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For the optimization of mobile networks
Powerful massive capture instrument
With the increasing complexity of mobile networks, operators require efcient monitoring techniques to assist them in understanding network behaviour and to provide end-to-end network visibility. These tools have the ultimate objective of optimizing networks according to subscribers usage. The Astellia OCEAN probe is designed with this objective in mind. Non-intrusive and vendor-independent, the OCEAN probe is a massive capture instrument dedicated to data channel collection for mobile networks. The passive OCEAN probes are deployed within networks, providing a very useful benchmarking method that can serve to improve the performance of networks and services. The use of this probe can lead to CAPEX and OPEX gains for operators. OCEAN probes can be used in complement with other existing tools such as OMC counters, drive tests and other probes.

OCEAN at a glance:
Powerful massive capture instrument Intelligent embedded realtime processing Dedicated to data collection for GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSxPA, NGN, LTE and IMS networks

Reliable Capture Platform
A solution designed to run 24/7. Ocean probes have been deployed widely and are used 24/7 by many operators. The rack-mounted models offer disk redundancy and power redundancy. Data delivery is supervised: any probe problems are traced in the OCEAN log le. Real time asynchronous messages (SNMP TRAPs) are sent on error detection. - A/Iu-CS/Gs: This module enriches A, Iu-CS and Gs interface messages by associating their permanent identities (IMSI, IMEI).

High Capacity Massive Capture Scalable Offer Open Solution Easy to use

Data Processing Automation

Campaign Programming Captures can be scheduled for precise dates and times or can be repeated on a daily and weekly basis. Several captures may be scheduled at the same time and different lters may be applied to each capture. Specic captures may be added in real time to run in parallel with the predened ones. Real-time output for post-processing Captured frames can be forwarded in realtime over a TCP/IP connection to a statistics or analysis application. OCEAN is then handled as a TCP/IP data server where local or remote real-time applications may connect at any one time. File output for post-processing Captured frames can be stored on disk for post-processing. A post-process may be launched automatically for each capture. File transfer, purge functions and any postprocessing application may be applied.

Advanced Pre-processing Options

Optional real time and automatic algorithms are embedded on the probe. Each algorithm is dedicated to a network interface and allows for reduction of postprocessing analysis and storage requirements. - Gb: The Gb deciphering module deciphers automatically and in real-time grabbed data on ciphered Gb interfaces. - Iub: This module lters the Iub User Plane trafc at the capture level. Global statistics over the whole mobile UP trafc are still provided by the Astellia solution through the generation of dedicated counters before the ltering. - Iu-PS/Gn: This module allows to focus on the most valuable servers/services by ltering the unwanted data trafc.

Typical Applications
QoS measurement Network optimization Network supervision Real-time surveillance Troubleshooting Non-intrusive monitoring Protocol analysis

Powerful Filters OCEAN Probe

For each type of acquisition, lters and/or truncations may be applied to optimize the monitoring performance and to decrease the capture size, reducing the CAPEX in some cases. Not only are transport lters available, but protocol ltering has been developed to specialize the capture and the associated post-processing.

Remote Operation
OCEAN can be controlled locally or remotely using the OCEAN control software. The remote supervision may be performed using the standard TCP/ IP client-server package delivered with OCEAN or through a PC remote control tool. An entire set of OCEAN probes can be supervised from a central remote point, with the same OCEAN control software to reduce OPEX. Asynchronous SNMP TRAPS are also generated to insert the equipment supervision in a centralized alarm management system.

Easy capture targeting through protocol ltering

High Capacity
The OCEAN probe has been designed as an upgradable industrial PC platform. It is available either as a rack-mounted device or as a transportable version. The transportable model is more dedicated to audit or one-shot operations whereas the rack-mounted models are designed to run monitoring 24/7. Several rack-mounted models are available, depending on the capacity of the trafc to monitor. An OCEAN rack-mounted platform may host up to 8 modules among the 4 types of acquisition modules available. A portable OCEAN may host up to 4 acquisition modules. The acquisition modules available are: E1/T1, Ethernet, VC12/STM-1 and/or VC4/STM-1.

Scalable Offer
The same probe can collect data on E1/T1, STM-1 and Ethernet links at the same time. According to trafc increases, OCEAN can be upgraded with new acquisition boards, new disks and in some cases, an additional synchronized OCEAN probe can be set up.

Open Solution
OCEAN feeds Astellia QoS analysis and surveillance applications with the captured trafc. Third party applications may also run on OCEAN output, using for example the real-time output ow.

Centralized vision of probe status

Massive Capture
The OCEAN probe is designed to carry out massive capture of data. It covers multiple links, provides high CPU performance and high storage capacity.

Easy to Use
Auto-detection OCEAN automatically detects protocols on the input line. This automatic detection makes the capture conguration easier and quicker.

Rack-mounted Models
- 8 free slots to host acquisition modules - OCEAN control software - Specied acquisition modules - Advanced pre-processing (Optional) - Cables (Optional) - External synchronization (GPS Receiver based)

Transportable Model
- 4 free slots to host acquisition modules - OCEAN control software - Specied acquisition modules - Advanced pre-processing (Optional) - Cables (Optional) - External synchronization (GPS Receiver based)

Acquisition Modules
Line interface

High-impendance input ITU-T G.703, G.704 Optical Optical -10/100/1000 copper -1000 Base SX/1000 Base TX


No. of links
4 bi-directional 2 bi-directional 2 bi-directional 2 bi-directional or 4 mono-directional

Portable probe-based monitoring solution



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