivides the project into manageable segments.


617 A work breakdown structure:

assures all work is identified.

Structure and specificity provides the project sponsor with a time-phase task summary. both A and B.

Leadership Orientation and organization

Motivation Opportunities for dialogue and conflict resolution

All of the above.

For effective communication, the message Initiator 618 should be oriented to the _____. A basis for future decisions about a project.


Media A baseline to evaluate potential scope changes. Developing a cost estimate. Controlling

Management style

Corporate culture

619 The scope statement provides A Work Berakdown Structure is most 620 useful for: 621 Communication plays a major role in: The LEAST effective form of 622 communication for complex situations is: The most common form of organizational 623 communication is The most common form of project 624 communication is: The primary source document for establishing the content of the Project 625 Status Report is: A Project Status Report would include all 626 of the following except: A negative cost variance and positive 627 schedule variance means: The following reports are normally developed during the project closure 628 phase?

A baseline to accomplish verification measures. Scheduling the start of Identifying individual tasks for a project. tasks. Planning Organizing

All of the above Determining potential delays. Directing

B and C only A and C. All of the above

verbal - face to face Upward to management Upward to executive sponsor

written Downward to subordinates Downward to subordinates

formal Horizontal to peers Lateral to the team and line organizations The ASTM Project Document Guide Narrative explanation of variances

informal Horizontal to customers Lateral to customers

A and C All of the above Diagonally to the client's senior management

The project charter

The Project Plan Changes to scope. cost Cost and schedule reports or schedule The project is over The project is under budget and ahead budget and behind of schedule schedule Records Archive, Closure Report, lessons learned Communications Management Plan and & Formal Acceptance Lessons Learned Report

The summary work breakdown structure Personnel problems on the project Upcoming activities The project will be overrun The project is over budget but ahead of schedule at and ahead of schedule completion Records Archive, Closure Report, & Specifications Document Communications Management Plan and Closure report

None of the above

A Which of the following tools and techniques can be used to collect 629 information for the project closure reports? Customer Surveys A project manager who, in a deference of opinion with the project controls engineer on how costs are to be reported, dictates the format of the cost report may be said 630 to have a conflict management style.



Document and Performance Analysis

Lessons Learned

All of the above






631 Using the situation the the Special window: Using the situation stated in the Special window, which WBS element is behind 632 schedule but under budget? Using the situation stated in the Special window, which WBS element has a 633 favorable cost variance of $150? Using the situation stated in the Special window, the cost performance index (CPI) 634 for WBS Element R is: Using the situation stated in the Special window, the schedule performance index 635 (SPI) for WBS Element P is: Using the situation stated in the Special window, WBS Element Q is _____ budget 636 by _____ percent. Using the situation stated in the Special window, a comparison of the cost schedule of August as compared to July shows that the magnitude ($ value) of the variance has _____ and the percentage 637 change has _____. Using the situation stated in the Special window, the total price variance of direct 638 material is: Using the situation stated in the Special 639 window, the labor rate cost variance is: Using the situation stated in the Special window, what is the total fixed costs for 640 manufacturing the widgets? Using the figure in the Special window, 641 The critical path is: Using the figure in the Special window, By how many weeks can activity "F" slip without extending the end date of the 642 project?

Productivity will increase

His decisions will promote high satisfaction His decisions will require among his team less time

All of the above

A and C only

Element P

Element Q

Element R

Element S

None of the above.

Element P

Element Q

Element R

Element S

None of the above.











Over, 16.66

Under, 16.66

Over, 10.0

Under, 10.0

None of the above.

Become worse, become worse

Become worse, improved Improved, increased

Improved, become worse

None of the above are correct

$80,245 $66,927

-$4236 $68,329

-$3479 $386

$0.69 -$0.22

$83,994 $18.36

$3,000 A-B-G

$27,000 C-G

$27,270 C-D

$1,335 E-F

$1,000 A-B-G and C-D


644 645


A Using the data shown in the Special window, Activities P, Q, and T are critical path activities. In order to shorten the time duration of the project, which activity should be "crashed" first? Using the possible profit and loss outcomes shown in the Special window, find the expected profit (loss) Using the figure in the Special window, The Critical path is _____ weeks. Using the possible loss outcomes shown in the Special window, find the expected (loss) Using the diagram in the Special window, what is the probability that Alternative I will be adopted and completed below budget: Using the figure in the Special window, Activity "L" has an early start time of _____ weeks and an early finish time of _____ weeks. Using the figure in the Special Window, what is the probability of success for Project B? Using the figure in the Special window, Activity "D" has a latest start time of _____ weeks and a latest finish time of _____ weeks. Using the figure in the Special window, The slacktime in Activity "G" is _____ weeks. Using the WBS in the Special window, an instance of a work package is:


($1000) 21

$1000 22

$2000 23

$1200 24

None of the above 25




($ 3000)

None of the above






None of the above


11, 13

12, 14

13, 15

14, 16

15, 17








2, 10

4, 12

6, 14

7, 15

9, 17

651 652

2 Build house

3 Excavate

4 Prepare Foundation

5 B and C

7 None of the above

Using the problem stated in the Special window, Calculate the expected value of duration (in days) using the PERT concept 8.0 653 of the expected duration of a task Using the problem stated in the Special window, Calculate the deviation of duration for the task, using the PERT concept of 0.5 654 standard deviation of task duration. Using the situation stated in the Special window, what is the total variable costs for $1,020 655 producing one widget? Using the situation stated in the Special window, what is the total price variance for $140.00 656 direct material?












None of the above.









661 662


A Using the situation stated in the Special window, what is the labor rate cost variance? Using the situation stated in the Special window, what is net present value of an annual income flow of $1600 at 14% over the next three years? Using the situation stated in the Special window, what is present value of $1000 at 12% at the end of 5 years? Using the situation stated in the Special window, what is the cost variance for Case #9? Using the situation stated in the Special window, what is the schedule variance for Case #8? Using the table in the Special window, Which task is completed? Using the situation stated in the Special window, what is the cost performance index for Case #9?





















1000 dig hole

2000 remove debris

-1000 survey

-2000 set forms

0 place concrete





None of the above

Using the WBS shown in the Special 664 window, a typical work package would be: Which of the statements regarding benefitcost analysis in the Special window are 665 true? Using the cumulative cost curve in the 666 special window, height B represents Using the situation stated in the Special window, a comparison of the cost variance of August as compared to July shows that the magnitude ($ value) of the variance has _____ and the percentage change has 667 _____. Using the situation shown in the Special window and assuming continues efficiency for work-in-progress and fixed price contract for task four. The estimate at 668 completion is: Using the scenario in the special window, the project manager appears to be a 669 _____ manager. Using the scenario in the special window, 670 the project manager: In which of the following scope management processes are subject matter 671 experts used?

Software development

Systems design


A, B, and C

None of the above.

1 and 2 actual cost to date

2 and 3 total budgeted costs for the project

1 and 3 planned cost for month 6

1, 2 and 3 cost variance

None of the above. earned value

Become worse, become worse

Become worse, improved Improved, increased

Improved, become worse

None of the above are correct






1, 9 will probably spend the weekend reviewing the data.

9, 1 Won't ask for the report again.

1, 1 Has a preference for written communication.

9, 9 Has chosen an inappropriate medium.

5, 5 Is experiencing communication overload.


Scope planning

Scope Definition

Scope change control

Scope verification

672 673

674 675

676 677

A The work breakdown structure (WBS) is first developed in which scope management process? The project charter is prepared in which scope management process? In which of the following scope management processes is the scope management plan prepared? Which of the following is not a scope management process? The initial document that formally recognizes the existence of a project is the _____ . Which of the following are included as part of a scope statement?


Initiation Initiation

Scope planning Scope planning

Scope change control Scope Definition

Scope Definition Scope change control

Scope verification Scope verification

Initiation Initiation

Scope planning Scope planning

Scope Definition Scope Definition

Scope change control Scope change control

Scope verification Scope verification

Scope baseline Project justification

Management plan Project deliverables

Project charter Project objectives

Configuration control report None of the above All of the above Configuration management, weekly status updates B and C

Project life cycles are very useful for 678 _____ and _____ .

679 Work packages are used to: "Hard logic" in the preparation of a network 680 refers to: The erection of foundation formwork before the placement of foundation concrete would be an example of a _____ 681 dependency. Sources for data on activity durations and resource requirements can be gathered 682 from which of the following: Which of the following can affect network 683 durations? A completion of a local government study resides on your critical path. This would 684 most likely be referred to as:

Objective setting, Configuration management, termination information gathering Clearly distinguish one work package from all Represent units of work at a level where others assigned to a work is performed. single functional group. Discretionay dependencies External depenencies

Standardization, control Limit the work to be performed to relatively short periods of time. Mandatory dependencies

Approval, termination

All of the above. All of the above

A and B only A abd B only


Past project records (historical data) Skills of the resource pool

Mandatory Commercial techniques (standard practices, rules of thumb) Calendar dates

External Past project team members knowledge (experience, oldtimers) Constraints

Soft logic


All of the above All of the above

A and C only A and B only

Soft logic

Hard logic

An external dependency

A mandatory dependency

A lost cause

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27 28



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34 35




39 40 41 42



45 46 47

I 48



50 51

52 53 54



57 58



61 62

I 63



65 66


68 69 70

71 72






77 78

79 80



83 84


86 87



89 90

91 92



95 96



99 100









108 109


111 112

113 114

115 116

I 117


118 119






125 126 127





I 132





136 137 138


140 141













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165 166


168 169





173 174 175



178 179






184 185 186



189 190 191

192 193












204 205

206 207

208 209






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223 224




227 228 229

230 231 232 233


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237 238

239 240

















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325 326











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341 342 343




347 348

349 350 351




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360 361

362 363






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376 377

378 379 380




383 384 385 386





391 392

393 394



397 398 399




402 403 404 405








413 414




417 418 419

420 421

422 423


425 426

427 428




431 432 433

434 435 436

437 438

439 440


442 443


445 446 447







453 454 455 456

457 458 459


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476 477


479 480

481 482 483







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492 493


495 496














509 510 511

512 513 514










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531 532 533

534 535 536 537




541 542


544 545 546




549 550




554 555 556

557 558


I 560 561



563 564 565 566




570 571

572 573

574 575

576 577


578 579 580


582 583


585 586 587



590 591





595 596


598 599

600 601





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609 610




613 614

615 616



619 620 621

622 623 624

625 626













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640 641




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665 666



669 670



672 673

674 675

676 677


679 680


682 683